This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 147 Part 1

Chapter 147: Runaway (1)

While everyone except for Rosalie was transparent, we pursued Seiya’s fire lizards. We headed towards the old chapel where the dragon man was staying.

We walked along the northern gravel road, while avoiding the debris on the ground. Then, the leading fire lizards stopped. The roof and walls of the chapel had collapsed, and the inside could be seen from a distance. Still, the statue of a god was left intact and the dragon man was kneeling before it with both hands joined together.

…It…It was really here! A dragon!

Rosalie spoke with a whispering voice as she watched this scene from afar.

「Perhaps he is offering prayers to the Holy Angel.」

「Are you saying that he is worshipping the dead Elle as a god?」

「Yes. The scriptures of the Holy Angel only teach that the dragon people are the supreme beings, and that they will wipe out humanity and the demons. They are a group of fanatics who are willing to give up their lives for the God Dragon King.」

Hydra, which Seiya defeated before, and Paradula, who had invaded the town of Igle, proclaimed their fanaticism like a spell. They spoke repeatedly, “Aura El Larula”, which I didn’t understand that time. But, it seemed that it was “May I have the blessing of the Holy Angel!” in perceptible language. Perhaps, I was afraid of them because of their strong belief in the wrong teachings, rather than their high stats.

「A group of fanatics, huh. That sounds scary… 」

「Hmm. That’s a pretty good idea. 」

「AH!? Wha…What’s a good idea!? 」

「It’s nothing. Let’s stick to the plan. 」

I was a little worried about Seiya’s words. Meanwhile, Rosalie tried to pull out her sword in order to seize the dragon man.

「He…Hey, Rosalie!? 」

「I will go and catch it! After that, we’ll torture him! 」

「Wait a second, Rosalie! Just look at it! There’s something off with that dragon man!」

I pulled Rosalie’s shoulder to stop her from going. I saw that the dragon man, who kneeled in front of the god statue…had drops of tears falling from his eyes.

「God…Please, please forgive Lord Mash… And may true happiness come between humans and dragons…」

Sincere prayers reached my ears. This dragon was clearly different from the other dragon men I’ve seen in Twisted Geabrande. I didn’t feel any lies nor falsehoods from the words of his prayers. And…I felt that this dragon’s voice was rather familiar.

「Listen, Seiya. Have we seen that dragon before? 」

「The appearance of the dragon people looks exactly the same to me…But if you ask me, I think I’ve heard his voice somewhere else before. We’ll find out if we see his status.」

Occasionally, we could see other people’s names through their status with our clairvoyance ability. As I was told to, I tried to activate my clairvoyance ability, but Seiya murmured faster upon seeing his status.

「Hmm. His name is “Lagos”, huh. I believe that a dragon with that name guided us to the Dragon Village once.」

「Tha…That’s right! I remember him! It’s Lagos! 」

Back in the original Geabrande, Lagos was the dragon man who guided us to the Dragon Village by using the magic movement circle. At that time, the dragon people of the village were like fanatics, but I remember that Lagos was quite decent.

「I’m glad that Lagos is safe! Let’s approach him and listen to what he has to say!」

The moment I said those words, Lagos, who was praying continuously, coughed violently and collapsed in front of us. Purple liquid spilled from his mouth to the ground.

「Eh? Is he perhaps sick? 」

「I activated the Appraisal skills at the same time as the clairvoyance status confirmation. He collapsed not because of a disease, but because of extreme physical weakness. His mental fatigue took a tool on his body as well. His life force got reduced drastically as a result. It’s quite strange to see him alive given these circumstances.」

「Is…Is that so. Then, it’s okay for us to get closer to him, right?」

「…All right. 」

Seiya released his transparency skill. Celseus and I became visible as well. Seiya produced several fire lizards, and said, 「wait a little. 」, so that they could attack Lagos once we’ve finished talking…He really didn’t care about this poor thing, did he!

I walked slowly to Lagos. After wiping the blood around his mouth, Lagos managed to stand up. When he noticed me, he shook his body a little. I did my best to spoke with a bright voice.

「I am the Goddess Listarte! Rest assured! We are not here to harm you! I promise!」

「Go… Goddess…? Aghh! 」

「Eh? 」

Suddenly, Seiya’s fire lizards attacked Lagos! They held down both his hands and feet!

「I just told him that we wouldn’t harm him!! 」

「I did it as a precaution. 」

「You don’t have to do this!! Can’t you see that he’s frail! He will think that I lied to him!!」

Lagos laughed a little, as he was held immovable after being captured by the fire lizards.

「No. I do agree that caution is important. After all, the dragon people have done many wrongful deeds towards humankind…」

And then, he glanced at me.

「Your divine aura…I can’t find any falsehood in your words. I never thought that I’d meet a goddess right at this time…Fate is such an ironic thing…」

Lagos coughed again. I felt that he realized himself that he was about to die. Seiya asked him a question afterwards.

「Hey. Why are you alone in such a place? 」

「The God Dragon King…No. Lord Mash drove me out of Bahamtross. I was a suspect of treason…」

「Treason, you say. What did you do? 」

「I’ve said that the dragon people and the human race shouldn’t fight each other. Because of my words, I caused great anger on the radical faction.」

「You…You were exiled just because of that? 」

「But, Lord Mash showed me kindness. That’s why I wasn’t killed on the spot. That’s right…I do believe that Lord Mash is a truly kind person.」

Despite apprehended by the fire lizards, Lagos moved his distant eyes into the sky visible from the open ruined chapel.

「This is what I really think. I wonder if the holy sword Egzation was really needed to save the world. No, at least, Lord Mash wouldn’t have to bear the burden of being the carrier of the holy sword…」

Lagos painfully closed his eyes.

「However, no one can change what has happened already. I am a weakling, so all I can do is pray for peace between the dragon people and the human race…」

Upon saying those words, Lagos glanced at the green cloth wrapped around his arm. Seiya reacted immediately.

「Hey. Maybe, isn’t that Mash’s cloth?」

「Ah, Seiya! I think that’s Mash’s bandana! He kept it on his head even when he was training with me!」

「Give it to me. 」

Seiya took away the green bandana from Lagos’ arm without hesitation.

「This saved me the trouble of going to the village mayor’s house….Hey, Lista. Can you see Mash’s past from this bandana right when he attacked Nakashi Village?」

That’s correct. My Appraisal skills didn’t just read the thoughts lingering on objects. I could view the whole scene attached to the memory of a certain object. However, for that, my power of the devil had to be fully released.

「Most probably. If that bandana has memories attached to it, then I’ll be able to see what happened just like a video. But, I won’t be able to see it unless I concentrate considerably.」

「If you can’t do it now, you can go back to the Underworld. 」

「Ugh. I’ll do it. Let me try first… 」

According to Uno, the demonization in the earthly worlds may cause my emotions to burst. Even so…I was a high-ranking goddess now! I should be fine if I focused my mind! Believe in your own power, Listarte!

I used Type Opposite to change myself from a god to a devil. After the transformation, my appearance of a little devil in a black leather dress with a big chest finally appeared. And then, I took a deep breath.

「Are you okay, Lista? 」

「Yes. I’m okay, Celseus. Certainly, I can feel some hot feelings overflowing from the inside of my chest. But, the process resembles the same way as we do with the transparency skill. It’s no big deal if I stay calm and keep myself under control.」

「Eh! That’s great, Lista! 」

C’mon, Lista. I just had to focus my mind in order to read Mash’s lingering thoughts. Whoa. Even so, Seiya was still so cool. Huh, what the hell did I say. Weird. I had to read the information about Mash’s past now. Ah, I wanted to be lovey-dovey with Seiya.

I threw away the bandana I held with my hands. I mean, there was such a good-looking man right in front of me, and it was difficult to contain myself…!

「Seiyaaaaaaa!! 」

I jumped into Seiya’s chest. It seemed that Rosalie was panicking when she saw me embracing Seiya tightly.

「Go…Goddess!? What are you doing all of a sudden!?」

「Huh! Rosalie! Are you listening? Seiya is mine!」

And then, I bent down my body while pushing myself against Seiya.

「You don’t know this, but Seiya and I made a child together in my past life! Yahhhh!」

「…Hey. Get away.」

Seiya knocked me off, but I didn’t give up. I opened my chest wide as I approached Seiya savagely.

「Uhhhh, Seiya! Let’s be naughty together! Ahhhh! 」

Celseus pointed at the crazy me and screamed aloud.

「Her self-control is nonexistent!! …Seiya, what should we do!? 」

「Don’t fret. Of course, I expected this outcome. 」

After saying that, Seiya raised his arm toward me, but I didn’t mind.

「What? Are you willing to hit me? That’s excellent with me! I don’t mind if you hit me now, Seiya! Or will you crush my boobs with the sword sheath as you used to do? That’s okay with me! Ahhhh!」

However, Seiya murmured with one hand against me.

「…Hell’s Fire. 」

Instantly, Seiya’s fire got out of his hand and surrounded me like a rope!

「Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!? 」

I screamed too much because of the heat and pain! At the same time, I was able to get rid of my devil form; and I rolled in the ground, rumbling like a burning Daruma*. Somehow, I managed to extinguish the fire.

「Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah! 」

I managed to survive, but my dress got scorched, and my hair got squeaky.

「…How is it, Lista? Is your consciousness clear now? 」

「How dare you talk about my consciousness!! Can’t you see that you wrapped my whole body in fire!? I got burned!!」

「I think you are the bad one in this.」

「Why did you use Hell’s Fire on a goddess!? Look at this!! My clothes are tattered, and my hair is horribly squeaky!!」

「You can heal your hair yourself. If you want different clothes, then I brought something for you to wear.」

Seiya threw at me a white dress from his tool bag.

「Why…Why did you have a spare of my dress? 」

「Well. I thought I might use Hell’s Fire on you someday, so I prepared it in advance.」

「That means that you intended to burn me for real!!」

However, it was true that I did something wrong. Therefore, I couldn’t argue anymore. I obediently received my substitute dress.

「Even so, I’m pure and innocent, you know…I can’t believe that I did such a thing…!」

「You were like Mithis, that lecherous goddess. You were going to show me your tits.」

「Ugh, I self-loath myself! And I thought that I would be useful today, but I did no good!」

「Well, in a sense, you were hustling.**」

「I didn’t do it with that purpose!!」

While I spoke angrily with Celseus for interrupting my talk with Seiya, I noticed that Seiya picked up the fallen Mash bandana, and gave it to me again.

「Then, try it again. Rest assured. I’ll burn you every time you try that “hustling” thing.」

After saying that, Seiya invoked Hell’s Fire on his right hand. No way!! How could I rest assured by that!!

Still, Rosalie looked at me with envy.

「I want to bathe in the Hero’s Hell’s Fire…」

「Can you stop talking like that!? How can you even wish that hell!?」

「Ignore her. Just do it quickly. 」

I took a deep breath to transform myself into a devil again. “I don’t want to be scorched anymore”…With that in mind, I focused myself in order to accomplish this task. Eventually…the voices and sounds around me disappeared completely, and a deep silence emerged.

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*A New Year’s Ritual Fire. In Japanese, this is called Otakiage (お焚きあげ). Bigger shrines and some temples arrange a pyre where they burn the talismans, plaques and good luck charms or any other things related to religion that people want to throw away. One of the objects to burn are Daruma dolls. The Daruma doll is a talisman that you get in order for it to bring you success in a special endeavor. When the endeavor has been accomplished, it is time to pass the Daruma forward by having it burnt at your temple or shrine.

**Seiya used the word “Hustling” as a slang. Which means, to do, sell, victimize, etc. by aggressive, often dishonest and illicit means.


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