This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 133 Part 2

Chapter 133: Savior (2)

We were guided into the ruined shack. Once Inside I was surprised that it was wider than what I expected. There were also soldiers with dirty faces hanging around a bonfire. Amongst them was a woman. The woman stared at me with sharp eyes while Flasika tried to explain that we were the goddess and the hero. But, I saw that she stared at me with just one eye. Her left eye was covered with a black eye patch.

「Are…Are you, maybe…Rosalie? 」

「I am Rosalie Rosgard. 」

Certainly, I wasn’t mistaken when I heard her voice. She had a firm tone. However, her beautiful blue hair was fully white. In addition, she wore an eye patch now and her face was drowsy. She felt like a very different person. Nevertheless, I felt relieved to talk to a person I knew.

「It looks like you’ve been through a lot, Rosalie. You look so mature now.」

「How funny. Isn’t this the first time we’ve met each other?」

「Ah…Ye…Yes! I apologize!」

「Besides, I’m thirty years old. Of course I’m mature. I’m an adult after all.」

「Eh…You are thirty years old?」

What!? Wasn’t Rosalie much younger than that!?

Seiya muttered next to me.

「It seems that time has been twisted as well. Therefore, you should call her “Old Rosalie” from now on.」

「…Who’s the “Old Rosalie”, huh. 」

Rosalie glared fixedly at Seiya. Detecting this unsettling sign, Flasika told Rosalie the following words.

「The…These people are the goddess and the hero respectively. They managed to defeat the fire dragon Hydra!」

Rosalie raised her eyebrow a little, but eventually, she sighed “hmm” as if she weren’t that impressed.

「I wanted help during the calamity that felt upon humanity long ago. But, not now. I don’t need a hero nor a goddess at this moment.」

「Bu…But, we’re here to help! After all, Seiya and I defeated the Demon King in Geabrande!」

「I don’t understand it. What exactly do you mean by that? 」

「You see, well…This Geabrande is not the real Geabrande… 」

「If this isn’t the real Geabrande, then what is this. 」

I was unable to explain it. Then, Seiya reached out to me with his hand in order to stop me from talking further.

「It’s useless, Lista. This Rosalie is not the woman we know. She’s different from before. Her age changed…as well as her personality and ability value.」

I realized that Seiya’s eyes were glittering while he stared at Rosalie. I also activated my clairvoyance ability in a hurry to see what changed about her.

Rosalie Rosgard

Level – 68

HP – 127542

MP – 9865

Attack – 175415

Defense – 158644

Agility – 165431

Magic – 857

Potential rate – 72

Resistance – Fire, Water, Ice, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis

Special skills – Dark Protection (Lv 9)

Skills – Darker Thrust

Personality – Careful Observer

…Stro…Strong! Moreover… “Dark Protection”? It felt like a completely different status from the one that Rosalie had before!

Chaos Makina giggled and then laughed when she realized that Seiya and I were looking at Rosalie’s status through the clairvoyance ability.

「Are you two that surprised? The princess is stronger than I am.」

「Why is she this powerful…? 」

「Well, I guess it’s because she received the “devil’s favor”.」

「The devil’s favor? 」

Chaos Makina silenced herself when Rosalie turned her eye at her. I wanted to know more about it, but it seemed that Chaos Makina couldn’t say much more because we were in Rosalie’s presence.

「Well, that doesn’t matter now. First, I want to know how much different is the Twisted Geabrande from the real Geabrande.」

Seiya muttered to me, and then, he asked Rosalie a question.

「When did you join hands with the demons?」

「I joined hands with them three years after the Dragon King defeated the Demon King, and the rule of the dragons began. It’s been ten years since then, but we are working together in order to destroy the dragon tribe.」

「The world where no hero appeared…! And more than 10 years have passed since the ultimate battle against the Demon King…!」

Like me, a surprised Celseus murmured behind my back. And then…

「We are not running like cowards. This town has deployed a mobile magical circle where we can kill as many dragons as we want. But, this is a figure of speech…The reality is much different. The damage we suffered from our side has been enormous.」

Rosalie recalled the painful past. She gritted her teeth then.

「The power of the Dragon King is unimaginable. The sword of the Dragon King even defeated the super strong god of death named Cross Tanathus, summoned by the former Demon King’s aide, Kill Capul.」

「Did you say Tanathus just now!? 」

Seiya couldn’t control Tanathus’ power, so this fearsome enemy ended up being defeated by Valkyrie’s greatest technique, the Celestial Prison-Gate!! And did she say that the Dragon King defeated this ridiculous enemy by himself!?

「Even so, we must defeat the Dragon King. We’ve been preparing for a long time now.」

「Pre…Preparing you say? 」

I heard something at the same time I spoke those words.

「Excuse me!! 」

A human soldier jumped into the ruined shack. He was out of breath while he reported to Rosalie.

「The ma…ma…magical demonic seal has…has finally cracked!!」

Immediately, the soldiers around Rosalie showed faces full of excitement.

「It…It finally cracked…! 」

「Our wishes are about to be fulfilled! 」

「Oh, our savior is about to be resurrected soon…! 」

Rosalie kept silent and nodded positively upon hearing this news. Then, she looked at Seiya and me.

「I thank you for defeating Hydra and his dragon minions. Thanks to you, it seems that the resurrection procedure has finally begun.」

「Fi…Finally begun? 」

Chaos Makina laughed with a joyous voice.

「We’ve been struggling for more than a decade now, so all of us are delighted to hear that our savior will be finally resurrected! The legendary demon that exceeds the power of the former Demon King…!」

「Legendary demon!? Ro…Rosalie!! Why are you trying to revive a dangerous demon!?」

「It’s all for the sake of defeating the Dragon King. 」

「But, even so!! 」

Then, Rosalie’s cold eye glared at me.

「You don’t know how scary these dragons are! They follow the teachings of that Holy Angel blindly, and they kill humans in a brutal way! My father, Wolks Rosgard, was gouged out alive by their hands and killed in the end!」

「No way…! The Warlord Emperor…? 」

Rosalie touched her eye patch to calm herself down.

「The final crusade is about to begin. We, along with the demons, are going to battle against the dragon tribe.」

「The…Then, Seiya and I will participate with you on that battle! 」

「The power of Dragonite, the Dragon King, is beyond the level of humans. No human can compete with him. Your hero is no exception.」

「But, Seiya can transform into the Crazy Warrior, and he even won against Hydra…」

「That’s enough. We have fought this battle for over a dozen years. We don’t need your assistance.」

Suddenly, Seiya pulled my shoulders.

「Leave it, Lista. She wants to do it without us. 」

「Bu…But…! 」

The Dragon King Dragonite was the main cause of the Twisted Geabrande! So, wasn’t this enemy the one that Seiya and I had to defeat in order to revert the world back to normality?

But, Seiya whispered in my ear.

「The Demon King versus the Human-Demon alliance…We won’t have a problem if they all kill themselves.」

「So, you were thinking about letting them be scapegoats!? 」

「I always say that it’s best for us to win without fighting. 」

「Seiya, you’re a hero, right!? But, with that way of thinking, you…Hey, Celseus, please say something!!」

「No, well, you see, he’s right!! It’s better for us if they have all that “fun” for themselves!! So, I’m totally on board with Seiya’s reasoning!!」

「You…!! No…Actually, both of you…!! 」

Rosalie was staring at the ceiling with a serious look while I was angry with the corrupted hero and idiotic god.

「“Survive along with the demons”…More than ten years have passed since that promise was forged. My right-hand man, Carlo, who was like a grandfather to me, died… Many of my friends and comrades died as well… But, this long-enduring struggle is finally ending…」

Rosalie spoke quietly, but I swallowed my saliva twice without thinking because of the strong resolve that emanated from her body. Her comrades, friends and father were killed. But, just for how long had she been enduring this hardship? I couldn’t possible imagine her feelings.

「I’ll defeat him! I will surely defeat him! Brutal and ruthless, the greatest calamity of humans and demons alike! Our ultimate nemesis…」

Rosalie continued to speak with hatred.

「The God Dragon King, Mash Dragonite…!」


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