This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 140 Part 1

Chapter 140: Ten Years of Union (1)

In front of me stood a perplexed Rosalie, who stared fixedly at Eliza.

「Deceive, you say? What does that mean! Humans and demons are equal!」

「There is no way that humans and demons can be equal. You are less than livestock since the prehistoric times.」

Eliza’s attitude changed rapidly, and the air surrounding them got gloomy and heavy. Celseus touched my shoulder.

「He…Hey. Isn’t there something suspicious going on here? 」

「I knew it…! They were deceived by the demons! 」

Rosalie was so enraged that she spoke with a trembling voice.

「Eliza…Don’t make me angry! Humans have even gained the power of a demon’s body…There is no way that you have forgotten about it!」

Rosalie showed her devilish arm and then slammed the ground with her sword. The bedrock collapsed with tremendous power. Yet, Eliza remained calm.

「Indeed. That power was a real threat to demons. And if we continued to fight against humans, the dragon men would be the ones to “sip off from the delicious soup bowl” while we killed ourselves to death. Therefore, we decided to use you until the right time came. However, that’s all in the past now. That oath doesn’t hold any value anymore because Lady Lucifer has finally been revived.」

Eliza threw away the Testament and looked at Rosalie with crimson eyes.

「The contract is over. All humans in this town will now die. 」

The officials around Rosalie were quivering upon hearing those unsettling words. Rosalie shouted 「Don’t panic! 」, and picked up the Testament from the ground.

「No matter what you think, as long as we have the Testament, the demons won’t be able to harm the humans!」

It was an undeniable fact that the Testament contained an enormous magical power. Even Seiya, who had become a Berserker and had increased his attack power to the maximum, could not destroy it. In other words, it was impossible to rewrite the contents.

…Even so…Why was Eliza so calm?

Rosalie confronted Eliza with her bare sword and said.

「The Testament clearly says, “Demons can’t harm humans”. But, we humans have no such restrictions. I can kill any demons if I want to.」

Instead, Rosalie began to threaten Eliza. Still, Eliza’s expression didn’t change.

「As you say, demons can neither hurt people nor destroy the Testament. As stated in the contents, only one human, Rosalie Rosgard, is able to destroy this pact.」

Then, Eliza’s face got distorted.

「That’s right…We aren’t be able to get rid of that Testament… But you can destroy it yourself.」

「What are you talking about… 」

Rosalie stopped speaking. Rosalie’s devilish arm trembled contritely as she put her hand on the Testament.

「My…My arm is…! 」

Rosalie seemed to be trying desperately to resist the force that went against her will. However, her demon arm destroyed the Testament quite easily. Seiya challenged it before but he was never able to inflict even a small scratch on it. Rosalie was shocked to see the destroyed Testament, which she broke herself. Eliza laughed aloud.

「The art of manipulating humans with the power of demons has finally paid off. If your sorcerer, Flasika, were alive, he may have prevented this with his magic.」

After everybody witnessed the destruction of the Testament, Rosalie’s officials spoke with frightening voices.

「No…No way…It can’t be! 」

「Wha…What will happen to us now…? 」

Meanwhile, the Demon Sword’s expedition soldiers and the demons in the town were watching the whole scene with evil smiles. At that moment, I felt the wickedness and murderous intent that had been hiding in the town.

…Ugh! I knew it! They were evil demons after all! My wisdom was so much better than humans’ perception! For them it was an unrealistic scenario! They probably couldn’t even believe it!

These demons were cunning. When they signed the Testament, they were already thinking about how to destroy it. They suppressed their wickedness and continued to deceive the humans for a decade.

Rosalie, who had lost the Testament along with the belief in her heart, headed for Chaos Makina in hopes that this was all just a misunderstanding.

「Chaos Makina…! Don’t tell me that you have betrayed me…!」

Chaos Makina turned away from Rosalie’s gaze and remained silent. A hopeful Rosalie plead to Chaos Makina.

「We have traveled together for many times to defeat the dragons! You even saved my life! All the ten years I’ve spent with you…Was it all a lie?」

「Princess… 」

Chaos Makina murmured low. Then, I took a step back when I saw Chaos Makina’s face when she looked straight at Rosalie. Chaos Makina had that infamous cruel smile that she once showed to us in the original Geabrande.

「The demons have a long life. Ten years is a long time for the princess, but for us, it has been just a few months. In addition, it is natural that we have betrayed you and told you lies. Because…」

A cheerful Chaos Makina proclaimed with a high voice.

「We are demons! 」

「…How dare you! 」

After gritting her teeth, Rosalie swung her sword against Chaos Makina. Nonetheless…

「Unseal. 」

The aura around Chaos Machina was greatly amplified. Rosalie’s sword rolled and danced in the air without her swinging the sword.

「What…! 」

A surprised Rosalie succumbed to the ground after she lost the strength in her legs. After preventing the attack easily as if she subdued a child, Chaos Makina approached Rosalie.

「Sorry. I am actually much stronger than you are. Remember this. Real strong beings don’t show their trump cards until the very end.」

Rosalie tried to run away, but Chaos Makina grabbed her by the neck and lifted her. Then she brought Rosalie’s face close to hers and licked her skin with her long tongue.

「*grins naughtily* Well, I guess that I shouldn’t waste our close relationship. Shall I take off your clothes, put a collar on you while naked, and use you at night as a comfort object?」

A red-faced Rosalie gritted her teeth strongly. She clearly felt anger and shame. I noticed that she turned her gaze away from Chaos Makina. She probably realized that she couldn’t resist because she was powerless.

Upon seeing this, I heard the sound of Celseus spiking next to me.

「Chaos Makina…! What a nasty being…She’s absolutely a vile demon! A night comfort object? Ahahah…I got mad and excited at the same time!」

「If you think about saying something, don’t say crap!!」

Chaos Makina tossed Rosalie to the ground. The demons surrounding them saw a pitiful Rosalie laying in the ground, and laughed with mocking faces.

「Yahahahah! There’s no way Lady Chaos Makina would trust you!」

「What an idiotic woman you are! You should have been the one to server as a sacrifice!」

「Well, well. Don’t say that. We have to thank the princess. Thanks to her, Lady Lucifer has been revived.」

Chaos Makina looked at Lucifer Crow with an ecstatic expression.

「Everyone look! The chosen one possesses a tremendous ability value that even surpasses the power of the Demon King Zenos Road! We don’t need to be fearful of the God Dragon King anymore! This is the beginning of the world ruled by demons!」

The demons roared with big cheers upon hearing Chaos Makina’s confident statement. Rosalie’s officials and the people of the town rushed out of the area in a hurry.

The sudden rebellion of the demon clan and the collapse of Igle town. But, during this chaotic situation…

「Automatic Phoenix! 」

Seiya’s cool voice echoed behind me! Soon, a few dozen of Seiya’s flame birds flew out from behind his back!

…Seiya!? He used to be like a mob character, but…it seemed that he was finally serious now!! That’s right!! It was time for this heroic person to shine!!

I thought that Seiya had finally became a worthy hero. However, Seiya’s Automatic Phoenix flew in the opposite direction, instead of charging straight-ahead at Eliza or Lucifer.

「What!? Where are your Phoenixes going!? 」

「I thought that it would be extremely inconvenient if Lucifer missed one of Paradula’s alter egos. Meaning if one was alive, it could be very troublesome. So, I decided to invoke the Automatic Phoenix all over town to investigate.」

「Why are you doing that at this particular time!! Shouldn’t you beat the demons now!!」

「I already told you to leave it alone. By the way, it’s quite natural for demons to betray humans. That doesn’t pose as a problem. So, I don’t see any obstacle to the vital plan. For me, it would be okay if Lucifer was the one to eventually defeat the Dragon King.」

「Hey you!! Why do you keep saying that!? It seems that this time I can’t rely on you for anything!!」

I almost stopped breathing when I tried to point at Lucifer. In fact, Lucifer was watching us from a distance!

「…Chaos Makina. Who are those humans over there? One has a higher ability value than the woman you just deal with. And I can feel an horrifying godliness from that man and woman standing near the one with high stats.」

Who…Whoa!! Was she referring to Celseus and me!?

An excited Chaos Makina spoke while laughing between her teeth.

「It looks like they are the supposed-hero and the goddess, and some random god respectively. But, don’t worry. After all, they are all “relics of the past”. They aren’t worthy opponents for Lady Lucifer.」

「Who…Who are the relics of the past!! 」

「C’mon, c’mon. It’s obvious. Lady Lucifer’s abilities are several times higher than the stats of that hero. But there’s no need for Lady Lucifer to fight. I’ve prepared something special in advance for an occasion like this.」

Chaos Makina received a slender sword from the demon behind her. A vicious aura emitted from the blade when she removed it from the sheath.

「Chain Destruction. The effect is…Well, you can understand this without me explaining it, right?」

「Ugh…! 」

I shuddered, while Celseus spoke with a frightening voice.

「This…This is bad!! They’re going to kill us!! 」

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