This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 129 Part 1

Chapter 129: The Counterattack of the Swordsman God (1)

Serous Rousse, an inhabitant of the Underworld who walked upside down, laughed ominously.

「Actually, when you make a request for someone from the Underworld, you need to make a deal with them, yah. That’s the rule of the Underworld yah.」

I was confused upon hearing those words. Then, Uno intervened in this conversation.

「Lady Listarte. What you’ll need to trade… in other words your legal tender is…your “HP”.」

「Eh, in other words…do you mean the “physical strength”? 」(EN: Health Points.)

「No. It has a different meaning in the Underworld. I shall warn you, Lady Listarte. You’ll be greatly humiliated from now on.」

「Ehhhhhhh!? So, this so-called deal was what Hades was referring to!? 」

Uno nodded with a strange-looking face. Then, Serous Rousse raised her voice.

「C’mon, this is a waste of time yah! It’s time to get started!」

She…She wasn’t going to humiliate me, was she!?

「Raise your hands high yah! 」

I was scared, so couldn’t do it. Seiya spoke to me in order to convince me.

「Lista. It’s for the sake of saving the heavenly world. 」

「Ugh… 」

I had no other choice but to do this now. We…Well, I guess Serous Rousse wouldn’t do anything weird to me. After all, her hands were occupied because she was upside down, correct?

I raised my hands high. Serous Rousse shouted immediately.

「Reverse!! 」

The heavens and the earth were swapped around! When I realized what happened, the creepy face of Serous Rousse was laughing right in front of me! The world around me looked upside down…Was I doing handstand!?

「He…Hey, you!! Why did you do this so suddenly!? 」

I was upset because she forced me to stand upside down…By the way…Was this the humiliation? It ended up being nothing much…

Then, something fell down.

The handstand position made the skirt of my dress to fall on my waist. I felt that the area around my crotch was airy. I couldn’t see it myself. But, I had no doubts about it. Right now, everybody could see my panties.

「Don’t lookkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! 」

I felt so embarrassed when I realized that Seiya and Celseus saw my intimate underwear! I tried desperately to return to my original position, but I couldn’t move. Apparently, this was Serous Rousse’s magical power.

Surprisingly, I saw that Serous Rousse and Uno looked favorably at me.

「Ah, what a great feeling yah…! 」

「My body is filled with HP…what a delight…! 」

「Wha…What the hell are you talking about!? 」

When I looked at Seiya while standing upside down, I noticed that he nodded as if he understood what happened just now.

「I see. It seems that they’re getting energy after seeing the silliness of a god.」

「They…They’re getting energy just by watching my embarrassing figure!?」

After a while, Uno explained the following.

「That’s right. HP is an abbreviation for “Humiliating Points”. 」

「Humiliating Po…What on earth are you saying!! 」

Did they receive energy in the Underworld just by humiliating me!? I didn’t understand what they meant!!

Suddenly, I noticed that Celseus was grinning wickedly next to me.

「Whe…Where are you looking at!! 」

「Eh. No, I didn’t see it. Yeah, anything, anything at all. I didn’t see your white panties.」

「So, you saw it, you bastard!! 」

Then, Serous Rousse approached Celseus and…

「Reverse! 」

Celseus was also forced to stand upside down.

「Me…Me…Me too!? 」

「From now on, you two should do exactly what I tell you to do yah. 」

So…So the humiliation was going to continue!?

Celseus and I were both doing handstand at the same time…

「In that state, you’ll have to say words with the same beginning and the same ending yah.* You’ll have to scream those words twenty times in a row yah.」

「Wa…Wait a second!! Why do I have to play with words with my bare panties for everybody to see!?」

「…We can’t make a deal if you don’t do it this way yah.」

Seiya coughed with a dissatisfied sound. He sent me a sharp gaze that looked like he commanded me to “do it”.

Ugh! I hated this so much that I wanted to die…but we had to recover the Gods’ realm! I had to do my best!

「Okay…Let’s see…“Tomato”! 」

「Yes. It’s your turn yah. 」

「…“Kyuri”. 」 (EN: Cucumber)

「Wrong. You have to start over from the beginning. 」

I was appalled when Celseus said cucumber.

「Hey, what on earth are you doing!? 」

「My…My bad. I thought that I had to say a vegetable. My head is spinning since I’m standing upside down…」

Certainly, I felt that my blood was gradually increasing in my head! It was painful… Moreover, my partner was an idiot! But, I had to be persistent! I kept telling to myself, “Listarte, just endure this”!

「Well…“Mama”! 」

「Hmm. Then, “Papa”. 」

「“Ichii”! 」 (EN: First place)

「…“Yama Moto Yama”? 」 (EN: Family name + Mountain)

「That reverses to “Maya Tomo Maya” yah. Start over. 」

Ah, c’mon!! This guy was truly an idiot!!

I spoke to Seiya who watched us nearby.

「Li…Listen, Seiya. Are you able to do this game? 」

「Of course, I can do it… 」

「Gods are far richer in HP than humans, yah. 」

「…I…I see. That’s a shame. 」

Ugh! Why were we the only dirty entertainers on this game!

Seiya spoke from above me, after I felt regrettable and angry about this shameful event.

「Do your best, Lista. I’m rooting for you. 」

「Eh… 」

Im…Impossible!! It must be a joke!! Was Seiya really encouraging me!?

「I…I understand!! I’ll do my best!! 」

I was subjugated to a very poor environment where my hands hurt for being upside down, my blood was overflowing to my head, and my panties were exposed. Still, I felt encouragement when I heard Seiya’s support. Therefore, I continued to play the word game with Celseus.

「“Yaoya”! 」 (EN: Greengrocer)

「“Magma”. 」

「“Minami”! 」 (EN: South)

「“Chikuwa”…Ah, sorry Lista… 」 (EN: Tube-shaped fish-paste cake)

「Hey you!! Pull yourself together!! 」

When Celseus got it wrong again, I felt that my legs wavered a little as if my eagerness slowed down. Uno spoke to me then.

「Lady Listarte. Has your HP reduced significantly? 」

「Hmm, I wonder about that. You see, I don’t know if my Humiliation Point has increased or decreased.」

「Ah, no. The HP I just mentioned was the HP in terms of physical strength. I thought that you were tired.」

「That’s too confusing, really!! And of course that I don’t feel good!! I’m standing upside down you know!!」

「I…I knew it. You are indeed tired….Serous Rousse. Shall we take a break?」

「It can’t be helped yah. Let’s stop just for 10 minutes yah.」

Oh, thank goodness! Finally, a little rest!

When I thought so, Seiya declared the following words.

「No. It’s a waste of time. You must continue with it non-stop.」

「No way!! 」

Celseus and I shouted in unison. Seiya continued to speak.

「You two. I’m rooting for you both. 」

I…I finally understood Seiya’s second intentions!! He was not trying to encourage us!! He was “abusing us in the name of encouragement”!!

In the end, we proceeded with that game without a break…Fifteen minutes later; Celseus and I somehow overturned the words twenty times, and spoke them in a vice-versa mode. I felt depressed because I felt as if I lost something important. As a goddess, I literally lost my sense of accomplishment. Contrary to a depressed me…

「Ah, I’ve got a lot of HP yah. 」

「Yes. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this fulfilled. 」

Both Serous Rousse and Uno seemed happy. Finally, after a long while, my body was freed when our forced handstand position was lifted. I breathed heavily as I crouched on the ground.

「Anyway. Are you going to teach us now about reversing into devils?」

「Hmm? What are you talking about yah? I’ve already gave you the secret skill “Type Opposite” yah.」

「Ehh!? 」

「What you did just now was a humiliation act, but at the same time, it was also part of your training about auras and skills yah.」

「Then, does that mean that we can turn into devils now!? 」

「You got to stand upside down again and chant your name in a reverse order yah.」

I stood upside down as I was told to do. My panties were fully exposed once again, but somehow, I wasn’t that concerned this time around!

…Let’s see…I had to speak my name in a reverse order while I stood upside down…

「Tertasli!** 」

Suddenly, I heard “bang!”. Smoke was wrapped around me. After the smoke cleared away, I was surprised to see the changes in my body. The pure white dress that I wore became a black leather dress. The skin on my arms and legs was somewhat dark as if I got sunburned.

「Wha…What happened to my appearance!? 」

「Lady Listarte. Please, look this way. 」

I was extremely surprised when I saw my whole body in the mirror given by Uno.

A black leather dress with a reveling neckline. All of my limbs had dark skin. My lips were glossier than usual. And above all, I had strange wings that resembled bat wings on my back! I had a tail that grew from my buttocks! Somehow, I looked devilish but womanly at the same time!

「So…So this is the form of a devil huh…! I look kinda sexy…!」

I was worried about what would happen, but unexpectedly, I liked it. I was glad that I did my best at the handstand trial!

「Hey, Seiya! I’ve become a devil! What do you want me to do now?」

「Let’s see. Well, you don’t have any special use. So, go sleep.」

「Even though I worked so hard to become a devil!! You’re cold-hearted as usual!!」

「You’re not a fighting type no matter how much you raise your ability.」

「Tha…That may be so, but!」

「The main one is this guy over here.」

After seeing my changes, Celseus spoke vigorously.

「O…Okay! I’ll do it too! …Ussecel!」

I heard the same noise as before and Celseus was wrapped in smoke. Eventually, after the smoke cleared away, Celseus stood there as before. However, he was not the usual Celseus.

Not only was his skin darker like mine, but his whole body had more muscle mass. And for some unknown reason, he wore a black leather jacket with silver accessories and a skull pendant around his neck. What surprised me the most was the cow-like horns that grew on his head.

「What is this appearance…! Besides, I feel so much power now! I’ve never felt like this before! So this body is my own body…!」

「Oh. It seems that your status became more of a Swordsman God status now. We’re going to start my training after we get back to Unoporta’s house.」

…Wa…Was he really going to train today after all this!?

I endured a handstand torture today. I wanted to take a well-deserved rest now. But, surprisingly, Celseus had a fearless smile on his face.

「Yeah, great. Okay then, let’s start training straightaway. 」

This man. He didn’t look nor sound like the useless idiotic Celseus that I knew of. I wondered about what was going to happen from now on.

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*This word game resembles Shiritori, but in a different format. Shiritori is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final kana (syllabaries that form parts of the Japanese writing system) of the previous word. However, here we see an altered version, where kana doesn’t apply to the previous word spoken by a player. Instead, Lista and Celseus are required to say a word that begins with a kana sound that ends with the same kana sound regardless of the previous player choice of word.

** Reverse order, not with letters, but with kana. For example, the reverse of Listarte with letters is “E.T.R.A.T.S.I.L”, basically just writing backwards. However, the author did this reverse with kana. Listarte in Japanese is spelled “Risutarute”. Therefore, he wrote backwards with kana, which became “TE.RU.TA.SU.RI”. As the translator, I wrote “Tertasli” to match Lista’s translated name, which is Listarte. We apologize for this confusion.


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