A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 152

Chapter 152: The Pride of the Strong and the Will of the Weak

…Droplets of blood, mixed with the sand smoke, swayed with the wind and fluttered in the air.

A deadly sound echoed on the road with a strange lingering noise. The hands holding the battle-told that Vestaline herself had left the earth.

The strike inflicted on the Steel Princess Vestaline could be described as Caria’s respect and pride as a fellow warrior.

Sometimes fear engulfed the eyes of fighters, but both of them exhibited a strong pride in their gaze. A strike that treated the battle-axe like her own arm. Vestaline carried this fearsome attack with a strong standpoint. It was no exaggeration to say that Vestaline was an unmistakable hero and a true masterpiece.

Caria did not want Vestaline to experience the agony of death during her last moments. She should cut off her body quickly in order to stop her breath. With this, Vestaline’s spirit could return to the heavens as if it were just a deep sleep. Caria thought these actions were the etiquette and respect for warriors. Even if she were an enemy, Vestaline was still someone with a resilient existence because she tried to forge her own path.

It must be Caria’s pride or even her upbringing. Indeed. That was why those thoughts crawled in the depths of Caria’s head like a raging fire. A thick and sticky emotion filled Caria’s silver eyes, and her lips were burning. A sigh equal to a scorching smoke leaked from her mouth.

「…Not everyone can live and die beautifully. I used to say that. I regret it now. I don’t think there’s anything more thoughtless than finishing a person’s life in a vain way. That would be an unjust act.」

Caria’s frustrated voice leaked from the edge of her mouth.

If she did not spit out those words, her chest would’ve been consumed by the heat that made her thoughts rage with fever.

Her silver eyes…looked at the silver longsword stuck in the right shoulder of the Steel Princess Vestaline. Then she lowered her perspective downward at the objects that stood in her field of vision.

There were several long needles, about the size of an open palm. Those objects changed the trajectory of Caria’s sword slightly.

In front of Caria’s eyes, blood spilled from Vestaline right shoulder when she slightly moved the longsword. Vestaline’s body gained freedom, but her scream hit Caria’s earlobes with a terrifying pain that almost tore her body apart. After the voice ceased. Vestaline crumbled to the ground as if she had broken her knees.

“Oh, what a pathetic scene. Yeah, what an awkward imitation after I tried to give a proper farewell to a worthy enemy.” Unknowingly, Caria bit her own lips with her teeth. Originally, a hero like Vestaline should not have to experience such suffering.

Caria felt a heartfelt regret.

Caria was a follower of power, but she also pledged allegiance to her unwavering discipline and principles. If she tried to grab such power and carve it into her heart, she would inevitably hurt herself in the process. It would be sometimes a physical wound and sometimes a mental wound. Effort, encouragement, and discipline could not be achieved without injuries.

Caria took a deep breath to tame her rampaging heart.

Caria did not want her effort to be in vain. One of her efforts was to end the suffering without feeling excruciating pain. Without any sobbing. Caria firmly believed her actions would bring a dignified end similar to a peaceful sleep.

Caria was a strong person, bursting with arrogance. Yet, she was also a woman of principles.

What did just happen? Caria did not feel like throwing away those principles. However, she knew that the seed of effort did not always bloom like graceful flowers. She would like to give respect and encouragement to those who deserve, at least within the range of her own ability.

「I’m sorry, but I can’t lose another family member. Ah, this is the worst. It almost became the worst day of my life.」

He took away Caria’s respect and efforts.

The silver eyes caught the glimpse of a man’s figure even amidst the green flames.

He had a slender body for a mercenary and wore a hat with a large brim on its head. He also had slightly visible brown hair. Nonetheless, his hat hid his face and Caria could not see his face that well. Nevertheless, what was noteworthy was not his appearance, but the weapon he held.

The mercenary was holding a needle with the length of a hand palm.

Yes, the same needle as the needles that stuck around her feet. The same needle that hit the blade of her silver longsword that was about to cut through Vestaline’s head.

「You fool. All you have done is make this person suffer in vain. You gave her more pain than actually liberating her.」

Caria glared at the mercenary while muttering and biting her own lips. She cursed at the mercenary not only for meddling in her fight but also for making her worthy opponent suffer way more than before. She began to hate this mercenary.

Initially, the vibration given by the impact of the needles did not affect Caria’s swing. Rather, if something was about to disturb her movements, all she had to do was “chew” it with her “strong fangs”.

However, this time, Caria noticed the following. She was about to cut off Vestaline’s head. Then, that man threw those things toward her own hands. Then, as a reaction to it, Caria chose a posture that skillfully repelled the needles with her iron gauntlet. This was the result. A brave person like herself who should not be afflicted by such action exhaled pointlessly.

Caria regretted it again the moment she turned her gaze to Vestaline.

…A spark of iron reflected at the end of her silver eyes. At the same time, a sound echoed as if it cut the wind.

That man did not aim those needles at only one point like her hands. Caria realized that those long needles were thrown with a clear intention to pierce her key points, such as her eyes, neck and chest.

Even if he did not hit a key point, he could put poison in the needle tip. If so, even a smallest wound would be fatal, and she would die by leaking the cry of the devil.

The wind passed through the long needles at the ground before reaching Caria’s skin with a freezing touch.

*metallic discharged sound*

The next moment, Caria heard the strong sound of iron.

The long needles were thrown multiple times. Caria defended herself by using her iron gauntlets. Caria felt that she had heard the sound of the mercenary’s throat swallowing his spit.


Unintentionally, the sigh that had accumulated in the back of her viscera seemed to leak out. By all means. His throwing technique was not a technique to fight the enemy directly. In fact, the enemy would not even realize the location of such attacks. It was a technique used for assassination.

Speaking of which, that mercenary must have realized that this chance was the last opportunity to kill Caria with the long needles before using the silver longsword again. Whether it could work or not, it was arguably the biggest chance to kill her on the spot.

Therefore, it was the ultimate opportunity. There was no way that such opportunity would appear again after another missed opportunity. Realizing the intent of her new opponent, Caria cursed, gritting her teeth.

「You can do whatever you want from there. But I’ll do my best to deal with you.」

She did not have to wait anymore. Her words were enough to show her resolve. If her enemy were hostile, then all she had to do was slash it. However, if her enemy were to show its back and run away, she would not chase after it. Caria’s words showed that much about the way she did things during battles.

Caria’s hands stretched to grab the handle of her silver sword piercing Vestaline’s body.

Vestaline’s face had a pale-looking color. She was feeling extreme pain like a big wave that never ended, while trying to stop the bleeding from her right shoulder.

With her knees on the ground, Vestaline could not even fall down anymore and kept sobbing. Perhaps, she had already let go of her consciousness after feeling such terrible pain that even her ordinary spirit refused to live. At the very least, it was certain that Vestaline had not gained a normal thinking ability after receiving this dreadful predicament.

“…Let me end your suffering by doing it quickly and effectively. Sorry for the ongoing pain, Belfein’s Almighty Hero.”

Caria released the silver longsword from Vestaline’s body. Again, her voluminous blood droplets dyed the air in red. Caria could see the mercenary with the long needles rushing to her side instantly. Another sigh leaked from Caria’s little lips.

Then, the silver light of her blade was on the verge of striking Vestaline’s neck before the mercenary reached her.

「…Hey, hey. You’re acting like a tragic villain, huh? 」

A voice echoed in Caria’s ears. For the first time in a long time, Caria heard the voice whom she had been searching everywhere.

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