A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 6 – Chapter 102

Chapter 102: The Knights

Fresh blood was splattered throughout the Elf Forest. From a distance a knight rode his horse with a red spear.

This man rode the horse with great speed, and wielded his spear with extraordinary skill. His proficiency was so commendable that it felt as if his spear was an extension of his arm. The tip of the man’s spear was dyed in red. The blood in the spear dripped all the way into the man’s fingertips.

This fresh blood covered his hands and the earth. At the same time, the flesh of a monkey-shaped demon beast was ripped apart and blew away as if it was pieces of fragments.

The situation was something incomprehensible. No one knew why the Great Monkeys, the demon beasts of the neighboring forests of Ghazalia, rushed towards the main gate of Ghazalia’s borderline walls.

One of the monkey beasts screamed high to call the other monkey beasts. All of these demon beasts approached the main gate as if they followed some bait.

Yes, to hunt those behind the walls. At this moment, the main gate became like a wall of death that blocked the escape route. Even if those on the top of the wall tried to escape, they could not. All they had to do was prepare to die while fighting bravely. The spears and arrows flew everywhere and pierced whatever was on their way.

Why did this happen in the first place? The understanding of the Great Monkey’s behavior was beyond their reach. This lack of understanding did not mean the lack of intelligence. Everybody was confused at the sight of these demon beasts that attacked for absolutely no reason. The reason was not why they did not understand, but why they “could” not understand.

The knight raised his red spear again. However, it was too late. At the same time, the blood burst, and this knight’s comrades became corpses. Lifeless bodies that covered the forest ground. The swing of the demon beasts’ arms looked like something out of this world. The power was more vicious than the power of a devil’s arm.

Those Great Monkeys were fierce beasts. This knight’s comrades were defeated immediately. The knight never saw such a sight before. One would definitely be killed with just one strike if he tried to engage in a direct fight with these demons beasts.

Therefore, the current battle was too unbelievable and unrealistic. Yet, the knight did not give up. This knight made use of his horse to gain speed, and used his spear to increase power capable of ripping the flesh.

Was this man’s strength too abnormal? Or was his spear a magical weapon?

The fallen demon beast did not find an answer to these questions as it succumbed to its injuries.

The head of the last Great Monkey flew off from its torso after it touched the tip of the knight’s spear. Fresh blood spilled many times on this fight, but the dark blood of this Great Monkey was the last one to darken the earth.

「“Fellow knights. We must find a way to live. Avoid death if you can, and if not, then fight honorably.”… I should have said these lines before we engaged in this fight, but I momentarily forgot the code of the Knight’s Order. Anyway, who cares? Anyone with an ill intent towards me will have to die. These horrible monsters were at fault for assaulting my comrades and me in the first place.」

The man riding the horse proclaimed these words as he ferociously cut the last demon beast’s head. While still on his horse, this man spun the spear on his hand with utmost confidence.

Perhaps, this man was indeed abnormal.

As the word implies, this man used his spear to increase the power of his strength, as well as the speed from the horse riding. This knight’s true value exhibited when he displayed his cavalry charge. While riding a horse, this man managed to pierce the surrounding enemy. His speed was a great advantage to his strikes. The speed cut through the wind, and the power burst through the air. This display of cavalry was the epitome of beauty.

This man also had great agility in maneuvering his spear. The usage of weapons while riding horses was a difficult task for many. One had to control the balance in order to succeed. It would be even more difficult to kill a ferocious demon beast while riding a horse. Therefore, this man’s accomplishments truly looked like something out of this world. As if his actions were almost as magic itself.

However, was it a good conclusion? This knight slaughtered the last demon beast, and the fresh blood of his enemies was on his cloths and weapon. This blood was the proof of victory. Yes, a victory that deserved praise. A victory that deserved cheers. Yet, neither of those were heard. Nor praise nor cheers. Instead, the sound of fear echoed high.

「You’re stained with blood as usual…Cathedral Knight, Garras Gargantia.」

The one with no fear, which spoke whatever she liked, suddenly appeared at the main gate. Her silver hair swayed in the wind. However, her small lips moved forcibly because of extreme fatigue.

The man…The infamous Cathedral Knight, Garras Gargantia, turned his ferocious gaze toward the main gate while riding his beloved horse. As soon as he saw the owner of the silver hair, his cheeks distorted in an obvious manner.

「Ohh. I wondered who called me from the darkness. So it is you, huh, the knight Caria Burdnick. It has been a long time I’ve seen you since the joint training with the Knights’ Order.」

The silver haired-girl was someone Garras knew.

He knew her but not personally. Garras met Caria during a joint training between the knights of the Cathedral and the knights of the Knight’s Order. However, even though it was a quick encounter, her appearance clearly remained in Garras’ mind.

Her brilliant sword technique, the perfection of martial arts and her magnificent grace were dumbfounding. She did not seem an apprentice. Above all, Garras felt a strong attachment to that girl, which behaved like a curse. Not a bad and random curse. But a curse to the way a knight should be.

All of the other apprentices claimed to be rightful and strong knights. Nevertheless, all of them were weak and vulnerable. Garras remembered that day very well. Actually, he even felt respect for Caria and her swordsmanship.

Garras regarded this girl with high standards. However, the next words spilled from Caria’s lips surprised Garras.

「Yeah…Unfortunately, the “knight” part is now out of use. That title is something of the past. I’m just Caria right now. So you can call me that.」

Yes, those words were a little too surprising. Caria’s light expression surprised Garras. Not only did she show a carefree attitude by saying she resigned from the Knights’ Order, but she also spoke with a refreshed expression, which showed that she had no regrets.

It seemed that her resolve and roots weren’t broken. Garras understood it from the depths of his heart upon seeing Caria’s expression. However, when Caria said title of the past, Garras became curious about her present endeavors. She found another path. But, what kind of path was it?

For a moment, the ferocity faded from Garras’ eyes and his mouth loosened a little bit. How interesting.

「Ehh…Okay then. If you say so. Well, if it’s good for you, then I’m happy for you. Sincerely. For me, I believe it is much better to throw away these titles and drink alcohol.」

Garras murmured, as if it were a soliloquy.

Garras did not ridicule Caria. The tone of his words made Caria think that he said those words from the bottom of his heart.

Garras continued to speak.

「So, why is the “just Caria” in the Elf Kingdom? Are you wandering, perhaps?」

Immediately, the atmosphere thickened.

Every time Garras opened his mouth, his voice and words gradually regained their original ferociousness.

Garras showed his teeth and lifted his cheeks, without hiding his beast-intimidating voice and eyes. The knights of the Cathedral were said to be sincere and respectful, but Garras was someone special. An infamous knight known for his volatile attitude and ferociousness.

Caria noticed the sudden change in behavior. She strengthened her silver eyes like birds of prey, and responded immediately.

「Are you seriously asking me that question? Or are you fooling around? Which one of these are you, Garras?」

Caria did not hesitate to respond to Garras’ questions. She threw those words as if she was provoking her opponent. Garras’ mouth greatly distorted upon hearing her answer.

That’s right. Her questioning was rather obvious. If she was an ally, she would gladly open the main gate with the elves. She would welcome him. However, her attitude proved the contrary. She did not bother calling the elves to open the main gate. Caria stood there as if she prevented Garras from entering Ghazalia’s territory.

Her behavior was the answer. Caria’s presence at the main gate was no coincidence. Moreover, Caria looked down on Garras. Undeniably.

「I see. You are a traitor…Caria Burdnick. So, that means that you are a member of the rebellious Heraldic Order.」

Garras muttered while sharpening his eyes. The tone of his voice was no longer amusing. On the contrary, his tone was somber, and his attitude had the looks of a troublesome man. Garras’ behavior was indescribably complicated.

For Garras, this fact was a little shocking, but it didn’t change the meaning of his course. All he had to do was take the captive heraldic people. This was his job as the Knight of the Cathedral. Despite Caria’s change, Garras clearly knew his role.

However, the opponent who was supposed to have been captured was now proudly speaking in front of the main gate. On this very moment, Garras realized what was happening in Ghazalia right now, and he did not like this outcome.

“How troublesome”, he thought.

The human being named Garras had a dangerous curiosity like a child, and at the same time, he had too much laziness. He was a beast, a strong and fearsome man, who sometimes acted unpredictably like a child. Both of these emotions often entangled with one another in the depths of his heart.

「More importantly, what are you, a Cathedral Knight, doing in a place like this? Do you have business with Ghazalia? This country doesn’t do businesses with humans like you.」

Caria spoke immediately. It felt like her words were carrying an intent. Caria was aiming at something.

“Are you seriously asking me that question? Or are you fooling around?” Garras still thought about these mocking words professed by Caria.

Garras’ neck made a cracking sound, and then, he spoke.

「Caria Burdnick, I will let you choose. 」

Amidst the wind, Garras opened his lips and rolled his words with his tongue.

「…Which path do you want to take? Do you want to be killed honorably in action, or do you want to be hanged as a traitor?」

Garras threw his words at the main gate, in the direction of the previous knight named Caria.

Contrary to his natural state, Garras’ words were so ferocious that they burnt the throat. Yes, they burnt the throats of the elf soldiers who were sitting still at the main gate. Fear engulfed their hearts, and it rang on their ears.

Caria strengthened her cheeks and sharpened her eyes like Garras upon hearing his menacing words. Her silver-haired ponytails waved along the gusting wind.

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