It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The Golden Beast descending to the battlefield

A gray sky and a gray earth. Countless of demons and human soldiers fought against each other on the battlefield.

The boundary between the demon territory of Vendidart and the Kingdom of Valkyria. The war broke out in the wilderness.

The valkyrian soldiers tried to repel countless of demons. Leading them on the frontline was Amines, the Queen of the human kingdom, the strong female leader whose nickname was “War Hero”. We accompanied her with her troops.

「The war has finally begun. I have to take command of my soldiers and keep track of the whole battle, so I can’t cooperate directly with you. But, can I leave the rest up to you?」

「I don’t mind it. I’ll take care of one of the Four Heavenly Kings, who are about to arrive at this battlefield pretty soon.」

「Oh, what a brave line. I want to hug you immediately when I hear such words coming from your pretty mouth, my Lily.」

「You are already hugging me. Just let me go! 」

While watching the usual exchange between them, I realized that Amines had absolute confidence in Lily. She didn’t seem to worry that much. I felt that she spoke to Lily with a sense of trust. Immediately after she spoke, we jumped on Rock’s back and headed towards the battlefield. On the way, demons tried to attack us several times, but even though Rock hasn’t matured yet, his strength had already reached A-rank. There wouldn’t be any problem if our opponents weren’t from the S-rank or higher. However, a black shock wave emitted from the ground hit Rock and us.

It wasn’t just a wind or a shock wave. Actually, it was a huge magical force that blew Rock’s defenses and aerial control. It managed to knock him down to the ground without giving him time to avoid it. A pale-skinned man appeared in front of us after we jumped off Rock. He stared fixedly at us.

「Oh my, oh my. I think that your beautiful little bird blew away with just a mild wind, or maybe, not a bird, but your little flower instead?」

Upon saying those words, I noticed that both Lily and Fitis stood in front of me quite quickly. At first glance, the man with an unusually pale skin just looked like a masculine man. However, I noticed that his canine teeth were quite sharp when he opened his mouth to grin wickedly. I clearly felt an overwhelming feeling of intimidation. My feelings proved that he was no human.

「The atmosphere is very different from the other demons. Are you perhaps one of the Four Heavenly Kings?」

「Yeah, that’s right. I’m one of my lord’s Four Heavenly Kings. My name is Alucard. I’m known as the “Vampire Noble”. Nice to meet you.」

「So, you are from the vampire species. 」

Fitis muttered right next to Lily. I see. Speaking of vampires, these fictional monsters were a classic of horror stories told in my original world. The vampires were usually handsome beings, and many of them were depicted as powerful monsters. Indeed, this species were probably worthy of belonging to the Four Heavenly Kings, isn’t that so?

「You are obviously from the S-rank, am I right?」

「Ah well, yes. Of course I am. Normal vampires are usually ranked A or B, but I’m a bit special. I belong to the best evolutionary species of vampires called Lord. I think it’s probably impossible for you to beat me, alone or in group.」

Alucard was a man who spoke quite elegantly. He wasn’t arrogant towards us, but he had absolute confidence in his ability. I could definitely feel a strong atmosphere, and I saw no confidence in Lily, Fitis or Rock. Who could win against such fearsome foe? Jack? Nope, he was out of the equation. Me as well. I wouldn’t be able to do anything at all. Lily took a step ahead after thinking calmly to herself.

「There’s no need for a whole group to go up against you. I’ll be the one to fight you, and I am plenty enough for you.」

「Oh. 」

Alucard looked impressed upon hearing Lily’s remarks. Hey, was it really that safe to say such a bold statement? Then, I noticed that her eyes were anxious-looking. Was she nervous about this? The moment I tried to call her out.

「Kyou. Shall I make this one exception?」

「About what? 」

「Regardless of what I’ll look like from now on…Will you treat me as you always treated me until now?」

I felt an ominous feeling about this. I was frightened of what was to come. Even though I was terrified and extremely worried about her, I wanted to reassure her.

「Of course. I’ve experienced a lot of things since I came here, all thanks to you. How would I change my opinion about you after all this time?」

I replied with a bitter smile. I was feeling less happy than usual, but Lily accepted her fate and faced the enemy in front of us, and…She threw away the sword that she held in her hand.

「What are you doing. Are you that afraid of me? So, are you going to surrender?」

「Of course not. I don’t need any weapons for my fight against you.」

The moment she declared those words. I noticed that the air changed around Lily. It was a spectacular sight. Lily’s golden hair started to stand up. Something that resembled beast’s ears grew around her head, and a long, fluffy tail grew slightly above her buttocks. Both of her arms were covered with gold fur, and her fingertips had sharp claws. It seemed that her body followed an obvious but unbelievable pattern. Before long, Lily had transformed into a half-beast and half-human figure, a golden beast. The overflowing aura made me think that her rank got comparable to the S-ranking vampire that stood in front of us. Or maybe, she even surpassed him.

Not only were we surprised. Alucard was also stunned. Immediately, Lily’s speed exceeded the speed of sound and entered Alucard’s space. At the same time, Lily’s fist hit the enemy’s chest.

「…Gyahh! 」

The fist and the subsequent impact that exceeded the speed of sound blew Alucard away. Then, Lily moved instantly behind Alucard to strike him one more time. However, the opponent was also from the S-rank. He reacted instantly, twisted himself managing to defend against Lily’s second hit. When Alucard managed to stop Lily’s attack, a dark shock wave was released towards Lily. Thousands of magical powers began to condense against one another.

「That surprised me. I thought that you were just a beautiful flower, but that was such a ridiculous sight. What a beautiful beast you are! Please, forgive my indignity for underestimating you! Again, my name is Alucard! I am the darkest of the vampire race, and I shall be a worthy opponent for you!」

At the same time as he declared those words, a dark sphere was born from Alucard’s hands. He created a sort of black hole that distorted the space and time. The gravity of the surrounding area got greatly distorted. The laws of physics were broken and even craters appeared on the ground. However, the voice of a dignified girl resonated while being swallowed by the overpowering dark powered field.

「Sorry, but I’m tired of that kind of talk. I’ll fight against you with dignity, well depending on your manners of course.」

At that moment, I heard a breaking sound coming from the dark sphere on Alucard’s hands. The force of darkness collapsed instantaneously, and the sphere broke as if it was a piece of glass. Alucard distorted his face. I knew what happened. Lily crushed Alucard’s greatest ability with just “power”. There were no tricks or bargains there. Just an overwhelming difference in power. And with that, the result of this match was decided.

Lily’s fist, which destroyed the dark powered field, hit Alucard’s belly once again. The blow from her fist caused Alucard to stop rising again.

I heard before that Lily defeated the S-rank Leviathan, along with Fitis and Isu, because she couldn’t do it with her power alone. But that’s because she couldn’t do it in a human form. Lily’s powerful ability to defeat Alucard, an opponent of the S-rank, was extremely astonishing. I was speechless, as well as Fitis. From the other side, I could hear Amines’ voice, the War Hero who moved from the center of the battlefield to join us.

「That’s Lily’s power, which I fell in love with. The only one among all heroes who can invoke the power of a “demon”. And, that’s my precious Lily, the “Beast Hero”.」

With the overwhelming victory of the golden beast, the demons that tried to advance towards us suddenly stopped moving. This was the point where the battle ended.

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