This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 118 – Part 1

Chapter 118: Transcendental Being (1)

Now, in front of Seiya, stood the Demon King Artemaeus who had a form change specialized in physical fight.

「Dark Assault. 」

Artemaeus pulled his robust arm wrapped in a black haze. It was clear that his arm had the power of the Chain Destruction.

I thought that he would move slowly given its giant body. But, I was mistaken. In a quick moment, Artemaeus stood right in front of Seiya to punch him with his fist.

…Wha…What a frightening speed!! Seiya!!

However, Artemaeus’ fist, which waved down with a tremendous roar, only punched through the air. Seiya’s appearance had suddenly disappeared from my sight.

「…You managed to avoid it, huh. 」

Artemaeus muttered. At a distance away from his gaze, Seiya exhaled as if he was taking a deep breath.

「State Berserk Phase 2.7… 」

He elevated the Crazy Warrior state to his limit! The reddish black aura overflowed from Seiya’s body!

「Oh. Your aura has increased. Okay, show me the power that defeated the Grand Lion.」

Both of them were facing each other on a direct line, looking for an opportunity to attack. Kiriko asked me anxiously.

「Mister Seiya…Is he going to be all right? 」

「He…He’ll be fine! Seiya gained a great fighting sense after that encounter with Arx, the Fist God!」

As soon as I tried to reassure her, I heard a strong blow. It was so strong that it shook my and Kiriko’s bodies. The battle between those two had already begun.

Seiya avoided Artemaeus’ fist, then Artemaeus blocked an attack from Seiya’s fist with his arms. This physical battle continued intermittently right in front of my eyes. However, as time passed, the two of them increased their speed, and not too long after, I could only see a reddish aura colliding with a blackish aura.

After a tremendous clash, I could see that both of them took a safe distance from one another. I was relieved to see that Seiya was unharmed. On the other hand, Artemaeus’ arm seemed to be reddish black but a little bit discolored.

「You managed to inflict some damage on my arm even though it has the power of an iron wall. What trick did you use?」

「I embedded a skill on my fist that I learnt from the Goddess of Destruction. The destruction techniques are skills that activate regardless of the opponent’s defense mechanisms.」

「How splendid. Well then, let’s take this seriously. 」

Then, Artemaeus modified his body again! From under the arms, which were originally meant to attack, the flesh ripped apart and new arms appeared with the color of his body’s fluids!

We were horrified to witness the change in Artemaeus’ body because he had four arms now.

「Ugh! The hero was serious! And still, the Demon King wasn’t even being serious yet?」

The four-fisted Demon King attacked Seiya ferociously! I felt a very bad feeling!

…Oh no! Seiya!

…As the reddish and blackish auras intersected in a fierce fight, I heard an eerie sound that was different from the battling sounds that I heard before.

My heart was beating violently. I tried to see where Seiya was. After a moment, I finally managed to see where he stood before my eyes.

…I’m…I’m glad, he’s safe…Eh…What’s that!?

I was appalled when I saw what Seiya held in his arm. A shining silver blade that looked like a saw was on Seiya’s hand…It was Seiya’s Killer Sword!

「He…He did it…!! 」

John Dae shouted with excitement as he stared at the enemy at the same time. There was no head above Artemaeus’ neck! His head rolled on the ground and stopped at our feet! Purple blood spilled from the severed neck!

No doubt about it!! Seiya cut off his head with the Killer Sword!! …I mean, how did his sword work!? Artemaeus said that this fight would be a physical battle!! We…Well, it didn’t matter much if swords were doable for this type of fight!! There was no need to play along with the devil’s game!!

「*laughs wickedly* You’re a terrible guy. 」

I got chicken skin all over my body when I heard the laugh of the Demon King! The Demon King’s head laid on the floor and was talking to Seiya while laughing creepily. The torso, which had lost its neck, began to move, picked up the fallen head and placed it on the original spot. The head was integrated with the neck instantly.

「It can’t be!! The attack didn’t work!? 」

Seiya replied plainly, after I screamed.

「Actually, I’ve been killing the Demon King. I did kill him before and now. But, he has multiple lives.」

…Previously, Artemaeus had only two lives!! But now he had multiple lives because he powered-up!?

Contrary to me, Seiya spoke as if it didn’t bother him.

「I don’t care. I’ll crush each life no matter how many there are.」

「Oh. How powerful you are. Okay then…Let’s dedicate my three lives to the evil god.」

His form will change again!?

「Stage Three. “Formed Ghost”. 」

Artemaeus’ flesh and skin, which was robust and muscular before, began to melt as if it were mud! A jet-black skeleton with horns appeared from that melting! I remembered that figure. It closely resembled the final form of the Death Emperor Silshete.

「This is a body that can only be damaged by a spiritual attack…But, I’ll expand the territory one more time so that I won’t have to use this process repeatedly.」

…Eh!? Wha…What did he just say!?

The Demon King moved his bone-looking hand and raised it high.

「I’ll dedicate four more lives to the evil god… 」

The skeleton’s sternum opened with a creaking sound. There was another skull with horns inside of that thing! It was the appearance of the deceased Emperor combined with the Demon King! The skull on the sternum began to laugh.

「*giggles creepily* Stage Four…“Formed Curse”! 」

「…Hmm. 」

Seiya groaned slightly as he watched the Killer Sword. The blade rust and decayed as if thousands of years had passed in an instant! The corrosion was immediately transmitted to the handle of the sword, and then, the Killer Sword dissolved as if it was mere sand!

「Destroy, destroy, destroy! Eheheheh! All of your weapons will be destroyed!」

The skull in the skeleton’s sternum kept laughing.

「Se…Seiya’s sword was…! 」

「No, goddess!! Don’t worry!! The hero has lots of spares for these situations!!」

「Ah, that’s right!! You’re correct!! 」

「I’ll give him a new weapon now!! 」

John Dae rushed immediately. However, behind him stood Kiriko. She already turned the luggage upside down. She shook her head then.

「Oh…Oh no, Mister John Dae!! All of the weapons in the bag…The spares of the spares of the spare swords are gone!!」

「You’re kidding, right!? 」

「Eheheheh! I told you! All of the weapons in your possession were destroyed! This is the power of the Formed Curse!」

「All…All of the weapons are gone!! What a sneaky and cowardly skill!! 」

When I shouted loudly, the skull of the original body opened its mouth and began to talk when the skull in sternum stopped talking.

「*grins* It’s my turn now. 」

Then, the skeleton moved the bone-looking arms towards Seiya. I heard a dull sound on my earlobes, and both of the enemy’s arms transformed into sharp edged blades!

「I have my own weapons as well. These swords will destroy the hero…This power is called the Bone Grave.」

Artemaeus, just like Adenela, changed its arms into swords. He took a fighting pose against Seiya. The sweat on my face fell to the floor.

…Last time, Seiya defeated the final form of the Death Emperor with the power of the Ghostbuster Overdrive combined with the power of the Drain Charge Move! But, without a sword, Seiya won’t be able to perform those techniques! To begin with, could he honestly fight in such a state!?

When Artemaeus tried to approach a barehanded Seiya, he directed his right hand over his head.

「Destruction Operation Method the Fourth…“Astral Break”…!」

Spiritual chains appeared in the palm of Seiya’s hand! The chains stretched and drew multiple arcs that protected Seiya from external attacks!

「A defense mechanism with the power of a spiritual substance? However…」

Artemaeus, who had reduced his distance from Seiya, swung down his arm swords and charged against Seiya! That attack didn’t harm Seiya because the chains protected him! Even so, the chains that were caught in the attack were easily destroyed!

「You won’t be able to stop the attacks from Bone Grave, a powerful technique originated from a semi-spiritual substance. Well, regardless of that, this body can be destroyed.」

Artemaeus, who spoke with fair tone, noticed that the chains he thought he had broken were still floating in the air. The chain traveled down through the arm of the Bone Grave as a snake, and entangled on Artemaeus’ arm.

「…A trick, huh. 」

「That’s not a trick. 」

When Seiya snapped his finger, the chains of destruction appeared from under the Demon King’s feet and quickly wrapped around his ankles!

「I’ve been working on this slowly since the beginning of this battle with you. This took me a large amount of preparation.」

In addition, other chains appeared from all over the floor and pillars, and headed towards the Demon King! The chains of destruction wrapped around the limbs, torso and neck of Artemaeus! The further chains covered Artemaeus so much that he couldn’t move anymore! Seiya stared at Artemaeus, which was covered in a cocoon-shaped form, just like the time when he defeated the ghostly Emperor Ceremonic.

「From now on, my chains of destruction will gain the spiritual power that I acquired from my training with Nephitet…」

I was startled when I saw the white membrane spreading away from several tens of meters out of Seiya’s body!

「Wha…What a great spiritual power!! It’s more powerful than the one you used during the battle with the Death Emperor!!」

「The spiritual training taught by Nephitet has been expanding since that day. Moreover, during the time I was in the heavenly world, I won the “Best Spirit Contest”, a spiritual festival where the great spirited machos gather together.」

「So, you really did go to that contest!! 」

During that time, I’m sure that he said to me, 「I don’t have time for things like that. 」 …! I was stunned, but the spirited state of Seiya who won the contest was truly amazing.

「Astral Break Beta. 」

The spiritual power that diverged from Seiya’s body was transmitted to the chains of destruction like fuses with fire! The cocoon of chains shined bright white, and something smoky that resembled a steam was produced from that point!

「The attack is working!! Will the enemy disappear just like Ceremonic did!? 」

「No. This time is different. A being that is half-spirit and half-material won’t be defeated just by a spiritual power. Therefore…」

Seiya approached the immobile Demon King while talking.

「…I’ll beat him. 」

「Beat him, you say!? 」

Then, Seiya pulled his arm and began to beat at the top of the chains! In contrast to Seiya’s cool expression, the cocoon made of chains shook tremendously with the continuous strikes of brutal fists! Seiya rarely used physical attacks with the power of the Crazy Warrior state! The…The cocoon looked like a sandbag!

Finally, when the upper stage kick landed on the cocoon, the Demon King wrapped in chains slammed into a distant pillar. Artemaeus was nowhere to be found when Seiya lifted the Astral Break to remove the entire cocoon of chains.

「The enemy is gone!! 」

「Did you win!? 」

John Dae and I raised our voices with optimism. Yet, Kiriko pointed to a particular location.

「Lo…Look over there!! That’s Artemaeus!! 」

….I heard the sound of a dry applause. Unexpectedly, Artemaeus was sitting on a throne in the depths of the Demon King’s room. I felt as if a fox pinched me when I saw him. Artemaeus was dressed exactly as when we first met him here. He made it seem as if the previous battle was just a part of a dream.

「Magical power, physical power, spiritual power…Everything you’ve showed has surpassed the realm of imagination.」

While sitting down, Artemaeus smiled at Seiya to praise his accomplishments.

「Rejoice, hero. You’ve defeated the Demon King Artemaeus. 」

「“Defeated”, you say!? But, you’re looking pretty much alive, aren’t you!!」

「*grins* Actually, the hero “defeated Artemaeus during the primary stages of awakening”. And from here onwards, we will finally enter in an unprecedented territory…」

Artemaeus stood up from the throne.

「Now, I shall dedicate my five lives to the evil god. 」

Ugh!! How many times could he change his form!! Seiya didn’t have any weapons now!!

「Stage Five. “Formed Infinity”. 」

Soon, Artemaeus’ body began to glow like the sun. It was so dazzling that I couldn’t see Artemaeus’ figure. No…It wasn’t just dazzling.

「Ugh! 」

「It…It’s too hot…! Ugh…! 」

John Dae and Kiriko spoke painfully.

Ah, this change was clearly different from the previous changes made on Artemaeus’ body!! What on earth was this type of change…!?

I struggled amidst the intense light and heat. Somehow, I tried my hardest to see what was happening. And then, on my field of vision stood an astonishing sight! In the dazzling light, I saw stunning swan-like wings that appeared on the back of the devilish Artemaeus!

This…This aura was…!! It was as if he were a…!! Impossible…!!

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