This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Perfectly Ready.

「I can’t believe he actually meant it!! 」

「…so, what happened? 」

I was complaining in Ariadoa’s room, who is a senior Goddess, about what happened in the God’s summoning chamber. Aria is a beautiful mature Goddess, taller than I am and displaying an attractive red-hair; she is a veteran who summoned heroes that saved more than three hundred worlds so far.

「He told me that he had to prepare himself, so he locked himself on that chamber to do his own training! Unbelievable, right? Wouldn’t someone want to leave that boring white room straight away? Besides, anyone would be willing to go to the other world immediately,right? But even so! 」

Aria giggled for a moment.

「Lista. Your quest is to save Geabrande, a world with S-rank salvation difficulty. Isn’t it great to have a hero that is cautious instead? 」

「That’s why this is a waste of time. I want to go there immediately and fight that evil monsters lurking around, and with that, I will be able to rise my position faster. 」

「But it’s alright. You don’t need to be in panic. You know that the time flows  slower on the God’s realm as opposed to Earth. I don’t find any problem to let him train here until he’s fully prepared, don’t you agree. 」

「…Yes. 」

Aria is so serene talking with me while holding her cup of tea. As expected of an adult senior like Aria, who is older than me and more mature. Still smiling gracefully,she said the following.

「Anyways, Lista. You still have to support him. Right now, he is training since you summoned him, so you need to take better care of him. 」

「Support, you say? 」

「Have you provided him with a room, a bed and a bathroom with toilet and shower? He is probably hungry by now, don’t you think? 」

「Ah…! Now that you remind me…! 」

 Aria tried to say a few words to me before I ran out of the room.

「Hang on, Lista. He might not comfortable with your superior attitude just because you are a Goddess. Maybe it would be wiser to approach him with a friendlier manner, what do you think? 」

As expected of a veteran like Aria. I said “Thank you”, shut the doors and ran straight away through the marble passage.

「Seiya! I’m so sorry for leaving you alone…what… 」

When I opened the doors of the magical chamber, I saw a shirtless Seiya doing countless sit-ups. His body was dripping with sweat from all this training. He was looking so sensual that I couldn’t take my eyes of him.

Seiya glared at me.

「Hey. How about knocking before stepping into my room? 」

「I’m, I’m sorry. 」

Wait, this is the summoning chamber! This is hardly your own room!

That’s what I wanted to say to him, but I had to endure it. I brought with me a plate of onigiri for Seiya.

「Well… you must be hungry, right? I made some food for you. 」

「…and this is? 」

I tried to put a smile on my face.

「Seiya, you are Japanese, right!? I’m pretty familiar with Japan customs you know! Look, I made onigiri! This one here has dried plum inside, and this one here has salmon. 」

 While I was explaining the onigiri filling, Seiya looked very distrustful and interrupted me.

「A weird and suspicious person made something weird and suspicious. 」

「There is no need to be rude! 」

「You eat it first. 」

「What!? 」

「There’s a possibility that the food is poisoned. 」

…Aria told me to be more gentle and kind, and I wanted to try my best. Therefore, I made him some onigiri. However, I’m feeling so frustrated and angry right now.

「There is no such thing as poison!! I’m not a fool!! Why would I want to poison you anyways!? 」

I was so irritated that I grabbed the salmon onigiri and gave a bite.

「Look!! It’s absolutely okay!! I made a huge effort, I really can’t believe it!! 」

「Let’s see. So this poison might be one of those that shows a slow effect…」

「There is no such poison on the food!! 」

I was shouting at Seiya with an unworthy voice that’s not supposed to belong to a Goddess.

「And for the record!! How will you improve on this room with only push-ups and sit-ups, unbelievable!! 」

After shouting, I instantly used my godly power to make him a proper room with a bed,and simple toilet and shower. After that, I gave Seiya a special buzzer.

「Call me through this buzzer when you are ready! I will make you three meals a day and I will leave at the other side of the door! I will not enter this room ever again until you call from that buzzer! 」

「Yes, do that. 」

I left and closed the door straightaway.

I walked angrily through the corridors and went to my room.

…what’s up with him! He can do whatever he wants! There is no way human beings can live on a filthy room with such few amenities! I’m sure he won’t endure under that circumstances and will be calling me in two or three days!

…however,Seiya didn’t push the buzzer’s button at all. Four days have passed without any response from him, I thought “Is he dead?”, but when I went to get the onigiri plate by the door, it was always empty.

I know I said not to come to that room until he called me through the buzzer, but I was anxious and worried about Seiya that I would sometimes eavesdrop at the door.

…one week has passed since then. Finally, Seiya pressed the buzzer’s button and started ringing.

I instantaneously went to the summoning room and opened the door. Still, Seiya had just taken a shower and there was a wonderful smell of soap coming from his body.

「So, how did you manage? What are the training results? 」

I heard Seiya whispering “Status” and suddenly the three-dimensional window showed up. When I saw his current status, I could not believe my eyes.

Ryuguuin Seiya

Level – 15

HP – 2485

MP – 2114

Attack – 533

Defense – 507

Agility – 623

Magic – 499

Potential – 341

Resistance – Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Electricity, Earth, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep

Special skills– Fire magic (Lv 9), Experience gain increase (Lv 3), Ability perception (Lv 5)

Skills – Atomic Split slash, Hell’s fire

Personality – Unbelievably Cautious

「What, with only that mere training you leveled up so much!! 」

It seems that the “ Experience gain increase” didn’t leveled that much considering he was stuck inside this room only, but even so his achievements exceeded my imagination. To be honest, with a status this great, we could easily defeat a demon king from a world with a D-rank salvation difficulty.

I’m so astonished by this feat, but Seiya doesn’t seem that amazed.

「I wanted to raise my level to the maximum. 」

「No, do you plan on living on this room forever!? I can’t believe you were thinking on continuing with your training!! That’s enough!! Let’s go to Geabrande!! 」

When I yelled, I saw that Seiya quietly agreed by nodding his head.

「I guess so…」

Seiya looks at the vast white space in the magical chamber, and declares.

「Perfectly Ready. 」(TL note: Literal translation from Katakana, he says this in English)

What, where did you get that line!? I wonder if he’s trying to act cool!! I don’t care about his levelheaded attitude!!

「Anyways, let’s go finally!! 」

Using a spell,the portal was open again, allowing passage to Geabrande. I took Seiya’s hand and we headed for the portal together.

A week later behind schedule, we finally managed to go to Geabrande.

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