A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Their Trajectory

Again, the burning smell of iron overwhelmed the road. The smell of iron emitting from clashing and rubbing against the sharp blades increased.

When the battle-axe and the silver longsword touched each other, Caria moved her grip on the handle of her weapon, and while lying down the silver sword, she pushed toward the blade of the battle-axe with great force. The iron sound resonated strangely, and sparks scattered in the air.

The pressure she received should have dissipated, but she still felt a numbness that oozed from her fingertips. Caria instinctively tightened her little lips. She had no idea what were her emotions at this time.

Then, Caria changed the direction of her wrists by moving her upper body. She did so in order to avoid the strike of the battle-axe that swung to the ground. This witlessly attack forced Caria to take a different approach.

…On this very moment, a roaring sound that seemed to twist the wind echoed on the road.

The Steel Princess Vestaline. That woman’s battle-axe destroyed the cobblestone when she hit the ground. The stones that comprised the main road became full of jagged depressions of rubble. It felt as if the earth danced in the air while exposing the inside. The fragments of the stones, which became like droplets running freely in the sky, touched Caria’s cheeks upon falling due to gravity.

This strike was more powerful than before. It seemed that this woman’s two strict names, Steel Princess, were not given to her in vain. With such strength, it was not strange for her to become the best hero in this city. Besides, she had the skill to control the battle-axe at will. The Steel Princess could be a masterpiece herself.

However, Caria shook her silvery ponytails.

The battle with the demon monkey at the gates of the Hanging Gardens of Ghazalia flashed through Caria’s mind. She still remembered her body. That numbness, the trembling tremors that covered her spine and arms. Caria’s body had tasted the immense power that surpassed the human strength.

Therefore. Even facing an enemy at the level of the Steel Princess. Once one had overcome the difficulty of beating an invisible beast, then it would be impossible to kneel against any other opponent afterwards.

Caria positioned her silver longsword on her side and kept her offensive position to block the battle-axe. Then, she changed her grip again and pointed the tip of her sword toward Vestaline. Vestaline no longer pushed her battle-axe high up and became a prey with no way to protect herself. Caria did not give her the grace of swinging the battle-axe again.

Caria did not hesitate because her enemy was a hero. A masterpiece. Unmistakably, a woman worth defeating. A woman whom she respected in the battlefield as a fierce opponent. Caria did not want to give humiliation in the name of contempt. Such disrespectful act would trample on her spirit as a warrior.

Caria decided to break the skull of her opponent on this very spot. A worthy death of a worthy enemy. A prideful strike where it would honor both their endeavors on the battle. That was the courtesy of warriors. Caria’s silver eyes narrowed. Then, as it was, the tip of her silver longsword turned up to the heavens.

The sword fell into Vestaline’s skull, wearing a fragrant scent of the decapitation stand.

…Droplets of blood, mixed with the sand smoke, swayed with the wind and fluttered in the air.

A slightly dusty room inside the Lord’s House was given to Filaret La Volgograd. Rather, one could rephrase it as a house arrest facility instead. Sitting on the bed, Filaret blinked her black eyes and sighed deeply. The quality of the bed itself was not so bad.

When Filaret glanced at the door, she saw a soldier with a strangely well-organized posture guarding the door. Perhaps, if Filaret decided to go out, this soldier would notify the higher-ups immediately.

Even if she looked towards the window, there was no way that she could escape from there, since it was located at the top of the room, close to the ceiling. A very inaccessible window. It would be possible to reach the window with magic, but it would be impossible to reach it without the soldier noticing her movements.

Troublesome. To be honest, the situation was a little surprising to Filaret. Certainly, she had assumed that the Lord of Belfein, Mordeaux Gon, would be a skeptical man. And in a way, she knew in her mind that he would separate her from Caria.

However, she never thought that he would keep a close watch on her. Filaret had no idea why he needed to take such measures. Was Mordeaux a coward? Or was he just a man with skepticism in his bones?

Filaret’s black eyes shook slightly. However, that did not mean that she just had to stay here and wait for help. That was out of the question.

At first, Filaret believed that Lugis would come here. He would be sneaking in with a natural look. Perhaps, he could even come in from the front door. Whatever the form, if someone held her prisoner in the city, there was no doubt that he would eventually come here to rescue her.

Filaret began to understand that Lugis had a unique mindset. The more he got into trouble, the more his thoughts gained momentum. Just like a flame-breathing gear.

In other words, Lugis’ mindset could be seen as extreme from the surroundings. Oh yes, it was like an uneven balance. An equilibrium that often oscillated but never truly clogged. Whether it was a grudge-spilling pain or a visceral flame.

However, at the last minute. Filaret did not clearly understand what his true motivation was. On crucial moments, the balance of Lugis’ actions broke the equilibrium, in a very strong way that it almost shook off the supporting thread.

Filaret clearly recalled Lugis’ extreme nature during their journey to the underground temple. His nature had remained unchanged ever since then.

However, when asked if it was a good thing, Filaret worried about his judgment instead. She frowned. It was certain that Lugis’ nature saved her. However, that extreme range of thinking. If he made a small mistake, he would be doomed. Yes, his downfall would be equivalent to throwing himself to the bottom of the earth. Yet, Lugis would not be himself if he did not have that kind of extreme nature.

No, Filaret distorted her eyebrows as she drowned herself in her thoughts. Filaret grasped the meaning of the whole situation after Lugis left Garoua Maria. She reached the end of her thoughts many times over, each time by refilling the bottom of her skull. Filaret realized that her inner desires were meaningless.

How foolish. Of course, she wanted to believe that Lugis would come to her rescue again. Of course, she wanted to see him breaking through the front door. However, there was no point in entwining herself in such a fantasy at a time like this.

If Lugis’ extreme nature worked this time as well. Undoubtedly, he would aim for the Lord’s House in the end. His purpose was to bring down Belfein. Only then, he would come here. Filaret loosened her eyes as she twisted her cheeks. Her black hair shook in the air.

Filaret had to make appropriate preparations after all. There was no time to be stuck in such a place as this. Filaret raised her body sitting on the bed and blinked her eyelashes. Then, she moved her thin finger around.

She believed that she could do it now. The magic that Lugis desired to see once. How discouraged was he when he learned she couldn’t use that said magic. How much did Filaret curse her incapability?

Since then, Filaret had continued her research and training by cutting off even her sleep time. If he knew that she was ready to use her magic, he would surely be happy to the point of showing his teeth. Filaret raised her eyebrows just by imagining Lugis’ smiling face. Oh, which time it was, when Filaret heard about a certain miraculous magic.

…Thought-inducing magic. A strong magic that invoked a graceful scent of flowers, which deprived people of their consciousness.

The scent of fragrant flowers began to drift from the tip of Filaret’s moving finger.

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Yay! Go Filaret! Show them what you’ve got girl!…On the other hand, oh no Vestaline!!!!!!!!! We are fond of her! Please don’t die!!!


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  1. Filaret really grew a lot. She’s know able to work on her own. That’s great.
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    • Hi dear reader. Yes, Filaret has shown growth. Her thoughts are actually mature when compared with Caria’s rash behavior. Lugis will appear soon 😉

  2. Did Bruder, our tragic lone wolf, throw herself in the sword’s trajectory for Vestaline? I like Caria because she made her own path, albeit narrow, in that battlefield with the detested monkey demon.

    • I agree dear reader. Caria actually improved her skills with her own effort in the previous battlefield (and without Lugis help). She became too fierce right now. Poor Bruder and Vestaline. Please look forward to the next chapter 😀

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