It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Status? What is that?

「I thought I was going to die… 」

Before I knew it, I arrived in a town. This place looks like the towns from a fantasy game. Therefore, I don’t need a detailed description.

「By the way, I almost forgot about it, but since I transitioned to a different world, I might have special abilities now, right? 」

There should be some benefits for transferring to this world so suddenly.

「If I yell “Status”, I wonder if I will get access to my new abilities? 」

 I tried shouting “Status” or “Skills”, and nothing happened. Perhaps in this world, I can only see my status if I join a Guild? If that’s so, I need to find the Guild meeting place as soon as possible.

「Well, your name is Himuro Kyouji. Are you here to register on our Guild?」

「First, I would like to have a look at my status. 」

「Understood. To view your status will require you 1000 gold. How do you like to make the payment? 」

Ah, damn it. I don’t have any money.

「Well, I can’t just see it without paying? 」

「You can’t. 」

In the end, I left this place.

At least, I managed to register on the Guild.

But I am in trouble. How can I fight my adversaries if I don’t know what kind of skills I have. To make things worse, I have absolutely no money. If this was a regular game, I would be able to switch yens with money from this world, but so far, this world doesn’t have any option like that!

I’m broke. I will probably starve if I don’t do anything. Before that happens, I need to hunt some monsters to earn money.

I am feeling a bit anxious, but it is better to go fast and fight some monsters than go hungry like this.

I might get surprised if my battle ability ends up being strong, or maybe my skills will only get activated during the battle!

Okay, I will show that I can succeed on this world!

Conclusion. It was impossible.

I was a weakling. I caught that kiwi bird and I almost died back there.

Besides that, I don’t have any special skills. I also didn’t activate any kind of magic.

This…is getting hard, right?

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