This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 128 Part 2

Chapter 128: New Training (2)

I was deeply immersed in my own thoughts. Before long, I noticed that Seiya was staring fixedly at Celseus. I knew that Celseus was useless, but Seiya reaffirmed it by saying out loud.

「It will be inefficient if I train with Celseus. I want to practice with someone else.」

Celseus made a subtle, sad expression. Seiya asked Uno the following question.

「Don’t you have anyone strong in the Underworld? 」

「We have very few people talented with physical strength. Most of us here deal with mysterious techniques instead.」

「Oh. 」

Seiya’s eyes glowed brilliantly.

「Se…Seiya! Come here for a moment! 」

When I called Seiya, I whispered in his ear so that Uno and Due wouldn’t hear my words.

「Don’t tell me that you’re willing to practice with a person from the Underworld!? This isn’t the Gods’ realm!! There aren’t any gods here, you know!? Won’t it be dangerous!?」

「It’s more dangerous to go to the twisted world without proper preparation. Besides, didn’t you hear what I told Hades? I have to find something in the Underworld that will help me defeat Merseys and her hero.」

「Tha…That might be right, but even so! 」

Seiya moved his gaze from me, and looked at Uno and Due.

「By the way, you siblings don’t have special skills? 」

Then, they looked at each other and smiled. After Uno lowered her head, she sent a gentle look at Seiya.

「Our skills are unnecessary for Lord Seiya. 」

「I see. 」

Neither Uno nor Due explained what their technique was, but Seiya didn’t question about it either. Perhaps, their technique wasn’t a combat-oriented skill. That’s why she said that Seiya didn’t need it.

「More importantly, Lord Seiya. I have a suggestion…At the beginning, would you let Lord Celseus and Lady Listarte learn some of the techniques from the Underworld?」

「Ehhhhhh!? 」

I was utterly shocked along with Celseus upon hearing the sudden offer! It was because the story suddenly turned against us!

Seiya nodded positively and spoke as if he talked to himself.

「I wonder. But, all right. First, I want to see how these immortal gods fare in here…」

「Are we some kind of experimental subjects!? 」

Celseus and I were extremely upset. But all of them ignored our frustration. Uno and Due continued to talk.

「Brother. What about Serous Rousse on Third Avenue? 」

「Ah, that’s right. I’m sure that their godly power will greatly improve if they train with Serous Rousse.」

「He…Hey. Does that mean that it will have the same effect of placing an Order?」

Celseus asked Due calmly. Orders could no longer be appealed because of the disappearance of the Gods’ realm. I couldn’t release my full healing power nor invoke my back wings in case of an emergency. Of course, it was the same with Celseus.

「What Lord Celseus means is the “release of god’s power which is restricted”, am I right? Serous Rousse’s technique is a little different. It may be more correct to say “the potential power” of both Lord Celseus and Lady Listarte.」

「Our potential power…? 」

「Yes. If you both learn the Serous Rousse’s skills and be able to draw out your potential, your current stats will be multiplied.」

「Se…Seriously!? 」

Celseus looked a little happy. I was excited about it, too.

「It sounds like the State Berserk, but applied to gods. Bu…But, isn’t that dangerous?」

The dweller’s spirit could collapse if the State Berserk’s power went too far. I was worried about my soul at the cost of improving my abilities…

「The technique is in fact a little different, but there’s no danger to the body and mind. At least here, in the Underworld.」

「At…At least in the Underworld? What do you mean? 」

「The special power of Lord Hades controls the whole Underworld. If you use that technique when descending into the different worlds, there is a possibility that your power might go wild, so it’s not highly recommended. But, it’s fine in here.」

「Hmm? So, the point is that we can only get stronger while in the Underworld?」

「Yes. It may be a bit tricky, but if that technique allows an exponential increase on Lord Celseus and Lady Listarte stats, you’ll become competent enough as Lord Seiya’s training partners. As a result, Lord Seiya’s training will proceed faster.」

After thinking for a while, Seiya pointed to Celseus and me.

「I understood what you told us, but you overestimate the power of these two. No matter how many times you multiply 0, it will always remain 0.」

「No…No way, to call us as low as 0…! 」

I felt sad, but Uno smiled gently at Seiya.

「Even if some people feel that they lack abilities, nobody is 0. Excuse me for saying this, but let’s say that Lady Listarte and Lord Celseus only have 1 in ability. Still, if both of them learn Serous Rousse’s technique, they’ll be able to multiply it to 10.」

「Ten…Ten times higher!? 」

Amazing!! Isn’t that a lot more than the State Berserk!?

However, Seiya shook his head in response.

「1 is too much. I would say that they are about 0.1. 」

「Still, they’ll be 1 if they learn Serous Rousse’s technique. 」

「How about 0.01? 」

「They’ll be 0.1. 」

「You know, could you stop talking in decimals!? 」

I screamed at him. Normally, nobody would use such small numbers when talking about abilities!! Yes, no matter how low my and Celseus status were!!

「Let’s go to meet that person then. 」

「I understand. I’ll guide you there. 」

After bowing to her brother, Uno began to walk away. I thanked Due for the meal, and then, I followed Uno and Seiya.

When we left the house, I saw that the red sky was gray. I couldn’t see any stars or the moon, but the sky was faintly bright. Somehow, I could see my surroundings and look ahead. So, this was the night of the Underworld.

We walked alongside Uno for a while in the opposite direction from the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence where Hades lived in. When we crossed a large bridge made of wood, I saw a settlement that resembled a village. Houses with tiled roofs were illuminated by lanterns hung from place to place. The houses had a red and yellow painting on the doors. The walls and pillars resembled the Chinese architecture from Seiya’s world.

We proceeded with caution while admiring the surrounding area. Actually, I was afraid that a weird being would appear at night from this creepy Underworld. I had a faint heart, so I’d scream immediately. But, fortunately there was no one around.

「…We’ve arrived. Serous Rousse lives here. 」

Uno stopped in front of a similar house with titled roof. However, the house was tattered when compared to the other houses. It looked like a haunted house where no one lived inside.

When she opened the door made of wood, everything inside the house was completely dark.

「Serous Rousse. Are you there? It’s me, Unoporta. 」

Uno called out, but there was no answer. Then, I heard a loud noise when I thought that this person wasn’t at home.

…Someone was limping on the floor. As soon as I saw someone emerging from the darkness with that strange sound, my heart almost stopped beating!

…Wha…What on earth was this being!?

A handstand woman with a long hair hanging on the floor looked at us while upside down and smiled with a nightmarish grin! She moved her hands on the floor quite quickly and came closer to us in a macabre way!

「Whoa!? 」

「Gyah!! 」

Celseus and I screamed involuntarily! Those spine-chilling long eyes were directed towards us!

「She is Serous Rousse. 」

Uno smiled gracefully, but I almost “wet my pants”. Ho…Ho…How the hell was this woman able to walk in such a handstand position!?

「Serous Rousse. I want you to confer your technique to these gods, Lord Celseus and Lady Listarte.」

「…If Unoporta asks me to do it, then I’ll have to accept it, yah. 」

The creepy woman uttered a dull voice while standing upside down. On this moment, I noticed that she carried a bottle, which she hung at her waist, and then, she tilted her neck in order to pour into her mouth. She drank it dexterously. I tried to ask her something.

「Ex… Excuse me, but why are you upside down? 」

Then, Serous Rousse opened her mouth and laughed with a piercing voice.

「*laughs manically* All things might look like one, but in fact, everything has two sides! Always! Handstand is the truth! The two sides of the same coin are the ultimate reality of the Underworld yah!」

「Ah, yes! Is that so! I understand! 」

However, I didn’t understand the meaning of her words at all. I just agreed because I was scared. Then, Seiya pushed me away and came forward.

「So, what exactly is your technique? 」

「My technique can, in a way, reverse a person’s nature for a limited period of time. If a god becomes a devil, his or her status will jump up for sure yah.」

「A…A…A devil!? 」

I raised my voice and shouted along with Celseus! Wa…Wait a minute!! I haven’t heard of this before!!

Serous Rousse laughed after taking a sip from the bottle.

「I’ll tell you this instead of making a deal yah. I’m going to bring your HP to a different magnitude for as long as possible yah.」

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Oh no! They will have to pay with their HP…


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