This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 151 Part 2

Chapter 151: The Goddess’ Qualities (2)

We kept following Seiya. As we walked, eventually we reached the center of the Underworld. I could see the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence, the place where Hades lived in.

「Eh? This place… 」

At the entrance of the Shrine, a person of the Underworld, whose body was made of crystal, guarded the place with a spear. He spoke with a machine-like voice when he noticed Seiya.

「You’ll have to make a request beforehand if you want to meet Lord Hades.」

「I don’t want to see Hades. I want to go to the basement floor.」

「The Infinity Corridor, I see. However, you need permission to cross it over.」

「I just want to meet and talk with the corridor’s keeper, Natosus. I’m not interested in the Infinite Corridor itself.」

Seiya talked about information that I didn’t know about. In…Infinite Corridor? Keeper? Somehow, it sounded suspicious…!

The guard of the Underworld, who had been thinking for a moment, eventually attached the spear to the ground.

「…I understand. You may pass.」

After we went through the entrance’s gates, Seiya headed to a different direction than the one we once took to meet Hades. I walked in an unfamiliar hallway, and I began to go down the stairs at the end. The long stairs led to a dark and eerie place where only candles were lit in order to illuminate the area.

The place where we stood was faintly bright, but I couldn’t see my surroundings that well. Still, I tried to empower my eyes with the sight of a goddess. Apparently, there was an endless corridor ahead. Was…Was this perhaps the Infinity Corridor?

While I stared at the depths of the corridor, I noticed the presence of a light, which suddenly shined in the darkness. Something that resembled a lantern appeared in the midst of the pitch-black darkness. Someone approached us, but this person’s face was covered with a hood.

「Yahhh! 」 A scared-looking Celseus shouted a little. If Celseus wasn’t here, I would be the one to scream first. Because the hidden face with the hood belonged to a skeleton.

「You are…You people are the hero and the goddess.」

This skeleton person looked at Seiya and me alternately. I felt a little relieved when I heard this person like voice. Why? Because this skeleton had an innocent voice despite its creepy appearance. If I could compare this person of the Underworld with someone, I would say that he would be a “child” version of the god of death. Seiya spoke then.

「Are you Natosus, the keeper of the Infinity Corridor?」

「That’s correct. Are you looking for something in here?」

Natosus held his lantern against the darkness. Something that sounded like moaning could be heard from the long passageway.

「So…Sorry. What is the Infinity Corridor? Is this place the dungeon of the Underworld?」

「No. This place is an exit. An exit after the entrance.」

「Eh? 」

「Actually, my friend got sucked inside. In fact, even now, the reality is uncertain because the world isn’t functioning normally. Well, if I want to meet him, I could meet him. But, I would have to meet him at a place different from here.」

I looked at Celseus in confusion after hearing the skeleton’s weird remarks. The words of the people from the Underworld didn’t make any sense sometimes. Seiya didn’t seem to understand it seriously either, and asked him in a rush.

「More importantly, is your darkness skill effective against angels and gods alike?」

「Darkness is the opposite of light. It should hurt anyone who guards themselves with a sacred aura.」

「In other words, it has the same reaction as the Chain Destruction. Is there any effect on the human body after using the Power of Darkness?」

「It is dangerous because humans are less resistant to darkness than other species. But, there won’t be any problem if I share my aura with you. The aura of darkness will protect you from bad stimuluses.」

Essentially, humans couldn’t handle weapons and techniques with dark attributes such as the Chain Destruction. The reason was quite simple. The Power of Darkness was like a curse, and could have a bad effect on the human body. However, it seemed that Seiya could handle it safely if he got Natosus’ aura. Hmm, to be able to use contradictory attributes and magic…It felt as if we could cheat in the Underworld without any problems!

「But, for me to give you my aura…」

「Of course, we’ll negotiate with a reasonable price.」

Oh gosh!! By price, Seiya meant the HP, right!?

I was extremely afraid that I might have to do something strange again, but Natosus began to walk back and forth in the same place. Apparently, he was undecided. No matter how much HP they’ve got, the people from the Underworld could only give their aura to a very few people during their lifetime. It was natural for him to hesitate.

「Well, okay then. Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend.」

「But, we are not enemies, are we? 」

「That’s right. Lord Hades told me about you, so I guess so.」

「Great, we are ready to pay you a reasonable price as I said earlier. If you are like Slauri, you will have a specific preference in a HP. Tell me your favorite HP first.」

「Let’s see. Okay, that goddess over there.」

「Me…Me again!? 」

「YES!! 」 Celseus spoke aloud with a happy pose. Ugh! Why was I the only one to get through this humiliation process!

「Well then, can you show me your greatest vulgar and embarrassing acts?」

「Do…Don’t tell me that you want a horny act as well!?」

I was frightened by the thoughtless request that was issued to me quite abruptly. I stepped backwards as a result. Then, Natosus offered me a long, thick purple object! No…No way, was this, perhaps…!? It can’t be…!!

「This is a potato from the Underworld. Eat it. 」

「Are you going to feed me potatoes!? 」

That…That surprised me…! This was a strange request, so I wondered if he had ulterior motives behind this…Well…Well, I just had to eat it, right? No, wait a second! It wouldn’t be a good idea to eat odd things from a stranger! That’s right, I’m going to use the Appraisal skills!

「Lista. Eat. 」

However, I had no time to invoke my Appraisal skills. Seiya shove the Underworld potato into my mouth!

「Argh!? 」

This…This guy…!! He had the bad habit of shoving things into my mouth!!

I was forced to chew because my mouth was full with the potato. However, the sweetness and richness of the potato spread in the mouth when I began to chew it. Ehh! Who knew that this potato could be quite delicious!

I immediately ate the Underworld potato with gusto. Ah, it was delicious! I want another one!

However, on this moment…

「Burp! 」

An unpleasant air leaked out of my mouth.

「…Ah? 」

I was surprised. I felt as if this “burp” sound wasn’t supposed to be heard out loud. Normally, one would try to suppress this type of sounds with “ah don’t come, don’t come”. However, this current burp suddenly rushed out of my stomach without a notice. And after that…

「Burp! Burrp! Burrrrrrrrp!! 」

I spitted out a series of loud burps as if I was an old man at a bar.

Wha…What the hell was going onnnnnn!! I was a goddess!! There’s no way that I would burp out loud like this!!

「The potatoes from the Underworld contain a lot of gas. After you ate that potato, its properties were released on your body with a great force.」

I felt so embarrassed that my face became burning hot. The burp stopped shortly afterwards. However, the real tragedy came after this.

「…Pfff. 」

I couldn’t believe that air leaked from my butthole. I kept telling myself “ah, don’t come, don’t come” so that I wouldn’t fart in front of everyone. Still, I began to fart suddenly and repeatedly regardless of my prayers.

Un…Un…Un…Unbelievable!! I was a goddess for Christ sake!! Even so…Even so…

「Pfff. Poo-fff. Pfff. Poo-fff. Pfff…POOO-FFF.」

At the end, I farted out a big one, and I fell at the floor in defeat.

「Whoa…So smelly… 」

Celseus wrinkled between his eyebrows, Rosalie turned her face away, and Seiya closed his nostrils with his fingers.

「I want to die right now…!! 」

I never thought that I would be this disrespected even though I was a goddess. I really wanted to die even though deities don’t die. I was a “goddess who ate a potato and farted”…It felt like a living hell.

Seiya totally ignored me, and spoke to Natosus.

「How is it? Did you get the HP? 」

「Yeah. I got it all at once. 」

「Then, I ask you to grant us the aura of darkness. First, give it Rosalie.」

「I’m so happy, thank you very much!!」

Natosus held Rosalie with his bony arm. A black aura wrapped around Rosalie, which eventually disappeared. Meaning that her body absorbed the aura.

「Hmm? It seems that this child has darkness protection.」

「I’ve made a deal with the demons before.」

「So, how do you feel Rosalie? Is there any abnormality in your body after receiving Natosus’ aura?」

「No…No, I don’t think so. I don’t feel any particular change.」

「I see. Then give it to me too.」

Until now, I was watching them silently. But, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I screamed aloud.

「Is that the reason why you let Rosalie try it first!? You’re the lowest!!」

「Shut up. You farting insect. 」

「WHAT!! 」

I felt deeply depressed again. You were the one who made me fart in first place when you shoved that damned potato onto my mouth!!

After Natosus gave his aura of darkness, Seiya pulled out his sword and began to stare fixedly at it. Eventually, the blade was wrapped in a black haze. I wondered if his sword changed to a sword of darkness. With this, Seiya’s attacks should work on Mash and the Dragon Mother even if they achieved the power of gods. Still, Seiya approached Natosus as if he weren’t fully satisfied yet.

「Not enough. Can you teach me more about the Power of Darkness?」

Seiya’s darkness training began in earnest under the tension that “killed” me inside.

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