This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 129 Part 2

Chapter 129: The Counterattack of the Swordsman God (2)

Shortly after we left Serous Rousse, we returned immediately to the Porta siblings house. Even though it was night, the large garden was slightly bright thanks to the exterior lights of the magical stones. Seiya and Celseus had received wooden swords prepared by the brother Dueporta.

「Seiya. Don’t get caught off guard. Celseus has become a devil, so his ability value got ten times higher, right?」

「While I was listening to the story from Hades, while I was walking in the Underworld, and while you were playing with the upside-down woman, I kept training secretly on my own. I managed to raise my level quite a bit since then.」

「Is…Is that so…Eh, but I wasn’t playing back then, you know!」

Seiya ignored me completely while I screamed at him, and faced the wild-looking Celseus with a wooden sword.

「Okay, Celseus. Come at me with all your might. 」

「…Got it. 」

Celseus muttered and then…he disappeared at the same time! The next moment I thought that I heard a dull sound; I noticed that Celseus shook his wooden sword while Seiya crouched down in the ground while he held his belly.

「Wa…Wait a moment, Celseus!! Seiya’s current level is still low, you know!? Why did you attack him so suddenly…」

「Because he said to “come at him with all my might”. So, I did what he told me to do.」

Even so, it shocked me!! Seiya was usually the one who hit Celseus!! Not the contrary!!

Seiya stood up while holding his belly.

「Great, Celseus. Let’s continue. 」

「Hmm. I don’t even need the wooden sword. 」

…From that point on, it looked like Celseus was delivering a beatdown on Seiya. The barehanded Celseus swung his strong fist into Seiya’s body so strongly that even his sword was blown away immediately. Seiya’s body bent down after receiving that hit. Afterwards, Seiya’s body swayed back and forth, left and right, while soaking up the rush of Celseus’ strikes.

No…No way! What the hell was going on! Seiya was being wiped out by the devilish Celseus!

I couldn’t watch this anymore, therefore, I broke in between those two.

「Stop it, Celseus!! 」

「What’s wrong, Lista? I’m just doing the so-called training, you see? 」

「This is not training!! You are doing your own revenge game because of your past grudge against Seiya!!」

「…Move away, Lista. 」

However, Seiya stood up and spit blood into the garden’s floor while his face was covered with bruises.

「Celseus. Keep going. 」

「Oh, oh. You have a great courage huh. 」

Nevertheless, I noticed that Seiya’s body was wrapped in a reddish-black aura.

「…State Berserk. 」

Ohh! He doubled his stats! Now he’d be able to match the strength of the devilish Celseus!

However, after becoming the Crazy Warrior, Seiya tried to hit Celseus with his wooden sword but with no success. Celseus stopped the strike of the wooden sword with his index finger.

「What the hell. It doesn’t hurt nor itches me. 」

Then, he laughed while shaking his arm.

「I get it now! This is the great power of the devil me! 」

Instead, Celseus’ fist hit Seiya’s face directly! A rattling sound was heard and Seiya was thrown a few meters away from where he was standing still.

…This…This practice was exactly the opposite training between Seiya and Celseus! No matter how low Seiya’s level was…The reverse devil transformation skill was indeed remarkable…!

Celseus spoke with a bloody fist.

「I’m getting sleepy now. Let’s stop this training for today. Let’s continue tomorrow.」

After Celseus returned to the Western-style house, Seiya collapsed in the large garden.

「What’s wrong with that guy, really! Attitudes do change when one gets stronger! He’s the worst!」

I put Seiya on my knees and invoked my healing magic. He had terrible wounds. Seiya looked as if a ferocious demon beast attacked him brutally. My limited healing magic didn’t cure him immediately.

「I’m sorry. I didn’t wish for this to happen. 」

It was a rare sight to see a wounded Seiya. Somehow, I felt that this situation was some kind of a limbo state. After a moment of silence, Seiya said some unrealistic words.

「Training is going well. Besides, this process is necessary for me to increase my stats. So, don’t fret over useless things.」

「Bu…But, things are different this time. Instead of rescuing another world, we have the mission to bring back the Gods’ realm along with every god that lived in it…」

「For me, this matter is not irrelevant as well. 」

「Eh. 」

「It’s not clear why Merseys was banished from the heavenly world. I think that the way of the innermost world of gods is also objectively flawed. Even so…」

Seiya’s eyes were sharp, despite being completely injured.

「This is a job that I have been doing for some time now. I’ll definitely defeat Merseys.」

「Ye…Yes. 」

Then, Seiya slowly got up and walked away. I watched Seiya’s back as he left the garden, while holding Kiriko’s pendant onto my chest.

Next morning.

While I slept on the bed at the room assigned by Uno, I heard the sound of swords clashing in the distance. I was surprised and jumped out the bed. I headed immediately into the garden, and as expected, Celseus and Seiya had begun their training session. No…It was actually a one-sided match with extensive beating.

「Eat this! Devil Slash! 」

The wooden sword slashed into Seiya’s shoulders without having the chance to block the swordsmanship of the devilish Celseus, who couldn’t stop from hurting Seiya. I could hear Seiya’s bones cracking has he was falling on the group.

「Stop it already!! 」

I spread my hands in front of Seiya in order to protect him. Nevertheless, Seiya pushed me away from behind my back.

「…Let’s continue. 」

「Then, you should know my real power for as many times as possible! I’ll show you the true power of the devil me!」

Seiya, who became the Crazy Warrior, managed to evade Celseus’ sword skill. However, his body and eyes didn’t seem to catch up with his opponent’s power and speed. Celseus’ advantage was overwhelming. Seiya stood up no matter how many times he fell to the ground. But, then, he received a powerful thrust into his sword that it even distorted his own face. I ran to Seiya.

「Seiya! You don’t have to do it like this! Just take some time to prepare slowly in order to get stronger like before!」

「…Saving three different twisted worlds and defeating Merseys along with her sacred hero sounds like a challenge so difficult like no other before. It’s possible that I won’t be able to catch up in power and strength with this type of training.」

「See! I told you! 」

Celseus sighed upon seeing Seiya get up.

「This is getting tiresome now. I’ll finish you up with a powerful blow. After that, today’s training is over.」

A black aura overflew from Celseus’ body! Then, he pulled a wooden sword and jumped right at Seiya!

「Yahhhhh!! Feel my all-out devil slashing!! 」


I closed my eyes unintentionally. And after that, when I opened my eyes…Surprising! Seiya was holding Celseus’ wooden sword with just one hand!

「Wha…What…? 」

Celseus spoke with an agitated voice.

「Current level 58. Great, Celseus. My status is growing fast in a short amount of time all thanks to you.」

My stunned eyes turned into dots. Seiya continued to speak back at Celseus.

「Okay then. Let’s raise the stage to State Berserk now. 」

「Ehh!? Seiya, didn’t you raise it the last time you practiced!? 」

「Until now, I kept it at stage 1.1. I shall bring the original State Berserk now.」

Soon, Seiya’s appearance changed. His hair became dyed red, actually more than before, and the stripped sharp fangs came out from his mouth.

「State Berserk Phase 2nd. 」

The reddish-black aura of madness erupted from Seiya’s body and surpassed the aura of a devilish Celseus!

「And more…State Berserk Phase 2.8… 」

He advanced the Crazy Warrior state to the maximum extent possible! My body was paralyzed after witnessing such terrible aura!

「Let’s go now, Celseus. 」

「Eh. Wait a minute… 」

I heard a dry sound as soon as the red line track passed through Celseus. I didn’t know what happened for a moment…

「It hurtssssssssssss!! 」

The devilish Celseus shouted with an excruciating voice. But, when I stared closely, I noticed that Celseus lost its horns. Seiya picked up the fallen Celseus’ horns and stared fixedly at it.

「Oh my. Something fell to the ground. What are these? Garbage, perhaps?」

「They’re not garbage!! Those are my horns!! Give them back!!」

Seiya snorted “hmm”, and dumped Celseus’ horns in the grass of the garden. Seiya slapped his fist against his other hand with convincing eyes.

「I was going to stay in the Underworld for a while, but it looks like I’m finishing this training pretty quickly.」

「Is…Is…Is that so… 」

It seemed that losing his horns broke Celseus’ heart. He replied with his usual miserable tone.

「Well, I’m glad that I helped you in the end! Okay then, if you excuse me, I’ll go on my way now!」

「Is that a devil’s joke? 」

「Ah, no. It’s not a joke… 」

「The days here are long. From now on, until I’ve reached level MAX, we will cut down on meals and sleep, and we’ll go on an extensive training program.」

「No…No way…! 」

「Well then. Show me your “devil’s great power”.」

「Ah no. You might think it’s an overwhelming power. But, in reality, it’s not that great…My power is rather small like a dwarf…」

In the end, it returned to being the usual relationship that happened frequently in the Gods’ realm…Well, to be honest, I didn’t feel compassionate towards Celseus! You deserve this, “lord” Celseus!

Even so, “in order to enhance the training effect, Seiya set the Crazy Warrior state to a lower degree, and made Celseus, who turned into a devil, hurt him in order to unleash the power of the Crazy Warrior up to the last minute”. This was a very different type of training. I never expected something like this before. Maybe it was because of the different setting, the Underworld, and because of different circumstances. Either way, I felt Seiya’s strong determination.

…That’s right…He did this so that we could save the twisted worlds, and defeat Merseys along with the sacred hero!

And then.

「It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!! Please, help meeeeeeee!!」

Seiya, who showed no mercy smashing the shouting Celseus with his wooden sword, seemed much more like a devil himself than the devilish Celseus.

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