It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 52

Chapter 52: There’s no way that such a gorgeous demon is my ○○

「Ah, my dear Lily’s beast ears and tail are so cute! You look so fluffy that I want to squeeze you, squish you, and cuddle you!」

「Ah, c’mon! Don’t touch me! Don’t you dare grab my tail! Stop touching my ears!」

The moment I thought that the battle settled down, Amines screamed aloud and hugged Lily. I never thought that I would encounter the word “crush”* on this world. Lily used her sidekick to hit Amines. The Queen fell down and fainted in agony. Then, Lily ignored Amines and approached me with a hard-looking expression on her face.

「…And, what do you think? 」

「About what? 」

「About what, you see…You’ve seen my other figure, which you’ve never seen before…Do I disgust you?」

I noticed that she had an uneasy expression. She has been acting like this ever since she decided to show me her beast form. Either way, I answered her without hesitation.

「What are you saying? I won’t change my attitude towards you just because of some cat ears and tail. Actually, your beast form it’s quite cute to be honest.」

Just when I thought that Lily blushed because of my affectionate words, she protested to me quite vigorously.

「…These are not cat ears. These are dog ears.」

「Ah, is that so. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I mean, from my point of view, your change in appearance it’s not that a big of a deal. And don’t forget that I’m the one who grows monsters in the first place.」

In response to my reply, Lily nodded with her usual bitter smile and said, 「That’s true. 」.

Our harmonious conversation froze in an instant.

A shadow covered the sky. It created an illusion that looked like it swallowed the sun. A huge black shadow reminiscent of a solar eclipse appeared before us, and there stood a monster that seemed to personify death itself.

It was a giant dragon. The scales of its whole body were jet-black. Likewise, the claws and wings were also jet-black as if they reflected the night. The size alone was much larger than the current Rock, but more than that, I felt the signs of an evil dragon. It gave a far greater pressure as opposed to Alucard. I felt as if everybody, including Lily, were terrified of such opponent.

Instinct clearly told me. This opponent was different from the rest. It wasn’t about the numbers or difference in strength. This dragon was essentially a being whose life form gave the feel of a very different dimension.

「SS-rank…Fafnir. The “Demon King” of this world.」

Amines muttered the name of the being that landed right in front of us. I noticed that she spoke with a very serious expression as if the world was ending. Hey, hey, hey, for real. Was this being really the Demon King? At any rate, it was an evil dragon rather than a Demon King. This sounded so surreal to me.

Alucard, who had fallen on the ground and couldn’t move, began to stand up fearfully as if he were a frog glared by a snake. He lowered his head on the evil dragon that stood in front of him.

「My Lord Demon King…I apologize to you as I showed you an unsightly scene.」

The evil dragon in front of Alucard opened his mouth and responded.

『There’s no problem, Alucard. I have something I want to talk with these people.』

It spokeeeee!! When I had those thoughts, suddenly, the evil dragon Fafnir was wrapped in a dazzling light. After the light faded away, I saw the presence of gorgeous woman with black hair.

Lily, who stood next me, spoke about the sudden transformation.

「All monsters of the SS-rank have the ability to humanize. This skill is also one of the creation skills. It allows one to change its entire body. Lord Semargul and Rock-chan are able to change as well.」

Ah, I see. I nodded immediately. Speaking of which, Mo-chan explained that to me before.

Besides that, the appearance of the Demon King was kind of expected to be honest. My quest was to meet with this foe and try to negotiate the seeds. That was my specific role in this world. As soon as I thought so, I heard footsteps and noticed that the Demon King approached me.

From a viewer’s point of view, what I was doing was the equivalent of suicide. The Demon King of this world, an SS-rank monster, approached me calmly without taking any measures. Before long, the distance between the Demon King and me shortened. Yes, the Demon King stood before my eyes and I thought that this could be my demise.

All of the parties gathered on this place, but the first one to make a move was the Demon King himself. That action took everyone by surprise.

「Oh my! Dear Kyou, it’s been a while! You grew up so much! 」

The evil dragon, the so-called Demon King and SS-rank monster, hugged me and put her plump breasts on my face. Lily and Amines were dumbfounded. Even Alucard was speechless. In response to this abrupt action, I uttered words that were even more shocking.

「C’mon! Stop it now! 『Mother』!」

「Ehh. It’s been such a long time since I hugged you. I held you when you were little. So, I want to hug my son’s body right now after such a long time.」

I couldn’t escape from her entangled arms, so I let her be. Seriously. In the midst of such a chaotic situation, Lily, who quickly returned to her sanity, asked me fearfully.

「Wa…Wait a minute. Kyou. Do…Don’t tell me that you are that person’s, that you are the Demon King’s…」

「She’s my mother. 」

「Oh no, dear Kyou. You should be calling me Mom instead.」

This woman spoke with such an affectionate tone at the end of her words. She’s my mother who disappeared when I was a child.

I often thought that I had no mother because she disappeared so suddenly. But then, my father explained to me that “your mother has returned home”. I was convinced of something else and said, “ah, so you two divorced huh?”.

However, the conversation I had with Mo-chan broke my delusion. She told me the real identity of the Demon King. This frightening enemy was my mother.

I never thought that I would learn as a young adult that my mother who disappeared when I was little was actually alive and had a crucial role. That was absolutely crazy! Who in the world had a mother who was the Demon King of a different world!!!!!!!!!!

That was the biggest surprise I’ve heard on my entire life. Seriously, that goddess was too much. She really liked to give me heart attacks.

Anyway, that was the reason why I received a request from the goddess because of my mother who was the Demon King.

Well, I couldn’t deny that I wanted to complain to her for disappearing. Telling her why we couldn’t meet before and various things like that. But, I knew that, despite all that, my mother loved me dearly. It was just a memory of my childhood. But, a memory that remained vivid on my heart. So, maybe she would listen to my wish if she remained the same mother I had once. This was “my sole role” to accomplish against the mother who was the “Demon King”.

「Mother. I want you to stop your invasion of the Kingdom of Valkyria right now.」

Upon hearing my request, my mother showed a tough-looking expression on her face, and the atmosphere became a little bit moody.

「Of course I understand your side…Mother. You also want to ensure the safety of the demons as the king of all demons. In order to achieve that, you think that’s necessary for you to take the territory of Valkyria. But, I don’t want wars, nor I want my mother to fight. That’s why I can’t help it but ask you for this one request…」

I felt that my mother was listening to my words with astonishment.

「So, what I’m trying to say is if your differences can’t be solved by other means rather than war? If we find a different way, the loss of each other’s soldiers and demons won’t be that ridiculous. I know that mother is different from the other demons because you have both personality and intelligence. Let’s get along with each other.」

「…Then, dear Kyou. You came to propose this as a delegate of that Valkyria Kingdom?」

「In a way, yes. 」

My mother murmured “hmm” upon hearing my response. All right, I felt a very good vibe coming from her. It wasn’t that difficult to propose different negotiations. This was a mutual concession and a reasonable contract. Maybe I could conclude this with a great success…

「I understand. Certainly, fighting is a barbaric way of resolving everything. Besides that, both parties seem extremely exhausted now…Okay.」

Ohh, she understood it! As expected of my own mother! I must sign this contract now…

「So, how about this? 」


「We are five in total. Including myself, I have Four Heavenly Kings that act as my aides. So, you’ll have to represent yourself with five contestants as well.」

Eh, no way. I felt that this conversation was going on a very different direction. Wait a second. This sounded a bit crazy to me.

「A battle of 5 versus 5. Let’s settle this now.」

Hey, hey. What was my mother talking about? Did she mean a battle with her, the Demon King of SS-rank, and her Four Heavenly Kings, all of the S-rank?

On the other hand, I only had two of the Seven Great Heroes who were of the S-rank. We won’t be able to win! To propose a battle like this! I had a large disadvantage!

Bad. This time was extremely packed. I was sure of it, yes, too packed.

Damn it! I just tried to fix up this situation, but it seemed that I created the worst possible development! No more! It was over!

「Let’s fight in a game over each other’s territory…Summing up…In a cooking battle.」

This sounded like those fearsome martial tournaments where the losers died! This shall be my end! I never thought that my life would be over so soon…Huh…

「Eh? A cooking battle? 」

I clearly heard the improbable suggestion of the Demon King that kept smiling at me.

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*Moe (萌え) is an anime, manga term that means “crush”, or fascination/ infatuation.


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