This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 133 Part 1

Chapter 133: Savior (1)

Under the snow that fell steadily from the wintery sky. The demon in front of us was smiling with a gentle expression without any kind of hostility towards us.

…Chaos Makina!! I felt that both Seiya and I were losing our minds here!!

This place was the Twisted Geabrande. As the first dragon man described, Seiya and I weren’t the ones who defeated the Demon King. Therefore, that probably meant that Chaos Makina was still alive. Still, it was creepy to greet a demon whom we killed once before.

After seeing an unfriendly Seiya pulling out his sword against her, Chaos Makina licked her lips with her red tongue.

「Oh my, that’s scary. Please, let’s get along. 」

Then, Flasika broke in between Seiya and Chaos Makina.

「He…Hero! I beg you! Please, withdraw your sword! As I said earlier, the demons and we humans are working and living together!」

「That’s right, yes, right, correct. We are together in order to defeat the hateful dragons.」

「…Are you telling me to trust demons. 」

I felt the same way as Seiya, not because of his cautiousness, but because of this unrealistic scenario. Celseus hid behind Seiya and nodded.

「It’s obvious that you wouldn’t believe in demons. In fact, this alliance is rather improbable… Chaos Makina. Do you have it with you?」

「Yeah, I’ve got it. 」

Chaos Makina took a piece of old paper from her chest. She turned the flasher on in order to show it to us. A magical circle and bloody red letters were written at the center of the old paper.

「“The demons must never harm human beings. I pledge my life to this commitment.”… This oath is an ancient script.」

「Indeed, this is an important script. It’s called a Testament. One of the former general kings of the Demon King’s army, Kill Capul, wrote this script.」

「Ki…Kill Capul…! 」

「Is that the dwarf monster that transformed into a tool shop owner, huh?」

Seiya frowned. Kill Capul was the one who summoned the god of death, Cross Tanathus! That fearsome enemy was only defeated with Valkyrie’s ultimate destruction technique, Valhala Gate! He was indeed one of the Four General Kings!

「There’s no way that I’ll trust such unreliable oath. 」

「You’re very suspicious about this, hero. Just listen to me, okay? This Testament is a magical dwelling alliance. If a demon renounces the will of this script and kills a human, the said demon dies as the result of his actions.」

I could certainly feel a tremendous magic power overflowing from the old script. I activated my Appraisal skills to be certain about it…And then, I got convinced. I found nothing wrong with Chaos Makina’s words. It said, 『If one defies the oath; a demon’s life will be taken away. 』. Just like what happened with the summoning list given by the Supreme God Brahma that didn’t allow me to call Seiya, a contract made of enormous magic and divine power was itself a great binding force as well.

…But, Seiya didn’t trust any of that.

「You can rewrite that text as much as you like. 」

「That’s impossible. Once written, the Testament cannot be rewritten again.」

「If that’s the case, then you can destroy it by force, am I right? 」

「We can’t break nor destroy this script. 」

「Oh. Okay, then put it here. 」

After looking at the Testament from the ground for a while, Seiya wore leather gloves and grabbed it with both hands.

「…Hmm. 」

He sounded as if he was struggling. Apparently, he tried to break the Testament. But, the thin paper didn’t even bend.

「State Berserk Phase 2nd. 」

At the same time as Seiya muttered, a reddish black aura spread from his body! Chaos Makina and Flasika were taken aback.

「Ehh! So, this is the hero’s great power! 」

「What a terrific force…! 」

While they remained extremely surprised, Seiya devoted himself to something else. Seiya did his best to break the paper. However, even after he struggled for a while, the Testament didn’t break nor bend for just a millimeter. Even so…

「…Maximum Inferno. 」

「…Destruction Operation Method the First…“Shattered Break”. 」

After invoking his powerful Fire magic attack, Seiya launched a destruction technique. Nonetheless, the Testament remained intact.

「Se…Seiya! What Chaos Makina said is true! That script is unbreakable!」

「Ahaha. Right? I told him that it was impossible. 」

Seiya glared fixedly at a cheerful Chaos Makina.

「No, not yet…! I’m sure that I can destroy it with the Celestial Prison-Gate…!」

「Seiya!! You’ll get hurt if you invoke that!! Why are you so desperate to break it!?」

I believed that Seiya felt very frustrated for not being able to destroy it. He snorted afterwards, and turned around. Apparently, he gave up. Well, he wasn’t an idiot after all. Therefore, he didn’t need to use his life in order to break a piece of paper…

After seeing the absurdness of Seiya’s actions, Flasika smiled a little.

「He…Hero, you’ve got more proof than theory now! The demons and we humans have lived without conflict for a long time now! When this treaty was done, our sages carefully discussed it, and examined the words one by one! Even someone from the demon-class with a tremendous power can’t break this oath!」

「I don’t believe it no matter what you say. 」

「Seiya! I understand that you don’t believe this story, but we have another matter to take care of! …Excuse me, Flasika! When are we going to meet Rosalie?」

「Yes. I intend to do that. 」

Then, Seiya rattled.

「If you intend to that, then hurry up. This is a waste of time. 」

「What!! But, you’ve been trying to break the Testament for a while now…!!」

「You’re a very selfish hero, huh. Okay, I’ll guide you to the princess now. Follow me.」

We walked ahead far from Chaos Makina. She accompanied us from a distance. Around the decaying wooden houses, people and demons cooperated to shovel the snow.

…They were really living together. In addition, so peacefully. It was a strange sight.

Unexpectedly, Chaos Makina turned around and looked attentively at Celseus.

「I didn’t ask this earlier, but it has been bothering me for a while now…Who are you? Are you just a human companion?」

「I’m a god you know!! 」

「Eh? Really? 」

「It’s true! Can’t you feel that I’m a god? 」

「Ehh, I see. So, you are a god. That’s great. 」

「Are you making fun of me!? Ah!? 」

I whispered to Seiya while seeing Chaos Makina talking with Celseus.

「I don’t feel any murderous intent. She seems kinda foolish like Celseus.」

「Don’t let your guard down. Lista. Look at her status. 」

「Eh? 」

I activated my clairvoyance ability when Seiya told me to.

Chaos Makina

Level – 87

HP – 156749

MP – 8578

Attack – 145871

Defense – 142180

Agility – 135789

Magic – 6666

Potential rate – 845

Resistance – Wind, Water, Fire, Earth

Special skills – Devil Magical Sword (Lv MAX)

Skills – Demonic Curse

Personality – Cruelty

「…Did you see it? Her status is much higher in ability than the one I fought previously.」

「You’re right! But, why? 」

「This is a twisted world. Just like when the sacred hero pushed the State Berserk beyond its limits, this Chaos Makina might have acquired a force that wasn’t her own.」

「But, how did she acquire that so easily? 」

「Who knows? Anyway, whatever happens, you mustn’t be caught off guard by anyone in this world.」

「Of…Of course! 」

Chaos Makina’s personality remained cruel. I decided to be watchful against the demons in this town, but Seiya turned his stern eyes to me.

「Did you really understand what I meant? I said “by anyone in this world”.」

「Eh? 」

「…We’ve arrived. 」

In the middle of my conversation with Seiya, Flasika pointed to a horrible ruined shack.

…Rosalie was staying in that awful place?

Rosalie was the princess of Rosgard. I thought that she was living in a castle as before. Just how twisted was this world? The Twisted Geabrande never ceased to surprise me ever since we came here. Somehow, I felt that these surprises weren’t over yet.

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  1. 「”Did you really understand what I meant? I said “by anyone in this world”.」”
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  3. There’s already a loophole with that demon contract. Since Lista and Celseus are deities rather than humans, this means the demons are free to attack them. This is probably why Chaos Machina wanted Cerceus to clarify that he’s a god. Fortunately, Seiya is probably smart enough to recognize this loophole.

    • Never thought about this loophole of god not be included in this contract.
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  4. Another thing you are missing is that the very demon that created the contract was willing to sacrifice his life to kill the hero in the previous Gaeabrande, so we know that a contract that kills them wouldn’t be enough to stop them from attacking Seiya’s party if they wanted to. Regardless, I hope Chaos Makina ends up becoming the fourth member of Seiya’s party, it would make things more interesting.

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