A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Noble and Vulgar Mixed Together

Spears were good weapons. As long as those spears kept the enemy’s hands far away, fear would decrease, and the trembling limbs would listen to its owner.

Above all, there was no need to aim like a bow if one had a sword to protect oneself.

All one had to do was prevail and be valiant. As long as one had enough resources, the enemy would have no choice but to stop their legs. If done well, even a small cavalry assault would overwhelm a fearsome battlefield.

Even in this prison Beulah, that scenario would not change. As long as the largest group of the enemy was kept away, just lining up the weapons would be enough.

At least, those resources were capable of stopping the tiny number of guards left behind in the corridors. The guards thrust their spears at the intruder thinking the enemy would either die or retreat.

…However, those hopes and stereotypes on the battlefield were often crushed by someone stronger than them.

A long battle axe cut off the sky with a sound that incited fear. Some of the spears flew away, and at the same time, the guards’ skulls splattered through the surroundings.

The cerebral fluids stained the floor, leaving a foul fishy smell around.

The flash that could only be described as splendid was swept into the northern tower many times over. The guards’ heads were flying, and again, without a breath. The battle axe was carried into the air and thrust into a small group of people. The fresh blood licked the air with pleasure.

The handling of the battle axe was both serious and logical. It was done according to a routine, a training.

The trajectory of Vestaline Geluah’s battle axe was far from eccentric or unexpected. One could even say her movements were simple and clean.

She was the exact opposite of her older sister Bruder, who liked to catch her enemies off guard without any plan. Even though they were sisters, their personalities were completely different.

However, it was precisely because her movements were logical, clean and simple that excellent warriors survived through the ages to the present day.

What was the most rational way to kill someone? How could one quickly disable people? A rational thought eliminated an irrational one, leaving only the necessary beliefs intact.

Vestaline never missed those trainings and lessons.

Those days were filled with pain and extreme effort. The skin of her hands was mercilessly torn apart. Her bones creaked and even her soul almost perished…She had her whole life repainted.

Now, she smashed the enemy’s skull while pulling out the throwing axe.

Vestaline’s long eyes shined bright like lights, and she looked at her surroundings like a war demon.

Including the guards at the entrance of the northern tower, was more than ten people, no, less. Vestaline thought there were strangely few people along the way. They were just here for security. They were not patrolling. Fortunately, there were no traps inside the tower.

Vestaline raised her eyebrows slightly and opened the gap for a moment to adjust her breath. It was not to distract her opponent, but to break the momentum, or else she would be the one to get crushed.

However, it seemed that there was someone on the enemy side who understood her actions.

The spear tried to pierce her chest with a sharp aim. However, it was useless.

The security guards hardly had training. Moreover, the tremors and terror of the battlefield were not felt in Vestaline’s stabbing streak. Rather, she even did some sophisticated movements.

A soldier’s face, which looked like an elderly man, gave the glimpse of the history of having stepped over many battlefields before.

「…Okay. Are you the leader of these guards? 」

Say it now. Without getting an answer, Vestaline moved down her battle axe. The heavy tip was swung down without feeling its weight.

The battle axe naturally bounced off the tip of the spear and kept going. Then, just like that, it gouged out the man’s flesh. His wrinkled face spewed blood with his eyes wide open.

A splash of fresh blood stained Vestaline’s cheeks. Without wiping her skin, she moved her legs forward again.

Vestaline could see the eyes of the surrounding guards being greatly shaken. The old man was probably their spiritual support.

However, the current Vestaline could not afford to feel relieved. Her chest was full of unknown emotions. Yes, she didn’t even know their origin.

Emotions she felt about herself…and about Lugis.

Why did he give her such confidence so easily? Why did her legs take it for granted?

It was not possible. Her heart shouldn’t be that easy.

Vestaline’s inherent stubbornness intertwined with excessive confusion, creating a strong fever. Lugis’ treasure sword hanging at her waist was hot, as if responding to her feelings. It was like a beating heart.

Vestaline bit her lips in frustration.

Vestaline told Lugis that she couldn’t trust him at all. It was an insult. It was nothing but a frank distrust of the other party’s intentions.

She hated him for taking away her sister, who was the only one whom she could trust. Her sister was also the only thing she got. She was nothing without her sister. She clearly hated him, who seemed to know no discipline. He lived as he pleased. With that in mind, Vestaline said she did not trust someone like him.

…She felt relieved. Despite saying what she felt, she was a relieved to hear such human words.

He gave her those words and the treasure sword that behaved like his heart.

Vestaline felt an irresistible shame welling up from deep within her body.

She didn’t know what to say or how to swallow these feelings. All she knew was that there was such shame in her heart right now.

Yes, shame. Even though she told him all kinds of harsh words, he took them lightly, no matter what his true intentions were, and even gave her confidence.

It made her feel like an irrational person.

She was like a small child who cried and whined in order to impose her emotions on the other person. And yet, that other person patted her head, so that she could recover her mood. Vestaline’s current self was just like that.

Shame. This was a definite shame. She wanted to tighten her own neck right now. But she couldn’t do that either. She had accepted his trust.

Vestaline sensed the following. Even if she showed her back to this place and tried to run away, Lugis wouldn’t blame her for doing such a thing. He wouldn’t even yell at her.

“Ah, that’s why I can’t leave this place. I must break through. I apologize for being such a clumsy and irrational person.”

As if to express her own feelings, Vestaline swung her battle axe around and cleared the way. Then, looking at the guards in front of her, she said.

「Retreat now. I will kill you if I have to. But I’d rather not. So choose. 」

A few guards distorted their expressions upon hearing the last words of advice. Their faces seemed to have heard strange words.

The words of beings who wielded their might to threaten people were usually brutal or somewhat insane.

Even so, Vestaline’s words were completely different. They even contained a noble sound that was unsuitable for a battlefield. That’s why the guards were confused.

They had heard that several foolish night thieves had sneaked into the prison, so the Lord strengthened the security in various places. They thought the night thieves would withdraw once they saw the guard’s numbers. However, they didn’t even assume that they would see blood.

This woman, this intruder, was not a night thief, but someone of high rank…Was this not an attack with a clear purpose instead of just looting around? The moment when such delusion entered the brains of the guards, the woman spoke.

「Let me say it just one more time. Get out…right now. Or I’ll chop your heads off! 」

Vestaline stepped forward with her sharp eyes shining through and her battle axe standing on her shoulder. Her noble way of speaking those words transformed into something oppressive and aggressive. A distinctive sword was swinging at her waist.

Those words crushed the insides of the guards, who had already grown cold with fear, and stepped back.

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