It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Let Me Explain

Let me explain this story.

It all happened a month ago.

My name is Himura Kyouji. My routine consisted of going to a convenience store to get some comic books.

I am a regular costumer and I usually go there every Monday in the afternoon to see if my regular series restarted serialization. The lady in the cashier usually looks at me with piercing cold eyes.

Well, I don’t mind if people look at me like that, because as long as I have my series, I’m perfectly okay with that.

However, the series was suspended for a while, but now that it has resumed serialization, I need to focus because I forgot the flow of the story.

I remember that the series was sometimes difficult to read, but was the flow of the story this different before? I don’t remember it at all…

The series finally restarted serialization, but today’s release didn’t have much content on it.

I left the convenience store and I headed back home. When I opened the door of my house, I was perplexed. It was a strange world.

「Oh my, it looks like I came to a different world from my house. What is going on, it looks like I really transitioned to a different world. 」

No one will believe me.

Well, there is no way I can tell them now.

Even so, isn’t this all too sudden? Maybe, is it because transitioned worlds are the trend right now. The stories are interesting and I am quite invested in them too. But this is a bit…

Usually the transition to a different world is very dramatic. Someone dies abruptly, like being hit by a car, or by a explosion in a classroom, and so on.

Another possibility would be after death, a reincarnation perhaps? But if I think about all this possible scenarios, all of them seem quite painful, so I rather pick my undramatic way of transitioning.

Anyways, this really seems to be a very different world. The surrounding area where I landed looks like a strange grassland; from the distance, I could spot some foraging strange creatures that I never seen before.

That creature looks like a kiwi. Well, not the kiwi fruit of course, but it looks like the kiwi bird from New Zealand.

He is slowly walking on my direction. I noticed something. It seems that the bird is thrusting.

「*screams* What!! 」

This bird really came flying on my direction. It looked like it wanted to stab me!

Yes, I truly transitioned to a very different world. Before I started contemplating it, I ran out of this grassland at full speed.

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