A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 1 – Chapter 0

Prologue: Days of Anxiety and a Strange Encounter.

I removed my iron armor and threw on the floor (Editor Note: This line reminded me of this). I removed the sword from my waist and threw it aside. I felt that the heavyweight was gone. Finally, I could lay my tired body on the bed.

I feel strange. My legs feel sore, I feel there are so many important things I need to do, but I am left with undesired responsibilities. I realized this has been happening for a while now. But I still have a few days to think calmly.

I have this strange feeling of feebleness as blood circulates on my legs. It was irresponsible of me to overwork my body. I didn’t eat enough food at dinner, but I prefer to lay down on the bed. I’m sure God would understand my condition.

As I lay down on the bed, I slowly felt asleep due to exhaustion. I could hear a woman’s voice murmuring from the room next door.

As I thought, my heart feels a heavy burden. During the evening, it was my duty to watch the surrounding areas, but I couldn’t fulfill my task tonight;instead I came to this room so that I could sleep a bit earlier.

But as long as I hear this woman’s voice, my mind would not think of anything else. Her voice is so clear, nuanced with this gorgeousness sound. Her high pitch voice could easily cross my room’s walls.

I covered myself with the thin futon and slowly closed my eyes. But as silence rose through the night, I could hear more and more of that enthrallingvoice.

「I almost forgot…」

 As he whispered, he got up without lightening the room. Reached to what was underneath his armor gear and grabbed a chewing tobacco, the only edible item he had that night. After biting the chewing tobacco, a feeling of relief came through.

Still, the woman’s voice is still echoing inside. Suddenly, I heard a voice calling a man’s name. I could remember this man’s name and the voice that has been reaching my room.

Both of them were part of a hero party on a rescue journey.

「Lugis, are you sure that you’re okay today as well? 」

Despite being a hero himself, this man’s voice was predominately high-pitch and gentle.

「I am okay. I should do what I can and help the team have a better journey along the way. 」

At first, I believed it was the correct way.

Night is a blessing to the body so they say; as long as I rest long enough, I would feel refreshed in the morning, ready to help the team for what they need.

However, it changed recently. Nowadays, it has become so uncomfortable that I asked to do the night shift. The atmosphere has changed and I can feel people’s eyes watching me whenever I go. Therefore, doing the night shift alone is a sign of relief.

The man who they call Hero, looked away from this woman’s voice that was calling him; he lowered his head and went straight inside. I slightly shook myhead, and slowly left the team and went to my bedroom.

I wonder if that voice is from the Fairy Princess. Then again, today is her request day. I grabbed another piece of chewing tobacco hidden on my armor gear, and squeezed my eyes. It’s probable that the voice won’t cross the room today.

Our team, which is known for the Rescue Team, has been recognized greatly for its efforts and perseverance. Even though the team got prestigious,I felt differently about it.

An Elf Princess, a Sorceress, the stellar Dame Knight, and minstrel Ariene.

Every member of the team belongs to a different country or region. No wonder the team is regarded with such high esteem, making our journey extremely significant. Of course, except me.

I took a deep breath. A pleasant scent came through my nose and I felt tremendously peaceful.

To tell the truth, I am not sure why I am here on the first place; I can’t understand how a person like me is on this particularly journey. I don’t recall the last time I was proven to be exceptionally good; I can’t even stand beside them on the front lines. They don’t ask me to prove my sword ability or if I have other skills, but I keep continuing on doing night patrols.

I think it was because of Ariene. It’s the only reason why. She is my childhood friend who usually recommends me to the others.

As he chewed too much tobacco, his mouth was overflowing with saliva. He spit it out and put his iron armor back on.

At first, I thought it was an honor. Not only because I could experience being on a great journey, but so that I could be recognized by my efforts.

One of the reasons for me being here was because of Ariene too. She is my childhood friend, but my feelings are unanswered. I have been with her as far as I remember. I thought the idea of traveling with her was really exciting; I remember leaving my hometown happily.

Ah, no doubt I was stupid back then. I thought I would be able to experience great imaginable things with the Rescue Team.

The Rescue Team follows the Hero on this journey. They are talented people, really outstanding and strong. When I look up to those people, I feel unworthy, a very unattractive human being.

They think I’m not doing enough, but I’m always doing something… Be it chores, encounters, battles. None the less I can feel the eyes of my team members looking at me quite coldly. There are those who don’t hide their dislike for me, while there are others who ignore it. I’ve been getting this “cold treatment” for a while now. Even the girls often say that I need to improve my abilities with distasteful looks in their faces.

Among them, Ariene was the only one to treat me like a person. At the beginning, her kindness didn’t change at all. I was extremely happy about it. Or so I thought.

「It’s mister Hero. 」

This man has an extraordinary talent. I knowledge that. I am amazed at his incredible strength and assertiveness shown in battle. I can’t even believe how he has so much power at such young age. Skilled. Undefeated. His power could not be surpassed by others.

Of course, his appearance also attracted lots of female admirers. To name a few, the Elf Princess, the Sorceress, the stellar Dame Knight and…even Ariene.

At the beginning, there was no hints of feelings shown. Nevertheless, lately, I started to notice some sort of relationship that didn’t exist before.

Today happened as well; they would reunite somewhere else to talk, but their voices could be heard from afar.

That’s why I make excuses to go to a place where I cannot hear those voices. Every day, I would sleep less and less as I continue to do the night shifts.

Where he is, is where the women are. Every single one of them would not take a step away from him. I feel envious but I also don’t care much.

However, if by chance, I could hear Ariene’s voice.

「…I wonder if it’s over. 」

I sighed with relief because the voice from next door could not be heard. Thankfully, the night is still long. Finally, I can go to bed and sleep. I reached into my armor and hid the chewing tobacco.

「So, how long do you think you will stay on this journey? 」

A voice crawls out from the darkness.

A mysterious shadow appeared. It has a human figure. The voice resembles that of a human. The shadow pushed my armor away, and it was sitting on the table looking at my face.

I didn’t notice. I was so distracted by the voice, that I didn’t see the intruder come in. Impulsively, I reached my sword at my bedside. However…

「That is not very welcoming. However, I thought this time and place was the best way to meet you. Forgive me. 」

As my hand reached the sword, my body stopped moving as if I was frozen. My heart’s beating was heard during the silence of the night. I couldn’t even open my mouth, let alone raise my voice.

「Take a deep breath. You will not die. Don’t worry, I’m just a passing carrier. I am not trying to harm you! 」

This figure seemed tranquil, but his words were emotionless that I wonder if this scenario is really happening. He looked strange and mysterious. I could not understand why he was here or what he is supposed to say. I saw a figure floating in the darkness. However, I couldn’t see any of his clothes, facial features or details.

Unbelievable.My eyes are adapted to the darkness of the night. Even so, I couldn’t grasp the details of this figure silhouette.

「Lugis, it’s impossible to see what you want to see. I know all about your characteristics. I had to act appropriately before I came to see you! 」

As he spoke, his voice became clearer.

Act appropriately. Why? I don’t know the reason. Everything is unknown. My team is right next to my bedroom, but asking for aid would be pointless as I am the useless member of the team.

「By the way, Lugis. Until when will you stay the way you are now? 」

My body still couldn’t move and my throat was dry.

The shadow figure continued speaking.

「I came here to tell you an interesting story! A very interesting story! You might be hesitant at first. But I have to share it with you. It is a tremendously interesting story!」

I was apprehensive during this entire occurrence. He must be out of his mind. Why here, why me an unworthy existence.

「I am a carrier who transports humans. I have an opportunity for you. Let me give you a chance. A chance to redraw your life. 」

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  1. The synopsis of this sounds like drama looking for a place to happen. “I obviously like my childhood friend and have spent every day being abused by the hero party she is a part of and the hero is surrounded by girls that he seems to be bedding every night while I am looked down on for being ‘useless’.. and my childhood friend might eventually be one of them”.

    Not to say anything bad about the choice, but sheesh. What a depressing opening.

  2. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    This looks like it will be really interesting.!! Looking forward for more.!
    I really like this kind of mc, whew. hopefully my expectations are right. lol.

  3. feel so depressed~>>

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    The carrier was someone near, and from the future.
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    He was a pivotal unit.
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    He is a sissy so he died still smiling, like a dog.

    But. If there was one who believe him important…

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