It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 3 – Chapter 87

Chapter 87: A new Harem development?

「Cultivation Hero, apparently you are safe. 」

「No, that should be my line. 」

After that, we drove off the army of the Empire and immediately joined Amines at the Demon Castle.

Behind her was Tsurugi, an unidentified hero who wrapped his body in a white robe.

「Can you explain to me what happened? 」

「Hmm, actually, I was fighting a deadly battle between Lily and the Emperor Hero, and when I was almost losing, I’ve got unexpected help. Who helped me was Tsurugi. 」

「Eh? 」

I was surprised at the explanation. Did that mean that Tsurugi betrayed the Emperor and helped Amines?

Amines continued to speak.

「After that, thanks to his ability, we escaped safely from the Emperor’s Castle and hid ourselves in the Kingdom. But I heard that the Emperor’s army had moved toward the Demon Castle. I immediately rushed to the rescue.」

「Eh, please wait a moment. Then, are you on our side, Tsurugi-san? 」

I thought it was too abrupt, but the answer was simple.

「That’s right. Well, I’m not a person who switches sides that easily. At least, I have no intention of being hostile to you. 」

He answered easily.

Was he brainwashed before coming here? I became anxious, but despite such anxiety, Tsurugi looked straight into my eyes with a different atmosphere.

「Don’t worry. I’m not hostile to you. Absolutely, no matter what. 」

It was the same when he looked into my eyes before, and for some reason, the moment I saw him, I felt an indescribable admiration.

「Well, if you don’t feel okay with me being around, you can kick me out, because I’m not going to help you directly with the Emperor Hero anyway. 」

「Eh? You’re going to be on my side, but aren’t you going to help? 」

「That’s right. I just won’t lend a hand directly, but if you need my ability, I’ll lend it without hesitation. 」

Hmm. In other words, we should settle the matter ourselves.

However, I didn’t know much about this guy. I’d like to ask more, but he probably wouldn’t answer.

Despite my worries, Tsurugi shifted his gaze to Rock that was stuck to my feet, crouched down to the same height, and gently called out to Rock.

「Hello, miss. Nice to meet you. 」

「…Nice…Nice to meet you… 」

「Is the miss a child of Kyou-san? 」

At Tsurugi’s question, Rock looked up at me. I smiled and nodded at her.

「Yes! Rock is papa’s child! 」

Rock smiled after saying that. Oh, my child was so cute.

Tsurugi nodded to Rock with a gentle smile that could be seen even through his robe.

「I see, I see. You truly like your dad a lot. 」

「Yes, I do! 」

For some reason, Tsurugi had sent a mysterious longing look after hearing Rock’s reply.

Eventually, he presented a piece of candy to Rock.

「Miss, I’ll give you this, eat it if you like. 」

Where did he get it from? While ignoring my doubts, Rock looked at the presented candy and Tsurugi at the same time.

Perhaps, Tsurugi’s eyes and gaze through the robe looked gentle, since Rock undoubtedly received the candy and tasted it.

「Is it delicious? 」

「Yes! Thank you! 」

I could hear Tsurugi say, “Oh, I’m glad” to Rock, who smiled happily.

Hmm. Rock had a habit of seeing through it immediately if a person was pure or not, so Tsurugi must be a gentle person.

On the contrary, if the other party was a person with malice, Rock would be extremely cautious.

Those reactions happened because Rock was pure.

It seemed that Tsurugi was not malicious at the moment.

When I saw Tsurugi, who was stroking Rock’s head and being friendly, I was beginning to wonder if I could trust him a little.

That didn’t mean that all of my comrades would trust him, so I needed some proof.

With that in mind, Alucard gave a clear answer to my hesitation.

「Kyou-sama, I can control the spirit of the other person with the evil eye as I showed you before. Of course, it may be inferior to the ability of the Emperor Hero, but it works. It is possible to make sure that a person is not under the control of the Emperor Hero. 」

「Eh, really? How? 」

「The point is that I just have to use my evil eye on a person. Of course, a person must not resist. If I can’t put my evil eye on said person, then that person has already been brainwashed. 」

I see. In other words, was it not possible to brainwash someone who had already been brainwashed?

Double control over the spirit was impossible. Certainly, the same status was not duplicated even in games.

「Okay, so don’t resist it and follow Alucard’s evil eye. 」

「Hmm. Well, it can’t be helped. It’s important to confirm. 」

「I don’t mind it either. As you said, I won’t resist. 」

Alucard stood in front of them, and Alucard’s magical eyes shined toward Amines, and Amines became fascinated by his eyes.

The next moment, she headed towards me and pushed me down without any hesitation. What was this!?

「Cultivation Hero, I have not had the opportunity to say this until now, but I am conscious of you as a man…? You put an end to the battle between our country and the Demon King’s army. I’m willing to devote myself to the gratitude that you’ve showed me.」

Amines began to take off her clothes one after another. What on earth!?

「Amines, what are you doing!? 」

「I don’t like it…how things are around you. I often don’t think about romance and such, but I thought, because there are a lot of cute girls like Lily and Fitis around you…I will show you my decent breasts! You can touch them as much as you want! 」

With that said, Amines began to take off the cloth that hid her chest. Eh, STOP!!

「Hey! What are you doing to my brother! Stay away, you slut! 」

「Why…Why are you stopping me, little sister! I’m just confessing my love to the Cultivation Hero! I’m not a filthy girl! 」

「Yes, you are!! Just look at your actions!! 」

I managed to escape during that gap thanks to Hell grabbing Amines from behind.

I took a deep breath, but I immediately questioned Alucard, who looked in a trance.

「Hey, what have you done? 」

「No, I…I simply ordered her to give her utmost affection to the person she held most dear. I never thought she would take such a short-sighted action. 」

Ah, so that was an easy-to-understand expression of affection that Amines would do.

For the time being, I ordered him to restore her.

The next moment, Alucard rang his fingertips, and at the same time, Amines, who had been rampaging, suddenly returned to herself and immediately noticed her half-naked self. Her face turned red and she collected the clothes that scattered on the floor with great speed.

「Wha…Wha…Wha…Wha…What is this! Wha…Wha…What did I do!? He…Hey! What did I do! I didn’t do anything strange, right!? 」

Amines asked us in a state of clear dismay with a bright red face.

Ah, well, poor thing, I shall pretend that I didn’t see that thing earlier.

「Well, at least with this, it is certain that she is not brainwashed. 」

Okay, the content of Alucard’s order was what he had in mind and ordered it to Amines.

You wouldn’t normally be able to do that without such command, even if you tried to control your mind against the evil eye. It was enough to see Amines’ reaction.

Then, Alucard activated the evil eye toward Tsurugi, but the two glared at each other for a while. Then, Tsurugi removed the robe he was wearing.

What emerged from there…was a white angel.

It was literally a pure white angel without a metaphor.

Her white skin, silver eyes and pure white hair that stretched to her waist was like a figure of an angel.

Above all, the slightly robust breasts and the exposed clothes with delicate limbs were proof that she was a woman, and her physical beauty was so beautiful that she could be labeled as perfect.

Of course, we were surprised with the unexpected appearance of Tsurugi hiding under the robe, and of course, Tsurugi was surprised at the beauty of Alucard’s evil eyes. I approached her, and noticed that her eyes were holding back the feelings of love.

Eventually, she approached me in a stunned manner, she muttered something, and before I noticed it, her lips overlapped with my lips.

「…Hmm. 」

My mind stopped thinking for a moment.

If I thought deeply about it, how many months had passed since I came to another world? I remembered being pressed by women such as Fitis, but I hadn’t kissed anyone yet.

No, it was impossible that such an event would happen in my life here.

In other words, this was my unmistakable first kiss, and that person was…eh?

「Ahhhhhhhh…!!! 」

Hell’s screams echoed throughout the castle before I realized the situation.

As if to react to it, the flow of time, which stopped for a moment, began to move again.

Looking at it, I wondered if Tsurugi, who was still kissing me, returned to her sanity after hearing Hell’s screaming.

The next moment, her face turned red from the bottom of her neck to the top of her head, and she immediately stepped back. She grabbed the robe and wore it immediately to cover her body, and then, she began to tremble without stopping.

「Ahhhh, you!! What were you thinking!! 」

「No…No, I just gave the same content as the order I gave to Amines… 」

「Why are you giving such an order in the first place!! How were you going to confirm if there was no one whom she likes in this place!! What would you do if her desire was deeper than that!? 」

「I…I’m truly sorry, my Lady… 」

When I saw it, Hell was eating Alucard alive with a tremendous momentum.

That’s right…Alucard, please think of a more decent command.

On the other hand, I was still in awe.

I never thought that Tsurugi was such a beautiful girl, and one that would kiss me…Eh, wait a minute.

Was it me whom Tsurugi held most dear? Why? Why?

I didn’t know her, and I met her briefly, right?

I had no idea why she liked me at all.

Aside from my confused face, Rock approached Tsurugi, looked at her, whose face was bright red from the bottom to the top, and smiled.

「Sister, you’re so beautiful! Rock wants to be a beautiful girl like you! 」

In response to Rock’s words, Tsurugi looked slightly surprised for a moment, but in the next moment, she gently patted Rock’s head with an angelic smile.

「…Don’t worry. You’re going to be a more beautiful child than I am. 」

Rock smiled and frowned very happily upon hearing Tsurugi’s words.

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