A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 330

Chapter 330: The One who Bears the Evil Eye

My vision flickered. The intense pain that pierced my whole body made my throat vomit what could be blood or gastric juice. A disgusting feeling spread on my tongue.

A blood-sucking demon who tried to eradicate my body. People called it a vampire because it behaved this way. It was said to be extinct now.

I felt a disgust since there was a foreign substance in my meat, something that was not originally possible. The foreign substance stifled the flow of blood and viciously regurgitated it. It became a vivid pain that attacked my body. It felt like a wound was being wiped with a rough rag.

The disgusting feeling of having my flesh gouged out, the feeling of liberation as I vomited blood, and the excruciating pain in my limbs that made me think my body had been torn apart. These excruciating feelings gathered together and reminded me of one thing in my brain.

Death was near. A simple death. A physical loss. A last thread of consciousness. I certainly sensed it instinctively.

Ah, I was going to die here, I thought so for a moment.

I reflexively bit my lips. Reluctantly, regretfully. I let out a deep breath mixed with the scent of blood. My heart was hot and beating a lot.

Who would die? Was it finally me?

I muttered in my heart as if asking myself. I naturally had a distorted smile on my cheeks.

How foolish. Was I going to die? I could not stop death.

The white blade stopped midway through the swing, and I put my strength back into it. Something that resembled bone stakes stuck in my screwed arm and swollen flesh.

I didn’t even know if I could feel my arms anymore.

Still, I could not stop from moving. I was not saying this out of some silly impulse. These were the thoughts of calm reason.

While spitting blood from my whole body, I spoke with all the arrogance possible.

「…Listen, demon. The actors are supposed to be different. 」

I felt like my voice was hoarse. Apparently, there was blood in my mouth. Still, I continued my words without stopping.

「If you want to kill me, bring Altius instead. 」

I thought about it afterwards, but who said this demon could not kill me? Even so. Yes, even that hero, Helot Stanley. Nobody crossed blades with me and managed to kill me. In the Great Temple, I couldn’t breathe for some reason.

…Then, no one could kill me anymore. My ending was already decided. That’s what I wrote in my own script.

I put my strength into the only muscles intact in my left arm and bit my lips while clenching my back teeth. In front of me stood the head of the two-horned demon.

I understood. These bone stakes were probably one of this guy’s magic tools. Otherwise, it would be impossible for something to suddenly grow from the floor or ceiling.

In that case, this should be nothing more than a magic tool’s summoning with some kind of technique. Then, as a matter, it was necessary to continue to maintain the technique in order to pierce my body.

…In other words, this guy couldn’t move right now. Then, this was my chance to kill it easily. It was easier than catching a mouse.

My whole body creaked, and while those bone stakes were digging into my flesh, I once again swung the white blade with vigor.

There was no problem. That evil skull was already in front of me. If I swung the blade along the gravity while raising it, then I would crush the devil’s skull immediately.

Now that things had turned out this way, if my limbs were torn off before I crushed the devil’s skull, that demon would win. Other than that, it was my victory. Simple and wonderful.

It was already fully soaked in black blood, and while showing a majestic appearance, Helot’s blade was no longer white. It was dull and cut through the sky. I heard the sound of a piece of meat being torn apart. There was certainly a feeling that a part of the devil’s skull had been cut off by my hand. My cheeks twisted.

In an instant, a strong impact hit my abdomen. It wasn’t an attack with hostility, it was just a shock to knock the enemy away.

Still, that was enough of a blow. When I opened my eyes, my body was thrown to the end of the corridor. Before I knew it, the bone stakes that were piercing my body had disappeared.

Great. Apparently, I won the endurance test. Without realizing it, my eyebrows raised, and a smile appeared on my cheeks. I faced many fools, but this fool was a worthy one.

I elevated my head to see the two-horned demon. It spoke with clear disgust in its eyes. Even so, because of the previous momentum, it let out deep moans between the words.

「…My prediction is right. Yeah, yeah. Are you from Offal’s side? Your name is Lugis, isn’t that so?」

Those were words full of hostility. A tone of voice that forcibly suppressed the emotions, but still made overflowing emotions tremble from within. Blood was spitting out of its forehead, indicating the partial loss of its skull.

I narrowed my eyes. I had heard similar words several times before. It was in the mercenary city Belfein, and then in the Great Temple. From the mouth of that damned Altius.

It certainly said it through Ariene’s mouth. It said I held hands with someone named Offal.

「It’s not been long since I’ve heard those words. I don’t know anything about it, nor have I held hands with someone baring that name. Even if I am, is there any inconvenience, huh?」

Offal. That was probably the name of the supreme deity of the Heraldic Order. I remembered being told many times the name that Saint Matia spilled from her mouth.

I didn’t know when or what kind of relationship I built with such being, but there was only one thing that came to my mind.

It was just a wild intuition, but even so, if I met someone who pretended to be a god, then there was only one.

I have an opportunity for you. Let me give you a chance. A chance to redraw your life!

That black-shadowy person that could not be taken as either an enemy or an ally. It was that being.

It was an undeniable fact that I held its hands. If I did that and were to be called from that being’s side, then it would be correct.

I didn’t know why it ended up choosing me, or the reason for that whim. If that person was the one who called itself Offal, then now I could understand the words of Altius and this demon.

The two-horned demon shook its jaw and leaned its small frame forward. Its eyes gleamed with genuine hostility.

「As expected, you are very similar to the one I know. His ferocious eyes, and his life-defying state. I felt as if Offal had gotten a flesh-looking body once again…」

I could feel an excess of demonic power pouring into my body. The presence of those words was powerful. However, it was like me and had no intention to stop.

I had to think carefully again. Think. I shouldn’t let go of my consciousness.

I did something stupid earlier. Just like Helot, I dared to attack the enemy with a direct blow. It was worth the shot, but it was still a little too early for me to invoke such an attack.

If so, then I had to think about it. Thinking was my armor, clever or clumsy. That’s how I survived, didn’t I? No, fortunately. It seemed that the blood had been drained and it had calmed down in a good condition. There was only one thing prevailing now.

「…So, are you saying that Offal is the one that opposes Altius? Oh, how pitiful you are. How can you differentiate yourself from Offal? Both of you are those who swallow people’s words as they are. No, none of you didn’t even listen to what I said or what Altius said.」

I further narrowed my eyes while shaking my ears from the demon’s words.

It would be the end if those bone stakes pierced my body once again. The opponent was already more than vigilant. A single swing would not let me take the victory of this match.

In that case, I had no choice but to smash its skull entirely. I had experienced that there was no point in splitting the neck.

What should I do to accomplish that feat? I opened my mouth and bent my ankles slightly.

「Pitiful, you say? Don’t make me laugh, demon. At any time, I’m the only one who can judge my life. I’m the one who drives both the pain and pleasure of my life. I’m not Offal.」

I moved the white sword diagonally and pushed forward. Then, I drew a line in front of my eyes. As usual, it felt as if the treasure sword was with me.

I had to kill it. I already had a plan. It could hardly be called a good plan, since it was a poor one. Still, it was enough for me.

The demon spoke in an annoyed tone while the light green aurora shined in both its horns and eyes.

「I’m not called “demon” … 」

Words filled with heat that seemed to spit even a steam. The atmosphere was like a white mist emanating from its whole body.

「…I am Doha Surah of the Demon Eye. Even though I’ve fallen, I am not weak enough to kneel to anyone other than Altius.」

Exposing its true nature as a demon, he…Doha Surah… said so.

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