Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 2 – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Room and The Monster

It did not matter if it was day or night when going into a cave. I was eager to go.

「I am going to start preparing now, is that okay?」

「Yeah… I have no problem. But are you going to be fine? What if you die in there? Please, don’t overdo it.」

Ginta-san was worried about me. Well, I did not feel like overdoing it from the beginning.

「I will be fine. I won’t overdo it. Besides, I will be back immediately if I think it’s dangerous.」

「I see. So let me get you a guide to take you to the coalmines. He will take you there but he won’t enter because of the disease.」

「Thanks. 」

「I’ll call him now. So wait here. 」

After I waited for a while, Ginta-san brought a guide with him. I wondered if coalminers and miner guides were all dwarves.

「Hey, if you’re the one who can handle that mine, then follow me.」

That person started to walk quickly after professing those words. Even though he was a dwarf, he walked extremely fast. I followed him in a hurry.

After walking for a while, that person stopped in front of what appeared to be the entrance of a coalmine. The height was about two and a half meters tall. I felt that it was high for the height of a dwarf.

「I can’t stay long at the entrance of this mine. I’ll turn back as soon as you get in there.」

「Ah, wait…wait a moment please. 」

The preparations were not over yet.

「I have to reduce my magical power before going inside, so can you wait for 10 minutes?」

「Is it going to take 10 minutes? …Okay, I got it.」

With that said, the guide sat down on the spot and waited for me to be ready.

After looking at him sideways, I began to put in magical power in order to deploy and expand Pressure Magic as far as possible.

An invisible sniper experiment using Pressure Magic also took some MP consumption. I released magical power for about 10 minutes and consumed about 6000 MP points. It was a little over half of MAX.

I noticed it now after doing it this way.

Even if I did this, it consumed about 12000 times more MP than Pressure Magic with 0.5 MP consumption. I should have waited for the wand to be complete, so that I would invoke the sniper without any problems.

Although I was a little disappointed, I activated my magic.

「I’m ready. I will go now. 」

「Oh. I didn’t feel like you consumed magical power, but if you’re good, then I’ll leave.」

With that said, the guide started walking again. He walked a little further, continued on the road in the middle of the downhill until reaching an intersection. He stopped and pointed to the road on the left side.

「I’m going home now, so do whatever you have to do. 」

The guide went home. Was it so deadly that it already became harmful to the general public? Well, if it wasn’t harmful, it wouldn’t cause that much trouble to the miners.

As for the lights, the guide left them behind, which resembled the lights of the inn, before going home. I wondered if he could go home without them.

I decided to open the status before going inside.

There seemed to be no way to know the amount of MP in general each time I consumed it unless I kept opening the status, but this allowed me to have a rough idea without constantly monitoring the MP.

Name: Suzumiya Kaede

Age / Race / Gender: 21 / Human / Male

Level: 21

HP: 821/821

MP: 5216/103542

STR: 116

INT: 181

AGI: 143

DEX: 154

Skills: Information Manipulation Analysis (concealment), Complete Mastery of Different World Languages (concealment), Magic Qualities, Martial Arts Qualities, Otherworlder (concealment), All-Attribute Affinity (concealment), Fire Magic 3, Earth Magic 3, Water Magic 3, Pressure Magic 1, Perceptual Magic 4, Recovery Magic 2, Swordsmanship 2, Magic Element Adaptation unknown

Yeah. MP was normal. The MP maximum was about 100,000.

…Hmm? Was 1 digit different? Moreover, I had a skill that I did not recognize. Magic Element Adaptation. And the level was unknown. What did that mean?

I tried to appraise it for the time being.

Magic Element Adaptation

Level: Unknown

Adapts to magic.

The amount of information was small. No matter how much I wanted to know, the Information Manipulation Analysis did not give me any more clues.

I never thought about it before, but the Information Manipulation Analysis may have limitations. Or perhaps, conditions.

What was Magic Element Adaptation? Was it not magical power? I tried to appraise the MP again, but the MP was still magical power. As far as it concerned, the Magic Element Adaptation was something that had something to do with magical power. It was highly possible that it could be related to the maximum MP value.

I knew too little to make a decision, so I decided to move on.

As I proceeded, the maximum MP value increased steadily, and finally exceeding 1 million. It seemed that the recovery speed would increase if this amount increased as well, but right now, the recovery speed had not increased at all. It was completely zero.

After walking for a while, the maximum value stopped rising.

I haven’t recovered MP since I came here, but I haven’t notice the aftereffects of excessive magical power. I would like to believe that I would recover if I left this place.

This MP irregularity was probably the culprit of this so-called disease.

When I tried to understand the point where the increase of MP stopped, I saw a hole at the bottom of the wall. When I hit it with magic, which I had suppressed the power a little, it collapsed. I decided to look inside.

About 2m below, I could see something that resembled the inside of a solid building. It felt weird that such structure was inside of a coalmine.

It didn’t look very dangerous for the time being, so I jumped out of the hole and went inside.

The interior was around 10m square, 2m in height, surrounded by a blue greyish wall. This place felt as if it were burned on a fire before. There was only one desk near the edge of a room, and I could see something around it. Besides, it was a murky room with almost nothing other than what seemed to be a magic tool of light hanging down in the center.

When I approached the desk, I found out some things.

First, human bones. A person’s skeleton fell around at a chair placed next to the desk.

I’ve already killed a lot of people in this world and I wasn’t particularly shocked, but I might have panicked if I had just arrived here from Planet Earth.

Then, there was a sword and a paper book that like a notepad on the desk.

The sword had a beautiful blade colored in blue, but compared to the things around it that made me feel the age; this sword did not make me feel it at all. Rather, the sword looked new.

I picked up the sword and tried to swing it, and it seemed to be fine.

For some reason, I felt that the sword sought magical power, so when I tried to insert magical power, I felt that something changed in the sword.

When I stabbed it into the ground as it was, it felt much lighter than an ordinary sword. Then, I tried to pierce the ground with the sword made by Dveragh-san, but it was repelled.

I may have discovered a great sword.

The iron swords I had used so far were not so high in performance, but I did well when combined with other tools, such as the shield and wand.

I decided to use this newly blueish sword only after I got out. I collected the memo notepad for the time being.

There was no need to read it here. The amount of light I got was small and it was insufficient to read a book. Moreover, I refrained from using Fire Magic because it could lead to the lack of oxygen. Therefore, I stored the notepad to read it later.

I saw a tiny light at the center of the room. It was likely a device to illuminate this room. Was it possible to secure enough light to read even a little of the notepad?

The light had a string that resembled those in Japan. I wondered if I should pull that string.

I approached the light and pulled the string. There was a response…

The light went out. I mean, the light did not turn off, but something physical destroyed it.

As soon as my eyes saw darkness, I immediately heard the sound of something that looked like a light cracking. Apparently, I didn’t get hurt.

I opened my eyes wide and saw the remnants of the light. I moved towards the hole to turn back. However, on this precise moment, I felt like something gathered at the center of the room.

When I turned around, something dark was forming at the center of the room. There was a distance of about 3m between that thing and me.

I observed it, and saw that dark thing taking form in about 5 seconds. It became sort of a 6-legged monster with no clear outline. Was the width 1.5 m and the height about 1 m tall?

The outline of that thing looked a little blurry and ambiguous since it was black. However, it seemed that the outline had become a little clearer over time.

That monster had six legs. Not six legs like the Green Wolf, but six legs like an insect… However, it looked like a bear.

Honestly, it was creepy.

In a hurry, I put on my usual equipment and hit the monster with many rock spears. While watching the situation, I deployed the magical armor.

When the spears hit it, they all disappeared with almost no reaction. It was as if they had been absorbed.

There was no way that something that looked like a monster had not received any impact. I tried to release the Pressure Magic just in case, but I heard only a “buzzing” sound.

It was the same as if I released it against the air. I could see that it didn’t work.

When I was thinking about what to do, the monster with a clearer outline jumped at me. It completely crushed the distance as much as 3m in a single leap with a jump.

I did not know if physical attacks would work, but I pierced it with the sword in my right hand immediately.

My sword stabbed the monster, without any resistance, as if it were cutting through the air. Then, the sword sank to the ground, and the monster’s momentum did not slow down and approached me again.

There was a sudden response. I felt something when my hand hit the monster with the sword stuck all the way to the root.

However, it did not stop the momentum of the monster as it tried to attack me one more time. I avoided its attack by landing on the other side. I wondered what I could do to kill it.

I looked back and observed the monster carefully.

I felt that the monster had become considerably smaller than when I saw it before.

The height was around 40 cm smaller. I wondered if it was because of my attack. Should I hit him directly with my body?

When I hit the monster, the volume disappeared in an interesting way. I did not feel like I hit it properly because of the lack of response.

Within 10 hits, the monster disappeared, leaving behind something that resembled a magic stone made of light magic. The stone was a fairly large, and kind of blackish with a diameter of about 30 cm.

What the hell was that monster?

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