This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Coexistence

「Next shots, fire. 」

Hundreds of icicles floated beyond Seiya’s right arm and headed towards Hydra. Then, Hydra tried to move quickly in the air with his wings of fire, but couldn’t escape the large number of Fenrir Shots. More than half of those icicles missed the target, but the rest hit Hydra quite severely. I could hear Hydra’s painful grunts.

…It felt like a shotgun!! He didn’t even have the need to aim it properly!!

「I was careless with the Meteor Strike. But, this time, I won’t repeat the same mistake. I will hit the enemy with as many shots as possible.」

I didn’t think it was a mistake. But, it seemed that Seiya felt remorseful about it. That’s why he was creating countless of small icicles beyond his right arm. The icicles kept coming even though he had fired them over three times. However…

「I won’t receive any fatal wounds because of my hard skin!! 」

Hydra descended viciously from the sky after receiving a shower of icicles!

「No…No way!! The Fenrir Shot isn’t working!? 」

「The damage has dropped dramatically because half of them keep missing the target.」

Seiya explained the current situation while he continued to shoot more Fenrir Shots against Hydra. Hydra stopped his descending movement when more icicles hit him. But, when the Fenrir Shot was over, he moved again and got closer to our location in the ground.

「Your icicles are gone!! I’m going to kill you now!! 」

Hydra approached us without worrying too much about the icicles that were released many times towards him! He floated slowly because he headed against the wind, but he was getting nearer and nearer to us!!

「Se…Seiya!! You have to do something about that fella!! 」

「It…It’s going to be okay, Celseus!! You’re fretting too much!! Even if the damage is small, if he keeps getting hit by Fenrir Shots, I’m sure that…Eh, ehhhhhhh!?」

I turned my eyes on Seiya and noticed a terrible situation. The icicles that he created were completely gone!

「Are…Are you out of ammo!? 」

I heard a loud laugh coming from the lower part of the sky.

「Ahahahah! It seems that his pride has disappeared along with his attacking method!!」

Nothing prevented the enemy from descending completely! He flew straight to us!

「This is bad!! He’s coming!! 」

Celseus was trying to escape in a hurry. But, on this precise moment, Seiya lowered his right arm and moved his left arm against Hydra instead.

「…Loading complete. 」

Countless of small icicles were created in front of Seiya’s left arm immediately!

「Fenrir Shot. 」

When Seiya declared those words, the distance between Hydra and Seiya was less than ten meters away. In a few seconds, Hydra would have reached us. Nonetheless, faster than his movement were Seiya’s icicles. The newly created Fenrir Shot hit Hydra directly.


Hydra, who received the close-up discharge of Fenrir Shot, rolled to the ground painfully. Seiya muttered satisfactorily when he saw the anguished Hydra.

「Yeah. Right now, thanks to the reduced distance between us, the accuracy of my attack has increased to a pleasingly 80% hit rate.」

「Tha…Thank goodness! I was so nervous because I thought you were out of ammo! 」

「There’s no way that I’ll be out of ammo. I just had to concentrate my magic on the left arm simultaneously with the firing of my right arm using Fenrir Shot. It takes 10 seconds to fire all the icicles of my right arm continuously, and then, 10 seconds to load my left arm with ammunition. When one Fenrir Shot is over, means that the other is fully loaded. Then, I just have to repeat the process.」

「In other words, does that mean that you can shoot them forever!? 」

「Shoot forever, huh. Of course, until my magic power runs out. By the way, my magic power is over 60,000 points. And the magic power I’ve spent to load one Fenrir Shot took me 2 points. So, let’s say that my magic power allows for 30,000 Fenrir Shots.」

No, actually, that sounded somewhat “forever”!! I was worried for nothing!! I was sure that every enemy would feel hopeless in this situation!!

While talking with me, Seiya continued to shoot Fenrir Shot on the fallen Hydra. When he tried to get up, Seiya loaded the other arm and hit him again with the Fenrir Shot.

He felt somewhat addicted to this type of attack! Hydra couldn’t do anything to stop Seiya’s continuous attack! We just had to wait for the damage to accumulate!

「…Ah…Gyahhh…! 」

Hydra kept groaning agonizingly! Newly created icicles poured on to Hydra’s body, and his skin changed colors! Then, an odd occurrence happened on Hydra’s body! His skin covered in flames formed a frost layer and froze!

「His…His body is freezing…? How…! 」

「Se…Seiya!! What’s happening!? 」

「Originally, I didn’t aim this attack at the enemy in order to inflict damage. In fact, if the number of hits exceeds a certain amount of icicles, my Ice magic is activated and the target freezes completely…That’s the true purpose of Fenrir Shot.」

As Hydra tried to stand up by using his last strength, Seiya used his right arm to knock off Hydra with Fenrir Shot. The icicles evaporated the jet-black heat, and the second wave got eliminated when his right arm froze.

「You bastard…! 」

The hateful words professed by Hydra became his last words. The frost spread throughout his body towards his face when Seiya hit him with icicles on the chest. With the continuous Fenrir Shot, Hydra’s limbs and torso were completely covered in ice. Eventually, Hydra became an ice sculpture due to the unstoppable fire of Fenrir Shot.

「You did it!! Hydra has frozen completely!! 」

Seeing a frozen Hydra who could no longer move, I stroke my chest with relief. Nevertheless, Seiya didn’t stop his attack. Seiya continued to shoot the Fenrir Shots persistently towards the frozen Hydra! The thickness of the ice covering Hydra’s body increased enormously!

「Se…Seiya!! Isn’t he frozen enough!? 」

「Don’t underestimate the power of his fire. He might melt my ice and strike us again. I have to make it thicker.」

「Is…Is that so…? We…Well, I guess. It’s better to take some safe measures instead!」

With that said, the endless Fenrir Shot created a white cool air that spread all around us. The temperature dropped sharply.

…It…It’s cold!? By this rate, it’s going to freeze me too!!

My exhaling breath was pure white, I felt goose bumps throughout my body, and my legs began to tremble. At that time, a huge chunk of ice had formed before my eyes.

「The frost layer transformed into an iceberg!? Don’t you think that you’re overdoing it!?」

「I must be sure that he won’t come out of there easily. But, here’s the real thing. Ice magic can’t freeze enemies forever. So, I’m going to finish him off quickly with my blade.」

And then, Seiya drew his sword…

「State Berserk Phase 2.8…! 」

After taking a deep breath, Seiya struck the iceberg with the greatest power of his Crazy Warrior state! An intense crushing sound vibrated throughout the whole area! The iceberg became crystals of fine ice and shattered everywhere! In a situation where I didn’t know why he kept fighting an enemy that died, crystals of fine ice were like shaved ice and scattered under my feet.

…One minute later. The iceberg Hydra became white powder that seemed like sparkling snow.

「Gre…Great! This is a complete victory! 」

So far, Seiya has always managed to subdue his enemies. Speaking of subdue, he always overkilled his opponents! I…I didn’t know why he was so absurdly cautious to an incomprehensible point, but I guess that it would be bad if our enemies were to resurrect!

I smiled at Seiya with a bitter smile, and then I noticed that Celseus was much quieter than before. Was he stunned by Seiya’s cautiousness? Or was he scared because of a battle from the S-rank difficulty world? I turned around to check on Celseus and…I was extremely shocked.

Oh my gosh! Celseus’ body was covered with thick ice, just like what happened with Hydra!

「Seiya!? Celseus got frozen in the aftermath of your battle!!」

「Yeah. It seems that the ice caught him. What a troublesome guy.」

When Seiya stepped with his feet, the ice covering Celseus’ body shattered with a cracking noise. Celseus, whose lips were purple, seemed like he was reborn.

「So…So…So cold…! I’m freezing to death…! 」

「Don’t overreact. Gods don’t die whether it’s cold or hot. 」

「No, but, you see…It’s really hard to endure this cold…! 」

Seiya ignored a freezing Celseus and headed towards the sparkling snow where Hydra stood previously.

「I reduced him to powder, but I still feel a little anxious. I’ll burn it down.」

Once again, he changed his attributes and returned to being the Fire Magic Warrior. He used Hell’s Fire to burn the powder with flames.

So…So persistent he was…! And he kept doing it again without a break!

This time, instead of dropping the remains to the core of this planet, Seiya cleaned up the enemy with his usual burning skill…I mean, there was nothing normal about this!

I was fussing over his actions, but another person was rather pleased with this situation.

「Ah, so warm! It feels so good! 」

Celseus was warming his hands with the heat coming from Seiya’s flames. It was a surreal sight, but then, Seiya’s fire suddenly stopped.

「AH, Seiya! It’s getting cold! I need more flames! 」

「You’re noisy, shut up. I heard a sound right now. 」

Seiya spoke about a sound he heard. We began to listen quietly. I could hear faint footsteps in my earlobes, who had better hearing than humans did. A man wearing a gray robe appeared from the shadow of a collapsed building. Immediately, Seiya’s expression hardened upon seeing the human. His expression was severer than when he confronted Hydra.

「A human? Impossible. There should be no humans here within the radius of 1 kilometer.」

Seiya looked surprised. I thought that it was unusual to see Seiya behaving like this. But, it seemed that the hooded man was also surprised.

「Unbelievable. A human was able to defeat a fire dragon…」

Did he hide and watch Seiya’s battle? He took the hood and looked at Seiya with profound admiration. Seiya drew his sword, but I felt that this man’s face was familiar.

「The dragon people were saying that the hero and the goddess had appeared. It seems that they were telling the truth.」

The man raised his hands to show us that he had no hostility towards us.

「I apologize for my late introduction. My name is Flasika, the former wizard of the Rosgard Empire.」

Rosgard…That’s Rosalie’s homeland! I see! Flasika was the one who accompanied Rosalie and the Warlord Emperor!

「Excuse me. If I’m not wrong, you’re the one who uses thunder magic, correct?」

「Ohh! How do you know that I invoke thunder magic! Lady Goddess, is it because of your divine power?」

「Ah, no…Well, you see…More importantly, Flasika! How about Rosalie? Is Rosalie safe?」

「Yes! The princess is alive and well! 」

I was glad! I wondered if Mash and Elle were fine too…

「You people know everything about us. But, to ask about the princess’ safety, does that mean that you want to meet her?」

「Of course! Right, Seiya? 」

We could learn more about this twisted world if we met Rosalie. I immediately acknowledged our intention to meet her, but still, Seiya stared at Flasika with suspicion.

「I want to ask one question before that. Where did you come from? I didn’t feel your presence before.」

「I’ve been using a magical circle to protect our town, Igle. The remaining humans, including the princess, and me, have survived. We’ve been hiding in Igle.」

Flasika began to draw a magical circle on the ground with his wand.

「This moving magical circle was originally used as a secret passageway for dragons. In the past, they used it to move back and forth between the human continent and the home of the dragons on the Eurea continent.」

I still remember the events that happened during the conflict with the Dragon Mother and her minions. In Geabrande, before the current twist, Seiya and I, along with Mash and Elle teleported from the Dragon’s Cave to the Dragon Village through a similar magical enchantment chart.

Flasika didn’t tell us a lie. Still, while Flasika was drawing the magical circle, Seiya crouched down in order to search for something.

「Hey, Lista. What is Seiya doing over there? 」

I whispered in Celseus’ ear so that Flasika wouldn’t hear it.

「It’s obvious. C’mon, you know that Seiya is extraordinarily cautious. He must be wondering if Flasika’s magical circle is safe for us. He used to catch lizards to push them into magical circles before.」

「Wha…What? So, he’s searching for lizards…! 」

However, after a while, a disappointed Seiya shook his head.

「No good. There are no living creatures here…Celseus. You go first.」

「Am…Am I a lizard!? 」

Celseus refused to go first, but Seiya turned his icy eyes to him and said the following words.

「Celseus. A god doesn’t? 」

「Eh? What do you mean… 」

「A god doesn’t? 」

「A…A god…a god doesn’t…die…? 」

「That’s correct. So, go. 」

「…Yes. 」

Whoa, he was ordering Celseus to go despite his refusal! Poor thing!

But, if I didn’t have Celseus, I would be the one to receive this bad treatment. With that in mind, I thanked Celseus sincerely from my heart.

…Flasika and Celseus dived under the magical circle and came back together…

「Okay. Let’s go now. 」

Finally, Seiya dived into the magical circle without posing any problems.

I felt a chilly wind as soon as I got out of the glittering magical circle. I noticed that snow fell from the sky, and the roofs of wooden houses scattered around were pure white.

「This is Igle, the town we’re currently living. 」

「Ugh…It’s a very cold place. I thought that I was finally free from Ice magic.」

I could understand Celseus’ feelings. But, this time it was not a magical cold, but a natural one. Flasika put the hood on his head.

「I apologize. The temperature here is quite harsh. Actually, I used the magical circle to move this town up north into the cold continent of Alfreis. We are now far from Edna Town.」

「Alfreis…Wa…Wait a second!! Wasn’t this place the continent of the Demon King!?」

「That’s right. With the powerful menace that fell upon this continent, humanity managed to escape from the dragons when the Demon King died. Some of us survived because we came to this remote place.」

Humanity had survived in the land where Seiya and I defeated the Demon King once…Somehow, I felt something strange about this story.

「Even so, it’s nice to be at a town where humans live. We can finally take a well-deserved rest now.」

I nodded upon hearing Celseus’ remarks. Then, I looked around. From the side of snow-covered trees, I saw that men and women of all ages were watching us from a distance. I noticed that they were wearing old rags. It seemed that these people were poor, and only wore tattered clothes in order to protect them from this cold. Come to think about it, the people from the “Light of Hope”, who lived in the underground of Exfolia, were wearing better clothes.

「It seems that the townspeople are struggling, Seiya…Eh, what!? 」

I spoke to Seiya, but I was utterly surprised! The reddish-black aura overflowed from Seiya’s body, and the color of his hair was dyed in red!

「Why…Why are you in State Berserk!? 」

「Look over there. 」

Looking at Seiya’s line of sight, I saw that demons, whose mouths were torn up to their ears, were walking beside humans!

「You’re kidding, right!? Demons!! There are demons here!!」

「Wha…What the hell is this town!?」

Celseus and I screamed aloud, but Flasika smiled gently.

「Don’t worry. They have no hostility against humans. It’s because they can live safely in here as well. Together, humans and demons form a powerful barrier beyond the reach of the God Dragon King.」

「Then, does that mean that you’re living with the demons!?」

「Yes. That’s the meaning of Igle, a town where humans and demons coexist.」

Wha…What on earth!! How much could a twisted world change in order to turn out like this!?

A twisted world controlled by the God Dragon King. It seemed that this world was extremely different from the Geabrande that Seiya and I knew before.

At that time, I suddenly felt a cold in my back. This feeling wasn’t due to a drop in temperature. I felt an icy feeling running through my spine because of the evil energy emitted by these powerful monstrous demons. On this precise moment, a demon came closer to us as she stomped on the snow. She spoke with a poignant voice.

「Flasika. They are the hero and the goddess, am I right? 」

This demon was clearly different from the other wandering demons. This demon wore a swimsuit attire even though it was cold. She had black hair that resembled a raven, and had a bewitching complexion.

…No…No way…It can’t be…!

Seiya put his hands on his sheath. He looked ready for battle. Contrary to our beliefs, the demon in front of us smiled gently and spoke with a familiar dialogue. Yes, a voice that I heard before.

「So, you two are the so-called chosen hero, and the goddess from another dimension that summoned the hero. Nice to meet you. I’m one of the four general kings who took a direct command in the former Devil’s Army. My name is Chaos Makina.」

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