It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: New chapters, new developments, new facts, and new characters

「Don’t you dare include me in your stupid condition. 」

Lily’s iron elbow hit the stomach of the War Hero quite brilliantly. Immediately after receiving the dry hit, the queen crouched on the spot in agony. However, after a while, she got up and showed us a refreshing smile.

「Ah, ahahah. As expected of my dear Lily. That was a great elbow hit.」

Ah, this person was a lost cause. In many ways. Well, her outward appearance was stunning. She looked like a model. She was tall, had style and looks. Even so, her content was spoiled. In the end, no matter what was her status, this queen was a very disappointing person.

「Why do you always try to push me to your side? If it’s a battle we’re talking about, then you alone are enough.」

「What are you saying! In the past year, the invasion of the Demon King’s army has intensified!  My country is outnumbered right now! I have to find all possible means in order to counter the attacks!」

Hmm, hey. I couldn’t ignore those words.

「Wait a minute please. Is the current state of your country in this war extremely bad?」

「Yeah. Actually, it’s quite pressing. Extremely bad indeed. Besides the current threat, I don’t know what the neighboring Alburs Empire plans to do against my country. So, I’m trying to seek a solution to solve this problem. But, I cannot hide the current difficulties anymore.」

Hey, seriously? This situation was not the sort of trouble I wanted to find while collecting the seeds.

「That’s why I want you! Lily! I want you! I want you nowwwww!!」

「Don’t touch me! You’re disgusting!! 」

No good. That person was too obsessed with Lily. I definitely wanted to find a different way in order to free Lily of that woman.

「Why do you want Lily so much? I understand that you are trying to find a solution to solve your country’s current issues. But, Lily alone won’t be able to change this war.」

「What are you talking about? The power of the Seven Great Heroes is comparable to that of S-rank monsters. If the two of us are together, we’ll be able to compete against the Demon King’s army.」


Now, I heard some words that couldn’t be overlooked no matter what.

Let’s see…Did she say the “Seven Great Heroes”? The “Two of us”?

I stared at Lily with a terrified expression on my face. I noticed that she hardened her expression. Don’t tell me that…

「What? She didn’t tell you? Like me, Lily is one of the Seven Great Heroes. If she dedicates herself to the battlefield, she’ll be a force to reckon with. In fact, she’s actually a better fighter than I am.」


The truth and the new development were revealed to me quite abruptly. What a shocking development. She had been with us all the time, and yet, she kept such an important info hidden!!

「I…I didn’t hide it on purpose. You just didn’t listen to me. 」

I couldn’t think of any time where she tried to say something about it! Besides, how would I know that she was a famous hero when she came often to my house as if she was just a regular hero!!

「Oh my? Lord Kyou, didn’t you know about this? I already knew about this information.」

Fitis, you knew it! Ah, don’t tell me that I was the only one who didn’t know about Lily’s status. Someone put a hand on my shoulder.

「Don’t worry, brother. I didn’t know it either.」

Yeah, I knew that you wouldn’t know about it, Jack.

「Ah, all right. I think I can understand your request for Lily’s cooperation. In short, the battle with the Demon King’s army is not going so well, so you want Lily’s strength, isn’t that right?」

「Well, you can put it that way. 」

「Then, if we cooperate with you to prevent the Demon King’s army from overtaking your country, you’ll give us your seed, yes?」

「Sure, I’ll give it to you gladly. But, it’s not easy to subdue the Demon King’s army. Do you have a solution?」

「Yeah. If I can be in a situation where I can negotiate directly with the Demon King, then we might have a chance to do something about it.」

Not only the warriors, but also everyone in here, opened their eyes with surprise upon hearing my words. Well, that’s right. Normally, just an insane person would think about negotiating with the Demon King. But, there was more to this than just a little idea. After all, according to my father’s advice, he said to come here first. I guess that he was correct about it.

「I see. You’re a very amusing guy. However, if you want to negotiate with the Demon King, you will need to at least defeat one of his powerful entourage, the Four Heavenly Kings, on the battlefield. We heard that the Demon King would come out of his castle if his entourage was done for. I don’t know if he’ll be willing to have a “conversation” with you, if that were to happen, you see?」

「I don’t mind it. We’ll have to do something about the rest of them as long as the Demon King grants me an audience.」

The warriors next to me laughed aloud upon hearing my affirmation. On the other hand, I saw that Lily smiled gently next to me.

「As usual, I still say that you are crazy. The Four Heavenly Kings under the Demon King’s rule are all demons of S-rank class. It’s easier to talk than make it done.」

「But, can you do it? 」

I remember that Lily previously defeated the Leviathan, an S-rank monster that was said to be very fearsome. It was unbelievable that Lily defeated it. Lily smiled in order to respond to my question. She knew that I trusted her.

「Fine. Okay, I will defeat one of the Four Heavenly Kings. But, I’ll leave the rest of the negotiations up to you, Kyou.」

The War Hero raised her hand after she watched our exchanges with joy.

「All right. Did you say that you were the Cultivation Hero? I came to like you too! When this battle is over, I want you and Lily to accompany me, a lonely “War Hero” who needs your comfort!」


My voice and Lily’s voice sounded aloud in unison to refuse the unreasonable proposal of the War Hero. Either way, the deal between both parties was concluded here.

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