This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 138 Part 2

Chapter 138: Parasitism and Resurrection (2)

Not too long after Flasika’s death. Even though he died right in front of us all, Rosalie shouted to the demon priests without even approaching Flasika’s corpse.

「With this, Lucifer Crow will revive for sure! Okay, continue with the ritual!」

Despite losing her loyal subordinate, Rosalie seemed interested only in Lucifer Crow’s resurrection. I shuddered when I realized that Rosalie had become like a demon herself after living a while with the other demons.

「Wha…What a horrible woman you are! 」

Celseus also voiced his feelings. Like Celseus, I despised Rosalie, but at the same time, something else bothered me.

…By the way…Seiya has been unusually quiet lately. What was he doing during this crucial moment…?

Flasika died and the demon priests were about to resurrect Lucifer Crow. During all this time, Seiya sat around the area where Paradula’s bodies were.

「What are you doing, Seiya…eh, what!? 」

When I approached him, I felt an extremely odd feeling. Seiya looked somewhat small. No, I wasn’t mistaken about it! The high-statured Seiya, who was over 180 cm tall (5’10), was actually smaller than me!

「Seiya!? Did you shrink!? 」

「…Strictly speaking, I’ve split up. 」

「EHH!? 」

I panicked when I heard Seiya’s voice from behind my back. Behind me stood another Seiya! He was equally smaller than me!

My mouth quivered when I saw two Seiyas standing side by side. The moment when Seiya’s double bodies blurred, they split even further! At the same time, those Seiyas got smaller and were now about the size of my waist…There were four Seiyas standing alongside each other!

「Whatttt!? 」

Next to me, Celseus also opened his mouth.

「Se…Seiya…Don’t tell me that you actually mimicked that dragon’s skill!?」

「That’s right. I remembered the splitting method by using the mimicry skill. Once I start the imitation, there is a time limit of three minutes. Then, I’ll just have to keep practicing it until it’s over.」

「Splitting, I see. I actually thought that you mimicked that dragon’s form…」

「There’s no way that I’d imitate the form of that little dragon with my mimicry skill. I just imitated his “splitting technique”. It’s quite interesting though.」

「But, Seiya. If you imitate a skill, won’t it consume a lot of your MP?」

「As a result of my training, I have successfully reduced my MP consumption by a fifth. Well, I still get an excessive consumption. If possible, I’d like to return to the Underworld to make sure that my magic skill is perfected…」

Seiya glanced at me with eyes that commanded me to open the portal. However, I was at the limit of my patience.

「No!! There’s no way that we’d go back just because you want to perfect your mimicry skill!! And this is what you’ve been doing for a while now!? Is that really important right now!?」

When I shouted aloud, the four Seiyas gathered and became one Seiya again.

「Hey, Seiya!! Didn’t you see what happened!? Did you know that Flasika is dead!?」

「What’s wrong with that? 」

「What’s wrong, you say… 」

I couldn’t control the feelings that came from the bottom of my stomach.

「I…I’m not unconcerned like you, Seiya! Everyone who lives in this Twisted Geabrande thinks that this world is a reality and not a fantasy, you know? If one gets injured, it hurts, and if one dies, it’s sad!」

「Then, what is the point of saving the twisted worlds from Merseys’ illusion? 」

「I want to help even if there is an illusionary life that needs to be saved! Seiya, you are a hero! Don’t you agree with me?」

「I don’t understand your reasoning. 」

While trying to reason with Seiya, Celseus struck my shoulder.

「He…Hey, Lista…Look at over there. 」

「C’mon, what do you want now! 」

I screamed irritably at Celseus for interrupting my serious talk with Seiya. However, I lost my words when I looked in the direction of Celseus’ pointing finger. There was a huge crack in the crystal with the magical demonic seal surrounded by the demon priests. The cracks, which were visible before, were deeper now and slowly spread apart with a cracking noise as if it were the opening of a cocoon.

「It’s breaking…! The crystal with the magical demonic seal is breaking apart…!」

The moment where someone muttered aloud. I heard a crushing sound as if a large glasswork fell from a high place to the floor! The crystal with the magical demonic seal shattered into pieces! Soon, a terrible and evil energy engulfed the whole surroundings! And then, the one who stood there was…

「Is…Is that person…Lucifer Crow…!? 」

At first glance, that being looked like a goddess with wings. She had the face of a beautiful woman with sharp eyes and white skin. Nevertheless, most of her body was covered with bird-like feathers, and her slender legs had claws. My body trembled because of the vicious and intense aura that overflew from that bird-shaped demon. The demons began to kneel down after they felt the strong magical power that came from this seemingly newly born creature.

I wondered about how much of a capacity she had. I activated my clairvoyance ability on Lucifer Crow.

Lucifer Crow

Level – 99 (MAX)

HP – 1152047

MP – 254528

Attack – 899777

Defense – 750121

Agility – 919876

Magic – 185411

Potential – 999 (MAX)

Resistance – Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Ice, Earth, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Curse, Instant Death, Sleep, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Magical Bow (Lv MAX), Attack Avoidance (Lv MAX), Flight (Lv MAX)

Skills – Paralydos, Master Wingdale, Diablos Rain

Personality – Cold-blooded

…Wha…What was that status…! She wasn’t at the level of the previous Demon King, actually she was rather…!

Chaos Makina and Eliza probably saw her status through their abilities. Both of them spoke with great excitement and admiration.

「Wonderful, wonderful, what a wonderful ability value! Her stats have greatly exceeded the power of the former Demon King Zenos Road!」

「Yeah. I think she increased her magical and physical powers by absorbing a tremendous amount of mana.」

Apparently, the waves of life gathered in order to unlock the seal powered-up Lucifer’s stats. Seiya hardened his face after hearing the conversation between Chaos Makina and Eliza.

「What did they say? 」

「I…I knew it! Seiya, you’re actually worried, aren’t you! Are you regretting for letting them resurrect that demon?」

「No…The former Demon King was named Zenos Road. It’s the first time I hear about it. I must write that down so that I won’t forget his name.」

「You were worried about that!? But, that’s not even relevant now!! 」

Well, I didn’t know about it either…But, I really thought that Seiya hardened his face when he saw Lucifer Crow!! Actually, did he even saw her ability value!? We’ve never encountered such a powerful status before!! What was he thinking!?

While I felt discouraged, Lucifer Crow walked slowly ahead. Rosalie exclaimed high.

「Lucifer Crow! You are finally back! Please save humanity and the demons from the dragon people!」

However, she passed through Rosalie and ignored her. Lucifer Crow approached Eliza and Chaos Makina instead. While Chaos Makina held her hand to appease Rosalie, Eliza reverently bowed his head to Lucifer Crow.

「Now, after the death of Zenos Road, I swear my full allegiance to you, my Demon Lady Lucifer Crow.」

「…I see. It seems that the Demon King Zenos Road has died.」

Her voice sounded cold, yet dignified. She sounded like a true empress. Eliza responded immediately.

「After my Lady Lucifer was sealed with the magical demonic seal, the dragons defeated the Demon King Zenos Road.」

「The dragons defeated that Demon King, you say? 」

「Right now, Geabrande is under the rule of the God Dragon King Mash Dragonite. He currently possesses the power of the legendary holy sword Egzation. Moreover, the dragons infiltrated our territory just moments ago…」

Eliza told Lucifer Crow that the parasite dragon Paradula invaded this territory. Eventually, Lucifer turned her cold eyes at the door of the stone building.

「I want to know a little more about this world…And it’s time to eliminate the so-called dragon men.」

The demons exclaimed high “Ohhhh!”, upon hearing Lucifer’s words. With a dignified walk, Lucifer opened the door with the demons and went out. Rosalie and her human officials followed her in a hurry.

…So…Somehow, I felt that she was someone reliable! Lucifer sounded more like a hero than Seiya!

「Seiya! Let’s go too! We mustn’t lose our dignity to those demons! 」

「You can go, but I won’t fight. I am going to observe Lucifer Crow’s fight while hiding in a safe place secretly.」

「Hey, what kind of hero are you!? Anyway, let’s go outside!!」

「Okay then. But, before we go, I need to have your final confirmation…Are you sure that you don’t need the cork?」

「I don’t need it!! 」

I grabbed Seiya’s hands, who was unwilling to go outside, and we followed Lucifer Crow.

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