This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 136

Chapter 136: The Goddess’ Worth

The Underworld clown named Joker stared at me with glowing eyes.

…Unbelievable!! Like, seriously!? I felt ashamed to be wearing just underwear, and it was absolutely impossible for me to imitate a gorilla…!! I felt so embarrassed…!!

I noticed that the shiny black-haired mountain gorilla scratched his buttocks as if I weren’t even there. It seemed that my presence in his cage didn’t bother him.

I…I hated this so much! But, Seiya said that this act was necessary for him to save the Gods’ realm! I’ll do it! Yes, I could do it, please give me strength Great Goddess Isister!

After garnering my courage, I tried to imitate the sound of a mountain gorilla while scraping my buttocks.

「Oh Oh… 」

Then, I saw that, outside of the cage, Joker’s face was plainly disappointed.

「You see, your “Oh Oh” gorilla impersonation isn’t that clear. You have to observe him better. You mustn’t add your own arrangement to this mimicry.」

「Hey, Lista. Do it seriously. 」

I heard Seiya’s cold voice. In fact, even Celseus became vocal about this.

「That’s right! That’s right! Why are you doing your own arrangement? If you don’t do it properly, we won’t be able to see the impersonation of your original gorilla!」

「You fucking bastard!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

The chord of my patience cut off when I heard Celseus’ remarks. I glared ferociously at Celseus while I shook the cage violently. I was obliged to do this against my will!

「…Oh gosh. She’s scary. 」

「She…She doesn’t look like a goddess. Okay, I understand! I will give you some instructions! Try to imitate its voice afterwards!」

Joker looked at the gorilla and began to give me instructions.

「Look. Walk along the perimeter of the cage just like that gorilla. 」

I followed the gorilla and walked in the wide cage. Suddenly, the gorilla stopped walking, put his hands on his chest and began drumming “bong bong bong”.

Eh…Ehh. That sound was actually striking…

「Okay! Goddess, try that drumming too! 」

「… 」

I also hit my chest with both hands. It didn’t sound very good, and I felt that my tits swayed from side to side. I changed into a fish-man once before. I remember that I copied the form and voice, but this time my appearance remained the same. I was the same old me. Therefore, it felt extra embarrassing.

After that, the gorilla began to act freely. Joker’s instructions continued every time the gorilla took an action.

「Okay, eat the bananas over there! 」

「Chew chew chew… 」

「Okay, take the lice! 」

「I don’t have any! 」

「Rubbing. 」

「Okay, fart now! 」

「There’s no way I can do that! 」

「Eat another banana! 」

「Chew chew chew… 」

The banana was delicious, so I ate it firmly. However, I noticed that the gorilla swallowed the whole banana peel as well. It was too troublesome for me to eat that.

「Okay, goddess eat that part too! 」

…Hey, seriously…!!

Why should a goddess like myself eat the peel of a banana…Was there even a goddess capable of doing that…? No, Listarte, you must remember the old days! Exactly, there was a time when I ate Death worms! Banana peels must feel like nothing when compared to that! Okay, let’s go! Just take a little bite…Ugh…Hard!? Besides that, the banana peel tasted sour!!

I took deep breaths so that I wouldn’t vomit it. It was emotionally painful, and tears began to fall from my eyes.

Ugh, why did I have to endure this in my underwear…! Seiya and Celseus, I bet that they were laughing at me…!

I glanced at them, and I saw that the two of them were looking pitifully at me.

「It’s unbearable to watch this. 」

「It looks like a cheap artist who can’t sell… 」

「Don’t you dare look at me with dejected eyes!! 」

「Hey, goddess! Do your best to mimic the gorilla! 」

…How many minutes have passed since then? I continued to imitate the gorilla for an endless period of time. Soon after I started to think that I was not a goddess but a wild gorilla, Joker exclaimed quite enthusiastically.

「Whoa! Thanks! I’ve got a lot of HP! You were a very nice gorilla! 」

「Is there even a bad or nice gorilla in the first place!? Anyway, it’s finally over, right!? Can I finally get out of this cage!?」

「Yeah. That’s enough preparation. Okay then, come here now. 」

Joker beckoned me to jump out of the cage, and I hurried up to dress myself. Seiya pulled Joker’s shoulder to stop him from leaving.

「Hey, wait. Aren’t you misunderstanding something? She isn’t the one who wants to learn your skills. It’s me.」

「Ehh! What! Is that so! Then that means that it wasn’t necessary for the goddess to imitate the gorilla so persistently!」

「Heyyyyyy!!!!!!!! 」

I shouted loudly upon hearing that ridiculous words. Nonetheless, despite my frustration, Joker approached Seiya’s face.

「I don’t know if humans are capable of doing mimicry, but I’ll show you how to do it.」

Ugh! What the hell was wrong with this clown! But, wait a second! Did that mean that Seiya had to imitate a gorilla as well? Somehow, I felt that I didn’t want to witness such a sight…!

「Am I supposed to go to that gorilla cage as well? 」

「Nope. You don’t have to imitate such a dead-looking gorilla. 」

That damn clown!!!!!!!!!!!!

After telling Seiya that there was no need for him to do a gorilla mimicry, Joker went into the cage and came out with the mountain gorilla that I tried to impersonate. He pulled the whip from his waist with a smile, and…

「Eh!? 」

He hit the gorilla’s belly with that large whip! I heard a horrible sound that resembled the sound of sliced meat! The gorilla groaned with a low voice! I saw that blood was dripping from the belly!

「Wa…Wait a moment!? What the hell are you going!! You are hurting him!! Poor thing!!」

「Okay, Goddess of Healing. Why don’t you cure him then? 」

「I’ll cure him regardless of what you say!! You’re the worst clown!! 」

I approached the painful crouching gorilla and activated my healing magic.

「You’re going to be okay now… 」

Unexpectedly, Joker, who was standing next to me, touched the gorilla’s wounds with his hands as well. Before long, I noticed that a rainbow-colored aura overflew from Joker’s body. I had never seen this aura before.

「Hmm. Okay. I learned it. 」

「Learn, you say…? 」

At this precise moment, a faint light came out of Joker’s hands. This light resembled mine.

…Do…Don’t tell me that he…!!

I stopped using my healing magic on the gorilla…And then, I was convinced. The gorilla’s wounds gradually healed, even though I didn’t cast any healing magic on the poor animal!

「No way…!! You imitated a god’s technique…On what basis did you do that!? 」

「It’s not about a basis, but about a specific technique that I use. 」

「It seems to transcend the magic theory. It’s similar to Valkyrie’s Celestial Prison-Gate, which is invoked beyond the law of causality.」

Joker showed an expression of exclamation and admiration when he heard Seiya’s words.

「Ehh! You know the Celestial Prison-Gate! 」

「I learnt it from the Goddess of Destruction of the heavenly world. 」

「That’s amazing! I’m sure that you’ll learn my skill even though you’re human!」

Joker was extremely excited, but I was rather surprised to know that Joker knew about the Celestial Prison-Gate. Valkyrie was the number two of the Gods’ realm. So, I wondered if she was famous in the Underworld as well…?

「All right. I want you to imitate Lista’s healing magic promptly. 」

「Ehhh! That’s impossible! Seiya can’t use my healing magic no matter what it takes! Aria explained that before!」

「The techniques of the Underworld don’t follow the rules of the heavenly world. In fact, with Serous Rousse’s skill, I’ve also learned the polar opposite magic of my fire attributes the ice magic.」

「Bu…But! 」

「Anyway, just shut up. Golista. 」

「Who the hell is Golista, huh!! I stopped imitating that gorilla you know!!」

Joker spoke with a smile on his face.

「I’ll share a part of my aura with you. First, you must learn how to form this rainbow-colored aura. You have to do it firmly. If you want me to teach you my skill, then you’ll have to start from this point.」

「I see. 」

Then, Seiya’s eyes looked sharply at both Celseus and me.

「I want to concentrate on my practice. Lista. Come here again tomorrow. Together with Celseus, okay.」

「All right…」

As usual, I left Seiya with the Joker, and walked away in silence.

Next day.

Celseus and I headed for the Joker’s Circus Tent. When we arrived, I saw that Seiya sat down with Joker and did a Zen meditation. I was surprised to see that Seiya’s hands were doing a mark seal. The seven colors of the rainbow were already overflowing from Seiya’s hands.

「The rainbow-colored aura…Have you learned it!? 」

「Yeah. I just had to increase the colors gradually from red to blue to green. It’s not difficult once I got the hang of it.」

「He learned it dozens of times faster than I expected. He’s amazing even though he is a human being.」

We…Well, Seiya had the extraordinary ability to learn everything quite fast. Actually, I always wondered if he had an actual mimicry ability of his own…

「All right! Now that the goddess has come, let’s begin the imitation practice of her healing magic!」

Seiya stopped Joker, who was going to hit the gorilla in the cage with his whip.

「If that’s your intention, then let’s use this gorilla instead. 」

Seiya pulled out the sword from his sheath without hesitation! Then, he slashed Celseus’ back! Celseus screamed in agony!

「Gyahhhhhh!! 」

Seriously!? He didn’t even warn Celseus!! Gods felt pain as well even if we didn’t die!!

「It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!! Lista, hurry up and heal me quicklyyyyyy!!」

His wound would regenerate naturally if I left it alone. Still, Celseus was crying out for mercy.

「It…It can’t be helped though. 」

I activated my healing magic on Celseus’ back…Hmm? When I looked closely at his wound, I noticed that only a small piece of his skin back was slashed. Celseus was exaggerating too much.

When I was healing Celseus’ minor injury, I realized that Seiya stood right next to me. He was so close in proximity to me that I could feel his breath.

「…Memorized. 」

Seiya pressed against me lightly. He put his hand on Celseus’ wound simultaneously as mine. I stopped using my healing magic, and Celseus’ wound healed with the touch of Seiya’s hand!

「Se…Se…Se…Seiya, are you really using healing magic…!? 」

「Ohh! The pain is gone! You’re amazing, Seiya! 」

「Yeah. But, I want to improve it. 」

In other words, Seiya slashed Celseus again without any hesitation!

「Gyah!? 」

Seiya put his hand on Celseus’ back. The faint light healed Celseus’ wound.

「What…It doesn’t hurt anymore… 」

Seiya slashed Celseus once again.

「Gyah!? 」

Seiya put his hand again.

「What…It doesn’t hurt anymore…Yes, it doesn’t hurt, but…can you stop slashing me!?」

Celseus shouted at Seiya. However, Seiya was looking at his hand amidst the blowing wind.

「Hmm. I wonder what happened. The rainbow-colored aura has disappeared.」

「Your mimicry only activates for a few minutes. If your aura disappears, then you’ll have to look at the original technique again and remember it. If you become more adept at forming the iridescent aura, you’ll be able to extend the activation time.」

「I see. No, wait…My MP has dropped considerably. I only have two-thirds of my regular amount.」

「Actually, my skill will consume a lot of magic power if humans use it.」

「What are you saying? Your skill has more restrictions than I thought it would have.」

Seiya muttered with a disgusted face as if he chewed up a bitter bug. In addition to the time limit, this skill consumed massive amounts of magic power. This may be a worrying issue, especially for Seiya who disliked seeing his MP decrease, even by a mere 10 points.

「Well, that’s fine. For a while, Joker and I will concentrate on forming my rainbow-colored aura. I just want to focus on extending the imitation time…」

A few days later. Seiya stayed at Joker’s Circus Tent and continued with his training.

「I wonder if Seiya is doing all right? 」

「Who knows? But, it feels so peaceful now. 」

Celseus happily mixed the meringue in the kitchen. As usual, Celseus and I spend the last few days in Uno’s house.

「So what are you doing? 」

「Isn’t it obvious? I’m making a cake. I feel like I’ve finally returned to my original vocation. I want to open a coffee shop in the Underworld if possible.」

「Hey. Isn’t your original vocation to be a Swordsman God? Moreover, don’t forget that you are on this quest with me. You don’t have time to do that business of yours in the Underworld.」

「Ah. You’re annoying. Besides, I’m sure that your hero will handle everything on his own.」

Celseus complained quite openly since Seiya wasn’t around us. However, on this moment, the kitchen door opened with a cracking noise, and Seiya stood at the door.

「Ah, Seiya! Thank you for your hard work! I’ve been waiting for you, I’m baking a cake, you can try it once its done!」

「I refuse. I don’t want to die. I’ve finally mastered the Joker’s aura. I need to practice now.」

「Okay, Seiya. Then, does that mean that you increased the mimicry’s activation time? 」

「Yeah. I succeeded in extending the time up to the maximum of three minutes long. I tried many times after that, but I couldn’t extend it for more than three minutes. I wanted to extend it for about thirty years.」

「Tha…That’s a crazy magnitude…!! How long were you planning to push it in order to achieve that length!!」

「Excuse me. But, I’m trying to bake my cake… 」

Seiya ignored Celseus’ words and wrinkled between his eyebrows.

「But, it’s actually a really tricky skill. Aside from the mass consumption of my MP, it’s impossible for me to imitate the opponent’s skills if I don’t see it at first hand.」

「Ah, is that so. 」

「That means that I’ll be put at risk in a combat before succeeding the impersonation. Well, I’m already thinking about countermeasures for this. For example, “I could use Celseus as a wall and let the enemy activate the technique first”. It sounds effective. Moreover…」

Suddenly, I heard an abrupt cracking sound, and I noticed that the plate broke apart.

「I’m hearing a loud and infuriating conversation while I’m trying to make my cake!! Please stop talking now!! I can’t concentrate!!」

Seiya headed into the kitchen and glared fixedly at Celseus.

「Celseus. You’re going to be part of my training. Right now.」

「Ehh!! Do you intend to slash my back again!? 」

「I completely imitated Lista’s healing magic. Today is a different training. First, let’s start with your devil transformation…」

The following day.

Uno talked to me while I drank some tea alone in the balcony.

「Where is Lord Seiya? 」

「Seiya is focused on his last training session with Celseus. It seems that he wants to imitate the swordsmanship of the Devil Celseus.」

「…Lady Lista. You’re not cheerful today. 」

She knew that I was feeling down. I exhaled a deep sigh.

「Seiya is finally able to use my healing magic. I don’t think that he’ll need me anymore. I know that it only lasts for a short time, but it’s kind of painful to me.」

Originally, I felt impressed about that mimicry skill. But, that changed when Seiya learnt my healing magic. I’ve been very depressed since then. Besides that, I felt that Celseus was much more useful to Seiya than I was. I was really sad and lonely.

Then, Uno smiled as if she came up with something to cheer me up.

「Did you know that when Lord Celseus became a devil he learnt a new technique named “Devil Slash”? Lady Lista may be able to do something that you couldn’t do before.」

I see! I’ve never tried it before, but…perhaps, I powered-up on something relevant that I didn’t even notice!

「Okay! I’ll give it a try! 」

I did a handstand and used Type Opposite taught by Serous Rousse in order to become a devil. I turned into a sexy little devil with a black leather dress.

「Let’s try with your healing magic first. 」

Uno put her finger on her mouth and bit it strongly! Fresh blood ran down from her arm and dripped on the floor.

「U…Uno!? 」

「Don’t worry about that now. Please activate your healing magic. 」

I couldn’t believe that she bit off her finger! Like Joker, the inhabitants of the Underworld were all crazy!

Either way, this was a great opportunity. I tried to heal Uno’s wound by using my healing magic.

「How is your healing speed? Is it better than usual? 」

「Hmm. It didn’t change that much… 」

「Is that so. So let’s try something else. 」

Uno told me to carry heavy objects or to jump high. But, unlike Celseus, it seemed that my physical abilities had not been particularly improved. I usually made fun of Celseus for being a useless god, but I was actually the “useless Swordsman God”. I thought that my healing magic would multiply considerably with the devil transformation. But, even though I became the Devil Healer, and my stats multiplied as a result, it didn’t made that much of a difference in the end.

「Ahh. It’s no good after all. 」

I felt depressed and faced my head down. I could see the cleavage from the sexy dress with the black leather.

…Ah. My breasts got a little bigger…I mean, I only turned into a sexy devil with big breasts and nothing else!!

I felt lonely in my heart. While I was sad by the transformation effect since it only gave me a breast’s enlargement supplement, I noticed that something was caught between my tits.

「This is Nina’s… 」

Nina gave a flower pouch to me. As soon as I touched it with my hand in order to take it out, an image flowed in my mind.

『Ugh…! Dad…Dad…! 』

…Ehhh!! Wha…What on earth was this thing!?

Instead of the balcony from Uno’s house, in front of me stood Nina, who was crying alone in a dark room.

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