This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 138 Part 1

Chapter 138: Parasitism and Resurrection (1)

A demon soldier’s misconduct and an explosive death…A very bad feeling swirled in my chest. Even so, the demon priests continued with the ritual as instructed by Rosalie.

「The Demon Sword containing the life force of dragons…Come and unleash your mana as the main vessel in order to resurrect the Lord…」

The demon priests held their hands towards the heavens while casting a spell around the magical demonic seal. Shortly after, however, one of the demon priests stopped casting the spell. Rosalie shouted with an angry voice.

「What’s wrong! Don’t hesitate! Continue with the ritual! 」

「Tha…That’s not it! The mana is…The waves of life don’t flow towards the seal!」

「What did you say…? What does this mean, Eliza! 」

Rosalie stared at Eliza with harsh eyes, but Eliza shook his head intently.

「The Demon Sword has defeated more than a hundred dragons during our last expedition. There’s no mistake about that.」

When Eliza stopped talking, I heard a sudden voice that resounded aloud.

「You fools! I won’t allow you to proceed! 」

When I looked back, I saw another demon soldier that belonged to the party of the Demon Sword expedition. Just like the previous soldier, the demon approached us with a weird laugh and a spooky movement.

…The…There were still rebels left!?

「…You too huh. 」

This time, Eliza moved before Seiya. He approached the demon soldier at a tremendous speed, and his battle-ax hit the soldier’s head without any delay! All the other demons were speechless upon seeing the purple blood that spilled dramatically from the severed neck. Nevertheless…

「Oh, oh. That was a terrible thing to do. 」

The fallen demon soldier was speaking while his head got flipped over! Moreover, a great deal of blood overflew from his neck!

「You didn’t even give this guy a second chance. You killed him quite mercilessly.」

…How could he talk with a severed head!? Was…Was this demon probably being manipulated by someone else!?

My prediction was correct. A snake-like monster appeared from the bloody neck.

「Well, to be honest with you, the Demon Sword’s dragon soldier, who you thought as a rebel, was dead from the very beginning! I moved into the body through his wounds and I moved it according to my will!」

Eliza sighed frustratingly, and threw his battle-axe. The ax flew in the air with a rotating movement and hit the snake-like monster. It managed to entangle the monster and constrained it against a stone pillar. Eliza approached the stone pillar.

「Who are you? 」

「Whoaaa ahahah! I’m a parasitic dragon! My name is Paradula!」

A dragon he said…So, did that mean that little monster was actually a dragon!?

The dragon, called Paradula, smiled happily despite being crucified on the pillar. As soon as I noticed the movement of the snake’s tail, another little dragon appeared from there and fell to the ground as if he were molting! The one who had been crucified withered and stopped moving, but the one who fell on the floor lifted up its head quite vigorously.

「I succeeded in getting inside! You didn’t even realize that I came along with your soldiers! So, I used my extra self to infiltrate this town!」

「What! 」

Chaos Makina used her large sword against Paradula who crawled in the floor. The little dragon was laughing triumphantly, even though part of his body was severed.

「Whoaaa ahahah! It’s the end of humanity and demons…! 」

Then, Paradula’s whole body became dry and stopped moving.

…It…It looked like it died…

Chaos Makina twisted her neck while she looked at the bodies of the two Paradula.

「He said that he had an extra of himself. Does that mean that he is hiding in this town?」

「Damn! Right at this important moment…! 」

Rosalie growled. Then, Seiya turned his cold glance at the surrounding demons.

「You should have kept a proper quarantine before arriving at this town. I’ll do a thorough check on each one of them to see if they bring in the plague or pests from the outside because of the Demon Sword expedition.」

「No, Seiya! This isn’t the Ministry of Environment, you know! 」

「This is probably the last bastion of humanity. That’s why they should’ve done a better and stricter security.」

While gleaming coolly, Seiya snapped his finger confidently.

「I don’t know what this twisted world has in in store for us, but I need to keep my self-defense exact.」

Suddenly, Seiya’s body was wrapped in a bright crimson fire.

「I don’t know where is the extra body. There is a fear that the parasitic intrusion might be achieved via other ways besides wounds, such as the ear holes or nostrils. Therefore, I’ll wrap my whole body in flames and watch it carefully.」

「Is…Is that so. I see… 」

「I want to give you and Celseus my self-burning ability, but your resistance to fire magic is actually lower than mine. So, there is a high possibility that you’d be wrapped in an hellfire and burn out.」

「I really don’t want your self-burning ability!! 」

「That’s right!! Please stop terrifying us!! 」

「It seems that I have no choice then. 」

Seiya grabbed his tool baggage and squeezed something out of it. Then, he handed it over to Celseus.

「Eh. Seiya, what’s this? 」

「It’s a cork*. This piece will block his way in. Break the cork into several pieces and use it to fill the holes in your ears and nose, but also in your butt as well.」

「What…! My…My butt as well…? 」

Seiya approached me this time with a serious-looking face. He gave me more corks than he gave Celseus.

「Lista. Pack your body with these corks. Use them in your ears, nose, butt…and in your pubic area too.」

「As if I’d do that!! I’d rather dieeeeee!! 」

「I’m telling you this for your own safety. 」

「How could you advise me with that so easily!! I never heard of anything so outrageous as that!! That’s way more embarrassing than the humiliation I’ve received from the Underworld!! I’d rather die than do it as you say!!」

「A woman like you is so tiresome. There’s no need to be embarrassed. It will be too late if the parasite gets in your body you know…」

「Ex…Excuse me, Seiya! I feel the same way as Lista! I’m a man and I hate the whole idea of your advice…!」

Seiya looked at Celseus and me with cold eyes. However, he generated the Automatic Phoenix upon sighing annoyingly. He released one bird above Celseus and me.

「Unlike self-burning, I can only give you this simple defense.」

「No, this is plenty enough…」

「However, if you want some cork just say it. 」

「I already told you that I’d rather die than use that cork!!」

We…Well, we should be safe with the Automatic Phoenix alone! However, if the parasite dragon was capable of invading the body of the previous demons through their wounds, then he could be capable of invading other bodies through the mouth or a different facial hole! There was a high probability that Nina and the townspeople were in grave danger!

「Rosalie! Let’s go! We have to get rid of the enemy! 」

I was impatient, but Rosalie still gazed fixedly at the magical demonic seal.

「Wha…What’s wrong with you? 」

「If several people from the town gets killed by the hands of the dragons…Then, Lucifer Crow will be resurrected for sure…」

「AH!? No way, you want the townspeople to die!? 」

「A little more…Just a little bit more…! Our savior will be resurrected soon…and humanity will be saved for good…! 」

Rosalie spoke sinisterly as if she were possessed by something. On the other hand, our demon acquaintance remained quite calm. Chaos Making touched her chin with her finger.

「The enemy might have been listening to our conversation. He won’t kill humans if he knows that Lucifer Crow will only revive with strong mana. It seems that this enemy can extend himself into various parasitic forms in order to possess other life organisms. But, he’s not going to infiltrate the bodies of humans just yet. It’s most likely that he is choosing the demons over the humans.」

Rosalie gritted her teeth when she heard Chaos Makina’s explanation.

「One person…I just need to sacrifice one more person…! 」

Rosalie gazed at her human officials. Everyone looked away as if they were in fear. Naturally. I couldn’t keep silent anymore.

「Stop it, Rosalie!! You said to us that you wouldn’t sacrifice anyone else!!」

「I heard that the God Dragon King acquired the strongest holy sword Egzation by sacrificing the dragon woman he loved from his childhood! In order to resist the darkness of the enemy, we must also cover ourselves in the same darkness as well!」

「You’re wrong! This world was actually saved without the power of Egzation!」

「Hey, I don’t know what you mean by that! 」

While I was arguing with Rosalie, I heard a loud voice from behind me.

「Eh!! Then, why don’t you sacrifice yourself!! 」

It was the thick voice from Celseus, and not from Seiya. Ehhh? Celseus, you…He actually sounded quite manly, didn’t he? …Eh…

I was stunned when I saw my back. Celseus was hiding behind me. He shrank his large body in fear. And the eyes of Rosalie and the demons were fixated on me for some odd reason.

Heyyyyy!! Everybody thought that those words were mine!! If you planned to hide, then don’t fucking speak, for god’s sake!! This awful timid muscular god!!

Eventually, Flasika slowly walked towards Celseus and me.

「I’m sorry, but we can’t sacrifice the princess. 」

「Ex…Excuse me, Flasika. It wasn’t me who said that… 」

「The princess who inherited the blood of the Warlord Emperor has a duty to survive on behalf of humankind.」

「No, actually, it was really this muscular guy who… 」

I complained to Flasika who kept thinking that I was the one who said that statement about Rosalie. However, I noticed that Flasika held a dagger in his hand. He smiled tenderly at Rosalie and pressed his dagger against his own neck.

「Flasika!? Stop it!! Don’t do it please!! 」

I couldn’t stop him. Without hesitation, Flasika sliced his neck with the dagger. I heard the horrible sound of slicing meat. Bright red blood spilled from Flasika’s throat.

「I…I’ll cure you immediately! 」

I tried to cast my healing magic on the fallen Flasika. However, the moment I tried to cure Flasika’s severe wound, I realized the harsh reality. Flasika’s life had extinguished because of the deep wound. He didn’t survive the fatal injury that he inflicted upon himself.

「It can’t be…! How could this happen…! 」

Despite his self-sacrifice, Flasika died with a happy smile on his face.

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 :O …oh no…Flasika was a noble man…It’s sad to see him die like that…(I bet Seiya would be angry at us for being sad, since…he is an illusion…but it’s still sad, ’cause his death was probably meaningless, don’t you agree folks?)


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