This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 0

Introduction: The Goddess’ Distress

「This time, the Goddess named Listarte* will became responsible for saving the world named “Geabrande*”, a world with S-rank salvation difficulty!! 」

From the God’s realm, a round of applause thundered across the sanctuary. This applause was in honor of a brave and beautiful Goddess – it was for me.

「This job is a great opportunity! Do your best, Lista! 」

「Isn’t it great, Lista! If you succeed, you will become a full-fledged Goddess!」

I was encouraged by my fellow comrades, so I was trying to show a smile on my face.

… S-rank difficulty…you are kidding, right…?

I, Lista short from Listarte, was born as a goddess in the God’s realm around hundred years ago. So far, I have saved five different worlds from evil threats by summoning a hero from another dimension to rescue worlds in need.

Well, having saved five worlds is not much compared to the numbers saved by the other veteran gods. They would summon brave heroes, with a capability of ten times more than an average person, to save the earthly world. However, even a world with an S-rank difficulty can overwhelm the veteran gods. I heard they say that the pure evil that dwells on these worlds has the capability to match the power of the gods in the heavenly realm.

I returned to my room in the vicinity of the sanctuary in order to search in my list of candidates for a young Japanese hero from Planet Earth. I decided to summon a Japanese person because they are brave (Editor note: I guess the rest of us are cowards >.<). The first time I summoned a hero, I incidentally summoned a Martian, and the second time I summoned an indigenous person from South Africa.It took about one full month for him understand how this system works.

In this respect, the Japanese tend to quickly adapt to the circumstances. I understood what kind of place Japan is thanks to the many foreign books I have explaining the world transitions and migration. Even though the foreign enthusiasm is fading towards Japan, this place is still viewed as an outstanding place, since the market is still vigorous…I wonder why I talk about such things. I must be tired.

I am exhausted, but it cannot be helped. I have been looking for a hero in this huge list of high-ranked candidates repeatedly since I entered the room. My face is greasy and I have dark circles under my eyes, and on top of that, I am so tired I cannot stop shaking. After combing my blonde hair so carefully, it is now a mess.

After sacrificing my godly beauty to this huge pile of documents on my desk, I managed to find two interesting files.

Firstly, the number one file.

Sasaki Atsushi

Level – 1

HP – 101

MP – 0

Attack – 55

Defense – 37

Agility – 28

Magic – 0

Potential – 6

Resistance – none

Special skills – none

Personality – ordinary

…as I can see, he is a soldier type. He doesn’t have magic skills, but his attack power is high. Besides that, most of the candidates show only two digits of HP, while his are three digits.

Now the second one.

Suzuki Yuuko

Level – 1

HP – 65

MP – 47

Attack – 18

Defense – 29

Agility – 20

Magic – 72

Potential – 7

Resistance – Water

Special skills – Fire Magic (Lv 1)

Personality – ordinary

…this is a typical wizard type. Having flame magic can be very useful and her resistance to water is impressive too.

Well now, Sasaki or Suzuki. Suzuki or Sasaki. If I could, I would take both of them with me, but I can only summon one person per world.

Ah, Suzuki, Sasaki, Sasaki, Suzuki, Suzuki, Sasaki…even both have similar names. Each of them is useful on its own…

Both files are on the top of the desk, I’m looking at both of them, but…sigh.

To be honest, if the world in danger was of difficulty ranks D and C, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem for Sasaki or Suzuki. However, Geabrande is a world with an S-rank difficulty. I need to choose one of them carefully.

… The more I think about it, the more I see that Suzuki and Sasaki might not be suitable for this.I need to review the list of candidates one more time. I might have overlooked something…

But, just looking at this amount of files on my desk, I suddenly feel dizzy. I abruptly fell down, and all of the papers of that pile collapsed right into my head.

「Ahhhhhhh!? 」

After being ‘buried’ will all of the documents, I screamed with a voice not worthy of a goddess.

I immediately shake all of the documents covering the top of my head. But there is one paper that I cannot shake off because it is stuck to my hair.

「What on earth is this! 」

I got frustrated and took the paper off my hair furiously…and I could not believe what I saw.

Ryuguuin Seiya

Level – 1

HP – 385

MP – 197

Attack – 124

Defense – 111

Agility – 105

Magic – 86

Potential – 188

Resistance – Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, Electricity, Earth

Special skills – Fire Magic (Lv 5), Experience gain increase (Lv 2)

Personality – Unbelievably Cautious

「Ah? 」

What, what. What is this. How can he be level 1 with these ridiculous status.

Is this an hallucination caused by overwork? Maybe a delusion due to stress? I rubbed my eyes and looked closely at the sheet of paper, and it seems like it is legitimate because the numerical value of his status remains the same.

…I…I have never seen a human with these kind of status! What an outstanding talent! This person is in one in a million people…No;he is in one in a hundred million people!

I ran out of the room with the document, and headed for the God’s realm summoning chamber…

With magical chanting, I started to summon the hero and I was extremely nervous that my heart beat so fast.

At first, I thought that I was extremely unlucky to be in charge of saving Geabrande, a world with an S-rank salvation difficulty. But… But… I will be able to have a hero with an outstanding spec! He can save Geabrande immediately! This will become a great opportunity to become a great Goddess! Oh my, how lucky I am!

I will be able to walk with pride on the God’s marble passage.

At that time, I was too focused with the status of this man with a strange name called “Ryuguuin Seiya”. I overlooked an important item because of that. Or should I say that I saw it, but I didn’t care much about it.

「Personality – Unbelievably Cautious 」

I will soon regret my decision for summoning this hero.

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*Translator note: The Katakana translation to Romaji would be Geaburande  as well as the name Rista. But since they are foreign words it felt more right to take a tl liberty and name them according to what would sound in real life. Therefore moving  forward I will call the goddess Lista and the world in need of saving Geabrande.

Thank you for reading, we are still getting a hang of this so please be forgiving with any mistake we might make. 😉

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