We Made a Patreon

Hey fellow readers, how are you doing in this fine day? Good we hope.

When we started this translation website we had a goal to do two series at a time, and we have in part achieved that first goal.

An average chapter takes us a full day to translate and edit, and when we look into 2019 it feels daunting, in the sense that every weekend we will be translating and editing from dawn to dusk.

Until now we had the advantage of the holidays, and we took that opportunity to translate a couple more chaps to put on Patreon. In a way making, a Patreon is a way for us to somehow justify to our family and friends the time that we are taking away from them. In another way, it means we can actually upgrade our website to something more “workable”.

What does this mean for you the lurker?

It means that you will continue getting regular weekly updates on this website, and that you will have a better reading experience in the near future, all thanks to the Patrons (If we get any).

Why should you become a Patron?

Well, first of all you will be helping us continue the regular updates, and secondly you will gain an early access to a significant number of chapters. You will also have our upmost gratitude for the support.

Where can I pledge?

You can follow this link to our Patreon page.

Thank you all for our kind support until now, and in the future, we wish you all the best in 2019!

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