It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Gourmet Hero VS Snow Witch

The unexpected words that took control of our breaths.

These words made us lose our winning momentum. Everyone looked quite pale.

「Please wait a second. 」

Fitis immediately spoke when the Gourmet Master disclosed the designated dish and the opponents for the next match, which was about to be held three days later.

「I have one suggestion. Regarding the preparation time. Three days are unnecessary for me. If my opponent from the demon side is ready, would you please move the dessert match to right now?」

Fitis’ words tried to switch the opponent’s momentum in our favor. Until now, the judges gave us a three-day preparation period after the announcement of the opponents and the disclosure of the designated dish. After all, the other side decided on the designated dish, which meant that the other side was almost ready. Nevertheless, Fitis’ remark meant that she was giving up on her preparation time.

However, Fitis felt overwhelmed confidence. Actually, based on the victory of Mina-chan earlier, she felt the strength and had the intention to carry over the winning flow in order to give us a full victory with her match.

「I see. May I ask the opinion of the Demon King’s representative? 」

In response to Fitis’ proposal, the Gourmet Master asked Isu-chan her opinion on the matter, as she was the next Demon King’s representative player. In response, Isu-chan showed a gesture. It seemed that she was thinking deeply about it. However, eventually, she quietly shook her head vertically and showed willingness by nodding to Fitis’ suggestion.

「Fine. If both players are satisfied with such proposal, we can continue to evaluate. In fact, the timing is not that bad considering that the next match will be a dessert match. We just ate the previous match’s dishes, which were main courses.」

Then, the next round (4th round of the Demon King Cooking Battle) led to an unexpected series of events. An unforeseen match between Fitis and Isu-chan.

Thus, the dessert battle between the two was going to happen now.

「Fitis, is it okay? 」

I instinctively called out to Fitis as she headed to the stage of the next cooking battle. Fitis, on the other hand, smiled as if she was not worried at all.

「There is no problem, Lord Kyou. For the sake of this day, I have prepared every dish so that I will not have any problem during my match.」

After saying those words, Fitis took a bag out from somewhere, and there were countless ingredients, processed products, seasonings, cooking utensils, and all kinds of other elements.

「Se…Seriously? Have you prepared that much? 」

「Of course, I prepared every single aspect when I was preparing some food. I am especially grateful to Lord Keiji, Lord Kyou’s father, for sharing various vegetables and fruits with me.」

She bowed lightly to my father. He said, “No problem.”

「Above all, I must not interrupt the flow of victory that Mina-san accomplished. I will definitely grab the next win with my own hands.」

「Fitis… 」

It seemed that Mina-chan’s good fight inspired her and stimulated the hot emotions in her heart. I felt her utmost desire to bring us victory.

「I understand. Do your best, Fitis. 」

After receiving my go-head sign, Fitis quietly smiled and nodded positively as she stood on the stage of the next cooking battle.

The Snow Witch Isu-chan was already standing on her bench with the same calm attitude as usual. On her shoulder stood the figure of her Dryad best friend Dori-chan.

「Well then. The 4th round of the Demon King Cooking Battle entitled “Dessert dish” will start now. Both sides, start cooking!」

At the same time as the Gourmet Master declared the start of the dessert battle, the breathtaking artistic cooking of the two girls began in earnest.

Was it the Gourmet Hero or the Snow Witch who would win?

Even I could not imagine what kind of desserts they would make. I was enthusiastically expecting to see the dishes of this cooking battle as an excited spectator.

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