This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 139

Chapter 139: The Magical Bow of Darkness

The sight of Lucifer walking alongside Eliza and Chaos Machina looked rather magnificent.

I followed them, but within a safe distance. Then, I heard the yelling voice of a woman in my ears. When we rushed in that direction, a few demons in the vicinity changed their complexion and ran over to Eliza in a hurry.

「Lord Eliza! The soldiers from the Demon Sword’s expedition are rampaging in town!」

「A dragon man has hijacked them. Don’t hesitate. Kill them before the death toll rises. 」

「Roger! 」

Just when Eliza gave orders to the surrounding demons, I noticed that a chaotic scene, which resembled a riot, spread beyond my line of sight. A large group of people ran away from demons who moved strangely and ferociously… They were obviously demon soldiers who were rampaging in town. They were five…six…no, they were much more! That…those large numbers of demon soldiers were being manipulated by the dragon!? What kind of parasite was that!?

「It’s Lord Eliza’s order! We must kill the rampaging demon soldiers!」

The demon who received the direct order shouted aloud for everybody to hear. Then, the complexities of the demons who were running away with fear changed completely. One of the demons slashed one soldier from the Demon Sword’s expedition with a sharp blade. That blade resembled a dagger. The flesh ripped apart and a lot of blood overflew from the slashed soldier. It was a fatal wound since the cut went from the shoulder down to the waist. However, on this very moment, a small dragon jumped out of the soldier’s wound and quickly crawled to the demon’s body and intruded into one of his sharp ears!

「Gyahhhhhh!! 」

The demon, who screamed as he fell to the ground, was in a drowsy agony. Then, he slowly stood up. He was suffering tremendously just a second ago, but now he distorted his mouth and smiled weirdly.

「Whoaaa ahahah…! May I have the blessing of the Holy Angel!」

…It…It was like an infection! No wonder that Paradula could easily increase his numbers so fast!

「Seiya! We have to find the main body of Paradula somehow!」

「You mustn’t concern yourself with the main body now.」

「He…Hey, you! Stop acting like this! Will you? If this dragon eliminates all of the demons and humans right now, there won’t be enough people for the battalion against the Dragon King! Do you understand that?」

「You are the one who doesn’t understand. As I said, it’s not the main body that you should be concerned about. All the little dragons became parasites to invade the bodies of the demons. This is a speculation, but the dragon may have split into tens or even hundreds of units. The damage will be irrelevant even if you exterminate part of them.」

I…I see! Certainly, Seiya could analyze it in detail because he imitated his technique…Eh…

「Wait a minute!! Did you imply that the parasites infected hundreds of demons!?」

「I would do that if I were that dragon.」

「No way…! 」

The demon soldiers parasitized by Paradula were rampaging in town like a pack of murderous gangs. Eventually they noticed a group of demons that surrounded Lucifer Crow and walked towards them all at once.

「Li…Lista! They are coming over here! 」

Celseus and I retreated immediately after we saw the eerie figures approaching us with confusing and daunting laughs.

However, Chaos Machina stood in front of those crazy parasitized demons. She swung down her large sword, and ripped a demon soldier in half…At the same time, a small dragon jumped out of the wound and headed towards the mouth of Chaos Makina!

「Watch out! 」

I screamed unintentionally…For nothing. Before invading the oral cavity, the small dragon’s head was cut into pieces because of the sharp teeth of Chaos Machina. She spit out the flesh of her enemy and made a bitter look.

「Ah. Dangerous. That was dangerous. 」

Chaos Machina was quite upset, but she managed to survive. Nonetheless, the other demon soldiers kept marching towards us without hesitation.

「May we have the blessing of the Holy Angel! May we have the blessing of the Holy Angel!」

Chaos Makina scratched her cheeks while showing a concerned expression.

「Hmm. Their large number is quite troublesome. 」

Chaos Makina took a step back. And Eliza prepared himself for battle. However, after a while, all the parasitized demons stopped walking. One demon soldier opened his mouth.

「…Hihihi. There’s someone here with a terrifying but remarkable magical power.」

When I heard the statement of the enemy, I looked immediately at Seiya. A strong-looking Seiya bore fiery flames all over his body as a self-defense mechanism.

…That infected soldier was most probably scared and amazed by Seiya’s powerful flames! His body could burn instantly if he got too close to Seiya!

「Ah! Seiya can beat you up without any problem! 」

I spoke quite confidently to the enemy. However, the infected soldier was looking at the opposite direction. It wasn’t Seiya whom he talked about. Actually, he was referring to Lucifer Crow, who was facing Paradula’s demon soldier straight on…No, so it was her!!

「Whoaaa ahahah! I see, so that demon is your only hope! You were hiding her all this time until she was prepared to be revived, huh! She has an intense aura that overwhelms all the others!」

After admiring and screaming aloud, Paradula laughed weirdly again.

「But, you won’t succeed no matter how strong she is! My alter egos has invaded the majority of demons present in this town!」

Seiya’s speculation was probably correct. Paradula had infected hundreds of demon soldiers. Still, Eliza spoke calmly.

「What about it. I feel bad for my compatriots, but I’m gonna kill you whether you’re inside of them or not.」

「Ahahah! That’s a devilish way of thinking! But, I wonder if you’ll remain calm after the plague has inflicted you as well?」

「What did you say? 」

Something went wrong with Eliza soon after. He growled in anguish while one of his six arms rest on his abdomen. And then…

「Gyah! 」

Eliza screamed high when his belly ripped apart! A bloody-looking dragon emerged from his open belly! That thing laughed with his tingling red tongue!

「How foolish! I’ve also infected youuuuu! 」

「Si…Since when…! I…I didn’t even notice that…you invaded my body…!」

「Whoaaa ahahah! Follow me if you don’t want to die!」

It…It looked like an alien scene! Did he infect Eliza during the expedition? Or did he have an opportunity just moments ago? I couldn’t figure it out but…it was absolutely terrifying! I…I probably should’ve accepted Seiya’s cork after all!

Inside my mind, I tried to forsake my goddess’ pride and accept Seiya’s cork after I witnessed Paradula’s alter ego retracted into Eliza’s belly. Instead, Eliza spoke to his subordinates with a tough but determined look.

「I don’t care…! Kill…me…! 」

Then, Eliza’s expression changed radically. The words uttered from his distorted mouth were so high-pitched. It seemed that his voice got completely different from before.

「Ohh, what a great thing to say!! Well then, come and try to kill this general of yours!! But, you won’t be able to eradicate me even if you kill the one inside of your general!! If you wish to annihilate me completely, then you’ll have to kill every demon in town!! Whoaaa ahahah!! I must warn you that it will be a task absolutely impossible to accomplish!!」

I swallowed lots of saliva.

Ugh! He was planning to suppress the whole town by taking every single demon as a hostage…Paradula…Even though his body was so small; he was a ridiculous and formidable enemy! What should we do in this situation!

「C’mon, just try to solve the plague that it’s covering this town!」

Paradula tried to provoke and instigate more rage and suffering to those who were still alive. Chaos Machina was wavering and Rosalie breathed heavily.

I was worried about Seiya and looked back. However…Seiya wasn’t there.

「What!? 」

I lost sight of Seiya for a moment and looked for him in panic. After a while, I finally found Seiya and Celseus in the shade of a private house a few meters away from the scene. I noticed that Seiya kept burning, while Celseus hid like a scaredy-cat. I rushed over there and yelled at them.

「Hey, you guys!! What the hell are you doing here!?」

「We’re hiding of course. Even though I covered my body with flames in order to achieve a perfect defense, there is still a probability that I’d get infected like Eliza.」

「No one can get close to your fiery body!! We have to do something!! So, stop hiding!!」

「I told you that I don’t care. I’m gonna take a different route for now, which is to look at the special demon that the demon-human alliance has been waiting for more than ten years.」

「Eh… 」

I took a deep sight when I realized that Seiya was too keen in watching Lucifer Crow. He watched her attentively while touching his chin. In the meantime, Lucifer Crow, who had been silent until now, stared at Paradula with sharp eyes.

She took a step forward as she professed with cold voice like ice.

「How deplorable. Geabrande has become a world where the small fish prevails.」

「You…What did you say just now? Small fish? Did you call me a small fish? Whoaaa ahahah! What an idiot! The lives of every demon of yours are in hands of a small fish like me!」

「That’s a misconception. There’s nothing in your hands. 」

Lucifer shook her arms that acted like she was holding bow. A black haze appeared around her arms and formed a magical bow and arrow without any sort of equipment.

…The…The magical bow of darkness! That was Lucifer Crow’s specialty!

Lucifer held the magical bow with a graceful gesture reminiscent of Mithis, the Goddess of Bow. However, Lucifer fired the black arrow at the heavens, and not at Paradula.

「He…Hey, hey! Where did she aim at? 」

A confused Celseus spoke aloud. Instead of firing against the parasitized demon general that stood in front of her, the thin arrow was shot high into the sky. The parasitized demon was laughing with a victorious smirk, but my eyes were glued to the torn clouds in the sky.

「What…What is that…! 」

A huge black sphere floated in the sky! There were innumerable “eyes” on the surface of the sphere, and it was moving steadily!

「Lista! What is that monster! Did she summon it? But, Lucifer’s specialty is a magical bow!」

「Ho…How can I know that! 」

「…I’m sure that’s Lucifer’s magical bow. 」

I became speechless when I heard Seiya’s words.

Tha…That monster was a magical bow…!?

The magical bow that Seiya learned in the past was clearly different from this! Celseus was definitely disconcerted at the sight of the strange magical bow! Then, Lucifer spoke high.

「I gave you a chance to get out of my comrade’s body.」

Then, Lucifer crossed her arms in front of the parasitized demon general.

「Pour down. Almighty disaster. “Diablos Rain”. 」

On the very moment, the spherical monster floating in the sky emitted a bright light and exploded. The black orbit scattered all over the sky. It descended to the ground at a tremendous speed like guided missiles! The missiles went towards the demon general!

「Argh…! 」

Eliza groaned when the pieces of the black sphere pierced his body. However, Eliza wasn’t the only one. The missiles of the black sphere that fell from the sky hit the demon soldiers who were rioting. However, the trajectory of the attack didn’t hit Rosalie nor Chaos Machina. Of course, neither Seiya, Celseus and I. Suddenly, I noticed something and asked Seiya the following.

「Did she aim only at the demon soldiers who were infected by Paradula!? But, how!?」

「The spherical monster scanned every body of the enemy in town. Then, she used the power of her magical bow to proceed with the attack.」

「Then…Then, does that mean that she killed all the parasitized demons!? 」

「No… 」

Seiya pointed in one particular direction. After collapsing into the ground, Paradula came out from Eliza’s mouth, whose body was cut in half. Even though was he coughing blood, Eliza was still alive. And the demon soldiers who had fallen up gradually woke up and began to stand up.

「Ho…How!? The missiles from the black sphere clearly pierced their bodies!! So, how are they alive and safe!?」

「A dark force probably created that magical arrow, which is resistant to every demon. So, even if it penetrated their bodies, Eliza and the others are safe.」

Seiya explained to me in the shade. Meanwhile, Lucifer was sending a cold gaze to the dying little dragon crawling through the ground.

「My magical bow has eliminated all three hundred and fifty-one small dragons that had infected the bodies of my fellow men.」

「My…My alter egos…were shoot dead…all at the same time…! It…It can’t be…」

Paradula seemed to be withering and dying. And after a short moment…only silence remained.

For a while, both people and demons were silent. But, suddenly, Chaos Machina spoke with an excited voice.

「Mi…Miracle! This is a miracle!! Wonderful, so wonderful, extremely wonderful!!」

Her words were like a signal. The demons in the town roared with long cheers. Then, they gathered around Lucifer and began to praise her.

Contrary to the joyous demons, I was trembling so much.

She…She easily overturned that helpless situation! Lucifer Crow…She really was a demon with a hidden and unknown power!

Suddenly, Seiya walked out of the shadow. He released the flames covering his body. When he approached the cheering demons applauding Lucifer’s win, Seya made a dry clapping sound.

「Good job. I give you my congratulations. 」

「Why are you congratulating her!? 」

「As expected, Lucifer Crow would be a good match for the God Dragon King. From now on, I will be supporting Lucifer from behind the scenes.」

「Are…Are you serious!? 」

「This will allow me to conquer the Twisted Geabrande safely.」

I…I couldn’t believe it!! Supporting her from behind the scenes…He was no longer a hero, but a mob character!!

Rosalie murmured behind me when I sighed frustratingly.

「He’s right. That’s the best thing to do. Humanity should support Lucifer. With this legendary demon, we are going to defeat the Dragon King for sure…!」

Rosalie had a determined look on her face. Then, she slipped through the cheering demons. Rosalie approached Lucifer and reached out for a handshake.

「Once again… I am Rosalie Rosgard, the representative of the demon-human alliance.」

Lucifer didn’t respond to her handshake. She stared at Rosalie with cold eyes. Still, Rosalie proclaimed loudly.

「Lucifer Crow! Please save humanity from the hands of the God Dragon King!」

Lucifer frowned. She asked the demons around her after completely ignoring Rosalie.

「There is something upsetting me for a while now. The humans of this town…It seems that they are not slaves. Why are demons congregating with humans?」

「Humanity and the demons are working together to defeat the dragon men.」

Rosalie took out the Testament to show it to Lucifer. However, Lucifer didn’t distort her expression. Rosalie smiled a little.

「It’s reasonable that you can’t understand the current situation. After all, you didn’t witness the events that happened between the humans and demons over the last decade.」

Then, Eliza interrupted the talk between Rosalie and Lucifer.

「Rosalie. Let me be the one to explain it to Lady Lucifer.」

「Ah, you’re right. Please do. 」

Eliza spoke politely to Lucifer while being careful.

「More than ten years ago, after the Dragon King defeated the Demon King Zenos Road…The Great War between the dragon tribe, the demons and the humans had begun. A three large war that signaled the start of a new era. In the battle, we demons applied the evil methods of Death Magra and the summoning dark force of Kill Capul in order to increase our magic power. However, humans increased their abilities as well.」

Eliza pointed to Rosalie while talking.

「The Rosgard Empire found a way to put the power of demons into the human body. Starting with Rosalie Rosgard and the now-defunct sorcerer Flasika, some humans have transformed into a formidable force to be reckoned with. However, the dragon tribe continued to grow even more formidable in strength, their increasing power surpassed both demons and humans. In order to break the current situation, we decided to go into an agreement with humankind. A pack to join forces and destroy the dragon tribe…」

Rosalie nodded positively. When Eliza received the Testament from Rosalie’s hands, he spoke with the same cold expression as Lucifer had before.

「Here. This is the Testament… Lady Lucifer this is a false contract we’ve created to deceive the foolish human beings until your resurrection was complete.」

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Of course they were deceiving the humans…Chapter 133 part 1 showed us that Chaos Makina personality remained cruel, even Lista spoke about that irregularity…


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