This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 141 Part 2

Chapter 141: Last Chance (2)

I was startled when I saw Lucifer’s true nature. Despite her hideous transformation, an unsurprised Seiya spoke with his usual calm tone.

「Lucifer Crow. This is truly the last of the last of the last chance. Cooperate with me.」

「Why are you persisting with that!? Who the hell is going to cooperate at this timmmeeeee!!」

It was obvious that Lucifer didn’t want to cooperate with Seiya. A fierce-looking Lucifer advanced violently at Seiya.

「I’m going to bite your head off! 」

「…Is that your answer? Too bad. 」

Seiya muttered with a disappointing look on his face. I was worried when I saw how hassle-free Seiya was behaving.

「Seiya! Don’t let your guard down! 」

Lucifer could attack him at any moment now. Seiya was so relaxed that this could be his fatal flaw. However…My worries were useless. I noticed that Seiya stared at Lucifer with strong piercing eyes.

「If you can’t be my ally then I will have to destroy you thoroughly until you are completely gone.」

Seiya pulled out the swords from both sheaths attached to his waist. I recalled that he purchased those swords in the Underworld. Then, Seiya tried to attack Lucifer, who was rushing towards him with rage. Lucifer made a monstrous strange voice as she tried to cut him off with her sharp claws. However, Seiya defended himself with his two swords, when he collided with her claws a fiery rush of claws and swords started. Seiya dodged Lucifer’s claws narrowly, and Lucifer distanced her body slightly to avoid Seiya’s swords.

…Although it was a close-up battle where Lucifer didn’t use her magical bow, Seiya was fighting against her with the State Berserk, yet with no success of wounding her…! No, rather…!

Seiya wielded his double sword with many direct attacks, but Lucifer didn’t receive a single clean cut yet. On the other hand, Lucifer’s claws were aimed precisely at Seiya’s vital points. Seiya barely managed to dodge the deadly heart-wrenching attacks.

「Seiya!! 」

Seiya seemed to be inferior in power. I trembled with anxiety and fear as I watched their battle. Next to me, Celseus was trembling more than I was.

「Ughhhh!! It’s cold!! 」

「Eh… 」

I realized it when Celseus told me about it. My exhaling breath was freezing cold!! The…The temperature around us was gradually falling!? …Eh, that’s!?

I noticed that Lucifer’s arms, which were defending and attacking against Seiya’s assaults, were getting frozen. Lucifer had a face of anguish when her arms became stuck in ice. Seiya aimed his double sword towards Lucifer. I noticed that cold air drifted from Seiya’s swords.

「Sword technique of frozen restraint… “Fenrir Beat”. 」

The demons roared around us. At the same time, Eliza yelled with a groaning voice.

「Ice…Ice magic swords!? Isn’t fire his attribute!?」

No wonder that Eliza was surprised. In addition to mimicry skills, which imitated the techniques of demons, Seiya even used magical swords of the differing-attribute that transcended the laws of magic theories. The techniques of the Underworld were beyond the comprehension of both gods and demons alike.

I felt that Lucifer was pushing Seiya back during the previous offensive and defense battle. But, that was my misunderstanding. Seiya’s attacks didn’t hit Lucifer directly as a result of an increase condition caused by activating different attributes at the same time. The hit rate had dropped, but the magic power had improved accordingly. Lucifer’s body got a small slash by the icy force of Fenrir Beat…Ice came from various locations, and covered the whole body of Lucifer in the blink of an eye!

「Ah…Ugh…! 」

Lucifer tried to say something, but her head was instantly wrapped in ice!

「Maybe she can invoke the magical bow with her eyes and mouth. So, it’s better to get her body frozen all over.」

After muttering quietly, Seiya slowly approached Lucifer after she became a crystal of ice.

「Ice magic is highly binding, but it is not suitable for stabbing nor killing. After all, the fire system continues to be the most competent with destructive power.」

Seiya took a deep breath in front of Lucifer, who couldn’t move anymore.

「…Mode Eternal Sword EX Phoenix Drive. 」

When Seiya wielded his flame-tinged double sword, a crimson geometric pattern emerged in front of Lucifer, who became fully covered in ice. That super-fast sword technique transformed into a Berserker itself and created dozens of more magical circles around Lucifer. At the same time the magical circles disappeared, a flash of light and shock occurred! A huge blast surrounded the whole area! The frozen body of Lucifer defrosted instantly! She became dismembered pieces of burnt meat! Her body remains scattered all over the floor!

…Did…Did Seiya defeat Lucifer Crow…? That certainly took me by surprise…!

Celseus approached Seiya, who was standing intact, and touched his shoulder.

「He…Hey, Seiya! That was so cool! But, will you be all right without Lucifer’s cooperation?」

「Lucifer’s magical bow was suitable for assassination. So, I believed that Lucifer would be capable of inflicting some damage on the God Dragon King even if he ended killing her in the end. That’s why I wanted to use her. It would have been possible to defeat a weakened Dragon King more solidly.」

…Did he persistently asked for a cooperation with Lucifer in order to increase his chances of winning the fight against the Dragon King? That was the translation of Seiya’s cautiousness…

I felt satisfied with the result of the fight against Lucifer. But, Seiya spoke seriously.

「This fight was the result of luck. No matter how much different is my ability versus the enemy; the environment, physical condition, and various factors must be considered. Meaning, it’s not always possible to win. Still, there is one sure truth in battle.」

「Eh, I see. But, Seiya, what is that truth? 」

「If I don’t fight, I will never lose. 」

「Well, isn’t that obvious!? 」

「Either way, the Lucifer cooperation plan has failed. Now let’s think about a way to persuade the remaining demons to do that instead.」

「Please, just stop with that persistence…」

Even though Seiya kept persisting on that topic, Celseus and I were both relieved to be safe. However, the demons around us became noisy.

「Surround them! 」

Upon receiving Eliza’s command, the demons rushed in our direction. Celseus got frightened, but the demons just circled us in order to restrain us. They didn’t attack us immediately. That was natural. After all, Seiya defeated their legendary demon Lucifer Crow. They were probably afraid of Seiya. Then, Seiya turned his cold eyes on Eliza.

「I don’t always know the outcome of battles. Even so, the odds of you winning against me who defeated Lucifer are as close to zero, you know.」

Chaos Makina shouted in a rare hysterical state.

「You…You…You don’t know that! We still have a chance if all my demons join forces! Besides, I’m still perfectly capable of…」

「Look at yourself. There’s no point in ridiculing your body like a cow.」

「Whattttttttt!? Why do you even say that!? 」

Seiya didn’t put his swords back in the sheaths. He looked at the surrounding demons with sharp eyes.

「Everyone, step back now. Otherwise, I’ll kill you. 」

「Ugh…! 」

Both Eliza and Chaos Makina retreated as if they were pushed by Seiya’s strong aura. Near this scene, Rosalie and Nina looked at Seiya in astonishment. While Seiya was keeping an eye on the demons, a shocked Rosalie couldn’t understand what had happened.

「The legendary demon Lucifer Crow couldn’t get her hands or legs out of that crystal…! Why…Why did she lose…! An ordinary human without the power of the demons defeated her just like that…!」

I talked to Rosalie.

「He is not an ordinary human. He is a special case. One in a hundred million people. Meaning that he is one of the greatest talents, who takes more efforts than anyone to prepare for every single scenario.」

I heard the sound of Rosalie spitting and stuttering.

「So, he is…the chosen “hero” selected by god to save us all…! The Hero of Salvation…!」

「Hmm. He isn’t exactly the Hero of Salvation. 」

Seiya, who kept the demons at bay with dozens of Automatic Phoenixes around them, used a sword to collect Lucifer’s charcoal remains. Then, as usual, he invoked fire with Hell’s Fire to exterminate the charcoal.

「Wha…What the hell is that guy even doing!? 」

「Who…Who is that human…!! 」

The cunning Chaos Makina and Eliza, both of whom were fighting for their lives, stopped their movements upon seeing Seiya’s strange eccentricities. Looking at such a scene, I smiled at a speechless Rosalie, who watched the whole spectacle from afar.

「He is the Cautious Hero. 」

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If only she had listened to Seiya…He gave her several chances…and she accepted none and ended up dying…You reap what you sow.


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