This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Rosalie’s Determination

The town named Igle, known as the place of coexistence between humans and demons, was the epicenter of the true revelation on the demons’ hearts…And also the place where the resurrected Lucifer Crow was destroyed by Seiya’s fearsome destruction.

Even after burning Lucifer’s body remains with Hell’s Fire, Seiya kept his arms covered with flames and looked fixedly at the surrounding demons. Due to Seiya’s overwhelming power and aura, even Chaos Makina and Eliza seemed to have completely lost their fighting spirit. I yelled confidently.

「Everyone, listen carefully! If you try to harm the townspeople, those numerous firebirds aren’t going to remain silent!」

Then, I pointed at the Automatic Phoenixes that were flying above in the sky…

「What!? 」

There was nothing above my head, just a clear sky.

Ehhhhh!! Where the hell were those firebirds!?

I noticed that only a few birds flew above Seiya’s head.

「He…Hey Seiya!! Where are the other Automatic Phoenixes!? 」

「I left only the right amount for my self-defense. Can’t you see that I finished my clean-up?」

「You might not care, but why do you have the habit of casting your power away when it’s really important!? Seiya, you are probably safe, but there are lots of demons roaming free in this town!! You have to think about Nina and Rosalie too!!」

Nearby, Nina looked at Seiya with a worried face, and beside her, stood Rosalie who tried to protect her. Seiya glanced at the two of them and sighed.

「…What a bother. 」

「Seiya!? 」

After sighing one more time, Seiya slowly turned his swords toward the demons.

「Get out of this town. There’s no place for you here. 」

The demons roared. A bloody bull-headed demon jumped in front of Seiya.

「Don’t mess with us! This town is ours… 」

However, his words ended abruptly, and his cow-like head danced in the air. Celseus trembled with shock. Seiya slashed the demon’s neck with his swords without hesitation!

「I told you I’d kill you if you didn’t back down. 」

Chaos Makina showed a frightening expression on her face when Seiya cut the demon as if he were cutting vegetables.

「Let’s go, Eliza. We must leave before our necks blow away. 」

「Ugh…! 」

 After staring at Seiya for a while, Eliza also retreated like Chaos Makina. The demons followed them one after another as the two of the former Four General Kings walked away. But, suddenly, Chaos Makina looked back at Rosalie, smiled and waved.

「See you, princess! Stay well! 」

Rosalie stared with hatred until Chaos Makina and the group of demons disappeared from our view. After a while, I asked Rosalie.

「The…The demons have been driven away…But, is this really okay?」

「Once you are out of the town’s boundaries, you can’t enter this place except with the usage of moving magic. It’s impossible to connect the magical circles without the permission of someone inside of Igle.」

「I see. You won’t have to worry if that’s the case. 」

「Yeah. The magical barriers of Igle town are strong and perfect. Flasika and my loyal retainers made them once…」

A sad Rosalie spoke with a gloomy tone. Eventually, the people of this town who were watching the situation from afar gathered around Rosalie. Immediately, Rosalie bowed deeply to the gathered crowd.

「I am incompetent. I ended up using you for the sake of the demons. Take me to trial right now. I shall give my life as a penalty.」

Everyone looked at each other as if they didn’t know what to do, or what to say. Meanwhile, Nina stood amidst that crowd with her arms outstretched in order to protect Rosalie.

「If…If Lady Rosalie didn’t invite us to this town, the dragon men would’ve killed us a long time ago!」

After a moment of silence…

「Yes…You’re right. 」

「Without Lady Rosalie, my child wouldn’t have been born… 」

Everyone started to praise Rosalie with kind words. Still, Rosalie shook her head negatively.

「Please, stop. I offered you a meaningless decade full of sacrifices…I have to take responsibility for that.」

「Lady Rosalie. It was not meaningless. 」

「There is no meaning nor good in what I did. I even destroyed the Testament myself…And in the end, the resurrected Lucifer Crow became an enemy of humankind.」

「No. Lady Rosalie’s wish for the salvation of humankind has been answered. A miracle has appeared. That’s right, the true savior of this world has finally appeared…」

Nina looked attentively at Seiya, who was exchanging his bloody swords for new ones.
The people also nodded with a smile when they stared at Seiya.

After witnessing such a scene, I whispered a sigh of relief next to Celseus.

「It looks like its okay for the time being. I wonder what would happen if there was a riot.」

「Yeah. They forgave her despite all of them being humans. I would never forgive her if it was with me.」

「…Hey you, you are small minded even though you are a god. 」

After Celseus astonished me with his senseless reaction, I approached Seiya and placed my hand in his shoulder.

「It’s going to be dangerous if there’s still a demon in town. So, let’s get the Automatic Phoenixes out there to do an inspection. It’s safer that way.」

「…Lista. 」

Suddenly, Seiya stared at me with sharp eyes, and got me confused.

「Eh!? What…What is it!? 」

「Why do you care so much about the inhabitants of this twisted world? You must remember that a twisted world is a phantom world created by Merseys.」

「I…I know that! 」

Yes, this world was a twisted world that was different from the true Geabrande. It seemed that the cautious Seiya didn’t believe in what Hades said to us, but still, during the salvation quest of Exfolia, we experienced a small magnitude of a twisted world. There was no doubt that Geabrande would be restored once we removed the cause of the twist. I clearly understood that in my heart.

「If you know that, why are you behaving like this? Normally, I care about the inhabitants of towns, too. There’s no way that I would let the demons escape from this town. I would’ve annihilated them here and now. But, this is a twisted world. If I neglect my self-defense to save an illusion, then the whole quest transforms into a funny and laughable endeavor, rather than a real saving quest.」

「But, even so…It’s not easy for me to ignore when I see people suffering in front of me…」

I put my hands together in order to plead with Seiya, who couldn’t understand me.

「C’mon, Seiya! Please, I beg you! Bring out the Automatic Phoenix! 」

「I don’t understand your reasoning. 」

「You don’t need to understand me! 」

Seiya reluctantly created the Automatic Phoenix. Dozens of firebirds spread throughout the sky above the town. Rosalie, who was watching the situation, approached us and bowed her head.

「Thank you for worrying about our town…So, what are you guys going to do now?」

「Of course, we’re going to defeat the God Dragon King! Please, wait with peace of mind!」

When I hit my chest confidently, Rosalie and the people of this town burst into tears. Rosalie exclaimed as she blushed with revived happiness.

「Is that so! If you’d like, I’ll guide you through the moving magical circle! To the homeland of the dragon tribe…To Bahamtross!」

Then, Rosalie received a staff from an inhabitant who seemed to be an official. Rosalie tried to draw the magical circle on the ground, but Seiya told her to stop.

「Hey. I’ve just exhausted my magical power during the Lucifer fight. 」

「So…So rude of me! I apologize! I was trying to pull you into another battle after you just finished a fight! You need a good rest!」

「There’s a problem to fix before I rest. Do you think I’m a fool who suddenly gets into the enemy’s traps? First, I need to gather crucial information. I’m not like you, who was deceived so foolishly by the demons.」

「Ugh! It’s just as you say! I don’t dare to speak back! 」

「He…Hey, Seiya!! 」

Rosalie barely spoke upon hearing Seiya’s harsh remarks. Rosalie just bowed apologetically.

「He…Hero, I’ll offer you a place to sleep. After you rest, I can help you gather all the information you need.」

「No need for that. There is a world slightly better than the twisted world. We’re going back there now…Lista. Summon the portal to the Underworld.」

「What!? Wa…Wait a second!! Weren’t you going to collect information!?」

「No. I will “train in order to collect information”.」

「Do you need training to collect information!?」

Rosalie exclaimed with her mouth wide open…We…Well, that wasn’t so surprising to me. It was impossible for ordinary people to understand how cautious Seiya truly was.

Rosalie wasn’t the only one surprised. The crowd of people who surrounded us were equally shocked as well. Seiya’s words were quite disturbing for this people, and this seemed to annoy Seiya very much. Seiya touched my shoulder.

「It’s a hassle every time I have to save a world. Explain to them.」

「Ye…Yes! You see, Rosalie! We are going to the Underworld since Seiya needs to practice! But rest assured! The flow of time is different between both places, which means that we’ll be back in about two hours at most!」

「Underworld…? Flow of time? 」

「…Princess. Excuse me. Please come over here. 」

At a distance, the remaining officials beckoned Rosalie. Somehow, they had a very ridiculous conversation that I could hear in my ears, which was far superior to human beings.

「They talked about the Underworld. But, is there really a place like that?」

「Don’t tell me that the hero is going to abandon us…!」

Eventually, Rosalie and the others approached us with smiling faces.

「Can you take us with you to that Underworld?」

…Oh no!! They were really suspicious about what I told them!!

「Wha…What should we do, Seiya!? 」

「I thought that it would be better for them to understand if it were a goddess to explain it to them, rather than me. But, I guess it failed.」

「Or rather, after Lista explained it, everyone started to overthink too much about it…」

「What the hell, Celseus!! Are you saying that it’s my fault!? 」

Anyway, there was no way that Seiya would allow them to accompany him. I was wondering if we should just leave as usual…

「Okay. But, Rosalie is the only one I can take with me. 」

「EHH!! Are you fine with that, Seiya!? 」

「This old Rosalie has been fighting the dragons for a whole decade. I want Rosalie to tell me more information about the enemy. It’s part of collecting information.」

「…Is…Is that all? 」

Then, Seiya responded without hesitation.

「Merseys also brought the Sacred Hero from a twisted world. I want to investigate everything thoroughly to see whether there are points or features common to humans who came from the twisted worlds.」

I see. After all, Seiya was not only cautious but also methodical. If that was the case, then I couldn’t object against it…

「Princess. Be careful. 」

「Yeah. I’ll be back soon. 」

While Rosalie nodded to her people, I opened the portal to the Underworld. Then, Celseus, Rosalie of the twisted world, and I, dived through the portal after Seiya.

The Underworld didn’t have the usual thick fog. But, Rosalie opened her one eye wide when she looked up at the red sky. She marveled upon seeing this sight. I opened the portal near Uno’s house. The large grassland spread around the house, and it was usually quiet. However, I noticed that a huge slug-like Underworld person crawled along the ground.

「So, what do you think, Rosalie. This is the Underworld. Do you trust us now?」

Rosalie, who was taken aback for a while, looked at me and smiled.

「Apart from the others, I never had doubts about you from the beginning.」

「Then, why did you want to come? 」

「I really wanted to know the secret of the frightening strength that the hero possesses.」

At that time, Seiya broke in between us. Then, he stared at Rosalie’s face and put his hand on her forehead.

「You don’t seem to have fever. Next, stick out your tongue. 」

「Eh…Re…Really? 」

Seiya began to examine Rosalie like a doctor. He touched Rosalie’s limbs while standing. He bended her arms and legs, and proceeded to stretch them afterwards. While being touched all over her body by Seiya, Rosalie’s face became bright red.

「Is there any change in your body? 」

「No…Well…It feels like I’m burning hot… 」

「Oh. It may be an environment effect since you came from a twisted world. Let me get a better look.」

「I can feel something tingling in the lower half of my body… 」

「Where exactly? 」

「On the lower part of the belly…Around the bottom…On the crotch area…」

「Hmm. Can I touch it? 」

「Hey!! Don’t you dare touch it!! I mean, you two, what are you up to!?」

I couldn’t help but scream. Seiya showed me a rather confusing face after hearing me scream.

「I told you. I am examining the body of someone from the twisted world. It’s an important research in order to overthrow the Sacred Hero.」

「That may be important, but don’t forget that you are examining a girl, and excessive body touching is bad!」

Seiya snorted “hmm” and began to walk away. Celseus spoke happily next to me.

「Hurray! I can finally rest now! I’m going to bake a cake at Uno’s house! 」

「Ah, for you everything is good and easy, how great of you…」

Celseus overtook Seiya’s pace, and rushed towards Uno’s house with a fierce dash. He only thought about making cakes! He looked like a girl!

Meanwhile, Rosalie’s blushing face didn’t disappear as she stared at Seiya’s back.

「He…Hero! Can I also train with you! 」

「Why? 」

「The townspeople encouraged me with kind words…But, I can’t forgive myself! At the very least, I want to apologize by becoming stronger and save the world! Otherwise, I won’t be able to face them!」

Seiya was listening to Rosalie, who looked at him with a shining bright eye.

「Are you going to fight with the Dragon King? 」

「I’m willing to give my life for that cause! If you want, I’ll fight to become your feet and hands, hero!」

「Hmm. 」

Seiya nodded at Rosalie’s words. He thought deeply about her proposal.

「Ehh!? Why are you considering her proposal!? You often say to your comrades that you “don’t need” them!!」

「I don’t mind if she dies. After all, she’s the Rosalie of the twisted world. In addition, a special attack prepared for self-destruction should be a threat to the enemy. I could use her as a sacrificial piece.」

「Se…Seiya!! How could you say that… 」

「Thank you! I’m okay with being a sacrificial piece! 」

「You’re thankful!? You should be angry instead!! 」

But, Rosalie didn’t seem to hear my words. She happily asked Seiya.

「So, what kind of training are you going to do now? 」

「I said that I wanted to restore my magical power. So, first, I’m going to sleep today.」

I saw Rosalie moving her hands with excitement as she saw Seiya walking fast.

「You’re going to sleep, huh! You’re truly amazing! 」

「No. What the heck are you talking about. What is amazing? Isn’t it natural for someone to sleep when they get tired? …Hey, Rosalie. Haven’t you heard that Seiya will be using you? There’s no way that you got fooled so easily like that.」

However, Rosalie murmured with an ecstatic look on her face.

「In addition to overwhelming power, he is a meticulous person who analyses everything! The hero has everything I don’t have!」

Hmm. It looked like she was completely infatuated with Seiya. I wondered if Rosalie from the original world would have hated Seiya for the things he said to her. Well, Lucifer Crow was killed vividly in front of our eyes. The long-awaited arrival of the savior…It seemed that this Rosalie thought of Seiya as her true savior. No wonder.

However, it seemed that Rosalie’s one eye was moisturizing, while looking at Seiya’s back as he walked into Uno’s house.

「Ah…! Hero…! 」

Ehh! She just respected him…Correct!? It was just that, right!?

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Yes Lista, she has great respect for him….huh, huh…


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