A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Those who Change

I strongly kicked my crumbling feet and threw my body forward. The white sword on my shoulder slashed through the sky and roared majestically.

All I needed was a moment to settle it. I was already in the right place.

I swung down the white sword with my jumping momentum. I went toward the eyes that emitted a brilliant aura as well as the two horns. As if to cut them apart, I smashed the brain of the magical beast Doha Surah. The magical beast’s fresh blood splashed across my cheeks.

Instead of cutting the neck like I did before, I pierced the skull and chin, and smashed the spine as a result. At the same time, the white sword glittered with a twinge.

I didn’t know the reasoning, but this opponent was a magical beast who could survive even after its neck was cut off. Was it fairly sturdy, or was it surviving by the help of an unknown mechanism? In that case, I should at least make it so that it wouldn’t move.

I pulled back the tip of the sword, and while kicking up the opponent’s bloody body, I drove my hips. Then, I slashed horizontally, as the white sword fully demonstrated its own weight, and gouged out the magical beast’s flesh, and bisected its abdomen.

「This is not a mythical world, so I will end this for you. 」

I spoke those words, and then I pushed the tip of my sword toward the upper body of Doha Surah, which had been cut off from its lower body and thrown to the ground. Flesh and blood. The feeling of crushing its heart was certainly in my hands.

From my experience, no matter how stubborn a magical beast was, if it went this far, it would most likely die. Even a magical beast made of slime mold would die if you crushed it to pieces.

Normally, yes.

「…Indeed, it’s over. To celebrate that feat, can I ask you one thing? 」

When I heard the cheerful voice of Doha Surah, I twisted my tongue bathed in blood.

I thought it was strange to see him dying where no magic core was found, but this was the worst. My speculation turned into a certainty. It was hard to imagine at first, but the facts were in front of me.

This guy was not the main body, it was a split spirit instead.

I clenched my teeth hard and spit out the blood that had accumulated in my mouth.

I had heard that some magical beasts cut their bodies into several pieces like an army. They shared their intelligence, memory, habits and will. They were like monsters that could exist as a large group even though they were a single entity.

However, such an existence only occurred in the age of the gods. It was ridiculous.

I nodded slightly at the words of Doha Surah. Then, I wiped the blood off the white sword.

Anyway, he was already destroyed. I had no choice but to think that was enough, at least for now. Of course, not everything ended up being good.

「Don’t make a disgusting face, even a magical beast has a heart that hurts, you know?」

Doha Surah said with a wry smile, as if he had forgotten the devilishness he had shown earlier. It sounded like a talk of sweet dreams when sleeping. I felt like I was being grabbed by a fraudster with a good mouth.

He straightened his lips and said the following.

「…What are you mixing your blood with? In the end, I couldn’t evoke my bone fangs properly. I guess it is your fault.」

Saying that, Doha Surah, which could hardly move, turned his gaze toward the connecting corridor. Beyond that was his blood and my reddish-black blood together as if they were mixed. The corridor, strewn with both, was in a terrible state.

I opened my lips in response.

「Well, I was born in the ditch anyway. It seems that only bad and rotten things are mixed in my blood.」

Doha Surah stuck out his tongue and said I knew exactly what he meant. Looking at his state, he looked like a child on the verge of death.

Doha Surah continued his words. He thought I understood everything he had said.

No kidding. I was not the bible. I didn’t know everything from the beginning.

「Then, by chance, did my blood fall on your blood and interfere with your magic?」

Doha Surah answered and said his blood wasn’t weak enough to be swallowed by mere human blood. His tone was somewhat light, but his eyes were serious.

I squinted my eyes without knowing.

「…I just heard it a long time ago. Magic hates foreign objects, right? I’ve been hated for a long time, so I just thought I would be the perfect foreign object.」

If Doha Surah evoked bone fangs from wherever it pleased, then I would be dead long ago.

However, he wasn’t able to do that, and rather, he was only able to summon bone fangs from specific places in the connecting corridor.

If so, there was a mechanism for it. If I wanted to go beyond that mechanism and kill this guy, then I had to twist that mechanism.

So what I came up with was a stupid method of pouring my blood from above into the blood of the guy who seemed to be the mediator.

Hearing that, Doha Surah said with a devilish smile.

「I’ll take back what I just said. 」

There was no time to ask what was going on, and his words continued.

「You are no longer a respectable human being. I assure you. 」

I opened my mouth as I listened to some approaching footsteps. Without realizing it, my fingertips were searching for chewing tobacco.

「That’s fine. Then, should I practice eating raw meat for the first time? 」

I shrugged my shoulders as I said those words, and Doha Surah cracked his throat and laughed.

「…It seems you truly believe in that subordinate of yours. 」

While speaking at the prison’s Lord, Palome Bashar, the Steel Princess Vestaline Geluah turned her thoughts around.

Her extremities were as cold as ice. However, it was not as if she couldn’t move. Her senses were certainly in her fingers, and when her hand reached the battle axe, she could wield it well.

Vestaline let out her bloody breath regulate her breathing. However, she would be wrong if asked if she was in a state to fight.

At the very least, it was the first time since Caria Burdnick ripped her shoulder in Belfein that she had been injured to this extent. Although it was not impossible, she couldn’t truly affirm that this fight could continue.

Vestaline believed that attacking an enemy with her wound would be foolish. Even so, she felt a strange thing.

A decision that would normally be forsaken was made within Vestaline without her knowledge.

「…It’s not a matter of believing or not believing. It’s just a fact. 」

In response to Vestaline’s words, Palome replied with just one phrase. It was a voice that had chosen its words carefully.

Vestaline was convinced. This man undoubtedly trusted his subordinate and was thus certain of his victory. Otherwise, there was no way he would stay here so leisurely.

The magic barrier was not something that could go on forever. It would end if the spirit of the caster wears out.

For that reason, it was an absolute requirement to have support from others for its operation. It was not that different from a siege in terms of nature. And so, this man relied on his subordinate, that magical beast, for his support.

Therefore, this gap was the thing this man wanted to take advantage of. In order to cut a hole in a strong wall, you must first stick the blade into the wound.

Vestaline grabbed her battle axe at her fingertips, smearing the floor with red blood. Then, she said.

「Let me say this. Your subordinate will surely be defeated. 」

Vestaline forced her body to stand up, still swaying like a lost spirit. She looked way different from a fighter. Her limbs still tingled with pain, screaming at their limits.

“Either way it won’t last long. However, at this moment, I must remain calm. Otherwise my words will not be persuasive. I know I’m better than anyone at using an iron mask.”

Palome said nothing. That’s why Vestaline spoke the words necessary to stir the inside of his chest.

「How do I know that? It’s quite simple. The person your subordinate is facing is a man named Lugis. Yes, the infamous Lugis Vrilligant.」

Vestaline could see that Palome’s eyes had become slightly disturbed. After all, Lugis’ notoriety seemed to resonate well within the Gharast Kingdom. Vestaline smiled wryly in her heart.

「I know that he’s a man who won’t lose. Therefore, no help will come to you.」

With unsteady steps, Vestaline closed the gap one step at a time until she reached a feasible place to wield the battle axe. She took one step further.

「…I wonder if he, who should be one of the leaders of the Heraldic Order, would sneak into a place like this with a small force.」

Palome exhaled a heavy air from his mouth as he professed those words. It was like spitting the saliva that was entangled in his throat.

Vestaline loosened her cheeks.

Vestaline wondered what had happened to her. She hated the method of misleading the enemy with words like this. More than anything else, she loved the story of a knight who bore a spear while holding justice in his heart.

She was now behaving just like Lugis. The sword at her waist was hot as if it were shouting something.

「Yes, he would. He said he would remove this prison from the face of the earth.」

Vestaline took another step through the floorboard with a loud noise. Then, leisurely, she raised her battle axe. It should be as elegant as possible yet intimidating.

Vestaline saw something that resembled sweat on Palome’s forehead. However, it didn’t look like it was due to Vestaline’s appearance.

Rather, it seemed that he had a strange reaction to her words.

Was there something on his mind? Vestaline deepened her smile while dripping blood.

「As evidence, none of your subordinates will come to your aid… Lugis will come here to kill you eventually. He’s a violent man who loves to spill blood, so I think it will be better for you if you were to be captured by me.」

It was a ridiculous talk, but it put more pressure on the enemy. Besides, Lugis’ notoriety was already flying around for some time, so Vestaline didn’t have any problem in adding one or two dramatic things about Lugis.

After saying those words, Vestaline could see that Palome’s eyes swayed greatly. He was clearly upset. His eyes looked as if he was looking at something incredible.

The treasure sword at Vestaline’s waist was heating up. Was Palome upset by her own words, or was there something else? It didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered now was the fact that the caster of the magic barrier had his mind shaken.

Vestaline exhaled deeply.

…At the same time as Vestaline swung her battle axe down with an unmistakable, all-out blow, the corner of the magic barrier got devoured immediately.

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Lugis’ blood is no longer pure…Doha Surah made a huge mistake. Lugis’ blood was like poison…


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