A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 331

Chapter 331: A Pitiful Murderous Intent

The creator of the desert. A magical beast with reason. The southern magical eye.

All of those names were given to a certain being hundreds of years ago. A time when most of the southern desert area was still dyed in deep green. Those names were given to a person who was simply feared and respected by people, and who bowed their heads against its mighty.

Now, Doha Surah cast away its former nicknames and faced the enemy as a single magical beast.

The enemy was the human Lugis, a follower of the traitor Offal. His stern eyes and his mysterious aura were very similar to Offal’s. On top of that, he was also called a traitor by the Great Holy Church, so there were no mere coincidences.

Was it because of their similar nature that Offal drew him into his possession? Or were they totally unrelated? After thinking that far, Doha Surah distorted the edges of his eyes and stopped thinking that hard.

“Anyway, I can’t read the inside of Offal’s skull. After all, Offal was once a human, and even when I was with him, I didn’t understand him that well. Now that we’re so far apart from each other, there’s no way I’d be able to understand even a fragment of his thoughts.”

“However, the end result of my speculation says that Offal’s sole purpose is to overthrow Altius’ hand. For the sake of tying her limbs.”

“So, no matter what I think, I must crush this enemy who calls himself Lugis. I don’t know what Altius thinks now, but I still intend to be her ally.”

The demonic eyes emitted a large green aura and engulfed everything in its sight. Then, those eyes stared at the enemy in front of them. The enemy took a step forward while tilting his white sword. The demonic being’s lips were distorted as if laughing.

「C’mon, aren’t you coming? Or do you want me to go instead? 」

He was injured so badly that Doha Surah could laugh pleasantly. Lugis was timid, but still lacked the hesitant heart that humans had. He had a spirit and intuition that were not just perceived instinctively.

Doha Surah thought that he probably had more human senses than most.

However, he also sensed that danger came out of that human’s swordsmanship. It wasn’t just a lucky strike for scratching its own neck. He was no longer ordinary. He was a strong man who should move forward.

“But even so, I won’t lose.”

“I’ve met strong people of this level many times in the past, and I’ve won.” Doha Surah was proud that he had not fallen to the point of being easily defeated.

At least, in the past, there was only one person who put his head on the ground.

「I’ve heard a similar statement a long time ago…well, that person has already died.」

The enemy’s target was looking quite vivid against the green eyes. Or rather, there was only one target. However, those who could not use magic and miracles had no choice but to wield their swords naively.

In order to win against an enemy by wielding a sword, one must either move faster than the enemy or be strong enough to survive the enemy’s blow.

What the enemy was aiming at was probably the former. He had no way to stop the bone fangs, and if one looked at the overflowing blood, there should not be enough time to move around.

Then, the rest of the story should be easy. All Lugis had to do was make a path for that and cut off the enemy’s neck at the exit. Unexpectedly, a person like him dived into that kind of thing.

“It’s quite troublesome, but in order to bring down Offal’s intentions, I must finish this for the sake of the present generation’s master.”

For a while, the words disappeared from each other.

After that, Doha Surah and Lugis took deep breaths simultaneously and repeatedly. Both aimed for a break in each other’s minds, then let out a sigh as if waiting for an opportunity to arrive.

It was a surprisingly quiet time. Gradually, both of them lost their heavy breathing, and the surrounding nature controlled the sound. Only the edgy tension proved they were here.

For a moment, they thought that even the sound of their hearts would stop ringing at some point. In the distance, there was a dull sound of something being hit.

…At the same time, the white burst into the demonic aura.

It was not like they understood each other’s actions as signals. However, neither of them was late, nor were they eating each other’s ever-expanding hostility.

Using demonic blood as a catalyst, the bone fangs crawled out of the walls and floors of the corridor, and groaned as it bit down the enemy. Each one of them was so huge that looked like it could be the size of a human arm.

A large number of bone fangs spouted out all at once toward Lugis without even the slightest disturbance.

Even though his eyes were distorted by the bone fangs, Lugis sewed those gaps and closed the gap with Doha Surah just before his own body was eaten away. Blood still oozed from his wounds. It was, so to speak, an imitation of slipping through a net of murderous intent.

“Again, this doesn’t feel right.” Doha Surah muttered quietly in its heart, and he analyzed Lugis’ actions.

Normally, when a human felt his death approaching, the legs quivered. The mind got shaken, and their hands forgot harmony. Even for humans who were accustomed to death, that reaction was only natural.

That’s why people tried to stay away from death as much as possible. Dangerous choices should not be taken, and even mercenaries did not choose to participate in deadlier campaigns.

However, Lugis easily approached the threat while spitting up blood. Did he think it was okay to die, or did he believe he can’t die?

It was certainly heroic. Nonetheless.

“…As expected, I must kill him here.”

That was the second mutter. However, unlike the previous one, it wasn’t smeared with hostility.

Doha Surah held strong animosity towards the man named Lugis. That’s because he was a descendant of the hateful Offal.

But at the same time, he felt pity. Why should Lugis, who was just a human, be associated with Altius and Offal’s plans?

He should not bear that burden.

“I truly believe so. If he survives and pushes forward, he will cease to be a human being.”

“In that case, I must kill him as a human. I admit it. He is a strong man and an enemy that shows utmost dignity. Then, I will kill him here with respect. I’m sure my master will do the same.”

Doha Surah slowly corrected the trajectory of his bone fangs as he distorted his eyes. And so he left a small gap for Lugis to notice.

It was a brief exchange, but Doha Surah knew that Lugis was a person who knew his trap and still stepped forward.

Therefore, the induction was simple. “I must make a path for him to reach this direction in the shortest and kill him here with bone fangs. There are times when Lugis shows a strange way of walking whether it is because he continued to spit blood or because I corrected the path by moving the bone fangs little by little.”

Lugis’ feet stepped forward. Until the gap, it was like an ultimate step. The next induction point would be reached in a few seconds.

Then, it would be over.

…In an instant, Doha Surah opened its eyes. The green glowing eyes opened largely as if possessed by the demon realm.

It was nothing but a display of Doha Surah’s devilish eyes.

The evil majesty that once destroyed everything and created the desert overnight had long since disappeared. But even so, it would be possible to return the scaffold made of rocks to sand.

Of course, it was not very inexhaustible. But it was enough to create a gap. Now, Doha Surah just had to thrust him to death with that little blank space.

After that, all Doha Surah had to do was send bone fangs from all sides toward the guided area it had created. That’s it. It was supposed to be the end.

…Only if the eyes were not dyed from green to reddish black.

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