It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: It is a Different World but I am Cultivating Monsters from the Beginning

The sun is setting down.

The pleasant wind gently caresses my cheeks.

My clothes and my hands are full of dirt from the soil.

「Oh my, I am sweating a lot today as well. 」

I’m having so much fun on the field. I was never an outdoors person, so I would have never guessed that I would stay so long in a field like this.

Who would have known that once you try it, it gets surprisingly fun? At first, I was not too keen on cleaning the field, but I eventually got used to it.

「Okay, the colors look good. The fruits seem to be right on point; this is going so well! 」

I used some random area to put some green seeds, and unexpectedly, it ended up growing some fruits extremely fast.

That’s why, I, Himuro Kyouji, started doing agricultural work on this particular location.

The field where I grow some plants and fruits has become my own property.

However, there is one relevant difference between my plants and “ordinary” plants.

*non-human shattering*

「Whoa! This is bad! The plant I raised grew too much and became a killer plant!? 」

All of the plants that I grow in this field are monsters.

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  1. Thanks for the Chapter and for Picking up this WN.

    Isekai desu ga mamono!

    Finally someone took the WN!
    I got hook reading the Manga and tried to read the raw WN but I’m not really familiar with Kanjis + Google Translate-sa. Giving me headaches when I tried to Auto translate the WN.
    Again, Thank you very much for taking this WN!

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