A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 7– Chapter 150

Chapter 150: The Battle-Axe and the Silver Sword

The silvery light flashed through the battlefield at the main road of Belfein. The flash became one line at some point, and while drawing a picture on the battlefield, it ran earnestly while aiming for the destination. It glittered as if the sunlight reflected silver itself. The earthly smoke fluttered in the air, making the appearance of the silver light turn even more dazzling.

The forefront of the battlefield. The Steel Princess Vestaline bravely wielded her battle-axe. On this precise moment, the silver light stroke against Vestaline with the intention to annihilate her.

*metallic sound*

A fractious noise filled the main road. The sound of iron clashing with iron resonated such a violent blast that even the surroundings forcibly tore apart.

Next, the scent was so dense that it seemed that the air itself had been burn. A scorching odor that obstructed the nostrils. Vestaline involuntarily distorted her face while holding down her battle-axe with twitching fingers.

The silver light swung her weapon down to Vestaline, carrying a muddy smoke with her movement without even allowing time to blink. It was only by chance that Vestaline was be able to react shortly to that blow. A perfect surprise attack, which did not allow the opponent to breathe properly. Then, a flash like a ferocious fang thwacked to shorten the gap.

Vestaline could only swing her battle-axe to defend herself from this attack. No, it was presumptuous to believe that she successfully defended herself. Vestaline’s body shuddered from the tip of her battle-axe down to her toes. Bones squeaked in Vestaline’s whole body, and her wrists felt tremendous pain. All these grueling feelings even though she only received the blow with her battle-axe.

As soon as Vestaline realized this fact, the color of horror oozed into her eyes.

“What is going on? What happened to me?” Vestaline’s big eyes opened wide as she tried to decipher her opponent’s identity. She saw a silhouette swaying in the dust. A peculiar horror and a touch of curiosity consumed her heart, as if a child was trying to uncover the identity of a mystery. Vestaline felt great expectation and impatience for something she did not know.

Vestaline’s eyelids flickered.

…You are the Steel Princess, aren’t you? What a pleasant surprise.

The opponent was a female swordfighter who was much smaller than Vestaline. She shook her silver hair in two ponytails, while rippling her little lips.

Vestaline began to feel doubts about what she saw in front of her. Was this girl really the one who tried to slash her with immense strength? She wondered if this girl was the source of her mysterious horror. This girl was not as tall as Vestaline, and her silver longsword was an uncommon weapon. Vestaline looked attentively at this girl. She did not seem to be a very strong enemy. However. Would it make sense if a girl without power came to the battlefield with just a little ounce of courage? The girl in front of Vestaline seemed so thin and fragile.

No way. Vestaline’s molars rang. After she heard the creaking sound inside her mouth, Vestaline finally realized that she gritted her back teeth strongly without knowing it.

This girl’s eyes had a brilliant light. Her overwhelming presence was not that of an ordinary person. The “thin” and “fragile” description in Vestaline’s head quickly disappeared like a flash.

What reflected in the girl’s eyes was a strong will and arrogance peculiar to a strong man. Those eyes were not the eyes of those who challenged the battlefield with a faint heart. This girl just wanted trample and overrun the enemy. The arrogance of a strong man hid behind her eyes.

This girl’s presence was still shining on the chaotic battlefield. Vestaline did not know her. Per her memory, there was no silver-haired swordswoman in Belfein’s private army. If she truly belonged to the private army, Vestaline would have certainly remembered her.

In other words, this girl was an outsider. She was just an outsider, and she happened to be on Belfein’s side. However, that should be enough.

This girl behaved as if she was already the ruler of this battlefield. As if she was the head of the private army. The private soldiers also gained momentum unknowingly, driven by the heat that she produced along the way.

Her overwhelming presence allowed heat to be born from the internal organs of the people surrounding her. She accomplished that feat just by her mere presence. This woman. She was a silver-haired female swordfighter.

Vestaline felt something on this very moment. She did not think well amidst the chaos, but these words naturally came to her mind.

“…I must stop her breath here and now. If I don’t do it, this will be the end of my life.”

The tension that burned her skin and the pressure that tightened her throat. Vestaline sighed a little.

When Vestaline held the battle-axe again with both hands, the dull pain in her wrists had disappeared. The pain was nothing more than a trivial matter. After all, this was not the moment to hesitate because the silver-haired swordfighter stood in front of her. All she had to do was push that neck to fly in the air. It was easy for Vestaline to imagine that scene.

Holding the battle-axe on her shoulder, Vestaline shortened the gap with half a step. The silver color was low, low enough to crawl on the ground. The petite body of that female swordfighter looked smaller due to the bent knees.

She could feel her saliva increasing in her mouth. However, she could not swallow it. In that moment, Vestaline felt her heartbeats squeezing forcibly in her mind. Vestaline realized that breathing, blinking, or even the slightest movement of her knees could be mortal. This was the first time thinking like this. It had never happened before. Vestaline felt a tense, heavy and compressed air that strangled her body.

The wind blew. Dust soared between Vestaline and silver-haired swordfighter.

The earthly smoke mixed itself in the air. The smoke disappeared, shattering miserably in the wind. Vestaline wielded her battle-axe while slamming the space itself from the upper stage. Vestaline sought to defeat the silver-haired swordfighter who pushed up from the bottom.

For a brief moment, Vestaline saw the silver sword piercing through her skull many times in her head. She did not know why, but her cheeks loosened a little. Cowards died repeatedly, while heroes died only once. “Then, I must be a coward. She has killed me in my imagination countless of times.”

The silver-haired swordfighter, in a low position, wielded the longsword to break through Vestaline’s skull, as if her imagination came to life. There was no slight deviation or even unsteady motion at the tip of that sword. That meant that this swordfighter had a vigorous training that dwelled in the way she wielded her sword. This swordfighter drew a flash of silver light in the sky.

The silver orbit headed towards Vestaline’s skull as if it were a magnet. Vestaline wielded her battle-axe in the wind, in order to intercept the deadly flash.

The strength of the battle-axe cut the wind and crossed paths with the flash of silver light that broke the sky.

…On this very second. A roaring sound echoed massively on the main road. Strong enough to twist even the wind.

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Ohhhh! I wonder what Lugis would say if he saw Caria trying to kill Vestaline (in other words, Caria is “stopping” Lugis’ plan to bring chaos into Belfein)…


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  1. The members of the Salvation party has truly earned their place in the party. This was most impressive. Thank you very much! It was a pleasure seeing Vestaline’s impression of Caria

  2. So, what’s happening here?… I wonder if Caria is doing it knowingly. Maybe she just wants to kill the woman who ‘kidnapped’ Lugis earlier (her privilege). XD
    Thanks for the chapter.

    • You’re welcome, dear reader 😉 Caria doesn’t know the circumstances surrounding Lugis, Bruder and Vestaline. It seems that both Caria and Filaret met Mordeaux in order to “infiltrate”. They knew Lugis’ purpose was the downfall of Belfein, so learning intel about Mordeaux and his aides could help Lugis achieving his plan. For now, Caria is playing along, though she doesn’t know that Vestaline became connected to Lugis through Bruder. It shall be very interesting from now on 😉

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