It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 2 – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Was this new chapter packed too quickly?


This new story got packed as soon as the new chapter started.

This time was extremely packed. Certainly.

「Well then, how about this? 」

In front of us, stood the “Demon King” of this world. “She” laid out some conditions. At this moment we were entangled in the ultimate game that would decide the fate of our continent and of our purpose.

「We are five in total. Including myself, I have four heavenly kings that act as my aides. So, you’ll have to represent yourself with five contestants as well.」

No way. There was no way that I’d win this battle. My opponent was the Demon King, you see? Yes, the Demon King. Normally, I would fight against this kind of opponent at the end of the story. And yet, I got myself stuck in a sudden fight at the beginning of chapter 2. Besides, it sounded very serious when the four heavenly kings were added to this battle. First of all, why was this the obvious pattern for the Demon King!? Why place so much importance in a small fish like me!?

「A battle of 5 versus 5. Let’s settle this now. 」

Packed. This time was extremely packed. I was sure of it, yes, way too packed.

「Let’s fight in a game over each other’s territory…Summing up…In a cooking battle.」

<> <> <> <>

That story happened much later. So, let’s go back a little in time.

We crossed the border of the great continent of the west, and arrived at the Kingdom of Valkyria, one of the three major nations that ruled the continent.

「So overdone. 」

That was the first impression I had upon arriving in this kingdom.

「Naturally. The Kingdom of Valkyria is indeed a battle zone between the army of the Demon King and the Realm of the Emperor.」

「I think I understood the story about the Demon King’s army. But, what is the Realm of the Emperor?」

「The Realm of the Emperor, huh. Well, the imperial territory is the so-called Alburs Empire. Right now, Rostam, one of Seven Great Heroes, controls this empire. He is the hero and the emperor who rules over the empire. One could say that his greed is abnormal and uncontrollable. If there’s a chance, he’ll try to overtake the Demon Kingdom along with the Kingdom of Valkyria. He wants to amass both nations at the same time.」

「Eh, you know everything about it, Fitis.」

「I am a hero as well. So, it’s obvious that I’ll know that much.」

「Anyway. If I understood it correctly, then that’s why the Kingdom of Valkyria is always being targeted for its territory by the Demon Kingdom, which spread to the West, and the Realm of the Emperor, which spread to the East. Well, if the Kingdom of Valkyria falls, the Demon King’s army will continue marching to the East, and the Alburs Empire will be the next target. That’s why Alburs is fiercely fighting on this large battle as well. Besides protecting themselves, they want to take advantage if this situation to conquer both nations.」

「That means that the Kingdom of Valkyria is keeping the invasion of the Demon King’s army at bay, while protecting themselves from the machinations of the Realm of the Emperor. That’s awesome.」

「Well, that’s obvious. After all, the queen who rules this kingdom, the famous “War Hero” is said to be the most outstanding hero when it comes to battles among the Seven Great Heroes.」

I’m afraid that the queen’s hurdles were getting higher even before I met her. What was I going to do? I felt anxious about this. There’s no way that I’ll say to her “please, give me your seed”, when her kingdom is at a precarious situation. There’s no way that this was going to work out.

Lily spoke to me when she noticed my pale expression.

「It’s going to be okay. I will introduce myself and you’ll explain our situation properly. About her response…Well, I don’t think it will be that bad, to be honest.」

However, I noticed that her smile faded a little. I wondered it would be really okay. Somehow, I got extremely worried about this endeavor.

Was this really okay? Wasn’t this already packed?

「Whoa! Miss Lily, you finally came here…!! You’re as lovely as ever!! You are the cutest in the whole world……!!!」

「Ah, c’mon! I knew that it’d be like this!! Just let me be!!」

…Eh, what on earth just happened?

After she introduced me as the cultivation hero, Lily simply told her name and the gatekeeper immediately freaked out. The gatekeeper responded so lively when he saw Lily. Then, he took us to meet the queen. We arrived at a large hall, and I noticed that the war hero, the queen of this kingdom, was sitting at the throne of the castle.

The moment she saw Lily. Rather than greeting us from her throne, she immediately came down in a hurry and approached Lily.

「Ah, you’re as smooth as ever, Lily. Your hair is also smooth and shiny. Your delicate body is so cute that I want to decorate this room with your cuteness. Hey, listen, it’s not too late for you to become my pet, right?」

「I already refused your offer before. Just let go of me!!」

Lily kicked and released the war hero who embraced her tightly. Was this even okay? Wasn’t that person a great hero? Besides, wasn’t this hero the queen of this kingdom? Was it all right to kick her away?

「Ah, ah. Lily’s adorable resistance. Your bitter response is similar to a sweet bite…How charming.」

Ah, this person was way too enchanted and ecstatic because of Lily. Hmm, this person. I thought that we would get an unfriendly welcome. Or rather, I thought that she would inflict some serious trouble for me. But, all I could see was an informal greeting…

「Excuse me, but do you know each other? 」

「I don’t know her. 」

「For me, it was love at first sight. 」

Whoa. I got an opposite reaction as a response at the same time.

「That’s right, we met in a certain battlefield. I saw her dancing beautifully in that battlefield for the first time. That’s exactly what you would call her a battlefield flower, or even a butterfly, no, actually gold! The sun! From that day on, I did a lot of work in order to get her to myself, but she ignored all of my calls! Then, she crossed over to another continent, and then, disregarded my love messages that flew across the continents…」

「More importantly, Kyou. Just tell her your requirements. Quickly.」

Lily avoided that talk quite brilliantly! Well, it would be certainly long if I let them talk about their unfinished business. Therefore, I had to speak about my requirement as soon as possible.

「Excuse me, I apologize for interrupting your story. In fact, war hero. I want the seed from the world tree that you own right now. Is it possible for you to give it to me?」

「The seed from the world tree? Ah, that. All right.」

「Ah…I knew that you wouldn’t give it to me. I understand your feelings. Then, what should I do in order to…」


Wait a minute.

What did this person say just now?

「You want the seed from the world tree, correct? I said all right. I’ll give it to you. I originally found it, but I never used it for anything.」

Seriously! Awesome! I’m going to get my second seed this fast! Part Two complete!! No, actually, this was excessively easy this time. Either way, I really thought that I was going to Part Three of my seed-searching quest…

「However, I’ll give it to you under one condition. 」

After saying that, the war hero came near Lily, embraced her and declared the following words.

「Give Lily to me. That’s the condition.」

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