This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 128 Part 1

Chapter 128: New Training (1)

After we left the Shrine, we walked on the stone-paved path under the red sky of the Underworld. When I first came here, I was caught by surprise because of the weirdness and strangeness of this place. But, now that my feelings settled down, I could see the surroundings with a clear mind. When I looked around, I didn’t see any bricks or stone buildings, but I could see structures that seemed to be private houses. Some shops had signs, but they were written in hieroglyphic characters. I didn’t know how to read them.

「We’re going to live in this sort of place? I don’t like this place. I’m worried…」

Seiya sighed upon hearing Celseus’ words and sent him a cold gaze.

「You can do whatever you like from now on. I really don’t care. 」

「No…No way!! 」

「But, Seiya! We can’t go to the world Glavaos without Celseus! 」

「Please, don’t leave me alone in such a creepy place like this! I beg you! 」

「You’re a pathetic Swordsman God. 」

Just as Seiya professed, Celseus was indeed a pathetic god. However, after we save the Twisted Geabrande and the Twisted Exfolia, we’ll have to start the saving quest of the world Glavaos. The world where Celseus lived when he was a human being. Well, it will be a long time before we reach that world, but…

「I’ve said this before, but how a foolish guy like Celseus became a god in the first place? Just how idiotic were you in your previous life?」

「Foolish and Idiotic, you say!? Just moments ago, Hades said to us that Glavaos is a world of a ridiculous difficulty rank!!」

「So, what? 」

「In other words, I must have survived through a very tough environment! I’m sure of it! I was probably a famous warlord in my previous life!」

「What is your opinion about it, Seiya? 」

「Even if he were a warlord, he must have died with an arrow stuck on his buttocks.」

「Yeah, you’re probably right. 」

「It’s not probably right!! C’mon!! That sounds like a pitiful ending for a warlord!!」

Celseus shouted at us, but Seiya shook his head.

「I don’t have time to talk about this shitty story. 」

「Okay, Seiya! You can start your training now! 」

「No. First, we must secure beds and food. 」

Certainly, the Underworld was a new place for us all! We didn’t even know if we should go right or left! First and foremost, we had to do something about food, clothing and shelter!

「Excuse me… 」

I heard a voice, and turned around. I wondered if she had been listening to our conversation since the beginning. Unoporta opened her mouth quietly.

「If you’d like, you can use my house. 」

「Ehh, really!? 」

「Yes. Please follow me. 」

「Thank you, Uno! 」

…Everything felt a bit bizarre in the Underworld…But, this place had a decent person after all!

We followed Unoporta through a road of the Underworld. I noticed that a person without a neck approached us, then a giant with ten meters tall, and finally a humanoid slime full of wrinkles…The creepy people from the Underworld were walking while murmuring about us. Even though she bled from her mouth excessively, Unoporta was rather normal. In the meantime…

「Heyyyyy look! There are gods over there. They’re really gods… 」

「Ohhhhh! I can feel their divinity! 」

Some were trying to touch us abruptly, but they immediately withdrew when Unoporta stopped them with her hand. When we first met Unoporta, she said that we had to come with her to the Shrine at the command of Hades. I thought that Hades trust in her was so strong that made her special unlike everyone else living in here.

It took us more than a 10 minute-walk from Hades’ Shrine. We went out of town and headed towards the suburbs. The countryside was spreading before our eyes. And I saw very few people in this area of the Underworld. Under the bloody sky, the growing plants were unfamiliar, but the whole scenery was rather calm.

「As you can see, that is my house. We’re almost there. 」

Unoporta pointed to a large building in the distance. It looked like an old western-style building with ivy’s entangled on its walls.

…Some…Somehow, that building looked like the house of Dracula…

「What a sinister house. 」

「He…Hey, Seiya!? 」

Even if he were thinking about that, he had no need to say it out loud!

Unoporta didn’t seem to mind what Seiya said about her house. She showed a smile then.

「I live here with my older brother. 」

「Do you have an older brother? 」

「Yes. Ah, he is over there… 」

After diving through the corroded gate, Unoporta pointed to the garden. A man was there. I noticed that he was watering the flowerbeds.

「Hi, Uno. Welcome back. 」

The man smiled refreshingly when he saw us with Unoporta. Although he had short hair, he also had pink hair just like Unoporta. I saw that he had a jewel-like object between his eyebrows as well. He was a youthful man, perhaps in his late twenties when compared to humans.

「Mister Seiya, Miss Listarte, and Mister Celseus. My name is Dueporta. I’m Unoporta’s older brother. You can call me Due.」

Due spoke to us as if he were our friend of over three years. Seiya didn’t shake hands with him because of his cautiousness, therefore, I was the one to shake hands instead.

「Ni…Nice to meet you! Thank you for letting us stay here! 」

「Miss Listarte… 」

I felt nervous when Due looked fixedly at my face. Eh, eh! What the hell?

Due released his hands when he noticed my uneasiness.

「Ah, I’m sorry. I was just a little moved. You have been taking good care of us. 」

Taking care? Uno said the same thing a while ago, didn’t she?

I wondered about it, so I tried to ask Uno. However, on this precise moment…

「Atchi!! 」

「Whoa!? This girl has vomited blood again!! 」

Uno spited out fresh blood from her mouth, but she cleaned her mouth with her hands quite immediately!

「I apologize for this rude manner. You can think of it as a sneeze. 」

「I…I don’t think so…! Sneezing and bleeding are not exactly the same thing…! 」

Then, Uno began to talk with her brother as if nothing had happened.

「By the way, brother. Lady Listarte and everyone else will stay in the Underworld for a while. That’s why I want to lend them a vacant room in our house.」

「Is that so? I see. Normally a deal is necessary… 」

「Eh? A deal? 」

Due closed his eyes and pondered for a while. Shortly after, he glanced at me and his expression became brighter.

「All right. I’ll assign a room to each one of you. So, use them as much as you like.」

Hmm? But, he just spoke about a deal, and yet, he agreed to this without any problems? Maybe…I wondered if my charm swayed him!

I felt that Due’s eyes were burning while staring at me. Maybe it was just my overthinking, but it didn’t feel gross because he had the appearance of a very good-looking man. Either way, the brother and sister were likely to be the most trusted beings in the Underworld…As soon as I thought that…

「Burrrrp!! 」

Fresh blood dripped from Due’s mouth!

「Gosh!! The older brother also vomits blood!? 」

Celseus and I trembled upon seeing that sight. On the other hand, a cool-looking Due wiped his mouth with his sleeves.

「Oops, sorry for my rudeness. Actually, I bleed occasionally when I talk too much. *laughs innocently*」

It…It felt as if he burped from the stomach, but…he vomited blood instead!? These two were also weird after all!!

However, Due, who had wiped his blood, had already returned to being a dignified young-looking man.

「Would you like to have dinner? However, I don’t know if our food suits the palate of gods and humans.」

「Ah, yeah. A meal you say… 」

「Let’s go everyone. The kitchen is this way. 」

The brother and sister guided us to a luxurious dining table with candlesticks lit on the long tabletop. In the middle of the table was a large pot of soup, and bread was placed on the plates.

「Please, eat as much as you like. 」

All that my eyes could see on the table was bread. I was skeptical about the food dishes of the Underworld. But, it seemed that this food could be eatable.

「Seiya! We have bread here! It looks delicious! 」

However, Seiya struck Celseus’ shoulder instead.

「Celseus. You eat it first. 」

「Ehh… 」

I secretly spoke to Celseus, who was extremely afraid.

「It’s fine! I used my Appraisal skills! The food is safe and harmless! 」

「Can…Can I really believe you? O…Okay, I’ll eat it. 」

Celseus put a piece of bread in the liquid inside the pot and brought it to his mouth…

「Ah, you were right! I can really eat it! By the way, it’s quite delicious!」

After that, he began to eat without hesitation. I tried it too, and the food was really delicious. It tasted like cheese fondue.

Seiya, who should be able to use the same Appraisal skills like me, was smelling and crumbling the bread into small pieces to see if it was poisoned. When he destroyed the bread on the plate, he finally started to eat it properly.

After eating the bread, Seiya declared the following words.

「Okay. I’m still worried about my safety, but for the time being, I was able to secure a minimum-rated meal and a place to live.」

「Se…Seiya!? Watch your words!! Don’t forget that you’re in front of Due!!」

Seiya was the usual Seiya as he didn’t care much about his tongue. However, Due was smiling. Then, Seiya stood up from his chair quite rapidly.

「I’m going now. I need to train my body. At least, I have to be capable enough in order to twist the neck of one dragon person with just one hand.」

「Eh!! You…You’re going to train at this precise moment!? 」

Celseus had an astonished expression on his face. He probably thought that Seiya would ask him to be his training partner as usual. At that time, Uno, who brought an alternative water for us, suggested the following.

「How about you rest in your room today and start your training tomorrow?」

「I refuse. I want to raise my level as soon as possible. If I can, I’d like to level up to MAX soon enough.」

Le…Level MAX! Well…We had no time limit this time; moreover, we were going to face a S+ rank difficulty world. I didn’t want to be in the Underworld for a long period of time. This place creeped me out. But, I wanted Seiya to train properly. With plenty of time, he should be able to prepare slowly and efficiently so that we can save the Twisted Geabrande. However, what training did he have in mind? I was curious about it, since we were no longer in the Gods’ realm where he could train with my fellow gods…

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Well of course Seiya wants to go Maxed out, and he’s got a friendly Celseus nearby…


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