A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Neither Good nor Fair

Seeing a piece of the magical barrier wither away, Palome Bashar gasped. His heart was beating as if he had run as hard as he could. A chill ran down his spine.

Those were unmistakable traces of turmoil. Palome’s body was covered with emotions that couldn’t be hidden. The following words ran through his mind with intense pain.

The traitor, the Lord of Vice, the great evil Lugis. In the Gharast Kingdom, there were few people who didn’t know about those infamous names.

The person bearing those names was here now. In this burial prison Beulah.

He couldn’t ignore this piece of information. A skeptical Palome wouldn’t have made his heart waver because of some threatening information. However, this was not just any random information. Palome had heard that the traitor preferred to act alone, but there was no way an important figure in the Heraldic Order would enter a place like this.

Yes, there was no reason why he would do such a thing.

But now, in this prison, there was a reason why the traitor named Lugis stepped on his own. It was a terribly small thing for Palome. There was one reason that came to his mind. Palome moved his eyes without hesitation.

…That reason was Ninz, the woman who raised him. She was held in this prison.

Palome didn’t know Lugis’ personality. He could be a callous person, or not.

However, if he were a human being who affirmed moving emotionally with compassion and if he knew the whereabouts of the human who was said to be his only relative, then it was possible.

Yes, it was possible for him to go crazy and enter the prison with a small force.

It was just Palome’s suspicion. His thoughts were small and not really worthy of consideration.

However, just a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for the Heraldic Order to expand its power to this extent. Such a thing was impossible. Things that shouldn’t have happened were happening right now. And this vile person was the one who caused it.

If so, it would be too foolish to try to settle everything with the word “impossible”. Palome pondered as his heart increased its beats. Something frightening ran down his spine.

In addition to that, another information pierced Palome’s mind. The voice that came directly to his own spirit. It was the familiar’s voice.

「…I understand. 」

Although ancient, Palome had a magical contract with his familiar. Through that contract, they were able to read each other’s situations, though not all of them.

That contract now spoke. His familiar was defeated by someone, severely exhausted, and if it continued like this, he would be the next one to disappear within a few hours. Accompanied by this undeniable realization, Palome realized something important after being transmitted this by magic.

It meant that Palome’s greatest spear had been lost. At the same time, he realized there was an enemy with enough power to annihilate his familiar.

What was he going to do now? Palome asked himself.

Of course, it was still possible to continue to persevere inside the magical barrier. Even though one corner of it was broken, his stamina to maintain it still remained. Then, if his guards gathered together, then it would be possible to defeat these threats before he got exhausted.


「It’s my defeat. I surrender. Instead, give priority to rescue the wounded. 」

Saying so, Palome unlocked the magical barrier. The presence of magic rapidly disappeared from the room. This place was no longer a different world, it was just a room.

The girl in front of him relaxed her expression for a moment, as if she was taken aback, and then said.

「Is it okay? You still have some stamina left, isn’t that so? 」

Palome sat down on the spot and answered.

「Well, it’s not good, but it’s not bad either. Certainly, if it went well, it would’ve been possible to kill you alone. Maybe even kill your companion.」

Shaking his mustache, Palome spoke as if he were chewing his words. There seemed to be a bit of loneliness mixed in the syllables of his voice.

「However, how many will die before I accomplish that feat? The enemy has defeated my familiar, so countless more will die. What awaits after that is the rebellion of the prisoners. There will be bloodshed while waiting for personnel to be replenished. Well, this prison will become an unbearable place.」

Even now, the main manpower was comprised of soldiers. How many people could be summoned to serve as prison guards? In that respect, Palome did not trust the skills of the royal government at all. On the contrary, he knew for a fact that the royal government would put all of his judgments on hold until it reached a decision that only favored the government.

Therefore, Palome concluded that resistance was meaningless. Involuntarily, a deep sigh escaped from his mouth. There was some relief and doubt in his heart.

Was this, okay? Perhaps it would’ve been greater to keep fighting until the end.

Yes, act bravely to the limit and keep fighting. Palome thought it was beautiful. There was self-preservation and honor. However, reason inevitably felt the thickness of the wall of reality.

Was it because of her youth, or was it because of her nature? The mercenary in front of Palome showed a respectable figure everywhere. Palome even envied her.

Should he have followed her example, and should he have done the same? A wry smile that didn’t suit Palome’s personality naturally appeared on his lips.

「I don’t want to kill people just because of my incompetence. Also, there are some people whom I have a long relationship with. Then, it would be wiser for me to be ashamed of myself and put my head down. It may seem like a foolish act, but I won’t be the foolish person.」

Those words were probably Palome’s vanity. The edges of his words trembled only slightly. There was certainly fear in his heart. His fingertips were even numb.

In front of him stood the female mercenary who nodded in response.

「Well then, please accompany me, Palome Bashar. In honor of your wise decision, I, Vestaline Geluah, will guarantee your safety.」

Palome nodded slightly. Perhaps this was the moment when Burial Prison Beulah descended to the feet of the Heraldic Order.

It was a gloomy place. In front of the corridor lined with interrogation rooms, I seriously muttered so in my heart. The location was not just dim or humid. There was even a sign that the air was getting heavier as I explored the surroundings.

Maybe it was because of the sobbing and heavy breathing that could be heard from the various cages. The sticky atmosphere clung to my skin made me feel uncomfortable.

That alone gave me a good idea of how the Heraldic prisoners who were interrogated here were treated.

「…This is the room you’re looking for. 」

The guard who showed me the way stopped in front of an interrogation room. I tried to keep my posture as cool as possible. I replied in a low note so as not to make my voice harsh.

My cheeks trembled. A woman’s sobs and a faint laughter could be heard from within. My eyes narrowed and distorted immediately.

The guard nodded slightly with his blueish face. It felt as if he was at fault too.

After Vestaline took Palome, the lord of this place, as a prisoner, we talked quite quickly. I had thought that he would be a little more reluctant to talk normally.

Everyone obediently followed Palome’s words. Those who were used to hearing orders, whether guards or prisoners, tended to have a much narrower view of the situation.

I entrusted Vestaline to bring in the mercenaries who had been stationed outside in order to keep the guards under surveillance. She excelled in her ability to organize things, perhaps because of the education she received in her childhood. I knew she would do a lot better than me in that respect.

Besides, I had something to do first. One person was imprisoned here. It was one of the reasons I decided to come here.

Since a while ago, my back teeth did not mesh. A strange impatience was born in my chest.

To be honest, I tried not to think about this as much as possible. It was about my foster parent whom I knew very well. I was sure she would be fine and safe, and I was trying to convince myself that nothing bad would happen to her.

I didn’t know if those thoughts were right or wrong. But if I thought otherwise, I would not know what to do. I thought I would lose my mind.

So when I first heard that she was imprisoned in this place, I didn’t tell anyone about it, and I didn’t even mention her name. I didn’t even say that she was my foster parent. Matia and Ann were probably the only people who knew that she was a relative of mine.

A heavy iron key was dropped in front of me, and the creaked door opened. At that moment, I felt a terrible smell of blood sticking to my nostrils. I opened my eyes.

「What! Who is it! 」

As soon as the door opened, a male voice rang from the inside. There was no rushed wind in between those words. The hustle and bustle of the prison probably was not fully conveyed to this place built underground.

I kept my eyes on the room without saying a word. A dark, obscure room. But my eyes could still see the inside clearly. I could see through the darkness.

Mrs. Ninz was pinned down on some kind of platform while surrounded by several men. All of her fingers were bloody and torn. Her fingers had no nails. Her leg was bent in a strange way. It was horribly dirty.

Ah, I see, so this happened.

「Hey, who are you? Why did you come here in a hurry? It’s a crucial moment for this interrogation, so don’t be hasty. Besides, I have the authority of this interrogation room, so you can’t enter inside. You will be in trouble if you get in without permission.」

Before the guard who unlocked the door could say anything, I noticed what appeared to be an interrogation device in his hand. I wondered if it was a remodeled iron hammer that looked more heinous.

A wild emotion continued to smoke and howl in my mind. If I didn’t suppress myself, it would spit out of my throat at any moment.

I had received a petition from the prison Lord, Palome Bashar. Everything that happened to this prison was to act according to his own instructions. Therefore, I was told to guarantee the safety and custody of the guards. His words showed unquestionable honesty. I thought he had guts.

Perhaps, if it was Helot Stanley, he would have accepted those words. Without any hesitation, he would have swallowed everything deep inside his chest.

But unfortunately, I was not Helot Stanley.

I was a hero as well, but our humanity was another matter. After all, I was neither a man of goodwill nor a Master of Justice. I didn’t portray a beautiful identity. After all, this body was born from a mud-looking father and a ditch-raised mother.

Not even once did I think of decorating my chest with something lovable.

「Guard, you don’t have to explain the situation to them. I have one request. 」

I spoke to the guard who was accompanying me. There was a moment when my eyes met with Mrs. Ninz’s eyes. Her purple eyes opened slightly.

The guard responded with a trembling voice. Then, I pushed my voice further. My fingertips were ringing.

「Only you and I arrived at this place. And there was no one else inside but my adoptive parent. Is that okay?」

I shook the sword hanging at my waist. The guard nodded silently. Then, I took a step forward. All I knew was that the man in front of me was looking with suspicious eyes.

Then everything ended without incident.

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Wow Lugis became so ruthless…but I’m glad he saved Ninz. And I have to mention that Palome is such a honorable man, unlike the other noble men from Gharast. I hope Lugis can persuade Palome to be on his side.


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