This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 4 – Chapter 162 Part 2

Chapter 162: Repeated Fate (2)

I tried to save Seiya with my healing magic. However…Before I knew it, Seiya was standing upright. He spoke with a cool-looking face.

「You don’t have to keep an eye on that man. The joints of his limbs have been destroyed, so he can’t move.」

「Did…Did it happen during that moment…Eh, wait a minute!! Are you okay!?」

「It’s okay. I created fire lizards around the man to monitor his condition.」

「That’s not what I meant!! You were shot in the abdomen!!」

「…Ah, you mean this. 」

Seiya grabbed something with tweezers and held it towards the light of a streetlight. I saw a small piece of iron on the tip of the tweezers.

「At first glance, it looks like a regular warhead…But, I noticed a small cavity inside when I used the Appraisal skills. It seems to be infused with magic.」

「No, that’s not what I said!! Why are you analyzing it so calmly!? Weren’t you shot!?」

「I was shot. However, I am intact. I told you I was wearing a bulletproof vest from Japan when you summoned me last time. I’ve been wearing it under my armor ever since then. Even when I fought against Lucifer and Mash.」

「So you’ve been wearing such a heavy attire for that long!! Bu…But, either way, I’m truly relieved!! You could’ve been seriously injured if you didn’t wear that bulletproof vest!!」

「Well, I can invoke my Crazy Warrior state at Level Max. With or without a bulletproof vest, this bullet wouldn’t be able to penetrate my skin.」

When I calmed down, I stared closely at Seiya and noticed that his hair was slightly red. Seiya, who invoked both the Transparency skill and the Crazy Warrior at the same time, smashed the bullet as if it were as fragile as a popcorn.

「I was punched in the nose last time I tried to save Exfolia. I don’t want to follow the same course this time.」

「I…I’m glad…! Seiya, I thought you’d go nuts after protecting me!」

「Hmm. It’s not your fault. This happened within the 3-minute window I set to be here.」

A world where modern weapons existed… And an enemy that could sense us even if we were transparent…If one thought about these facts, it would seem that danger began right when we started this saving quest. We’re going to have a hard time surviving the journey if we can’t diminish this constant danger.

…No, wait a second!! Didn’t we just achieve a fine play just now!? That’s right!! After all, we went through the Unlucky Portal to get to the Twisted Exfolia!! The portal to Exfolia was actually jinxed, but we managed to overcome this obstacle somehow!!

「My surveillance actually lasted for 3 seconds instead of 3 minutes.」

Seiya’s surveillance ended extremely fast, but I wasn’t fascinated by that. In fact, I was fascinated by Seiya’s strategical character! This hero was constantly growing! He did not repeat the same mistakes! He was indeed amazing! As expected of my darling!

For a moment, my head drifted away and my hand entwined around Seiya’s arm. But…

「He…Hey! The townspeople are coming this way!」

I returned to reality upon hearing Celseus’ words. A few men that looked like thugs walked towards us. They perhaps heard the fuss.

「Who are these fellas? I don’t recognize them.」

「Hey, look at that. The Guiding Rewrite’s Wolf has been killed.」

「Wolf, huh, you reap what you sow…」

「Are they Imperial spies, or are they Tarmine muggers? Anyway, it doesn’t make a difference. They are enemies.」

While I was distracted by the noisy conversation, men and women of all ages gathered from the back alleys. Everyone had knives and guns in their hands.

「If you kill the enemy who killed Wolf…」

「Yeah, I can get a reward! 」

When I noticed, around twenty people from this town surrounded Seiya and Celseus. Seiya dispelled my entwined hand and stared coldly at me.

「Lista. Your mistake was not me being attacked. Your real mistake was not opening the portal to the Underworld in the last few seconds.」

「What!! I’m truly sorry!! I was too fascinated with you!!」

When Seiya exhaled briefly, he looked around at the people with sharp eyes.

「I can’t return to the Underworld until I leave this place.」

Contrary to the calm-looking Seiya, the armed people were freaking out.

「I will kill them! 」

「No, I’ll do it! 」

「I’m the number one! Don’t get in my way, you dumbass! 」

Suddenly, a Mohican* man threw his hatchet in the man’s head that stood in front of him! The man’s skull broke apart, fresh blood spilled like a fountain, and the man fell to the ground! Upon seeing this, Celseus yelled loudly!

「He…He…He killed the man!! 」

「No…No way! A human killed another human! 」

Seeing me and Celseus’ dismay, the Mohican man and the people around us began to moan.

「What are these guys talking about? 」

「Hi, hi, hi. Where the hell did you come from? 」

Another man who came later stomped on the man’s dead body and walked straight to us. He didn’t even care about the man who just died. He laughed with no emotion, and stepped on that body as if it were an insect. The people around us also stared at us with eyes full of murderous desire. This time, the ones surrounding us were humans and not the beast men. Still, I felt chills because these humans seemed more like monsters than the beasts themselves.

I tries to see the status of the Mohican-looking man who was slowly approaching us while licking his tongue.

Galvano Inhabitant (Human male)

Level – 38

HP – 59844

MP – 0

Attack – 30059

Defense – 28955 …

…So high!? How was a human that strong!?

I felt increasingly impatient upon seeing that man’s ability value. When I gazed at Seiya, I noticed that his eyes were focused. Apparently, Seiya confirmed his status too. Seiya muttered the following words while touching his chin.

「Hmm. The attack power of all the human beings present here exceeds the 30,000 points. Does this have something to do with the progress of the civilization?」

「The…There’s something more important to worry about, Seiya! Look at this situation!」

…Before we started the saving quest of the Twisted Exfolia, I lectured Seiya back in the Underworld. I made him promise that he won’t kill people just because they came from a…twisted world. But, was it really feasible? These humans were seriously aiming for our lives. I wondered if Seiya would have a chance without having to kill any of these inhabitants. This decision could mean the failure in completing the saving quest of the Twisted Exfolia.

「Killing someone in the twisted world means hurting that person’s soul…Ah, c’mon! What should we do now!」

I expressed my anxiety with words. Seiya glanced at my face.

「There’s nothing wrong with that.」

「Eh? 」

Then, he turned his head away from mine and spoke with a loud voice.

「Perfectly Ready. 」

Why…Why!? Why didn’t he say those words before departure!?

On this very moment. I suddenly recalled the words that Seiya professed to me when we were in the Underworld.

『From now on, the lives of those who live in the twisted worlds will be valued as much as possible. I will try not to cause any harm, and try not to hurt their souls. I want to be ready for that.』

I see! The preparation to save the Twisted Exfolia was still on the way! That meant that he perfectly established a route to “save the Twisted Exfolia without killing anyone”.

I had no idea how to overcome this predicament without harming these humans. Even so, I hid behind Seiya with the feeling of reliability upon hearing his utmost confident catchphrase, of which I had heard many times before.

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*Mohican, Algonquian-speaking North American Indian tribe of what is now the upper Hudson River valley above the Catskill Mountains in New York state. Lista is probably referring to the man’s hairstyle of the same name, from whom the hairstyle is supposedly derived from. Also known as the Mohawk Hairstyle, the Mohican is a punk-inspired hairstyle that’s often preferred by gents with a rebellious attitude.


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