Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Banquet and The Airstrikes

The meat was tasty, but it felt kind of uncomfortable to eat alone.

「Do you want to eat with me? There is a lot of food. 」

「…Isn’t it a suicide act for people other than you to eat a Wyvern? 」

「Ah, that’s not it. I also have ordinary ones, such as the Giant Spider Crab. 」

「Oh, I see. But if I eat it, how much will I have to pay for it? 」

「If I take your money, it will be like a push sale*. I will give it to you for free. 」

I just wanted us to eat together.

For some reason, I’ve been pretty lonely since I came to this world.

It felt like a fun journey for me, and acting alone gave me no unnecessary troubles. Therefore, I didn’t feel like I needed to make a lot of friends.

「It seems to be an expensive food, is it okay? 」

「Yes, I have a lot of it, anyways. Well, when comes to eating some food, I’d be happy if I cooked it in a place with cooking utensils rather than this stone, but would you like to have some? 」

Until now, I’ve only had the ingredients, and the cooking utensils depended on what the environment provided for me.

This stone was fine for me alone, but it was a little small for three people.

「There is a place where we can eat. If you pay, I think you can even cook there, what do you think? We’ll give you that amount of money. 」

「Oh, I didn’t know there was a place like that. What kind of place is it? 」

「It’s like a tavern, but their ale is not that good. The tavern is that way. 」

A tavern!

It was a standard place for collecting information in games.

Ain had one, but they had one here too?

「What kind of ale does it sell? 」

「Somehow, I brought some hard ale but it was not that good. So I diluted it with water, and the result was the same. I still wanted good and expensive ale, so I brought wheat and other types of ale and tried to increase the volume, but the result was the same. I don’t think they have fairly expensive ales there. 」

Such problems… Why did they want to drink so much?

「Do you cook in the tavern? It seems that there aren’t many decent ingredients or utensils in Decibator. 」

「It’s an old establishment, but it has the equipment and the owner has skills, and if you ask him, he will do it. 」

I followed them and soon I arrived at a place that seemed like a tavern.

It certainly had an old tavern-like feel, but the large number of seemingly retrofitted** doors ruined the mood.

The adventurer…I didn’t hear his name…entered through the best…made door of all.

There were no customers in the tavern, so it was empty.

「Hi, Master. Can you cook us some food? 」

「What are the ingredients? 」

Did he call the owner a master?

But it was a tavern, wasn’t it?

While thinking about it, I looked at the master who appeared from some place in the tavern.

…Hmm, yeah, this was Decibator.

The master was a muscular old man who felt like a real master (physically).

Well, his arms were certainly robust.

He felt like a fighter rather than a cook.

Perhaps, the reason he cooked instead of being an adventurer was because he got an arrow on his knee.

「It’s a Giant Spider Crab, and Kaede has it. I’ll pay for it. 」

「How do you want me to cook it? 」

「Ah…Kaede, what are we going to do? 」

「What methods do you have? 」

「You can either bake it or boil it. As for other dishes…There are no other ingredients. 」

I had no other ingredients in my possession other than meat.

I had Zunana grass but it was treated like a weed around here.

「What do you recommend? 」

「Boiled is more expensive, but the taste is probably better. What do you want? 」

It was hard to choose…Should I ignore the recommendation just because it cost more?

Okay, I decided on what to do.

「I don’t care which one we choose. In fact, we can do both since I have lots of meat. 」

With that said, I took out two legs of the Giant Spider Crab.

I didn’t know how many kilograms each one weighed, but it was probably double digits with a margin.

「We can’t eat that much. Are you planning to do a banquet? 」

A banquet, he said?

It might not be a bad idea.

「We could gather some people and have a banquet. To pay the cooking fees, we could collect membership fees. 」

「That’s a good idea! If you have a lot of meat, then it will be possible! I can gather the people! 」

The other adventurers also agreed with my suggestion.

It would be a good opportunity to deepen the friendship with the people of the city.

「Okay. Ah, do you have enough utensils? 」

「Yeah! Let’s get started. 」

After saying that, the master started cooking.

He had a wild cooking method by breaking the shell violently, chopping the meat inside into pieces quite savagely, and cooked it as it was.

「Then, I’ll call those who seem free! 」

Well, at first it was a banquet idea, but unexpectedly, many people gathered.

A total of about 30 adventurers gathered in the tavern waiting for food.

I was thankful that they were hungry by expecting decent food.

After a while, the food was completed and the banquet began.

「Cheers! 」

There seemed to be a toast culture here as well.

Instead of raising the glass up, it was a form of lowering it down at once.

「Ohh! It’s delicious! 」

「The freshness is different; it is truly amazing to have an item box. 」

It seemed to be generally well received.

In fact, it was very popular when it came to meat.

It ran out at some point, so I just added more.

There was only one problem.

「It would have been even better if we ate while drinking some ale. 」

「Well, it’s almost noon right now, so it can’t be helped though. 」

Were they toasting with water?

It seemed it was dangerous to drink alcohol during daytime since their senses had to be fully operational for battles, in other words, for the battle at the bombing site.

It was their job as adventurers after all.

Therefore, it would be the best option to have a banquet at night, where things were generally calm. I may have failed a little.

But, even with that small issue, the banquet was successful in the end.

The banquet without alcohol continued until about noon. It was over because it was time for the deforestation.

I also headed to the site in order to blast it from the sky.

We had been informed that the bombing was going to be on a larger scale today.

As soon as I saw the adventurers behind me, I started my thing.

The dense forest near Decibator had already been cut open and the view had improved.

In this case, maybe even if some monsters flew in, it would be manageable to counterattack.

Well, it was my job to blow it up.

Unlike before, I used 20 square kilometers of magical power to destroy the forest.

The width was about 3 km, so I quickly flew at about 7 km ahead and activated the first Explosion Magic blast.

I dived down and developed the Barrier Magic.

Oh, it was easier to make a dive.

It was easy to suddenly change the trajectory of the flight, probably because the magical power had increased.

I invoked the explosion a little smoother than usual and looked at the explosion site.

The trees were blown away with a roaring sound, and the smoke rose.

It was not the usual scene…

The blasting distance between the trees clearly increased.

It seemed that I was leveling up. Since I was distracted by the battle, I did not notice it.

The magical firepower was clearly different.

As a result of verification by blasting a nearby tree, I found out that about 80% of the previous magical power produced the same amount of firepower.

My explosion range was increased by 2.5%.

It meant 25 square kilometers now…

The logging area required to reach Broken was 30 square kilometers.

I decided to move forward for a moment.

The coastline narrowed from where I was, and when I went a kilometer or so ahead, it became about a kilometer wide.

This constriction was where Broken was located.

From there, the thickness continued for about 2 km, and after that, it spread a little and maintained a width of about 4 km. A belt-shaped land of about 10 km appeared.

It seemed that the place where Decibator and Broken were connected was like a peninsula. Moreover, it was not that far from the bad guy’s continent, the so-called monster realm.

I didn’t know why the terrain was like this, but it didn’t make much sense to think about it in a world where things did not operate in a common way.

I had not taken a leisurely look at the night sky, but maybe there was no moon here.

I decided to have a look at it tonight.

Anyway, I decided to blow the area in front of Broken.

In front of Broken, I invoked the Explosion Magic and the Barrier Magic at the same firepower as before toward Decibator.

I was able to bomb an area over a range of 20 square kilometers with such power.

In addition, I used the strategic bomber that could be launched from a certain aircraft carrier, such as being able to take off and land vertically and easily explode.

I could see the trees falling in the smoke with a roaring sound at short intervals.

It was a little unfortunate for the monster gathering. Why? It was unlikely that I could recover the corpses after a big and fast blast. But, if necessary, I could just hit it into the monster’s realm.

But it could be a bad idea. The resources would dissipate. It would be a harmful for humans.

While thinking about such thing, the planned blasting assault was over.

As far as the eye could see, it was a disaster area of dirt smoke and fallen trees.

I could see the whole landscape and forest with a much better view.

The area that was planned to be logged in half a year was completed in one day.

Well then, shall I withdraw?

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*A “push” promotional strategy makes use of a company’s sales force and trade promotion activities to create consumer demand for a product: it takes the product to the customer – the customer knows about the product when they buy it.

**Retrofit windows and doors, also known as replacement windows and doors, are new window and door products that are installed within the existing window or door frames of a home.


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