This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 3 – Chapter 126

Chapter 126: The Underworld

「I…I can summon him!! I can finally summon Seiya!! 」

I shouted with joy inside the abandoned house, but Celseus frowned instead.

「Still, isn’t that hero back to level 1? I don’t think it will help us that much if you call him in that state…」

「Okay, Celseus!! Then, can you handle this situation!? 」

「Hmm, suddenly I feel gastritis, pneumonia and nephritis all at once…Sorry, I can’t.」

「Even at level 1, Seiya is a thousand times more reliable than you!! So, just keep watch, and warn me if there are any dragons coming this way!!」

With Celseus watching the outside from the window, I prepared myself in order to summon my hero. I took out a chalk from my chest and drew a magical circle on the dirty floor of the abandoned house.

…Certainly, Seiya’s stats were initialized every time I summoned him. He won’t be able to help much. I could even put Seiya in danger. Nevertheless, I was urgently drawing the magical circle on the floor. To be honest, I was desperate to see Seiya.

…I felt that I was disqualified as a top goddess.

When I said Seiya’s name, the bright light from the magical circle illuminated the dimly abandoned house. And…the hero was summoned from the light.

「Seiya…!! 」

This was the third time that I summoned Seiya. As usual, Ryuguuin Seiya had a dignified look and had a great style as if he were a model…Eh, what!?

I noticed that Seiya’s clothes were different this time. Although he always wore T-shirts and loungewear, this time, he looked like a military man with a camouflage attire.

「Sorry, Seiya! But, why do you look like that?」

「Body Armor. This is the so-called bulletproof vest. By the way, I’m also wearing a blade-proof vest beneath this. From my experience, every time I was summoned I could only bring with me clothes I was wearing originally. Therefore, I wore the Body Armor for 24-hours a day in preparation for the next summoning.」

「Did…Did you wear that stiff attire all the time while living in Japan!?」

「That’s right. Occasionally, I had a job where I could wear this outfit without problems.」

Eve…Everyone must have thought that he were a very suspicious person! Well, regardless of that…Yes! I could count on his absurd cautiousness! His level may be 1 now, but I felt relieved!

Seiya looked around. And then, he looked at Celseus and wrinkled between his eyebrows.

「Ah, hello Seiya! It’s been a long time! How have you been? 」

Seiya spoke to me, while ignoring the timid Celseus.

「This place isn’t the heavenly world. It looks and feels like a different type of world.」

「You’re right, Seiya!! In fact, we are in a very difficult situation right now… 」

However, Seiya put his hand in front of my face.

「I already know the situation. I can see that you suddenly summoned me to a different world instead of the heavenly world. So, I take this situation as a “crisis moment where no one can return to the heavenly world”. And I can easily guess how you ended up here.」

As expected of Seiya! He prepared the Body Armor because he was certain that Merseys would attack the Gods’ realm! I smiled spontaneously! He looked like a real detective!

Seiya looked at me as if he were unimpressed.

「Lista. As usual, you got the wrath from the gods of the innermost world, and you were sent to this different world as a punishment…I am right?」

「No!! You’re wrong!! 」

「Then…You ran with Celseus and ended up coming to this different world…I am right?」

「Don’t give me an “I am right”!! That’s not true!! There’s no way I’d do that!!」

「Hmm. No, wait a minute. Is this guy really that Celseus? 」

「Ehhh!? 」

Both Celseus and I were utterly surprised.

「From the fact that I was summoned, I have almost no doubt that Lista is a goddess. But, this Celseus could be a fake.」

「No…No way! I’m the real one! 」

「Suspicious. Then, say within fifty words that you are in fact Celseus. 」

「I am the owner of Cafe De Celseus! I took care of Kiriko and John Dae! Please believe me!」

I was appalled while listening to such a weird conversation.

No, he wasn’t like a true detective! That’s right, he was just thinking about every possibility! Suddenly, I became anxious!

「Se…Seiya, that’s not the point!! Merseys has finally attacked!! Seiya, you were worried about that, weren’t you!?」

「I see. In that case, I think it’s strange that both of you are now safe… Hmm. Okay, So, whether this Celseus is real or fake, I’ll leave this matter for another time.」

「I…I’ve been saying that I’m the real one, but you still don’t believe me…!」

Seiya told me the following while ignoring the astonished Celseus.

「Lista. Give me a detailed description of Merseys’ attack, but give me a brief review. You have ten seconds.」

「Tha…That’s absurd…! 」

I spoke rapidly, while Celseus looked at the outside from the broken window.

…Merseys, Zeth and a woman who called herself as the former hero, attacked the Gods’ realm.

…Then, I noticed that Celseus and I ended up estranged in Geabrande.

…We couldn’t return back because the portal only connected to the Underworld.

I couldn’t do it within ten seconds, but I told Seiya everything that happened extremely quickly.

「So, now both of you are hiding from dragons carrying Chain Destruction weapons!」

Seiya approached the window with caution and looked outside. Immediately after, he put the rotten furniture of the room in front of the door to make a barricade. After finishing that, he came back to me again. And…


「That hurts!! 」

Unexpectedly, Seiya hit my head!

「Don’t call me at such a ridiculous timing. Even if I’m wearing the Body Armor, I will die instantly if I’m found by the dragon people.」

「I…I’m truly sorry! 」

「See, he’s angry. I told you not to summon him. 」

I also heard a “bang” sound coming from Celseus’ head. Seiya’s fist landed on him too.

「It’s painful!! Why did you beat me!? 」

「‘Cause I felt like it…Anyway, Lista. Let’s get out of here first. Open the portal. 」

「Bu…But, right now, the portal can only connect to the Underworld! There was a dangerous guy with a hollow face, and Celseus was about to be eaten alive!」

「That’s right! That was horrifying! 」

However, Seiya didn’t change his complexion. He sat down and paid attention to the outside from the window.

「No problem. I can think about foreseeable measures while Celseus is being eaten.」

「But I have a problem with that!! I could I let myself get eaten!? 」

「In any case, the Underworld seems like the best scenario right now. You didn’t feel that that guy had the Chain Destruction, am I right?」

「Ah! Now that you mention it, he certainly hadn’t! 」

「Whether you’re attacked or eaten, there is no danger of dying permanently. The Underworld is more secure now than this place.」

「Is…Is it going to be really okay? I won’t like to return there… 」

Although Celseus looked dissatisfied and frightened, Seiya was right. At that time, Seiya, who kept watching the outside, lowered his tone.

「One dragon person is approaching this place. Lista, hurry up. 」

「I…I understand! 」

Just before the dragon came in from the front door, we dived through the portal.

「…Oh. So, this is the Underworld, huh. 」

Seiya muttered calmly. Although we somehow escaped from the pursuit of the dragons, we ended up in the seemingly eerie atmosphere of the Underworld. The thick fog was still spreading around. Furthermore…

「Muahahahah. 」

I heard the creepy sound from the tongue-licking monster. Soon, that eerie guy with a hollow face slowly appeared from the fog!

「It…It’s him again! 」

The eerie monster jumped in front of Celseus and pulled out his grotesque long tongue from the black hole!

「*screams* Seiya, help me!! 」

Celseus screamed high and hid behind the level 1 Seiya. Then, Seiya talked to the hollow face without moving.

「What is your purpose? 」

「I want, I want to lick the god, I want to lick. 」

「I see. Then lick him as much as you like. 」

After speaking those words, Seiya kicked off Celseus who hid behind him! Naturally, the obsessed monster stretched his long tongue out of his black hole, and a horrified Celseus froze in the spot…

*licking sound*

That thing licked Celseus’ face.

「*screams even higher* Help meeeeee!! 」

「Se…Se…Seiya!? Is Celseus going to be okay!? 」

「Gods won’t die because of that. He’s fine. 」

「E…Even so…Oh gosh…di…disgusting…! 」

*licking licking licking licking licking*

That tongue-licking monster kept licking Celseus without stopping. Celseus tried to escape but to no vain. A cool-looking Seiya was looking at Celseus with his arms crossed.

…A few minutes later. Rather than just the face, his whole body was covered with saliva, and a new Celseus was created. He was shivering like a newborn fawn.

「Hey, are you all right? Celseus? 」

「…Ugh! I’m so greasy…I feel so repulsive now…Ugh! 」

「Seiya! Celseus is crying but he looks fairly okay! 」

「Yeah. I’m glad he’s safe. 」

「I’m not safe and I’m not all right!! Just look at how awful I look!! 」

Celseus was angry as he cried continuously, but on the other hand…

「Ah, I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied. 」

The hollow-looking monster returned his long tongue back and raised a joyful voice.

「Huh? He just wanted to lick? Indeed, unlike the dragons, I don’t think he wants to kill us.」

「Yeah. He repeats the same words twice or three times. There’s no need to feel insecure. It’s clear that this thing isn’t a bad guy.」

「Is…Is that so… 」

It was during this time.

「Excuse me. I apologize for Hozo’s behavior. 」

I heard the clear voice of a woman’s. I looked back, and I saw a woman with pink hair. A well-groomed nose and stunning double eyelids. She was a normal beautiful woman, except for the flashy hair and the jewelry standing between her eyebrows. She lifted the hem of her gray dress, and bowed to me and Seiya.

「I see that you’re both Lady Listarte and Lord Ryuguuin Seiya. I appreciate that you’ve been taking care of us.」

「Ehh!! How do you know our names!? 」

Be…Besides, did she say, “taking care of us”? I think I’ve met this woman for the first time, or was I mistaken…?

She smiled tenderly and took a towel out from the chest of her dress.

「Lord Celseus. Please wipe your body with this. 」

「Tha…Thanks. 」

She knew Celseus’ name as well. After offering her towel, the woman stared at the monster with a follow face.

「You were drawn by the dazzling divinity…Isn’t that right, Hozo? 」

Then, the one whose face was hollow shook his head shyly in response. I approached the unknown woman.

「Ex…Excuse me, but who are you? 」

「I’m sorry for my late introduction. I am Unoporta. The Underworld Ruler, Lord Hades, told me to bring you to the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence*.」

「Underworld Ruler…Hades…? 」

「For more details, please ask Lord Hades. Please, follow me. 」

Then, she began to walk. I was a little hesitant; therefore, I looked at Seiya.

「Seiya! What should we do? I don’t see any malice coming from her… 」

「Actually, I would like to train and go to a higher level. It might take a few days until I train. So, we meet with this Hades fella.」

「And we’re going to follow a stranger! Besides, she couldn’t even talk much to us…This situation feels quite suspicious in many ways!」

「But, it can’t be helped given our current situation. Therefore, we must follow her for now. So, let’s proceed with caution.」

We followed the woman named Unoporta. As I walked, I noticed that my view became clearer.

「What? The fog is disappearing… 」

「In the Underworld, the fog only comes out during the day. 」

「Is that so. 」

However, when the fog cleared away, I noticed that the sky was red like blood. And those who looked at us from the gray cobblestones in the distance, were weird-looking beings. I saw some wandering beings, such as moving plants and giant bipedal rabbits. I even noticed some with only one eye…The monstrous-like people were looking at us and began to murmur.

「Aren’t they gods? 」

「Ohhh! Gods! They’re gods! Whoaaaaa! 」

「Ahh, I want to taste them…! 」

…We…Were they saying something awfully creepy just now!?

I got scared and grabbed the hem of Seiya’s clothes. Unoporta looked back at me.

「Please rest assured. They don’t have any hostility towards you. In fact, those living in the Underworld favor the gods.」

「Re…Really? 」

In this strange place, only Unoporta seemed to be decent. Suddenly, Celseus approached Unoporta from behind, who kept walking ahead, and returned her borrowed towel.

「Thank you for your kind gesture! It helped me! 」

She showed her white teeth and smiled refreshingly.

「But, I can’t believe that a lovely lady like you is living in the Underworld! 」

Ahh!? He was a scaredy-cat not too long ago, but now…What the hell was wrong with him!!

Then, Unoporta stopped walking and gazed at Celseus, who obviously flattered her with sweet-talk. Unoporta blushed as if she were pleased by his compliments. No way!! Such a beautiful woman liked a man like Celseus!?

However, the next moment…

「Ugh!! 」

Unoporta made an excruciating sound and vomited a lot of red liquid from her mouth! Celseus’ face became red!

「Gyahhhhhhh!! 」

「I…I’m so sorry!! 」

A freaked Celseus shouted high! And an embarrassed Unoporta apologized immediately!

「Actually, I have the habit of vomiting blood. 」

「Hey, did you say “habit” just now!? Are you really okay!? 」

I was startled and asked if she was truly fine. Yet, Unoporta smiled gently at me as she wiped the blood around her mouth.

「Yes. My body is fine. 」

She was healthy, and yet, she bleeds from her mouth occasionally!? I didn’t understand the reasoning behind it!!

「Ugh, first it was saliva, and now it’s blood. 」

Once again, Unoporta looked at the crying Celseus and gave him a towel. He began to wipe his face with an upsetting face.

「Uhuhuhuh. Ah…The HP is overflowing… 」

「Eh!? Miss Unoporta, what did you say just now!? 」

「No…No, I didn’t say anything! C’mon, Lady Listarte! Let’s hurry to Lord Hade’s place! 」

I tried to ask her, but she accelerated her pace. I talked to Seiya secretly.

「Hey, listen. Isn’t this a bit suspicious? 」

「It’s very suspicious. But, so far, only Celseus has been affected. We’ll keep our safe distance and let Celseus take the consequences instead.」

「You’re right. 」

「Hey!! I can hear you, you know!? 」

We followed Unoporta, while the screaming Celseus shouted as usual. Eventually, under the blood-ish red sky, a huge structure made of obsidian appeared before our eyes.

「This is the Shrine of the Six-Realms of Existence. This is the place where Lord Hades lives. 」

Somehow, that structure resembled a huge tomb. It creeped me out. Seiya stopped for a moment to observe Unoporta. She passed by the gatekeeper whose body was made of quartz. We did the same then.

Inside, gemstone lamps were emitting light. The whole space was illuminated and was very bright. We kept following Unoporta. The walking path was lined with ornaments, sculptures, and stuffed creatures that I had never seen before. It was creepy, but I was glad that no outlandish beings were inside.

Unoporta stopped in front of a large double door. There was no doubt that Hades was inside.

…Somehow, it felt as if we were about to confront a Demon King.

Unoporta opened the door before my heart was ready.

Beyond the gray carpet, Hades sat on a throne made of animal bones. It gave me a truly demon-like look from the eerie Underworld.

「…Let’s get closer. 」

Although I tried to remain firm, my belly gave out a small groan. We followed Unoporta with slow steps.

「I’m Hades, the ruler of the Underworld. I’m also the one in charge of the sidelines who support the foundations of every world.」

As I approached, I noticed that Hades, who wore a crown of thorns, was immaculate as if he were dyed by white paint. Celseus and I looked alternatively at one another, and nodded.

「I’m pleased that you managed to come here unharmed. Listarte, Goddess of Healing, and Celseus, Swordsman God. You survived through the ruination of the Gods’ realm.」

…Ehh!! Ru…Ruination…Wha…What did he just say!? 

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*六道 or Rokudō. The various levels of existence in Buddhism. There are six levels (three good, three bad), those of gods (devas); humans; spirits (asuras); animals; restless ghosts (pretas); hell beings (naraka).


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