This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Sinister Premonition

「Let’s go. 」

I nodded when Seiya said those words.

「We’re…finally going, right? 」

「Yeah. 」

After a short pause, John Dae, Kiriko and I breathed heavily. Seiya looked back at me.

「Lista. Open the portal. We’re going to the heavenly world. 」

「You’re not going to the Demon King’s Castle!? 」

I lost the strength on my shoulders when John Dae shouted aloud.

No, well…actually…We were talking about Seiya after all. He wouldn’t go straight to the final battle just like this.

「Hey, you used to talk about battling against the Demon King with such confidence!! You even said that “I want to attack the Demon King right now”!!」

「The battle situations change regularly. The demon priest said that the Demon King “will be unstoppable”. If this is true, then I want to be able fight against the Demon King in perfect conditions. In other words, I have to do more practice to do in the heavenly world.」

「You said that you mastered all the professions and abilities from the multiparty practice session with several gods!! What are you planning to do now…」

「Lista. Hurry up and open the portal. 」

「Just listen to me!! 」

「C’mon, John Dae! You’ve seen that the training in the God’s realm is useful, right? Let’s leave this to Seiya!」

「Besides, Mister John Dae! We can continue our practice of the continuous gunshot sword technique if we return to the heavenly world!」

John Dae looked at my face and Kiriko’s face alternately. After a brief silence…

「…I understand. 」

He whispered reluctantly.

Thus, we returned to the God’s realm once again.

Aria rushed to us when we arrived at Celseus’ cafe. She looked extremely worried when she faced Seiya.

「Seiya! Hide! It’s bad! You can’t be here now! 」

「Wha…What’s going on, Aria!? 」

「The Fist God Arx has returned to the temple after such a long time! It seems that he has some kind of grudge against Seiya!」

「Ehh! Why does Lord Arx feel that way about Seiya!? 」

「I will tell you later! Anyway, just hurry up and hide… 」


「…So, you were lurking in a place like this. 」

I heard a low voice behind Aria and me. I saw the figure of an old-fashioned strong god from the distance. This god was the one who always walked around in the God’s realm without clothes on his upper body. Meaning that he was always walking with a bare chest.

…No doubt about it! It was the Fist God Arx!

Or so I thought. I stared closely at this god when he approached us. Then…I noticed that Arx was wearing a black leather jacket and held a cigarette on his mouth.

「Hey, who’s that!? 」

I shouted aloud when I saw a god that resembled a thug from Seiya’s world. Arx spitted the cigarette to the ground and stepped hard on the floor with his feet.

「I remember that day whenever I see your “faces”…! The day I went into “battle” with that “calamity”…!」

…Eh…I didn’t know what he was talking about…!

Since when did Arx talk like that!? And since when did he start to dress like that!? I was appalled by this occurrence, yet Aria helped me to remember it.

「Lista. Didn’t you and Seiya bring a god of death to the God’s realm before? 」

「A god of death? Perhaps, is he referring to Geabrande’s Cross Tanathus? 」

Cross Tanathus. The monster of death that Kill Capul summoned by exchanging his life. Physical and magical attacks didn’t work on that frightening monster. In the end, Seiya managed to lure him to Valkyrie, the Goddess of Destruction, and she managed to defeat Cross Tanathus by invoking the terrifying destructive technique of “Valhala Gate”…

As I recalled those events, Arx bought some time for us to escape during that time.

「On that day, the god of death defeated my strong asset called “Invisible Fist”, and since then, I couldn’t forgive “myself”…! That’s why “I’ve” been training hard since that day!」

It was a bit hard to understand what he was saying…I see! At that time, both the Fist God Arx and the God of Sumo were the ones guarding the temple when Tanathus invaded the God’s realm!

Seiya just stared at him with boring eyes.

「In other words, you lost against Tanathus and now you’re lamenting your failure. What a small and insignificant god you are.」

「Sto…Stop talking, you bastard…!! No one is “better” than me!! Do you want me to “crush” your “head” like a watermelon!?」

He really sounded like a bad guy!! He wasn’t worthy of the title “Fist God”!!

However, Arx, who was screaming furiously, suddenly laughed with arrogant eyes.

「But, now I can laugh triumphantly. So, you think that my “Invincible Fist” is still useless, huh. Hey, Listarte. You think so too?」

「Ye…Yes! I think so, well if your skill still has the same name! Ah…“Invincible Fist” that is!」

「Of course it’s not useless damn you!! I’m going to “beat you” up!! 」

「What!? But, you were the one who asked for my opinion!! 」

I hid behind Seiya’s back. Arx approached Seiya’s face, and stared at him intensely. Yet, Seiya spoke as if this violent mood were nothing special.

「Either way, this is convenient. I wanted to practice with the Fist God to improve all of my profession skills.」

「How courageous of you, huh. You’re gonna swallow up your “entire saliva”… 」

Then, Arx showed his big fist!

「You’ll have “many” “holes” after I “roll up my sleeve” to give you the “blow” you deserve, just wait for it!!!!!!!!」

「What do you mean with those weird words!? 」

I shouted aloud. He was like a delinquent from the Showa era…Before I realized, the Fist God Arx threw his fist at Seiya! However, Seiya expressed his state Berserk at the same time! Seiya dodged his fist and, instead of performing continuous strikes, Seiya hit Arx’s cheeks!

Arx spit his tongue out after Seiya’s light strike. Yet, before he could regain his posture, Seiya hit him again. He lightly touched the tip of his nose. Arx was dumbfounded by these attacks.

「What the hell was that “sponge fist” attacks! It won’t work on me no matter how much you hit me!」

Yet, right after that! With a dull sound, Seiya’s intense fist hit straight on the Fist God’s face!

「Ugh!? 」

Arx suffered from that direct hit.

「…Tha…That Arx. He…He’s an idiot. 」

Next to me, stood Adenela who watched this sight while drinking her coffee.

「Those first…fists…were just used for analysis. Se…Seiya was measuring his distance.」

Just as Adenela described, after grasping the distance, Seiya started throwing intense blows on the Fist God as if rain poured on his face! Arx seemed to be guarding himself with his arms!

「You…You actually did it! However, you can “hit” me as “many” times you want, I’ll just have to crush you to the ground as if you were meat…Eh, ugh!?」

Arx screamed in agony with a gurgling body. I laughed when I saw such spectacle.

Ahah…In fact, Seiya was stronger than the Fist God ever since the beginning. Actually, I wondered if Seiya practiced some boxing in his original world? Either way, this wasn’t any kind of training exercise.

…After that, Seiya continued to hit Arx with his fists. Seiya’s fists stroke Arx’s face and flanks. Arx was in a rather humiliating posture…

「C’mo…C’mon…Stop it already…! 」

He showed his hand to halt this crazy practice session. Still…

「Gods won’t die. 」

Seiya didn’t stop his attacks. No, in fact, he began to shower the Fist God with more intense attacks.

…After a few minutes. John Dae and Kiriko, who watched the battle scene between Seiya and Arx, were astonished by the outcome.

「He…Hey. Why does the hero continue with this fight? 」

「Tha…That’s right. The other god has already broken down… 」

Seiya grabbed Arx’s hair and pulled back his head. Arx was obviously done for. Then, Seiya punched on the face with his fist. Next to me, Celseus dropped a coffee cup and broke it.

「Tha…That’s so scary…! It was not so bad when he was training with me…! 」

「Help…Please…Help me… 」

Arx was begging with tears. When I saw Arx, who was beaten too much that his face got swollen up, I thought that he resembled the “Anpanman”*…No, no, I mustn’t laugh right now!

「Seiya!! You’re overdoing it!! Look at how bad he looks!! 」

I shouted from behind. Yet, Seiya did not stop hitting him! …Ehh? He didn’t hear me?

「Seiya!! 」

I jumped on Seiya’s back and yelled to his ears!

「Stop, stop, stop!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

「…Hmm. 」

Seiya finally stopped as if he woke up from a long dream. It was unusual to see him out of breath.

「Wha…What happened, Seiya!? You’re not usually like this!! What’s wrong!? 」

「…Nothing. 」

An exhausted Seiya glanced at Arx, who stood on the ground with a very ugly face from the constant beating. Seiya took out the medicinal herbs from his pocket chest and threw them out. No…No, those herbs won’t heal the Anpanman’s face that easily…!

「I’m tired. I’m going to rest a little. 」

In other words, Seiya walked towards the temple.

After Seiya disappeared, I cured Arx’s ugly face with my healing magic. Then, I rented a room at the back of Celseus’ cafe and carried Arx to his room.

When I returned to the open cafe, Kiriko murmured anxiously.

「Mister Seiya…What happened to him? 」

「Yeah. I heard him say that he was “tired”… 」

「Somehow, he looked angry. That god probably annoyed him. 」

After hearing John Dae’s words, Aria spoke with a difficult expression on her face.

「I’m sure that he was thinking about the upcoming battle against the Demon King. That’s why he didn’t see anyone around him as if he was immersed in those thoughts.」

「I…I see. As…As expected of Seiya. He…He has a great concentration level… 」

Adenela was impressed by Seiya’s odd attitude…Was it really just a great concentration level? Certainly, he was immersed in his thoughts. There was no doubt about it because he couldn’t even see Arx in front of him. He just kept punching regardless of whom it were.

…But…It was not about Artemaeus…

 For some reason, I had that vague feeling.

「…I told you that I didn’t want you to follow me. 」

「I refuse! Seiya, I’m in charge of you as your goddess! 」

Next day. Seiya was heading to the Great Goddess Isister’s room. I was worried about what happened yesterday. Therefore, I waited for him in front of the summoning chamber. I caught him when he got out in the morning.

He kept saying to me 「Don’t follow me 」when he ate in the dining hall, but I insisted to tag along. Afterwards, he walked away and went to the Great Goddess Isister’s room. He opened the door and entered the room…

「I want to speak with Chronoa, the Goddess of Time. 」

Seiya told those words to the Great Goddess Isister.

「Se…Seiya!! Perhaps…Do…Don’t tell me that you’re planning to practice with the Goddess of Time!?」

「That’s correct. 」

Se…Seriously!? I never thought that he’d ask to practice with the almighty gods of the innermost world of gods!! But…If he learnt the techniques of the Goddess of Time to stop the enemy time whenever he wanted, Seiya could defeat Artemaeus no matter how strong he were!!

However, the Great Goddess Isister looked at little troubled upon hearing Seiya’s request.

…Oh no. Maybe this method was fraudulent!? In the first place, could an almighty god from the innermost world of gods be allowed to practice with a human being!?

「Her Ladyship Chronoa is a kind person. It’s possible to meet and talk with her. Still, I don’t think you should expect good results.」

「It doesn’t matter. Old hag, just guide me there. 」

The Great Goddess Isister nodded in silence upon hearing Seiya’s words.

Seiya and I went to the “room that stops time” along with the Great Goddess Isister. We entered the almighty world of the innermost gods through the large painting.

After being called by the Great Goddess Isister, the door of the innermost temple opened. Chronoa, the Goddess of Time, appeared gracefully with a smile on her face.

「Chronoa. I have something to consult with you… 」

At that time, when Seiya spoke to Chronoa, the innermost temple’s door opened again and a giant god appeared from there!

…Nemesil, the God of Reason!! With Lista Granny Sword…No!! With the Holy Power Drain Sword, he transformed into an old grandpa!! He…He must be absolutely angry, right!?

Still, Nemesil stared down at Seiya and said, 「Is that you again… 」, much to my surprise.

「I remember that last time you visited the innermost world to save Listarte from a curse. However, my memory after those events is blurry. I asked Chronoa, and she said to me that she helped you going back in time…」

Nemesil had no memory of the time when he was a grandpa!?

Seiya spoke after listening to what he had to say.

「That’s right. I’m grateful for the kind cooperation I’ve received during that time. 」

「Hmm. I see. So, I allowed it in the end… 」

Whoa! I showed an awkward smile after we told him a white lie…!

Chronoa, who knew about the circumstances at that time, talked joyfully to Seiya.

「*giggles* And then, Ryuguuin Seiya. What do you want to consult with me? 」

「Yeah. Is it possible for me to learn the skills to stop time or advance time? 」

「…I apologize but humans can’t control the power of time. That applies to everything that concerns the concept of time, be it either to stop it, to return to the past or to move forward to the future.」

I…I knew that it wouldn’t be possible. “Time Manipulation”. In the first place, there were some specific powers controlled by gods, such as Chronoa, that no other beings would be able to learn. Including human beings like Seiya.

I was discouraged. Yet, I noticed that Seiya wasn’t disappointment.

「Have you taught your skills to human beings before? 」

「No. Still, it’s obvious that almighty powers are far beyond the reach of people like you.」

「I have a principle. I’ll only convince myself of the impossible if I see it with my own eyes. I want to train together with you and see if it’s really impossible to achieve.」

「It makes sense… 」

Chronoa laughed after thinking about it for a while.

「All right. Let’s train together then. 」

However, on this precise moment…

「I forbid it!! Absolutely forbid it!! I can’t allow an almighty god of the innermost world of gods to cooperate with a mere human being!! In the first place, it is against my reason as the God of Reason to manipulate time in order to save an earthly world!!」

Nemesil, as the God of Reason, spoke aloud with an angry tone! Then, Seiya gazed at him with sharp eyes.

「Oh my. Didn’t you say that you’d cooperate this time? 」

「No, I only agreed the last time you were here… 」

「I wouldn’t say anything if you didn’t allow it the last time. But, you did accept it. So, last time was okay, but this time isn’t okay. What’s the reason behind this as the God of Reason?」

「Ugh…! 」

There was silence after he groaned. Eventually, Nemesil spoke with a bitter face.

「O…Okay, I’ll accept it. Yet, I believe the results won’t change even if you train. Even if the heavens and the earths were to overturn, there was no way that humans could have the power to manipulate time.」

…Hu…Hurray!! Nemesil gave Seiya the green light!!

I rejoiced in my heart. It seemed that the powers of both Chronoa and Nemesil were impossible to learn, but Seiya was a genius hero, the one in an every hundred million people…!

Seiya told me the following words after he noticed the excitement of my expectations.

「From now on, I’ll be training here with Chronoa. It might take a while. 」

「Yes, I understand! Give your best! 」

「For the time being let’s set a deadline of three days. During this time, I want you to tell John Dae and Kiriko to continue their practice of the continuous gunshot sword technique.」

「And, you know… What about me? 」

「You can play. 」

「Not that again!! 」

I threw a fit. Yet, Seiya didn’t ignore me nor made me feel stupid as usual.

「Lista. It’s a good idea to relax for once in a while. 」

「Eh. 」

I noticed that his words were sort of kind, and I felt an intense sense of incongruity. While I was stunned by his words, Seiya walked towards Chronoa.

「Well then, Listarte. Let’s return to the God’s realm. 」

「Ye…Yes! 」

I bowed down in respect to Chronoa, and left the innermost world of gods with the Great Goddess Isister.

I recalled the words that Seiya spoke to me while walking along the path of the temple in the God’s realm with the Great Goddess Isister.

…Hmm. I felt this wasn’t the first time that Seiya spoke to me like that. I could feel that I heard his kind words once before…But, when was it?

「…Listarte. 」

While I was immersed in my own thoughts, the Great Goddess Isister spoke to me.

「Ye…Yes! 」

「Aside from the training with Her Ladyship Chronoa, there’s also the planning for the battle against the Demon King Artemaeus in Exfolia, who received the blessing of the evil god. I hope that your hero won’t overdo it. There’s still time left for the Demon King to awaken. I sincerely hope that Ryuguuin Seiya will do his best during that time.」

It seemed that the Great Goddess Isister also cared deeply about Seiya. Something had been bothering me for a while now and I asked the following question.

「Great Goddess Isister. Why did the evil god give its protection to Demon King?」

「The evil god also wants power. It’s trying to get the negative energy that generates from the Demon King after defeating the hero.」

I see. That made sense…That’s why it was taking charge of the Demon King…

「I don’t want to think about it, but if Ryuguuin Seiya loses to Artemaeus once again, the power of the evil god will be tremendous. The quest to save Exfolia will be almost impossible to accomplish.」

「Se…Seiya won’t lose! 」

「Yes. Of course. I believe it as well. 」

After a brief silence, the Great Goddess Isister declared the words.

「Listarte. Be careful. If Demon King defeats you, the evil god will gain the same power as if the Demon King had defeated the hero…」

We arrived in front of the Great Goddess Isister’s room. I bowed my head after I thanked the Great Goddess Isister for guiding us to Her Eminence Lady Chronoa.

…I see. Even if I were the one to die, the evil god would gain the same power as if it were the hero to perish. …Hmm? Me? “Even if I were the one to die”…?

My heart was throbbing as I walked through the temple alone.

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*The Anpanman is a Japanese children’s superhero picture book series. The Anpanman, a superhero with an anpan (a bean-jam filled pastry) for a head, protects the world from an evil anthropomorphic germ named Baikinman.


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