This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: But I Refuse

When the doors of the summoning chamber opened, the floor became white,the ceiling was bright, and as far as one could see, the whole space was beaming with a white light. When a summoning happens, an altered vast plane expanding kilometers appears, even though it is taking place inside the chamber.

I was ten steps away from the doors and I was holding a golden choker that belonged to my dress. With that magical choker, I was able to draw on the floor an enchanted chart. Finally, I pronounced aloud the name of the hero I wanted to summon. This occurrence was my sixth time, so I was already used to it.

Light was overflowing from the enchanted chart right away, and then one man came from the earthly world.

 Looking at the man that appeared right in front of me… I immediately fixed my hair and took a deep breath.

…Oh, oh my…! He is so handsome…!

It looks like his height exceeds the 180 cm (5’11 feet for you us readers) high. His dashing black hair covered a fine-looking face. T-shirts and jeans are the average appearance of people from that world, but those clothes don’t look ordinary on him. The aura emanating from his body is the same as the auras from the Gods from God’s realm.

…Ah, even if for a brief moment, I would like to have a burning love affair with such a man…eh, what exactly am I thinking! It’s strictly forbidden for a Goddess to have a love affair with a human!

I need to shake this delirious idea from my head. Even so, it’s admirable that such a man could make me forget my Goddess duties even for a moment.

I just noticed it now. He has been staring at my face for a while now.But that’s to be expected. Those who get summoned suddenly from their everyday lives to this magical chamber feel confused at first.

I spoke proudly to this man with a true Goddess’ dignity.

「Nice to meet you. I am Listarte. I am a Goddess living on the God’s realm. I’m the one who summoned you from your earthly world to this realm. Listen carefully, Ryuguuin Seiya. You will be the brave hero that will save the world “Geabrande”from the evil threats. 」

After I said it, I laughed a bit “huh huh”. Seiya is fixedly staring at me.  He seems more interested in my appearance than surprised about the story I told.

Well, I guess it can’t be helped, since I’m a Goddess. I’m an attractive woman. I got a beautiful and glossy blond hair, with a voluptuous bust area in a pure white dress, tiny waist and slender legs. This man Seiya has lost his words at the sight of a perfect woman that he probably never saw on his life until now…He slowly opened his mouth and spoke with a low voice.

「I feel a bit suspicious to be told all that stuff by such a strange and weird person. 」

「Are you saying I’m a “strange and weird person”!? 」

I was almost screaming at him. But I absolutely cannot! Dignity! I need to keep my dignified posture of a Goddess!

Just take a deep breath and speak serenely.

「It seems you misinterpreted me. I shall repeat it again, I’m a Goddess of the God’s realm who summoned you to be a hero. 」

「You said you were a Goddess. Then, if you are a god why don’t you go save that world yourself? 」

「There are rules. God created countless earthly worlds so that human beings can prosper and thrive on their own. Therefore, it is their own duty to protect the world they were given to. 」

Seiya sighs and makes it sound like this is a burden.

「What if I say “no”? 」

「You can’t say “no”. 」

Seiya looked at me on the eyes with disgust.

「This is a nice story for bugs. 」

At first, I thought Seiya would be a very cool man, but slowly my good impression of him was fading away.

He is an unusual person. Normally, people will get enthusiast for being chosen as heroes…But, oh well. Maybe he is a bit impatient because he got summoned quite suddenly? There could be times like that!

I shall approach him and convince him first.

「Listen! How about you try saying “Status”! 」

Huhuh! This will be it! Most of the Japanese people get excited with things similar like games!

「Why? 」

「Ah, what? You don’t know? Maybe Seiya doesn’t play enough games? Well, it doesn’t matter. If you say out loud “Status”, it will show your ability in categories and numbers! Seeing is believing! Just try saying it! 」

However, after thinking for a while, Seiya said…

「…Properties. 」

「Properties!? 」

But I told you to say “Status” didn’t I!? Why did you say “Properties!? What do you mean by “Properties”!? I don’t know the meaning of it!!

Suddenly, a magical “window” popped in from of them and Seiya nodded his head as if he understood it all.

「I see. I had doubt shearing a stupid story from someone like you, but after seeing this, all this stuff seems more credible. 」

…just now, did he spoke rudely to a Goddess like me?

「So now that you said “Properties”, try saying “Status” as well! Ok? Ok? Just do it please! 」

After begging, Seiya finally but reluctantly said “Status”. Then, the three-dimensional“window” was expanded. This time around, Seiya’s abilities were also shown from behind the “window”.

「What do you think? Do you comprehend it? You have an outstanding status! You have special abilities that normal heroes don’t have! Got it? You are one person in hundred million people! If it’s you, Ryuguuin Seiya, you will be able to defeat the demon threats menacing Geabrande! Only you can do it! 」

I’m doing my best, but Seiya doesn’t look that happy about this all. I feel like I’m being ignored, but he asked me quite a dark question.

「By the way, what will happen to me if I die in that world? 」

「That’s a bit dark and negative question…but…but, don’t worry! If you die there, you’ll be immediately transferred to your world! But after that, you won’t be able to return to theGod’s realm…」

Just said “huh” and picked his nose. It seems no matter what I say, everything will be boring for him I suppose.

He came all the way here, but he is only starting to understand how this works. He seems like the type of person that will only come to his senses if he faces reality. If that’s the case, then…

「Seiya! I will explain everything later! Let’s go together to Geabrande right now!」

I immediately casted a spell that opened a portal right in front us which automatically will lead us to Geabrande.

With the gate fully opened, I told Seiya.

「Ryuguuin Seiya! Come with me! The fate of Geabrande is on your hands! 」

「I refuse. 」

「Well then, I’m excited to know what kind of world Geabrande is! …eh, wait, right now what did you just say? 」

「I just said I refused. I won’t go to such unknown and dangerous world without being fully prepared. 」

「But…but, your status shows that you have more capabilities than regular people, right? Besides, I will change my appearance to that of a human’s to be in Geabrande, so I will always stay right beside you. So, don’t worry…」

「Didn’t you say that you can’t involve yourself in a world that it’s supposed to be saved by human beings? Even if you come with me, you can’t give any help, can you? 」

「You…you’re so rude!I’m a Goddess you know! I will never die, and besides, I can cure your injuries with my healing magic! 」

「That’s exactly it. Youcan’t even be on the front line of a battle, how can you help me save a world. 」

Ugh!? What kind of attitude is that against a Goddess!! I seriously want to hit him!!

However, Seiya was staring at me with deadly fish eyes.

「Well, if I can’t refuse this task, I need to at least make some preparations. 」

「Pre…preparations? What preparations…?」

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