This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 131

Chapter 131: The Unusual Conversion

The massive explosion caused by the super high-speed meteorite that fell on the surface of Edna Town, turned the whole area into a large burnt field. Smoke and fire were still rising from the ground, and the tattered houses were all collapsed beside me after getting hit by the Meteor Strike.

「Whoa…It looks terrible. 」

「Ehhhhh…What the hell…! I don’t believe that a human was responsible for this…!」

Celseus was shocked. I understood his feelings very well. In the past, Seiya exterminated thousands of undead legions by creating a Meteor Strike from the sky. Afterwards, Seiya, who made full use of earth magic during our Exfolia quest, proved to be fearsome once again. However, I believed that Seiya would demonstrate even more his formidable talent in this Twisted Geabrande.

I looked back at Seiya with a feeling of trustworthiness, but for some reason, his arms were raised into the heavens.

「…Meteor Strike. 」

「Ah? 」

I spoke simultaneously with Celseus. When I fearfully looked up at the sky, I saw a few giant meteorites coming down with great speed!

「Gyahhhhhhh!! 」

Celseus and I crouched on the ground with our heads down! A tremendous roar erupted on my earlobes! The vibration was so powerful that I couldn’t stand still properly! I couldn’t help but support my body against Celseus’ body.

… After a while, I looked up at Seiya and saw his calm demeanor. He was so calm that seemed as if he were drinking tea at a coffee shop.

「I created a strike in order to dissipate the suburbs. I did it just in case some dragons were lurking around. With this, it feels more secure.」

「Don’t say it so easily as if you were throwing a ball!! What if there are any humans out there!?」

「My Automatic Phoenix confirmed that there are no humans within a 1 km radius within the city and the outside area.」

Seiya wasn’t mistaken when he said those words. Besides that, even if there was a person out there and somehow ended up involved in that explosion, that wouldn’t be a fatal consequence, since this place was a twisted world after all. If we untwist this word, everything that was missing would come back to normality. Still, the several Meteor Strikes we just saw now were useless and futile since all dragons were annihilated moments ago. Celseus seemed to have the same feelings as me and asked me in a whispering voice.

「He…Hey. Has it always been like this? 」

「Yeah. He always behaves like this just to be certain. He is extremely cautious after all.」

「I thought that he would be a very reliable ally but…in fact, this makes me a bit worried.」

Then, Celseus grabbed my arm with a strong grip.

「Lista…! 」

「What’s wrong!? Hey, don’t touch my goddess’ skin so easily, got it!?」

「Over there!! Just look over there!!」

I doubted my own eyes when I looked at the way that Celseus was pointing. There was a dragon completely wrapped in flames. He walked slowly towards us.

「Whoa, a dragon man!? Bu…But, his body is on fire!! He survived the Meteor Strike but his body is full of severe wounds!!」

「You…You’re right! Don’t we have to worry about it? 」

「If it’s Seiya, then I’m sure that he left one alive in order to get some inside information.」

「Ah, is that so! I see! 」

Celseus seemed relieved upon hearing my words. However, Seiya stood in front of me and pulled the sword out of his sheath. Both his hair and eyes were dyed red. He became the Crazy Warrior.

「Eh! Seiya? 」

「Immediately after we started this quest, our safety became the highest priority over collecting information. Therefore, I released one strike in the center of this town, and four strikes in the suburbs. I intended to fully exterminate the enemies around this town with the power of the Meteor Strike. And yet, that one is alive.」

「No way…! 」

After I heard Seiya’s words, I stared fixedly at the surviving dragon. I noticed that his body was wrapped in flames, but his course was steady. He continued to walk straight towards us as if nothing happened to him. It seemed that he didn’t care about his wounds nor his red-burning body.

Seiya gritted his teeth. While I screamed aloud.

「How is that even possible!? 」

…Wha…What the hell! Several Meteor Strikes destroyed the remains of this town and killed every single dragon in it! And yet, this one survived and walked calmly!

However, my thoughts weren’t the same as Seiya’s thoughts.

「The number of Meteor Strike was underwhelming. I should’ve created about hundred strikes…」

「No!! If you dropped that many you would eradicate this town along with Geabrande!! That option is completely out of the equation!! Just do whatever you want, but without those strikes!!」

While I screamed, the dragon man stood just a few meters away from us. Seiya gave a signal with his hand. Then, Celseus and I decided to stand behind Seiya so that we wouldn’t stand on his way. The dragon opened his mouth full of tiny fangs.

「Aren’t you people the ones who appeared in Edna? My subordinates said that you were “the goddess and the hero”, even though you denied it. But, that power just now was so great that it destroyed this town in an instant…You’re definitely the real deal.」

A polite tone. However, I couldn’t feel any emotions as if he was a machine just talking. At the same time, I noticed an irregularity. The amount of fire that covered the scales of his body was higher than before!

…That…That wasn’t caused by the Meteor Strike explosion! Did he place himself in fire?

My imagination wasn’t mistaken. The overflowing flames formed wings behind the dragon. The fire wings fluttered as if he were a winged creature. Then, he flew straight into the air.

「If you’re the real deal, then I’ll have to kill you. This is the teaching of our Holy Angel.」

「Ho…Holy Angel, why do you people keep saying that!? 」

「Dragonite is our founder, and has a profound and peaceful guidance from the one we worship, the Holy Angel, who descended upon Geabrande.」

And then, the dragon man cut a cross in front of his chest.

「May I have the blessing of the Holy Angel. 」

Celseus shouted aloud.

「So…Someone who seems crazy and dangerous appeared so suddenly!! Hey, isn’t the first enemy of a quest supposed to be a slime or a goblin!?」

Just as Celseus said, this kind of development was rather improbable since we’ve just started the quest on this world. Still, it wasn’t that unusual for Seiya and me.

「It’s all right! Seiya has been training all the time in the Underworld in order to confront enemies like this one!」

I spoke confidently as I activated my clairvoyance ability. I checked the status of the seemingly crazy and unrealistic dragon that stood in front of us.

Burning Dragon Hydra

Level – 85

HP – 245051

MP – 15234

Attack – 152444

Defense – 443512

Agility – 126549

Resistance – Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Earth, Light, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Curse, Instant Death, Abnormal Condition

Skills – Invalidation of all weapon attacks (Lv MAX), Fire magic absorption (Lv MAX), Invalidation of Wind magic (Lv MAX), Invalidation of Water magic (Lv MAX), Invalidation of Earth magic (Lv MAX), Invalidation of Thunder magic (Lv MAX), Invalidation of Light magic (Lv MAX), Invalidation of Dark magic (Lv MAX)

Special Skills – Dark Catastrophe, Desperate Sphere

Personality – Fanatic

The ability value wasn’t that far higher than that of Berserker Seiya…But, what on earth were those skills! He could disable all magical properties! Moreover, he could even absorb Fire magic…Weapons were useless against him and his defense power was also extremely high! The only thing that could work on him was probably Ice magic…Wait a second, this status, I think that I saw it somewhere else before, but where…?

Seiya probably saw the enemy’s status as well. He murmured as if he discovered something irrelevant.

「It’s similar to that fiery monster that I fought in Geabrande before.」

Fiery monster…Tha…That’s right! Dark Fires! The monster created by one of the four general kings, Death Magra! That monster also disabled all magical properties! Certainly, at that time, Seiya broke the enemy’s defense by using vibration waves and ice bracelets…

Hydra, the dragon of fire, took something out of his chest. It looked like a thick book which he held in his hand. That book was probably the book that the previous dragon described as the “Holy Angel Scriptures”.

「Seiya, be careful! A sword with the Chain Destruction came out of that book before!」

Then, Hydra showed his fangs and laughed wickedly.

「No. Mine is custom made. But, it’s not a sword.」

And then, he opened his huge mouth and swallowed the scriptures in a single gulp! Immediately after, the fire covering his body changed from red to jet-black, and the wings on his back were wrapped in a black flame! Hydra discharged black flames menacingly out of his mouth!

「Now my flames have become like hellfire that will burn out your souls.」

A flame with the Chain Destruction!? If that thing fell upon us, neither me nor Seiya would be able to survive!!

He was preparing to attack us with his dark flames. However, the Dragon Hydra suddenly disappeared from my sight! He flew too quickly for me to follow up with my eyes, and got close to Seiya!

「Se…Seiya!! 」

「Ahahah…! “Dark Catastrophe”! 」

A black flame emanated from his body floating in the air and extended like an undulating snake. It tried to attack Seiya rapidly. Nonetheless…

「Maximum Inferno. 」

I was caught off guard, but Seiya reacted immediately. Several red flames appeared from Seiya’s hand, and the red and black flames collided with one another.

I felt relieved that Seiya’s fire prevented the attack with the Chain Destruction. However, and incredibly, the black flames gradually pushed Seiya’s red flames away!

「Why!? Seiya’s Maximum Inferno is being defeated!? 」

But, Seiya’s stats should be a little higher! Then, Hydra pulled his splitting tongue out of his mouth.

「The Dark Catastrophe was given to me by the Holy Angel, it is a dark flame that swallows everything up.」

「Tha…That’s right! One of his skills was “Fire magic absorption”! That’s why he is absorbing Seiya’s fire!」

In addition to disabling magical powers, and all types of physical attacks, he also absorbed Seiya’s specialty, Fire magic! This…This was bad! This dragon may be Seiya’s worst enemy!

As I saw Seiya’s fire being absorbed in the air, my anxiety weighed heavily on my heart. However, Seiya’s expression remained unchanged. He sniffed “hmm”.

「If fire is no good, then I’ll defeat him with the magical property of the opposite pole.」

「Opposite pole…Seiya!! Does that mean that you have ice bracelets this time!?」

It was impossible for Seiya to handle Ice magic because fire was his main attribute. Therefore, he used items that contained Ice magic during the battle with Dark Fires, but…

「No. I don’t need that anymore. During my training with Serous Rousse, I learnt skills that weren’t possible for me before.」

「And…And what are those? 」

「I can convert my magical attribute from fire to ice. 」

「You’re kidding, right!? Can you really do that!? 」

It was impossible for someone with Fire attributes to use Ice magic because they were opposites!! Bu…But, did he just say that he made it possible by learning Serous Rousse’s skills!?

「As Unoporta described before, very few people in the Underworld have physical-oriented skills. Even so, in some cases, the Underworld is more beneficial than training with gods in the heavenly world.」

And then, Seiya snapped his finger.

「…“Conversion”. 」

At that moment, a silvery aura overflowed from Seiya’s body. A chilling cold air passed through me. No…No doubt about it! He truly changed his attribute…but, wait a minute…

「Wait right there!! How can you change your magical attribute without standing upside down like we do and without reading your name in a reverse order!?」

「If you’re very proficient at the attribute transformation method, you won’t have to do those unreasonable things.」

「You don’t have to say it like that!! 」

Ugh! Why did Celseus and I become like third-rate entertainers, while Seiya became cool as a top-notch actor!? That was so unfair!!

Still, there was something more interesting than that.

「Se…Seiya!! Uno said that our sanity would run wild if Celseus and I became devils in the earthly worlds!! Is your magical attribute conversion okay!?」

「No. Actually, the magical change runs the same way as your devil transformation.」

「Isn’t that dangerous!? 」

When I shouted aloud, Seiya was still pointing his arm towards the floating Hydra. The cold air gathered at the end of one of Seiya’s arms, and it quickly became a huge icicle. The icicles were fired at a tremendous speed when Seiya shook his arm…

「Muahahah! Where are you aiming at? 」

Hydra laughed extremely high from the sky. The cold icicles released by Seiya passed three meters away from Hydra. Summing up, Seiya’s attack missed the target.

「…My current magical power is running wild. It seems that my aim isn’t accurate after I doubled my magical power.」

「Ehhhhhh!? Your aim isn’t accurate!? 」

While talking with me, Seiya released the next icicle, but it didn’t reach the dragon Hydra! Instead, it flew completely away from the dragon Hydra!

「*giggles* No matter how powerful it is, there’s no point if you don’t hit me with it.」

Hydra realized that Seiya’s attacks were not a threat, and thus, he began to gather his Fire magic with his arms while floating in the air. Eventually, the black flames became a large spherical object that swelled up high in the sky!

「Okay! Let me dedicate your lives to the Holy Angel! 」

…This…This was bad!! He is going to hit us with that thing!!

It was like a black sun! I could easily imagine what would happen if that thing hit us directly! We had to avoid that attack in order to survive!

I took a step backwards. However, Seiya still pointed his right arm to the black cluster floating in the air. Again, cool air gathered at the tip of his arm.

No…No way! It was obvious that the enemy would receive damage if he got hit by one of Seiya’s icicles…But, based on the previous attacks, it was clear that Seiya couldn’t aim his attacks because of his spontaneous increase in magical power!! I was sure that his next attack would miss the target once again!!

However, Seiya was not yet ready to fire his icicles. He continued to concentrate his magical power on his right arm, similar to what Hydra was doing in the sky.

…Was he trying to create an icicle with the whole power of his magical energy!? I see!! He was trying to counterattack the black sphere up until the last minute before Hydra released it!! The probability to inflict damage on the enemy would surely increase!!

Hitting a powerful enemy with an icicle with a poorly trajectory seemed like a huge bet. But, the moment I took a deep breath when I stared at Seiya, I realized that my guess was wrong.

The icicle that Seiya created on his right arm was different from the huge icicle he invoked earlier. The icicle was as small as his index finger…Then, he shaped many pieces at an amazing speed in front of his arm! One hundred, two hundred…No…Much more!

In an instant, countless of icicles were formed in front of Seiya’s right arm. Hydra was also looking at Seiya from the sky, but he probably had an overwhelming confidence about his technique. He smiled snakingly from his teeth.

「Such a long but small work you’ve done!! But, it’s useless against my technique!! “Desperate Sphere”!!」

「Oh…Oh no!! It’s coming!! 」

Celseus screamed frenetically. That Hydra was so over-confident! Maybe that dragon’s technique was as powerful as the Meteor Strike!

The moment I turned my eyes away to look at Seiya, something unexpected happened. A sound that cut the wind came from Seiya’s direction.


…When I looked up at the sky, I noticed that Hydra didn’t release the black sphere! In fact, Hydra lost his posture and struggled to float in the sky!

「Ugh! You bastard…! 」

What the hell just happened!? Don’t tell me that Seiya’s attack actually hit him without us noticing!?

When I stared fixedly at Seiya, I saw that he was in the same position as before. His right arm was still pointed towards Hydra. However, I noticed a certain change. Many of the icicles that were at the end of his right arm were missing.

Hydra was roaring painfully and trying to keep himself in position, but this time I was looking attentively at Seiya. I tried to understand what happened earlier.

Apparently, when Seiya wielded his right arm, more than a hundred ice icicles spread in a fan-shaped manner and headed towards Hydra at an unstoppable speed! Half of those icicles passed through Hydra without hitting him, but the rest of the icicles hit Hydra’s head, abdomen and limbs!

「Argh! 」

Hydra growled again. When I stared closely at the enemy, I saw that the spot where the icicles hit was somewhat discolored. A pale skin. Most probably, his magical defense mechanism was interrupted by the damage inflicted with Ice magic, his only magical weakness. The sphere of the black flame became smaller, and eventually, it disappeared.

「Ho…How dare you…! 」

Hydra’s attack was extinguished before releasing the final deathblow. He was staring at Seiya from the sky with ferocious eyes. On the other side, Seiya was also looking sharply at Hydra.

「My aim had an unstable accuracy. So, I just had to expand the range of my attack to full extent and then release it.」

「Seiya!! What kind of technique did you use then!? 」

Seiya muttered quietly with his right arm still pointed at Hydra.

「A dispersal shooting with Ice icicles…“Fenrir* Shot”. 」

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 *Fenrir (Old Norse: “fen-dweller”) or Fenrisúlfr also referred to as Hróðvitnir (“fame-wolf”) and Vánagandr or Vanargand, is a monstrous wolf in Norse mythology. Fenrir is also known for his long-range Blizzard magic, which travels through the ground and generates spears of ice once it reaches the opponent.


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