This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 135 Part 2

Chapter 135: Mimicry (2)

「Ah…The fog… 」

On our way to the Seventh Avenue, the typical dense fog of the Underworld appeared. Even so, Seiya continued to walk forward without stopping.

「Hey, Seiya. Do you know the way? I can’t see anything with this thick fog.」

「I can recognize the geographical area around Uno’s house and within 5 km radius from the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence. I won’t have any problem even if the visibility is poor.」

「Is that so? You are fully prepared as always. 」

「I’m going to create a map of the Underworld. It will be convenient for my training if I know where most people live in this place.」

「A map, huh. Even so, the Underworld seems ridiculously widespread just like the Gods’ realm, isn’t that right?」

「Yeah. But, I’ll make sure that I create it. No matter how much effort or time it takes, I’ll make it happen.」

「You sound as if you’re planning to dedicate your whole life to making that map…Seiya, I don’t think that’s your main purpose…」

「I know. That’s why I’m going to see Joker now. 」

「Who is that Joker…? 」

Seiya remained silent and pointed ahead. I noticed that the thick fog was fading away. I was astonished to see the landscape that unfolded before my eyes. It was different from any other view I had seen before in the Underworld.

Behind the big Iron Gate was a huge Ferris wheel. There were many merry-go-rounds and roller coasters over there.

「Wha…What on earth? This is an Amusement Park!」

「I never thought that the Underworld would have such a place…!」

What, wait a minute!! Could this be a date with Seiya at an Amusement Park!? …It sounded surreal, but if I looked closely, there was no one but us. The playground equipment seemed to be very old. It felt like it has been neglected for decades. There was no overreacting mood from kids running around and no pressure at all.

I followed Seiya who walked a little closer to the entrance gate…

『The Underworld’s Amusement Park. 』

A clown in a pointy hat, red nose, and a fancy costume was holding a sign that clarified this place.

「…Is that thing a doll? 」

When I approached the mysterious clown…

「Welcome!! Have fun and more fun in the Amusement Park of the Underworld!!」

「Whoa!? 」

It wasn’t a doll. The clown suddenly shouted aloud. But after he quieted down, the area got calm again as if the whole place was made of water. Zero customers except us. The playground equipment was also in a bad condition. The clown laughed lonely, overlooking the abandoned Amusement Park that looked like ruins.

「This place used to be quite crowded. But, it’s been a while now since it’s become like this.」

「Wha…What happened? 」

「Who knows. But, one day, everyone from the Underworld stopped coming here to play.」

「…Are you perhaps the Joker? 」

「Yeah. I am the circus’ grandmaster, I’m the clown named Joker.」

「The circus? Where are your companions? 」

「I’m the only one right now. The same happened with the customers. One person left, then two people left, and in the end, everyone left this place…」

Celseus whispered on my ear.

「This guy sounds like a bad deal, don’t you think so? 」

「Eh, yes. He looks a bit creepy. 」

Maybe this clown was mugging people…Still, I had the courage to ask him the following question.

「By the way, Joker. What are your special skills? 」

Then, the Joker twisted his red mouth.

「By the way, Joker. What are your special skills? 」

「Ehh!? 」

I was so surprised that I shouted extremely high. Joker replicated my words and voice just like a parrot!

「Eh, he spoke exactly like Lista! 」

「Yeah. This might be his special skill. 」

「So, his technique is…mimicry!? 」

Seiya nodded positively. And then, Joker impersonated me once again.

「So, his technique is…mimicry!? 」

A…Amazing! His voice really sounded like my own voice! But…

「I get it now, so can you stop imitating me? 」

「I get it now, so can you stop imitating me? 」

「It’s getting on my nerves you know… 」

「It’s getting on my nerves you know… 」

「Hey. Aren’t you going to stop now? 」

「Hey. Aren’t you going to stop now? 」

「I’m seriously not joking. 」

「I’m seriously not joking. 」

Eventually, my anger peaked and I grabbed the Joker’s collar.

「You’re persistent!! Just stop it now!! That’s why you’ve lost your Amusement Park and why no one dares to come here!!」

Joker noticed what I said and dropped his shoulders in sadness.

「So…So, that’s what happened…! That’s why everyone disappeared…!」

Oh…Oh my…Did I say too much?

Seiya patted Joker’s shoulder lightly, and said to him.

「Don’t worry about it. Your mimicry skill is important. Can you imitate not only the voice but also the skills of your opponents?」

Joker smiled as if he were in a good mood upon hearing Seiya’s words.

「Of course! My mimicry is perfect! 」

「I…Imitate an opponent’s skills? Is that what you’re trying to learn?」

「Yeah. Mastering this guy’s mimicry skill means that no matter how powerful the enemy may be, I can imitate them in some way.」

That would be definitely incredible if true! But, could he really do that?

Seiya put his hand on his chin as he pondered with a serious face.

「If the sacred hero raises the Berserker state to the fourth stage again, then I’ll have a chance of imitating it.」

「Ehh!? Imitate the fourth stage of State Berserk, you say!? But that’s too…」

「It’s worth giving it a shot. 」

Seiya took out Celseus’ horns from his pocket and showed them to Joker.

「I have to make a deal whenever I ask for something from someone of the Underworld. So, I’ll give you this. In return, you teach me your technique.」

Nevertheless, Joker shook his head.

「It has a fabulous HP. But, I wonder if that’s enough for me to accept your deal.」

「Oh. You’re a strong-willed fella. Do you want dozens more?」

「Se…Seiya!? Please, don’t try to give these people so many horns!! It hurts every time you take them from me!!」

「Shup up. Or I’ll break your skull along with your horns. 」

「What!? 」

Celseus immediately shut up, and crouched down in fear. But, Joker had no interest in Celseus. Instead, he stared fixedly at me.

「You goddess over there, what type of goddess are you? 」

「I am the Goddess of Healing… 」

「I’ll accept that deal if the Goddess of Healing cooperates with me. Follow me now. 」

I…I had a very bad feeling about this!!

The Joker walked into the Amusement Park and stopped in front of a huge circus tent. I entered that tent after Joker, and I raised my voice involuntarily.

「Animals!? 」

The circus tent had a large number of cages containing terrestrial animals such as tigers, bears and lions that lived on earthly worlds.

「Lista! Look at that! There’s even monsters here! 」

After hearing Celseus’ remarks, I noticed that dragons and chimeras were inside of larger cages! Joker was proud of his collection.

「I’m very interested in the various creatures of the numerous worlds! I collect monsters from different worlds as well as animals from earthly worlds!」

「So…So, what do you want from me? 」

The clown laughed timidly.

「I want the goddess to be in underwear inside of a cage!」

「Ehhhhhhh!? 」

He’s kidding, right!? Why inside of a cage!? And why did he want me to take off my clothes and be in underwear!? No…No way…

「You want to humiliate me while I’m getting attacked by those monsters!? 」

「What are you saying? You won’t go to that monsters’ cage, you’ll go to that one.」

Joker pointed to a large cage that stood in front of us. I noticed that a big black mountain gorilla was inside of that cage.

「Goddess! Can you enter this cage and imitate a mountain gorilla! 」

「Why should I do that!! 」

「…Lista. I think this guy wants your HP by doing that act.」

「If that’s the case then let Celseus do it! 」

「Hey! Don’t you dare try to make me as your scapegoat! 」

However, Joker shook his finger.

「If a gorilla-like person tries to imitate a gorilla, the HP won’t rise. 」

「*laughs triumphantly* You heard him! I can’t do it because I’m like a gorilla! …No, wait! That’s rude, you damn clown!」

「Why do I have to be in my underwear in the first place!? 」

「I think it will be easier for you to play the gorilla drumming in underwear.」

「You want me to do the gorilla drumming!? I’m a goddess, you know!? Do you even realize that!?」

I became tremendously upset, but Seiya stood between Joker and me.

「Anyway, just do it.  I have to learn Joker’s technique so that I can save the heavenly world.」

「It’s impossible and absolutely intolerable for a goddess to imitate a gorilla …Ehhhh, wait, Seiya!?」

Seiya turned his arms on me as if he were about to hug me, and began to strip off my dress!

…Wha…Wha…What the hell was happening now…Was Seiya really undressing me…? Oh…Oh no…I was starting to feel a little excited about this…! Ahahahah…!

While my brain was dominated by erotic delusions, I heard a metallic sound as if strong metal doors closed up.

「What!? 」

…I noticed that I was already inside of the cage with a black-haired mountain gorilla. Joker laughed happily.

「Well then, let’s start the fun and more fun of the “Goddess Gorilla Show”! I shall be the main spectator!」

「Who’s the Goddess Gorilla!? 」

Thus, I was forced to imitate the mountain gorilla in my underwear.

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 Oh, poor Lista…Hades was right, the humiliation was no joke.


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