This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Fetal Movement

Upon hearing the shocking words of Hades, the Underworld Ruler, I asked while shouting.

「Did…Did…Did you just say the “ruination of the Gods’ realm”!? 」

「The three thousand worlds were all distorted by a power of tremendous violence, that is comparable to the power of the God of Creation. And the Gods’ realm, which became the hypocenter, has disappeared along with all the gods.」

…No…No way…!!

「Of course, there was some aftermath in the Underworld after those events happened. The space between the Gods’ realm and the Underworld has been twisted, that’s why you were able to step into the Underworld that otherwise would’ve been impenetrable.」

I wondered if the ruler of the Underworld had a predictive ability like the one that the Great Goddess Isister possessed. He talked without hesitation as if he knew about everything. Next to me, a defeated Celseus fell to the ground.

「Damn!! That means that my Cafe De Celseus has been destroyed!!」

「Idiot!! Our people are more important than that, like Aria, the Great Goddess Isister and Lady Adenela…Everyone…Everyone is gone!!」

「I…I see…You’re right. Uhhhh…What should we do now…! 」

Seiya put his hand on Celseus’ shoulder, who crouched on the floor with a lowered head.

「Celseus. Don’t worry about the cafe. 」

「Se…Seiya? Are you comforting me…? 」

「If you had left it alone, it would have been crushed financially anyways.」

「Why do you always say things far worse instead!? 」

Celseus was upset and crying endlessly. I couldn’t contain my tears either. The Gods’ realm had been destroyed. My beloved gods and my home had disappeared at the same time.

…Aria…! Great Goddess Isister…!

Celseus and I felt hopeless in such a desperate situation. Yet, Seiya remained calm even at times like this.

「Lista. Don’t believe the words of a guy you just met. 」

「Lo…Lord Ryuguuin! How dare you say such thing in front of the Almighty Ruler of the Underworld! Lord Hades watches all over the three thousand worlds!」

Unoporta panicked upon hearing Seiya’s rant. Nevertheless, Seiya pointed to Celseus and me and turned his eyes on Hades.

「I heard about the “vault of souls” in the heavenly world. If the heavenly world has been really destroyed, wouldn’t these two disappear as well?」

Ah…! That’s right! What he said made sense!

I heard from a man who claimed to be the ruler of the Underworld that the Gods’ realm fell into ruination. Celseus and I believed in that story immediately. However, after hearing Seiya’s words, I recovered my calm heart and regained a little composure.

The ruler of the Underworld approached Seiya while laughing.

「It seems there is a misunderstanding. It’s true that the Gods’ realm has been distorted by the force of violence and has disappeared in the process. But, to be precise, the Gods’ realm is still “in a different dimension than the one we are currently in.” The vault of souls still exists because it is in the other dimension.」

…Existed in a different dimension!? I didn’t understand what that meant…

「Then, if we correct this distortion, will the Gods’ realm return!? 」

When I exclaimed with a slight sense of hope, Hades nodded positively.

「The way to undo all the distorted three thousand worlds, including the Gods’ realm, is simple and clear. It is to defeat Merseys, the Goddess of Violence.」

「If…If that’s true, then where is Merseys now!? 」

Hades quietly closed his eyes, and after a short moment, he opened his mouth.

「A world named Kilsosa…No, it should be called “Twisted Kilsosa” now. That’s the world where Merseys reigns.」

「Twisted Kilsosa! We have go to that world to defeat Merseys! 」

I was sure that Aria and the Great Goddess Isister could come back again!

「However, it’s not easy to get to the Twisted Kilsosa. The portals that led to different worlds, where the gods could freely go to, are not working properly now due to the distortion.」

「Ah…! 」

Certainly, what Hades said was correct. At present, my portal could only go back and forth between Geabrande and the Underworld! We won’t be able to defeat Merseys if we can’t go to the Twisted Kilsosa!

「It’s… It’s frustrating. It seems that the Gods’ realm isn’t going to return after all…」

When Celseus muttered bitterly, Hades smiled instead.

「It is indeed difficult, but there is a way to get to the Twisted Kilsosa. 」

「Whi…Which way!? 」

「You’ll have to restore the three twisted worlds with a difficulty degree of S-rank and higher. Then, the distortion of the three thousand worlds will be reversed and the portal to the Twisted Kilsosa will be opened. The higher a world gets in a degree of difficulty for salvation, the greater is the role of that said world in the dimension…Because it is the key to the fate of the whole world.」

「Restore the three twisted worlds with a difficulty degree of S-rank and higher, you say…? 」

「The first one is the S+ difficulty rank Twisted Geabrande. The second is SS+ difficulty rank Twisted Exfolia. And finally, the SSS difficulty rank Twisted Glavaos. If you erase the distortion that fell upon these three worlds, you’ll be able to connect the portals whether they’re twisted or not.」

Ex…Exfolia was twisted as well!? But…

「I couldn’t go to Exfolia even though I invoked the portal… 」

「Now, only the least difficulty world Geabrande is connected to your portal. First, you’ll have to save the Twisted Geabrande. If you succeed, the portal to Twisted Exfolia will be opened. And if you save the Twisted Exfolia, you’ll be able to invoke the portal to Twisted Glavaos.」

「I…I see! 」

Hmm? But, I never heard about the third world named Glavaos, or did I…?

Then, I noticed that Hades was staring fixedly at Celseus. He pointed to Celseus with his walking stick.

「Swordsman God Celseus. Glavaos is the world where you have a special connection with.」

「Ehh!! Me…Me!? 」

「After saving the Twisted Exfolia, you’ll arrive at the world where you inhabited in your previous life…So, it will be important to open the portal to Glavaos.」

「The…The world where I lived when I was a human being…! 」

I was surprised, but Celseus seemed even more shocked than I did. He looked like a dead soul. Hades continued to talk.

「It is for this reason that the Swordsman God Celseus and the Goddess of Healing Listarte were saved from ruination. To put it simply, you are not that divine in the first place.」

「Ehhhhhhh…!! 」

I felt that it was an insult, but it seemed that Hades’ words didn’t exactly mean what he said.

「You both are originally human. You were not a pure god born in the Gods’ realm, so you weren’t swallowed by distortion.」

Ah, I see! That made sense! I’m glad that he didn’t make fun of us!

After I heard the story of Hades, the Underworld Ruler, my heart became a little brighter.

「It’s a ridiculously long journey, but it’s a journey with a little hope! First, you must save the Twisted Geabrande!」

Nonetheless, a confused Celseus moved his neck.

「Ah but, what is a twisted world in the first place? 」

「…It probably feels like the time when I waged war against the Death Emperor.」

Seiya muttered calmly. During the battle with the Death Emperor in Exfolia, Merseys used her power to reproduce a “world where Seiya successfully defeated the Demon King”.

「In short, what happened back then was just a mere preparation. I can see that she’s a well-prepared person.」

It felt a bit weird for the cautious Seiya to recognize the thoughtfulness of another person…Still. I see. That was the first sample of a twisted world. Merseys was already preparing to destroy the Gods’ realm ever since she came to Exfolia.

Hades nodded upon hearing Seiya’s words.

「A parallel world beyond the number of stars where the time axis is greatly distorted…That’s the so-called “Twisted World”. Merseys can conveniently twist a distorted world as much as she likes.」

I had another worry. I muttered as if I spoke to myself.

「Maybe that explains why the sacred hero has mastered the State Berserk Phase Forth…」

「Are you talking about Merseys’ former hero? 」

「Ye…Yes! That’s right! 」

He even knew about that. Perhaps, Hades’ predictive ability was greater than the power of the Great Goddess Isister.

「Originally, that person shouldn’t exist. In the past, the souls of sacred heroes were shattered into pieces and disappeared entirely.」

A…Aria said the same thing back in the arena!

「However, Merseys took the force of violence and brought her out of the “twisted world where the sacred hero actually existed”.」

In other words, she brought her out from “the world where the sacred hero was alive and, as a result, Zeth taught her about the fourth stage”!? Some…Somehow, that was a bit confusing!! I felt that my head was spinning like crazy!!

I glanced at Seiya and noticed that he wrinkled between his eyebrows.

「Whether there are thousands or tens of thousands of twisted parallel worlds, is it possible for humans to learn the fourth stage of the Crazy Warrior? The other Goddess of War Zeth said that even the third stage was impossible for humans. In fact, I personally know the dangers of the State Berserk.」

「Ryuguuin Seiya. You are a great talent. However, the sacred heroes are far more rare talents that deviate from everything that is known. You are “one talent in a hundred million people”, while the sacred hero is “one masterpiece in a hundred million years”.」

「One…One masterpiece in a hundred million years!? So, does that really mean that that hero is actually stronger than Seiya!?」

「The sacred heroes are the strongest heroes since the creation of the Gods’ realm. It’s a shame, but they aren’t comparable to anyone else.」

Seriously!? Such an overwhelming being truly existed and, moreover, it was by Merseys’ side!?

「However, despite being so talented, the soul of that hero has collapsed after advancing more than third phases of the Berserker stage on it’s the original world.」

Hades had sharp-looking eyes as he looked at the high ceiling.

「I can’t help but understand Merseys’ remorse. In a sense, I know why she had a grudge against the divine world. And that grudge has awakened the true power of the Goddess of Violence. A tremendous anarchy of great multitude…And she went to unbelievable lengths to find the twisted world where the “sacred hero was still alive even after the corruption of Crazy Warrior horrific effect”. She has such a terrible obsession.」

Then, he moved his eyes back to us and smiled.

「The sacred hero with Merseys might have the form of a person, but her soul is completely devoured by chaotic madness. Therefore, she is no longer human.」

Oh gosh…Defeating Merseys sounded ridiculously tough, but did that mean that we had to fight against that crazy hero as well!?

I approached Seiya when I felt extremely anxious about this. Still, when I looked up, I saw that Seiya stared at Hades with his usual boring expression.

「Hmm. You’ve been talking a lot for a long time, but your story could be false as it could be true…」

This person…He doubted everything that Hades explained to us!?

I was surprised by seeing the continuous doubtful character of my hero Seiya. Soon after, Seiya asked Hades the following question.

「First of all, what does it exactly means “to undo the twisted world”? 」

「It means to destroy the twist that corrupts the world and make it normal again.」

When I heard about the twist, I remembered what the dragon man said to us.

「By…By the way, in the Twisted Geabrande, the dragon man said that the Demon King was not defeated by Seiya, but by their God Dragon King!」

「In comparison, a twist is like a disaster that fell upon a world. In short, you’ll have to remove the roots of evil that dominates that world. All you have to do is do what you have been doing so far.」

「In other words, Geabrande will return to normal if we defeat the Dragon King…!」

I knew what we had to do. The purpose was clear. Nonetheless, Seiya was still looking at Hades with suspicion.

「And yet, it seems that you’re pretty cooperative with us, why is that? 」

「Those in the Underworld, including me, need the power of gods from the divine world. Therefore, I want the Gods’ realm to return to its original state.」

If I remember correctly, Unoporta told us that we took care of them, wasn’t that right? What did that mean exactly?

「Excuse me. What is the relationship between the Underworld and the Gods’ realm?」

「Supply and demand…I guess. 」

「Ah, I…I see… 」

I didn’t know what that meant, so I wanted to ask a bit more about it. Nevertheless, Seiya seemed more interested about the essence of a twisted world.

「By the way, what will happen if I kill humans and monsters in the twisted world? Will there be any side effect when the world returns to normal?」

「If you return a world corrupted by the evil twist back to normality, everything that existed in the previous world will come back to life regardless of what happened in the twisted world…To put it simply, nothing will happen.」

「Oh, is that so. If that’s true, I won’t have to worry about killing others.」

Wha…What the hell! He spoke like a terrorist…! But, this was actually a very important piece of information!

「In your journey, you will face a series of difficulties. Still, if you don’t save the Twisted Geabrande, you won’t be able to reach the Twisted Kilsosa to defeat Merseys, and to restore the Gods’ realm, and so on.」

Then, Hades rose from the throne.

「Well then, I’ve explained everything that you needed to know! You must face the ordeals of this large saving quest! Along with the two surviving gods that luck fell upon them, you shall scrape off the malicious link that corrupts the twisted worlds! I look forward to watch how far you will stand against the power of Merseys’ violence!」

Hades elevated one hand with his sharp claws. It looked like a signal to start our saving quest of the Twisted Geabrande. However…

「I refuse. 」

My hero spoke quickly and clearly.

「Se…Seiya!? 」

「How can I go to that twisted world without preparing first?」

Ahh! His words were somewhat nostalgic!

「My level has been initialized when I was summoned. Therefore, my current level remains low. Even if I remember the basics of the destruction techniques and the Crazy Warrior state, all my other skills have disappeared.」

「Bu…But, that means that you can switch into a Berserker mode! Isn’t that great!」

I was glad that the destruction techniques were carved in his soul. Moreover, he even remembered how to invoke the Crazy Warrior state. Yet, Seiya had a tough-looking expression on his face.  

「What are you saying? There is no point in using that technique to double or triple my attack force if my level remains low. I won’t be able to use those skills if I don’t raise my base level fundamentally.」

「Then, what are you going to do? 」

After being silent for a while, Seiya declared the following words.

「From now on, the Underworld will be our base for the saving quest of the twisted worlds.」

「Seriously!? This sort of place is going to be our base!? 」

I shouted upon hearing Seiya’s remarks! Then, Hades moved his eyebrows.

「“This sort of place”, you say? 」

「Ah…Ah, no, I apologize! I meant this place as a wonderful place! *laughs nervously* 」

This was bad! I couldn’t say that I didn’t want to stay here!

「Our ultimate goal is to defeat Merseys and restore the heavenly world, isn’t that right? Merseys had enough power to destroy the heavenly world. Besides, I heard that her hero is quite powerful. The only way to overthrow such a strong enemy is with an unusual method. In other words…」

Seiya’s eyes were looking extremely sharp.

「I’ll have to search for that unusual method here in the Underworld. No, I will find it.」

Hades began to laugh.

「Are you already looking ahead to the final decisive battle against Merseys rather than saving the Twisted Geabrande first? You are indeed a very thoughtful person. And that characteristic is your strength and advantage.」

Whoa!! He even knew Seiya’s qualities!?

「How is the flow of time in the Underworld compared to the earthly worlds? 」

「Time is the same as in the Gods’ realm. In other words, the time difference between earthly worlds and the Underworld is about 1 to 100.」

「That means that I can practice in here slowly. 」

「*giggles* So, does that mean that a human and gods will be living in the Underworld from now on? It’s unheard of, but it’s quite interesting.」

Hades laughed amusingly, while I felt extremely bothered by it. Wa…Wait a second!! We’re really going to live in the Underworld from now on!? This place was not like the Gods’ realm where I felt safe!!

My hunch hit the spot soon after. Hades stared attentively at both Celseus and me.

「However, life here is hard for gods. In some cases, you will be humiliated to such a great extent that your own existence will be unbearable.」

「Hu…Humiliated!? 」

「Hey, hey!! What the hell does that mean!! 」

Celseus and I felt distressed by those remarks, but…

「I don’t care. That story doesn’t concern me. 」

「Huh, what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

Both of us screamed at the same time after hearing Seiya’s immediate answer. Unoporta, who had been silent until now, had a reddish face.

「Gods are going to stay in the Underworld from now on…! Uhhhhhh…! That’s wonderful news…Ahh, what a delightful thing…!」

She muttered as if she were pleased. I noticed that she licked her lips with her tongue.

…Gosh!! What the hell!?

…The Underworld. I felt that this eerie world would be a torture chamber for both Celseus and I. When I knew that Seiya named this place as his training base, I felt nothing else except anxiety and fear.

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