This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 118 – Part 2

Chapter 118: Transcendental Being (2)

Unbelievable. I was familiar with the aura emanating from Artemaeus’ body. It was the same aura that I’ve seen and felt many times in the God’s realm.

「A divine aura!? It can’t be…!! This…This is impossible…!!」

Artemaeus spoke in a superior tone as he emanated a mysterious aura. This aura was just like the auras of high-ranking gods living in the God’s realm.

「My name is…Divine King Artemaeus. The power of the evil god distorted my existence as a demon king…」

John Dae closed his eyes with his hands because of the bright light.

「Gosh!! That damned Demon King!! He’s trying to imitate a god!! 」

「No. You’re wrong, John Dae… 」

I spoke with a trembling voice.

「That’s a real divine aura…! Artemaeus has really become a god…! 」

「Wha…What did you say!? That’s ridiculous!! 」

Artemaeus was smiling victoriously at us.

「Only dark magic and dark weapons have the power to damage myself as a god. None of you possesses dark powers; moreover, the hero has lost all of his weapons.」

Artemaeus probably knew that we had no way of defeating him now. He was even speaking in a calm manner. He was right. Seiya’s weapons were destroyed during the Formed Curse battle.

…Artemaeus, who had become a god, slowly walked towards our direction. Was there a chance to win such a strong enemy in our perilous situation!?

「Se…Seiya…! 」

I turned to the place where Seiya was standing still. Yet, I noticed that Seiya disappeared from my sight.

…Disappeared!? Whe…Where was he!?

The hero vanished so suddenly. Before I noticed it, Artemaeus stood in front of me.

「What!? 」

「Your hero…hid somewhere. No, maybe he is scheming on something. Useless. He’s just wasting his time.」

I tried to escape, but for some reason, my body couldn’t move.

「Well then, dear compatriot. You shall become part of my power. 」

I tried to scream, 「Who the hell is your compatriot! 」, but my voice didn’t come out.

Soon, I realized that my faint divine power was leaking out of my body and assimilating with Artemaeus’ divine power.

I was losing my power and strength. My head became completely white, and I lost my willingness to resist. I fell to the floor.

「Mi…Miss Lista!! 」

「Goddess!! 」

Kiriko and John Dae were shouting my name. However, both of them seemed unable to get close to me due to the divine aura of Artemaeus. In the meantime, my consciousness slowly faded away.

…I see. So, this was my last moments. Seiya had foreseen my fate in the Demon King battle. That’s why he waited for me in the God’s realm. He wanted me to come here with a strong resolve…

I wasn’t afraid to die. Yet, I felt extreme anxiety. Could Seiya defeat a godly Artemaeus? But, I remember that Seiya declared “Perfectly Ready” in the God’s realm. Maybe he had some solutions hidden in his sleeves. Maybe not everything was lost yet.

…Seiya, I will leave everything in your hands…

I prayed for Seiya’s victory when I closed my own eyes…

「Ugh! 」

I heard a low roar. At the same time, my power returned to my body.


I opened my eyes and I saw that Artemaeus greatly distorted his face! Seiya stood in front of me to protect me! I noticed that he slashed the Demon King with a sword!

「…You managed to inflict damage? 」

Artemaeus was holding his chest with a firm grip. It was the first time that I saw Artemaeus with a startling expression on his face. He always remained calm since we first met him, and now, he completely changed his mood. That surprised me.

「A weapon with dark attributes…? No, the weapon itself was not supposed to exist in the first place! I transformed every weapon into dust!」

Still, Seiya held a reddish black sword on his hand! Artemaeus couldn’t understand how that happened, neither did I!

Seiya slowly opened his mouth.

「I thought of a possibility that my weapons could be lost or destroyed before or during the battle with the Demon King. So, I hid this particular weapon.」

He hid it!? Bu…But, when did he do that!? …Ah, that’s right!!

「Seiya! You hid that sword when you wrapped the Demon King with the Astral Break chains, am I right?」

「No. There was no time for that. 」

「Eh…Then…When did you hide it? 」

「One year ago. 」

「…Ah? 」

「Specifically, when you were cursed by Ceremonic and we returned back in time because of Chronoa’s magic power.」

「So, you hid that sword when we went back in time!? 」

「Yeah. There was a high possibility that the Demon King’s room would be the place for the final decisive battle on our present days. That’s why I took advantage of that chance to hide the sword between the Demon King who was oblivious of my presence and the Demon King who am I fighting right now.」

He…He was already thinking about the battle against the Demon King when I was dying from Ceremonic’s curse…? During the time when I cried as I watched Princess Tiana die…Was he hiding the weapon without the past Demon King noticing!?

「By the way, I hid it behind the pillar. I tried to think of a way to have weapons of each attributes without losing them, so I created a Synthesis Kit with raw materials in case all of my weapons in my possession were invalidated.」

「Synthesis Kit!? 」

「I disassembled the “evil god’s charm” and the “life-sucking sword” from the final product and placed them on the Synthesis Kit. This process ended up being very helpful.」

「Those materials!! That’s why you have that sword now!! 」

「Yeah. By adding the Lista Hair Doll, I have succeeded in powering up the sword. This is…」

Seiya pointed the reddish black sword to Artemaeus.

「The “Powered-up Holy Power Drain Sword”…aka the “Lista Super Granny Sword”.」

「Hey, what’s with that name!! If other people heard those words, they would believe that I’m truly a “powerful granny”!!」

「More importantly, Lista. Stay away from me. The Lista Super Granny Sword has a terrible power that absorbs every divine aura in the vicinity. Instead of becoming an old hag, you’ll die if you approach me.」

「That’s scary!! 」

After retreating like a fly, I took a glimpse of Artemaeus’ face.

…This weapon could be used for Artemaeus since he became a god!! In a perilous situation where every weapon disappeared, Seiya played a reversal card that was beyond the comprehension of time and space!! How about his, Artemaeus!! This was the real Ryuguuin Seiya!!

The enemies who had faced Seiya until now were surprised by Seiya’s improbable cautiousness, and were greatly upset. So, I thought that Artemaeus was impatient and taken aback by this reversal…

「…You prepared an evil sword in advance and defeated the Formed Infinity. The evil god should be worried. Even though you’re the hero that I defeated one year ago, you look like an entirely different person now.」

Artemaeus began to laugh weirdly.

「Still, you won’t win in the end. 」

Wha…What could Artemaeus do right now!? His form transformation into an almighty god had failed tremendously!!

「Let me tell you this. I, Artemaeus, can activate a technique called the Ultimate God Mystery by giving up my remaining lifespan after my ascending to a god level. In other words…I’m able to stop time for a brief moment.」

「Sto…Stop…time…you said!? 」

Impossible!! Artemaeus had a technique that only Chronoa, the Goddess of Time, could invoke!? No other beings were capable of that…No!! That smirk and tone!! He wouldn’t bluff in a situation like this!!

「I shall dedicate my six lives to the evil god. 」

「No…No way!! 」

John Dae screamed aloud! No matter how strong Seiya was or how cautious he was, he won’t be able to win if the enemy could stop time! However, Artemaeus was already holding his arm high!

「It’s too late now! Stage Six! “Formed Time Reaper”! 」

…Oh no…! How could he stop time…! This was our end…!

“Became a god and could manipulate space and time”…That’s why the Demon King hibernated for a long time. He did everything in other to annihilate the hero…

I was shaken by Artemaeus’ obsession to win this battle. We won’t be able to avoid our deaths. Neither Seiya nor I. Even John Dae and Kiriko. Once the Demon King stopped time, he’d surely kill us.

A desperate moment was approaching. Nonetheless…

「Why… 」

Artemaeus’ stunned voice resonated in the surroundings! I stared closely at him, and I noticed that Artemaeus’ arm held high had a serious injury! Artemaeus’ face was severely distorted!

「Why doesn’t it work!? Why can’t I activate my Formed Time Reaper!?」

「…You said it was “too late”. But, you’re the one who’s late. 」

As usual, I heard Seiya’s voice. A tone that never showed any emotions nor sorrows.

「I had already developed an anti-clock field since I entered the Demon King’s room.」

「Yo…You bastard…You can manipulate time and space just like me!? 」

John Dae and I looked away, and screamed at Seiya.

「Wait a second!! Seiya!! Lady Chronoa said it was impossible for humans to learn those powers!! You even said it was impossible for you!!」

「Actually, I was able to acquire a skill that “prevents the activation of an enemy’s space-time skill”. That was the result of my training with Chronoa. In the space where I initiated the anti-clock field, Artemaeus won’t be able to go back in time, neither stopping nor advancing in time.」

「Summing up, hero! Did you foresee that the Demon King could stop time during the final battle?」

「Artemaeus was trying to be invincible. And invincibility is actually less of an option. There are limited options such as “Eternal Life”, “Incapacitation of Physical and Magical Attacks”, and “Spatial-Temporal Manipulation”. Therefore, I took proper measures against them and I just had to crush them one by one.」

Seiya approached Artemaeus.

「It…It can’t be!! It’s impossible!! 」

…Artemaeus’ attitude changed completely. His complexion changed dramatically. He was apparently upset and moved backwards from the approaching Seiya.

I swallowed my saliva while staring at Seiya.

…Artemaeus was a fearsome demon king that became a god and wanted to stop time…Even so, Seiya’s category of possibilities was beyond of our imagination…!

Insane. My mouth loosened a little bit and my smile spilled out naturally.

Seiya was better than the opponent’s speculation of him! That’s right…Seiya overcame his past failures, considered all possibilities, and made every possible preparation in advance! He did everything for the sake of today’s last decisive battle…!

Artemaeus looked as if he was trying to escape. But, before that, Seiya already prevented his escapee.

「Atomic Split Slash. 」

A powerful unmatched blow, that combined the power of the strong absorbing sword with the special strength of the Earth Magic Warrior in Crazy Warrior state, struck between Artemaeus’ eyebrows! A big explosion erupted at the same time! The floor around the Demon King was violently crushed!

「Gyaaaaaa!! 」

Artemaeus screamed painfully as he held his head when Seiya attacked him. The cracks on his head spread throughout his body in a blink of an eye. Afterwards, a monster with a torn mouth and multiple arms appeared as it expanded the inside body with a shattering noise.

The giant monster was breathing heavily. That was not a new form change. That form was Artemaeus’ original form, which Seiya attacked previously.

Seiya looked boringly at Artemaeus, who transformed back into the ugly monster that he confronted one year ago, as seen in the crystal ball.

「I don’t think I have to use the Valhala Gate this time. 」

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