This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 147 Part 2

Chapter 147: Runaway (2)

A deep silence. After I stopped hearing everything around me, a scene spread before my eyes.

…Women and children running away. Buildings on fire. Behind the crowd of screaming people stood a group of armed dragon men. And the one standing in the middle of that army…


He had orangey-colored hair extending upwards with sharp pointy tips. I recognized those traces. However, he was as tall as Seiya. Moreover, I saw that a dragon crest that was engraved on the back of his hands that extended to his arms and neck, which weren’t covered with armor. It actually seemed like a large tattoo. His sharp-cloudy eyes resembled the eyes of demons, and his face was very different from the one I knew.

「Do…Don’t be scared! Stand up! 」

A human man with a spear shouted high. A huge flock of dragons blocked the people of the village as they tried to seize them. Maybe some humans in the Nakashi Village were familiar with swordsmanship and magic. However, dragons versus humans…There was clearly a difference in fighting ability between both races.

One of the human soldiers slashed the back of a dragon man when he had a chance. At first, it looked like a fatal wound because the wound was overflowing with large amounts of blood. However, the dragon man bit into the human soldier’s head in a calm manner, as if he was not in pain. The dragon man murmured with a loose eye as if he didn’t care about the soldier who crumbled to the ground.

「Aura El Larula… 」

A group of fanatic dragons overran the humans. Eventually, no human soldier was left behind. Only women, children, and old people remained alive. Still, the dragons mercilessly slashed at them regardless.

「…This village is a stain in my existence. Kill them all, and burn everything.」

I wondered if he wanted to erase his memories of the time he lived with humans. Mash’s cold command resonated among the dragons.

During such an occasion. A running young man appeared from behind a building and approached Mash in a haste. He kneeled as if he were begging.

「Mash! It’s me, Glenn! Don’t you remember me? It’s been a long time, but we used to play together when we were young.」

「AH? I don’t remember you. 」

「Ple…Please, spare me! I don’t want to die yet! 」

「Hmm. Then just wait a minute. 」

Then, Mash put his hand on his chin and began to look at an empty space in the surroundings.

「Ah…Hmm…I see, indeed. All right. 」

…Eh…Wha…What? Was he speaking to himself?

On that moment, Mash faced the young man with a smile on his face.

「Glenn. You want to live a little longer, don’t you? 」

「Ah, yes! 」

「Then, I’ll let you live a bit longer. 」

Mash reached out for a handshake, and Glenn responded with a smile. However, his smile got distorted and he began to scream painfully! Blood dripped from Glenn’s hand! His index finger was rolling on the ground!

「No way! You said that you’d spare me! 」

「I didn’t say that I’d spare you. I just said that I would let you live a bit longer.」

Mash tightened Glenn’s hand and then tore off his middle finger. He didn’t care whether Glenn cried or screamed. He kept doing that gruesome act on the other fingers…on the ring finger and even the little finger…

…Te…Terrible!! If he knew that it would’ve been like this, then it would’ve been better to be killed immediately!

Glenn fainted when his fingers were all gone. However, Mash kicked Glenn’s abdomen and spoke to the dragons around him.

「Human beings have a bad mechanism. They lose consciousness when they feel pain to a certain extent…Hey, wake up. There’s no point in killing people if they’re not conscious.」

「Argh! 」, Mash stuffed the detached bloody fingers into Glenn’s mouth when he regained his consciousness.

「Hyahahahah! Are they tasty? Eat your own fingers you bastard!」

「…Noooooooooooooo!! I can’t!! I can’t watch it anymoreeeeeee!!」

I screamed as I shut myself out of the footage. My body was drenched in sweat.

「He…Hey, Lista! Are you okay? What kind of scene did you see?」

「It’s far worse than your imagination!!」

「Oh. Did he become such a bad mushroom?」

「He didn’t get just dangerous, you know!! He cut a human’s fingers slowly and painfully, and pressed them into that poor soul’s mouth…Ugh!!」

I felt nauseous when I remembered that horrid scene. Rosalie touched my back then.

「It looks like you understand now. The horrors of the Dragon King.」

「Ye…Yes… 」

「Lista. Tell me more about what you saw. 」

I told Seiya and the others about the contents of the footage I saw. In particular, Seiya listened attentively to the details about Mash’s appearance and behavior. I felt a little better after I spoke with them.

「That Mash did those kind of things…I can’t really believe it. 」

「Mash of the twisted world is not the real Mash. This is a twisted illusion.」

「But, the identity of the person from this illusion is still Mash, isn’t he? He was such a good and obedient child, so why…?」

「…Goddess. You seem to know Lord Mash, right.」

Lagos faced me directly while the fire lizards restrained his body on the ground. Though he was fairly skinny, his face was rather calm.

「Originally, the God Dragon King was someone who cooperated with humankind to defeat the Demon King and his devilish subordinates. However, due to Lady Elle’s death, his kindness got shattered into pieces. That’s right…Everything began on that moment…」

Lagos coughed again while he spoke.

「La…Lagos!! …Hey, Seiya!! Release those restraints!!」

「It’s okay…Anyway, I’m already…」

A large amount of blood overflew from Lagos’ mouth.

「This is probably the last time I’ll see you. I beg you, goddess…The world…No…Please, save Lord Mash…」

Then, Lagos closed his eyes and stopped moving.

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